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Brogan, Rogan contacted me over the weekend on behalf of an initiative he, Celticrollercoaster and others have taken to assist some of our community during these terrible times.  This note below appeared in the comments’ section, which many of you will have read.  We are nothing, if not a community of people, bound by values.  If you share those values, please give consideration to this.  From Brogan, Rogan, Trevino, Hogan:

Dear all,

First and foremost I hope this finds you, your family and friends all safe and well in these difficult days and circumstances.

These are unreal times and unchartered waters for all of us, with many of us forced to stay at home in quarantine. This means we are away from our friends and loved ones and that we have lost the normal everyday interactions with friends family and work colleagues that we treat as part of every day life.

Such enforced quarantine and such a dramatic change in lifestyle is uncomfortable and unwanted at the very best.

Some of us are very lucky in that we can remain at home with our spouses/partners and children (or at least some of them) while others are unfortunately facing this crisis as best they can on their own and without support .  No matter what your individual circumstances the situation is difficult.

For many that difficulty is made a million times harder because of basic money worries.

Despite the Government announcing all sorts of grand plans and schemes, the harsh reality is that many people are struggling as a result of simply not being able to work.

Some are employed by small businesses which just cannot afford to carry them while waiting for the Government’s furlough provisions to kick in and apply.

Others are self employed who know they will not be receiving any kind of income or support until June at the earliest.

Still more may be forced to wait in line for subsistence level benefit payments which may, or may not, be granted, while others have simply lost their jobs because a business has folded or because a contract has been cancelled or postponed. Their entire future is uncertain.

These situations cause concern, worry, anxiety and ill health for men, women and children – not forgetting parents.

And of course there is the ongoing Covid19 related health worries and concerns which affect all of us and our families.

It is against that background that myself and others have decided to reach out to you tonight in this somewhat unusual way.

Over the past few days, myself and others have become conscious of some within our community who are struggling – really struggling.

They are struggling on mental and physical health grounds, on a financial basis, and are becoming increasingly desperate as they do not know where to turn for support, advice or help in the immediate, short or long term.

They are in a position where they never thought they would be and in circumstances which they, and we, could never have imagined.

Some of those concerned may be known to you personally, others will be faceless but familiar names on a blog page,  while yet more may be complete and utter strangers but known to someone you know.

Over the years, Celtic Quick News and those who have participated in the blog, have helped oh so many people in times of need.

From bringing Martin home, to raising money for Veronica, Oscar and others or walking with Shay and so much more, the CQN community, and to be honest the followers of other blogs, have always done their bit to help where help was needed.

Now, we want to help some of the helpers so to speak.

We want to do what we can to take away some of the worry and angst that is afflicting those who, in past times, were amongst the best at helping others in times of need.

Unlike previous campaigns, we can’t and wouldn’t provide any names or any details. We will never be able to say who was helped and how – that would not be our place.

What we can say is that no one involved in this process or campaign will benefit to the tune of a single penny and no one will receive assistance or help without a few of us knowing precisely what is taking place and being fully involved in the process.

Further, we don’t want this to be any kind of simple request for funds and help. We want the wider CQN/Celtic community to at least have the chance to get something back and to see some benefit as a result of our efforts.

To that end we are going to raffle/auction a number of items some of which will hold personal or real value and which may be treasured by fellow fans and serious memorabilia collectors alike.

For example I am donating an unworn Celtic strip personally signed and dated by Henrik Larsson in 2004 complete with sales tags as if it came straight out the shop yesterday.

Hopefully it will raise a few quid.

So, if you have anything we can raffle or auction please get in touch.

Once the raffles and auctions are online please participate and buy tickets but only if you can afford to at this time.

If you have anything to donate which you think would help please get in touch.

If you want to simply make a cash donation then please do through the walk with Shay account the details of which are to be found below.

If you know of someone who is struggling and who you think we could help in some way then please let us know.

This is a plea to help some people who are struggling through no fault of their own, who you may have met and shared a pint with and who have been very good to others in the past.

Those same people would never think of looking for help for themselves.

On the other hand, some of us cannot sit idly by and do nothing while others struggle.

We hope you feel the same way.

Those of you who participate in last man standing will know how that money is looked after and accounted for.

The same people will be in charge of these funds and a full accounting for funds will be available but with the beneficiaries remaining anonymous for obvious reasons.

Please look out for the details of raffles/auctions and donation details in the coming days – they will appear via facebook and online hopefully through a number of sources.

Thanks for reading this long message.

Take care, stay safe, God bless and HAIL HAIL.


Donations to

Walk with Shay
Sort Code 80-22-60
Account Number 15326765

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  1. Well after about 10 days of doing eff all apart from eating and doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw, I roused myself from my slumber. Went for an illegal walk this morning, caught up on a bit of book work & spent the afternoon gardening.


    The experts told me I’d feel better but the lying Bassas were wrong, I feel totally knackered,

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Corkcelt- I got a jigsaw for Christmas, it said ‘2-3 years’,I finished it in a fortnight, fair chuffed I was…

  3. blantyrecelt



    Thanks for that BT. The important thing is that the non-playing Celtic FC employees keep getting paid during this time. Those workers who work for concessions, contractors and agencies elsewhere, (and not just in football) might find themselves in a less then secure environment. But you know that already.

  4. Thanks for nice words about Hugh.


    Martin42…. He certainly never hit the wall when dealing with The Herald.



