CQN 11 Knocking it out the park


Where to start on last night’s CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner?  We knocked it out the park.  Hundreds came, thousands of pounds were raised, enough to help Mary’s Meals build a kitchen for a thousand more school kids in Malawi, and a £5,000 donation to Lisa Hague’s 30k Challenge for Marie Curie Challenge for Cancer Care.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along and made the night so special, especially those who stepped forward and helped Mary’s Meals and Lisa’s Challenge.  The night could not have happened without Phil Agnew’s experience, work and charm.  He is a credit to everything good about the Celtic support.

Special thanks to Tom Boyd, John Hughes, Joe Miller and Tommy Coyne, who added range to the night at the Q&A session.  Thanks to Stuart Armstrong, who dropped in to spend an hour with us, and share some of his undisguised joy at being a Celtic player.

Archie Macpherson spoke about the world Jock Stein blew apart when he arrived at Celtic 50 years ago this week.  Archie’s range on Scottish football is peerless.  He became a friend and confidant of Jock, and gave us an insight into the extraordinary man.

No St Patrick’s Night would be complete without great music and for that our thanks to Patricia Ferns and Liam McGrandles, and a special mention those who put their shoulder to the wheel on the night, especially Geo from Biglens and the great hospitality staff at Celtic.

I’ve many people to catch up with but I’m planning to sleep for the next several days.  Cup Final apart.

If all weekends were like this weekend………
If all gatherings were like Celtic gatherings……….

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  1. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    From last blog….






    Turned out as a guest player for us at Anfield, a testimonial, mibbae Ronnie Moran?

  2. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    20 mins for Sevco to hold on for a draw ..



    Congrats, for all the money raised last night btw.

  3. Paul67 et al



    Congratulations to all involved, in any way shape or form, in CQN 11.


    You are a credit to Celtic Football Club!

  4. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Huns are booing the Mullet for some substitution .. That I can’t be bothered googling to find out how to spell it .. For Templeton.

  5. saltires en sevilla on

    Fantastic work by everyone involved.



    What a wonderful group of human beings.








    Thanks,mate. Things I didn’t know I didn’t know,that list gets longer as I get older!

  7. For the horsey folk, there’s a horse aptly named in 4.40 Kempton:- “Representingceltic”

  8. Paul67



    Thank you. For cqn11. And for cqn as a whole.






    HH jamesgang

  9. Congratulations and grateful thanks to all involved in organising and making possible a great occasion for a fantastically worthwhile cause. So good to meet and chew the fat with CQNrs both known and newly met (too many to mention, and the memory is a little fragile, so don’t want to offend).


    HH to one and all

  10. Paddy Gallagher on

    careful with that tax, moonbeams



    16:35 on 14 March, 2015


    Arsenal game been suspended .. No idea why ?




    Arsenal just scored bud 2-0

  11. Feck, if that hun mob draw today or get beat, when I go into work tomorrow with my scarf on, I hope you’re all only a phone call way :)))



    Thems actually sent me photos of their champagne party last week when GSL supposedly took over on Friday past…how I laugh :))))))

  12. Saturday 14th


    Again, another uneventful somewhat boring day. My weight is 58.25 kgs, and no medical complaints. I read the papers, which are full of trash.


    Tonight’s tea was pie and beans, and although hunger may fuel my imagination (it looked a powerful-sized meal), I don’t exaggerate: the beans were nearly falling off the plate. If I said this all the time to the lads, they would worry about me, but I’m all right.


    It was inviting (I’m human too) and I was glad to see it leave the cell. Never would I have touched it, but it was a starving nuisance. Ha! My God, if it had have attacked, I’d have fled.


    I was going to write about a few things I had in my head but they’ll wait. I am looking forward to the brief company of all the lads at Mass tomorrow. You never know when it could be the last time that you may ever see them again.


    I smoked some cigarettes today. We still defeat them in this sphere. If the Screws only knew the half of it; the ingenuity of the POW is something amazing. The worse the situation the greater the ingenuity. Someday it may all be revealed.


    On a personal note, Liam Og (the pseudonym for Bobby Sands’ Republican Movement contact on the outside), I just thought I’d take this opportunity tonight of saying to your good hard-working self that I admire you all out there and the unselfish work that you all do and have done in the past, not just for the H-Blocks and Armagh, but for the struggle in general.


    I have always taken a lesson from something that was told me by a sound man, that is, that everyone, Republican or otherwise, has his own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something.


    There is that much to be done that no select or small portion of people can do, only the greater mass of the Irish nation will ensure the achievement of the Socialist Republic, and that can only be done by hard work and sacrifice.


    So, mo chara, for what it’s worth, I would like to thank you all for what you have done and I hope many others follow your example, and I’m deeply proud to have known you all and prouder still to call you comrades and friends.


    On a closing note, I’ve noticed the Screws have been really slamming the cell doors today, in particular my own. Perhaps a good indication of the mentality of these people, always vindictive, always full of hate. I’m glad to say that I am not like that.


    Well, I must go to rest up as I found it tiring trying to comb my hair today after a bath.


    So venceremos, beidh bua againn eigin la eigin. Sealadaigh abu.


    (Translated, this reads as follows:)


    So venceremos, we will be victorious someday. Up the Provos.

  13. “It’s all right playing on the string hearts of the supporters…”



    The genius that is Gordon Deeeeeee-ell

  14. A hearty congratulations to all involved. A credit to Celtic FC and the support, as Paul mentioned.



    I intend to attend CQN12.



    Memories for life.

  15. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Bodychenko on …



    Guess the Mullets happy with a draw ..



    Saying that .. Livi nearly score.

  16. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    paddy gallagher ..



    I know mate .. Just going by what they said on RS ..



    Don’t shoot the messenger :)

  17. Paul67



    What a privilege



    CQN in the name of Brother Walfrid, feeding another 1000 children, wow, absolutely wow


    Incidentally even that Whife ae mine gave me a row for just aboot touching the £250k portrait :-)



    Hail Hail

  18. sipsini



    Got to meet the Irish bhoys when they get in around noon (maybe later). They’ve got roadworks to negotiate when they get off the boat – ferry getting held for them on the way back.



    Will then have to drop off the car (so Wean can chauffeur me) – unlikely to get back to Hampden till 2:00pm earliest. Maybe catch-up after game depending on where we are sitting – will text you.




  19. Paddy, I dumped into a Penis (oh no he wis a knob) fae your wee island last year in Kenya :-)

  20. Don’t post all that often, but when I logged in and saw a ( o ) in the comments


    box I could not resist, sorry to all the pod chasers.



    Hail Hail.

  21. 35,000 at Ibrox. King really believed all he had to do was take over and all would be well, 50,000 every home game. So out of touch with what is actually happening in Scottish football. Even the appointment of the mullet couldn’t boost the crowd.

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