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Brogan, Rogan contacted me over the weekend on behalf of an initiative he, Celticrollercoaster and others have taken to assist some of our community during these terrible times.  This note below appeared in the comments’ section, which many of you will have read.  We are nothing, if not a community of people, bound by values.  If you share those values, please give consideration to this.  From Brogan, Rogan, Trevino, Hogan:

Dear all,

First and foremost I hope this finds you, your family and friends all safe and well in these difficult days and circumstances.

These are unreal times and unchartered waters for all of us, with many of us forced to stay at home in quarantine. This means we are away from our friends and loved ones and that we have lost the normal everyday interactions with friends family and work colleagues that we treat as part of every day life.

Such enforced quarantine and such a dramatic change in lifestyle is uncomfortable and unwanted at the very best.

Some of us are very lucky in that we can remain at home with our spouses/partners and children (or at least some of them) while others are unfortunately facing this crisis as best they can on their own and without support .  No matter what your individual circumstances the situation is difficult.

For many that difficulty is made a million times harder because of basic money worries.

Despite the Government announcing all sorts of grand plans and schemes, the harsh reality is that many people are struggling as a result of simply not being able to work.

Some are employed by small businesses which just cannot afford to carry them while waiting for the Government’s furlough provisions to kick in and apply.

Others are self employed who know they will not be receiving any kind of income or support until June at the earliest.

Still more may be forced to wait in line for subsistence level benefit payments which may, or may not, be granted, while others have simply lost their jobs because a business has folded or because a contract has been cancelled or postponed. Their entire future is uncertain.

These situations cause concern, worry, anxiety and ill health for men, women and children – not forgetting parents.

And of course there is the ongoing Covid19 related health worries and concerns which affect all of us and our families.

It is against that background that myself and others have decided to reach out to you tonight in this somewhat unusual way.

Over the past few days, myself and others have become conscious of some within our community who are struggling – really struggling.

They are struggling on mental and physical health grounds, on a financial basis, and are becoming increasingly desperate as they do not know where to turn for support, advice or help in the immediate, short or long term.

They are in a position where they never thought they would be and in circumstances which they, and we, could never have imagined.

Some of those concerned may be known to you personally, others will be faceless but familiar names on a blog page,  while yet more may be complete and utter strangers but known to someone you know.

Over the years, Celtic Quick News and those who have participated in the blog, have helped oh so many people in times of need.

From bringing Martin home, to raising money for Veronica, Oscar and others or walking with Shay and so much more, the CQN community, and to be honest the followers of other blogs, have always done their bit to help where help was needed.

Now, we want to help some of the helpers so to speak.

We want to do what we can to take away some of the worry and angst that is afflicting those who, in past times, were amongst the best at helping others in times of need.

Unlike previous campaigns, we can’t and wouldn’t provide any names or any details. We will never be able to say who was helped and how – that would not be our place.

What we can say is that no one involved in this process or campaign will benefit to the tune of a single penny and no one will receive assistance or help without a few of us knowing precisely what is taking place and being fully involved in the process.

Further, we don’t want this to be any kind of simple request for funds and help. We want the wider CQN/Celtic community to at least have the chance to get something back and to see some benefit as a result of our efforts.

To that end we are going to raffle/auction a number of items some of which will hold personal or real value and which may be treasured by fellow fans and serious memorabilia collectors alike.

For example I am donating an unworn Celtic strip personally signed and dated by Henrik Larsson in 2004 complete with sales tags as if it came straight out the shop yesterday.

Hopefully it will raise a few quid.

So, if you have anything we can raffle or auction please get in touch.

Once the raffles and auctions are online please participate and buy tickets but only if you can afford to at this time.

If you have anything to donate which you think would help please get in touch.

If you want to simply make a cash donation then please do through the walk with Shay account the details of which are to be found below.

If you know of someone who is struggling and who you think we could help in some way then please let us know.

This is a plea to help some people who are struggling through no fault of their own, who you may have met and shared a pint with and who have been very good to others in the past.

Those same people would never think of looking for help for themselves.

On the other hand, some of us cannot sit idly by and do nothing while others struggle.

We hope you feel the same way.

Those of you who participate in last man standing will know how that money is looked after and accounted for.

The same people will be in charge of these funds and a full accounting for funds will be available but with the beneficiaries remaining anonymous for obvious reasons.

Please look out for the details of raffles/auctions and donation details in the coming days – they will appear via facebook and online hopefully through a number of sources.

Thanks for reading this long message.

Take care, stay safe, God bless and HAIL HAIL.


Donations to

Walk with Shay
Sort Code 80-22-60
Account Number 15326765

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  1. Lurkin, I reckon he has it OK but reality is the vast majority of fatalities are in elderly patients or those with underlying medical conditions.


    Very few healthy 55 yr olds die from coronavirus, and as I said earlier he has top class team looking after him, so I reckon the odds pretty good, that he will be fine.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I detest BJ for his policies but wish death on no man or woman..

  3. TLT,


    Guy’s and St Thomas’ is a first class NHS hospital they’re not going to lie about BoJo being there. His situation might be a lot worse than it is but it doesn’t matter if you are a pauper or a prince patient confidentiality is of paramount.

  4. I agree BT, I said it last night, of course I want him to survive but as I also said last night I’d plead the 5th Amendment if anyone asked me about Trump.

  5. Pog..no sure what yer point is…he is obviously there…it’s the severity or not of his condition that’s under question




  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’ve argued with plenty of people about politics and how their policies have caused the deaths of many people but I will and can’t bring myself to wish it on anyone



    Having lost clients to suicide after being told their was nothing wrong with them to losing 2 friends over the weekend I know how bad I feel and wouldn’t want that on anybody or their families

  7. Operation last gasp not sounding quite so funny now.



    Karma can be a real bitch sometimes.

