Covid, isolating and our European jeopardy


A St Mirren player tested positive for Covid and now a Hamilton player is self-isolating after ”coming into close contact with a player from another club who has tested positive”, presumably the unnamed St Mirren player.  Due to their age, footballers are largely immune to the worst dangers of Coronavirus, but you can see where the jeopardy lies for clubs.

If St Mirren are able to stop the disease spreading to the rest of the squad it is a testament to their safety procedures, but it is likely many others at the club were in close proximity to the player during the incubation period.

This is going to be a feature of the season; players will be required to isolate, some fixtures will be postponed.  In Europe, it will be different.  Our Europa League qualifier two weeks from today cannot be postponed by more than a couple of days.  The final qualifier is three weeks today, between now and then every precaution must be taken to limit exposure for the players and backroom staff.

With pubs open for business to show Saturday’s Ross County – Celtic game, the need to run tests to learn what is achievable has never been greater.  Cancelling controlled tests with no more than 300 spectators, where every piece of medical and scientific evidence assures us would all be entirely safe, would be classic bad government.  We need to test practically every aspect of society for its health implications.

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  1. Testing resources should be deployed where they will be of most benefit to the population at large. Special pleading for preferential use of limited resources by vested interests should be ignored.

  2. WDH


    Aye, South of Tunis used to regularly set me up for the day with his musical choices.


    Hope you are better health wise B.


    Take care, keep safe.

  3. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:13 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:41 AM









    You make a good point but I wonder if there aren’t other venues you could use eg a cafe (like the Val D’Ora) to meet other regulars for a craic if the pubs do get closed down again.







    Maybe not ideal but better than nothing.




    Cheers ERNIE…but the few friends that I have left ALL enjoy Alcohol…and they wouldnt consider us meeting in a Cafe etc. In fcat the Two main mates that I have left are the Guys who work in my local Pub…One is the Owner..and the other is The Chargehand.


    Also, both of these Guys live outside of Glasgow, so thats another reason why they wouldnt travel thru to Glasgow for a cup of tea/coffee etc.





    Cheers mate, i understand that your position is similar to mine ( living alone etc)…but I do NOT have ANY Family that I am in contact with…To meet and/or chat to on the phone.


    My Two remaining “Main” mates are the Guys from my local Pub that I mentioned above to ERNIE.


    I havent had any contact with ANY of my remaining Family since around 2008.



    I am not complaining, its just that while I CHOSE to live alone for years now…..since my health became bad nearly a year ago….and the last Lock Down…My ONLY source of a very quick chat was with medical staff, and differing Tesco delivery guys and from Boots delivery Guys/Girls who deliver my medication…while the Pubs were CLOSED.



    As I said on the last Thread…I firmly believe that the Pub Game is finished especially if it faces another Closure/Lock Down…but while they are OPEN…I will take my chances.


    HH Mate.

  5. Wee Nicola now making a Rule that when in a Pub and moving around to enter/leave and go to the toilets…customers should wear a Mask……That will NOT be welcomed by most punters that I know…maybe I am wrong ?






    Tell me it’s none of my business if you like, but if you are on medication for a serious heart issue should you be drinking alcohol at all?



    Hope you are well!!

  7. If/When the Pubs close again…and because I dont like to drink in the hoose…I dont have a garden…….I will be Tea Total again like last time for 4 months…I may end up drink free for the rest of my days…what a depressing thought !



  8. Celtic legend Paddy Roberts up for sale!



    Since he left Celtic he has played for Girona, Norwich and Middlesborough made less than 30 appearances, and scored one goal.



    BUT………….. BUT

  9. PHILBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:45 PM



  are correct to point that out…I shouldnt be Drinking Beers…when taking the medication.


    I tend to take my meds early in the mornig…and then IF I go out during the Day to my Pub…when I get home I tend NOT to take any medication…that doesnt make it right of course…but what is a Bhoy to alone etc ?