    In these times of closed funerals it’s good that we can pay a wee tribute here to fellow Celtic fans.



    Paul67… Great article today.



    Take care everyone and keep the blog full of comments.




  5. South Of Tunis on

    Covid 19 – Italy @6pm -6 /4 /20



    Cases -132,547


    Deaths -16,523


    636 people died in the 24 hr period between 6pm yesterday and 6pm today..



    Pussy Nomore RIP








    I predict a theft from tabloid tomorrow.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on 6th April 2020 3:30 pm


    Ernie, are you familiar with tooth brushing let alone PEG feeding?







    And how great is the risk that an asymptomatic carrier, observing appropriate hygiene protocols, would transmit the virus performing either function?



    On a broader point, regarding mass testing, I can see its purpose at the start of an outbreak. It identifies carriers and allows you to trace, test and quarantine their contacts. That then allows you to break the chain of transmission and, given how the virus spreads exponentially makes a huge difference to the numbers.



    After a certain point that isn’t practical, because there are just too many infected people. It’s not like there’s any treatment or vaccine available yet, so what do you do once you’ve identified the carriers? And as yet there’s no way to distinguish between those who have had the virus and recovered and those who haven’t caught it.



    I think we might have missed the boat on mass testing at least in so far as it being of any use in slowing the spread, though there might be a benefit to the scientist and epidemiologists.

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CMO resignation.



    Don’t know the woman, but do know she was generally well thought of by colleagues (front-line medics, not politicians) – innovations on Realistic Medicine, focus on research and innovation in the NHS, etc.



    Many are understandably disappointed – and angry – in her actions in flouting the lock-down and, from what I’ve heard today, no one disagrees with her having to step down as a result.



    Three things though:


    1. There is some credit due her in doing what almost no public figures do, albeit she took some hours to do so


    2. Her practical expertise is a loss at a bad time


    3. What community background she has in Ireland? Really??? How is that relevant?



    Couple of other things come to mind:


    – The glee with which The Sun reported this is typical – scum then, scum now, scum forever


    – We may live to regret giving Plod extended powers – always a concern that you give an inch and they’ll take a mile – got the distinct impression the the big boss relished exhibiting his newly-expanded authority. This one rule for all didn’t seem to apply in Tesco the other day when a pair of them toddled into and out of the store together, despite the rule of ‘one-person-at-a-time’ applying to everyone else






  9. BGFC @ 5.57



    1. There is some credit due her in doing what almost no public figures do, albeit she took some hours to do so



    There are reports she offered her resignation early doors on Sunday, only for it to be refused.



    2. Her practical expertise is a loss at a bad time



    I’m sure the Govt will be able to call on her practical expertise on a consultancy basis.



    3. What community background she has in Ireland? Really??? How is that relevant?



    It’s not.

  10. NALLY81 on 6TH APRIL 2020 2:13 PM


    The virus claimed an old friend of mine last night.


    Hugh McLoughlin was, among other things, a chemistry teacher, at St Aidans HS in Wishaw.




    Thoughts and prayers with Hugh, his family and friends at this sad time.

  11. German lockdown will be relaxed in 13 days. Teams back training today. They are 1/2 weeks ahead of us in terms of virus but lightyears in organisation. Looks like they will finish their season with a bit to spare. If all goes to plan here could be looking at relaxed measures in 3-4 weeks. That being the case, the season could be completed late May and into June. Some clubs seems desperate to pull the plug for financial reasons. Possibly insurance related, maybe they don’t want closed doors as it will cost them money. It would be tragic if they call it early and the rest of the UK/Europe gets up and running again.

  12. Re the defenestrated CMO…………



    Wasn’t aware she had a ” community background” a nd no it soesn’t have a bearing……..


    Having being caught red-handed, so to speak, she had to go and should have been ooot rightaway.



    The wee krankie dithered. In terms of leadership – that was wrong.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 6th April 2020 5:57 pm


    CMO resignation.







    ‘2. Her practical expertise is a loss at a bad time’






    What relevant practical expertise did she offer? I believe she is an obstetrician with no experience in immunology or dealing with epidemics (unlike Whitty).

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 6TH APRIL 2020 6:29 PM


    Received, one of us will get back to you in due course, cannot give you a timescale but we will.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  15. She probably has much more experience and expertise than all of us put together.

  16. Ron Bacardi on 6th April 2020 7:16 pm


    ‘She probably has much more experience and expertise than all of us put together.’






    I’m curious to know where she would have acquired expertise or experience in dealing with a pandemic.



    I’m kind of assuming that she will have been taking advice from people who do have such experience and expertise, which would suggest that her stepping down won’t have any particular adverse effect.

  17. Should Celtic bring the Southampton loanees Forster and Elyounoussi in permanently?



    Debate on A Celtic Stat of Mind and the numbers to back it up on Celtic By Numbers for Forster (Forster’s A Keeper) and Elyounoussi (More Mo?).

  18. ERNIE,



    Don’t know, don’t care, was just saying that she probably has more expertise and experience than all of us put together.

  19. Interesting that hun executives and first team management team have agreed to defer wages for 3 months. Interesting in that no Director is prepared to cover payroll. Kicks the can down the road a bit until player trading can resume. But first signs perhaps that they are moving towards living within or closer to their means.

  20. Huns have dressed it up as the playing staff making sacrifice to esure the non-playing employees get paid. But interesting that they wii use the job retention scheme of 80% first.

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