CQN 11 Knocking it out the park


Where to start on last night’s CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner?  We knocked it out the park.  Hundreds came, thousands of pounds were raised, enough to help Mary’s Meals build a kitchen for a thousand more school kids in Malawi, and a £5,000 donation to Lisa Hague’s 30k Challenge for Marie Curie Challenge for Cancer Care.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along and made the night so special, especially those who stepped forward and helped Mary’s Meals and Lisa’s Challenge.  The night could not have happened without Phil Agnew’s experience, work and charm.  He is a credit to everything good about the Celtic support.

Special thanks to Tom Boyd, John Hughes, Joe Miller and Tommy Coyne, who added range to the night at the Q&A session.  Thanks to Stuart Armstrong, who dropped in to spend an hour with us, and share some of his undisguised joy at being a Celtic player.

Archie Macpherson spoke about the world Jock Stein blew apart when he arrived at Celtic 50 years ago this week.  Archie’s range on Scottish football is peerless.  He became a friend and confidant of Jock, and gave us an insight into the extraordinary man.

No St Patrick’s Night would be complete without great music and for that our thanks to Patricia Ferns and Liam McGrandles, and a special mention those who put their shoulder to the wheel on the night, especially Geo from Biglens and the great hospitality staff at Celtic.

I’ve many people to catch up with but I’m planning to sleep for the next several days.  Cup Final apart.

If all weekends were like this weekend………
If all gatherings were like Celtic gatherings……….

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Am beginning to think we might be denied the opportunity to watch hibs pump sevco in the playoffs.





  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    roy croppie



    16:52 on 14 March, 2015



    I had 16 family & friends there last night who mostly had never heard of this great site, hopedully it was a learning curve for them, apologies for repeating myself but I would go as far too say it was one if not the best night/Swally I have ever had, my good Sevcoian lady wants to go to CQN12…. Would love to have a shandy or two with you

  3. Paddy Gallagher @ 16:44



    I saw a headline today ‘worlds first penis replacement’ really!!!



    Kenny McTrowel checks with his lawyer for libel – no case to answer

  4. Great to hear that last night went so well.



    It would be great to meet you all this time next year in Dublin!



    How about a CQN night in Dublin, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising?



    Only a thought but I am sure it would be some event.

  5. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but it’s no coincidence that Kenny Mcdowell has finally been sent on gardening leave just at the very busiest time of year for those of a green fingered persuasion.



    I heard that coisty was unable to cope with the veg planting….

  6. martyistheman on

    roy croppie



    17:27 on 14 March, 2015





    beating the Arabs









    Roy, thanks for posting that picture. Its from my favourite Celtic memory. TB as manager, semi final? of SC, 1-0 down, 87 mins on the clock. PVH scores. Relief all round as a replay is on the cards.



    Not when its Celtic.



    92nd min – Andy Thom steals possession on the half way line. Sprints towards goal. One on one. And scores the winner. Still gives me goose bumps. Even writing this.



    I was 15yrs old at the time and I watched it on TV with 2 hun pals. It was awesome.




  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The haircut that time forgot’ll shin be reachin’ for the shears….



    For the ole Ibrox hedges!

  8. roy croppie



    17:02 on 14 March, 2015


    Jamesgang, Jimkyredstar, Eurochamps, Micktt, ACGR (legend), Embramike, HT&Minx, OldTim, TT and his lovely wife; tttt; Fred, Gerry and the legend that is Lennybhoy…



    Thank you.



    leftclicktic-you were missed.



    I think CQN 12 should cross the Irish sea…





    You suggesting we have it on the ferry?



    HH jamesgang

  9. FFin’ motivation:



    “I hate that pathetic wee boy touching of hands sh*t at the start of a match.


    Hate the t[ims] huddle but at least it gets them fired up…



    I think we should do something like grab each other by the shoulders staring right into each others eyes, screaming and bawling almost salivating at times…”

  10. 50 shades of green on

    roy croppie



    17:27 on 14 March, 2015






    beating the Arabs










    Roy . That pic brings back a funny we story to mind.



    I was working at Hamdump that day doing catering in the North stand for the prawn s/w brigade, I also had a ticket for the Celtic end and told my boss I was finishing my shift and going into the Celtic end to watch the game.



    Anyway 15 mins before the start me and my mate left Hamdump walked 30 yrds to the Celtic end only to be met with a massive cue to get in and when Celtic scored that goal I was actually in the turnstiles waiting to get in.



    We must have been the only ones in history to leave for a game from the stadium and still miss the only bloody goal :-)



    P.s broony pics a cracker. :-)

  11. Paul67 et al



    Scotland winning at half-time at Twickenham of all places. Great effort after the start.

  12. Robert Tressel


    Coisty certainly planted lots of tumshies in that squad.


    He must have green fingers.

  13. Keeping The Faith on

    Clogher Celt , I’ll be coming to Dublin next Easter so that sounds like a great idea.


    My wee Gran was a Dub and a few Naomh Padraig Bhoys used to come over to Coatbridge every week to go to game with us.In a van with a couch in the back.. Some are still here!


    Hopefully be in Dublin this summer , been too long.

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