    Thx for the kind words.



  10. Big Jimmy


    Glad that you have made a connection with my childhood mate David66.


    A great lad is oor Davie.


    Hope to meet up with you both for a pint soon. Watch out for that drinking buddy of mine BIGRAILROADBLUES. A rascal that yin fae the Sooside. 🤣😂👍🍻

  11. BSR



    If we can get him cheap, why not?



    He can’t be any worse than some of the duds and some of the untried duds we have signed in the last few years.




  12. Big Jimmy,



    I am watching that too. Why is she and the rest of the Hollyrood members not wearing masks. ?



    There is far more risk in this hot air internal venue than most pubs and certainly any outdoor football venue.



    Anyway, stay safe big man. You have an army of virtual and real friends like David 66 on CQN.

  13. Apologies / Recycling — SFTB @ 11.04



    All CoViD19 has done is shine a very bright light onto the society we live in.



    The hospitals were all too happy to clear the decks and pass the issue onto the care homes.



    Too many GPs were all to quick to stop supporting care homes and phone it in / up the dose / close the door.



    How many organisations are using CoViD19 as the excuse to reduce services and are now very slow to try and get things back to normal?



    The education establishment cancelled the exams in March — no way and see just quick cancel and get a computer to sort it out — what could possibly go wrong?



    The education establishment wanted part time education for a full year in 20/21 and guess what JSw agreed until his boss was shamed into promising something better.



    The whole post 2010 austerity has shown that fewer resources into public services has not generated the response a similar episode did in the 1980’s.



    Then people were concerned and challenged it — now they accept it and just do / expect less.



    TB / GB putting more resources into the public services — 1999 / 2008 — just seemed to generate a mood of uncertainty.



    This is too good for the likes of us / we can’t afford it / other people don’t deserve it — we have stood around like sheep as the poor / the sick / the under employed have been made to pay for the sins of the bankers + spivs.



    And are still paying as the growth that has returned has been syphoned off by the elite and the super rich.

  14. Maximum of 6 people from two households can meet indoors!



    About to lose a 4 day break at Loch Katrine.

  15. I would be cheaper than Paddy Roberts…but maybe not as effective….although I could stand around in a 5 yard area and kick any opponent…or stick the heid oan one that comes close ?



  16. Paddy Roberts legendary status grows the more time goes by. Unfortunately he hasn’t really kicked on since he left us



    Cheers Bhoys for your comments.



    That despicable specimen Ruth Davidson should wear a Full on Iron Mask…what a horrorible creature.


    I would stick the heid on her…even if she was wearing a Full On Iron Mask…Id take my chances LOL



  18. Bada


    And of course a pub wouldn’t think of paying £15 to show it , which I presume would be against the terms of access.

  19. Odsonne is only Human.



    Definitely right up there with the Maestro and Henryk. I hope he stays and enhances our chances of getting 10 . Europe is mair Important howevaaaaah. IMO.



    I know that DAVID66 isnt too keen just now to visit a Pub…but feel free to suggest a meet for Beers etc and for you to head into The Saltmarket at any time you fancy a Beer….or 15 ?


    I will be trying to convince to come out again for a few Beers to my Local this time…as I am CONVINCED that its only a matter of time before the Pubs etc, are instructed to shut down again….we should make hay while the sun shines…while they are still open.


    That will be my argument to DAVID66 LOL.


    Your right about BIGRAILROADBLUES…He is a Rascal and a Vagabond…only king BRRB…Your company would be most welcome once again.



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  22. Big Wavy


    Agree 100%.


    Paddy’s time has gone at Celtic.


    The Dutch lad Bakker excites me.


    Also weakest position in our team.


    JF2 is adequate competition for JF1 on right wing back position.

  23. Big Jimmy


    BRRB is great company. Like me he loves his music and Celtic.


    Does the Tollbooth Bar still open at 7am?


    Asking for a nightshift working friend.

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