  8. OK Ghuys ,Probably not the best conversation at this time of night.


    I’ll sign off Good Night & God Bless All, including Boris.

  9. Forget the politics. Boris is a human being suffering from a potentially life threatening illness. I hope he pulls through together with everyone else who has this virus and all those who will become infected in the weeks/months ahead.

  10. I am a prominent politician…I enter hospital…my spokesperson claims I’ve caught something…all covered by patient confidentlity it’s all politically convenient

  11. BT…am sorry…probs wrong time to have this type of arguement…signing off…wishing all of you all the best ;-))




  12. TheLurkinTim on 6th April 2020 11:43 pm



    Is it not more likely that he simply has covid 19 and is ill enough to require hospitalization?

  13. TLT,


    You have your opinion which like everybody else you are entitled to. I personally do not believe that anyone at Guy’s and St Thomas’ is going to lie that someone has a serious disease. They may decline to comment on how serious it is but I do not believe they are going to lie. BoJo and his troupe of monkeys are not popular with the vast majority of NHS workers and London is not exactly a Tory stronghold, so if there was some sort of jiggery -pokery it would soon be leaked.


    As I said last night it is not in my makeup to wish someone ill. So we will agree to disagree.

  14. Johnson’s ego wouldn’t allow him to be in hospital unless it was absolutely essential for his health.

  15. So the Huns defer payments. I assume they get full wages sometime down the line?



    In what way does that make them heroes???



    Hail Hail.

  16. TheLurkinTim on

    Still awake…an keeping mine own counsel..my eatphonr buds…hav a job to do…did i sell them…lol….listen

  17. What kind of regime are our players living under to ensure their health and safety and maintain their fitness?


    Are charts Being maintained and fitness objectives Met?


    Is Broony threatening to visit anyone not adhering to nutrition standards?


    How are the single guys coping with the loneliness?


    Are the imitation Huns died yet again?

  18. TheLurkinTim on

    ‘GG as long as they’re healthy…fitness can wait a bit….like backward time travel ;-))







  19. I watched the road to Seville last night.


    What a bunch of stars Martin had at his disposal.


    I wasn’t too enamored with the bricked at the time, but he made a series of brilliant saves at times.


    What choices Martin had in defence.


    Bobo, Mjalby, Agathe, Valgaeren.


    And the midfielders


    Lennon, Lambert, Petrov, Thomson,.


    It’s a great pity Moravcik had parted.


    Hartson, Sutton and the venerable King Henrik as strikers.


    Oh how lucky we were.

  20. My BP is high tonight and I don’t think reading back would help.


    So I wish you all a safe and stress free night. And morning.


    God bless.

  21. Good morning, friends, from a gorgeously clear skied, dry and bright East Kilbride. Work calling….

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Celtic send the players a workout programme for them to follow and they have a weekly weigh in


    Watched a day in isolation by Johnny Hayes via twitter

  23. Good morning CQN:


    A very big hoopy Birthday to Pogmathonyahun and Mini BT…hope you both have a hooptastic day…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  24. Good morning CQN from lovely sunny mild morning in the Garngad



    Are we getting more sun due to not as much pollution blocking it out?? As there is hardly any cars on the road or planes in the sky…Mmmmmm



    I received a whatsapp message last night saying FIFA are meeting in the next 24-48 hours to announce its recommendations for club football.



    I don’t know if it’s fake.



    D. :)


    Doctor in SCOTLAND breaks the rule and the press want her burned like a witch.



    Boris goes about shaking hands with infected people ,goes on tv boasting about it and he is treated like a hero.



    Now everyone and their granny queuing up to give their 2 bobs worth on him and the cure.



    Never mind AL JAZEERA will be on at 8 o clock with camel racing results.

  26. While I can understand the “Christian Attitude” of some who are wishing Boris Johnson well etc…There are issues that should never be forgotten when it comes to Johnson, his Cronies and Tory Ministers and Voters in general and if I may, show a couple of “Scenarios”…..


    As someone on here a few days ago Posted…This is the SAME Tory mob ( Under Theresa May I believe ?) who CHEERED when the Tory Govt announced in Parliament that the Wages of The NHS would be “Frozen”…that in itself should have ensured that the Tory mob are NOT on your Christmas list ?



    Being of a certain Age Group, I obviously still remember the MISERY that Thatcher and Her Cronies put the working classes through from 1979 onwards. I certainly didnt pray for her when she was unwell…nor did I pray or mourn for her when she died.



    Imagine if we had the Tory Govt, including Johnson, Raab, Patel and Esther McVey and more.. on one side of the street at this moment in time “CELEBRATING and CHEERING” an announcement that all NHS Staff wages are to be “Frozen” til further notice ?


    Its worth remembering that Despite AUSTERITY…and a numerous Tory Ministers telling us for YEARS…that we must ALL ” Tighten our Belts….and David Cameron etc telling us that “we are ALL in this together” Blah, Blah…Feckin Blah….


    This present Tory Govt have suddenly found BILLIONS of Pounds during this Virus….although we STILL havent been told what happened to the £350 MILLION per Week that they advertised on Buses for The NHS after we had left The EU ?



    if the Tory Govt..Johnson, McVey and others were on the other side of the street…CHEERING etc at freezing The NHS Staff wages right now…would YOU be on the other side of the street…




    A) Cheering with those Tories ?





    B) Shouting at this Tory mob that YOU disagree with their views and cheering etc etc , but remembering that you are a Christian ?..





    C) Yelling and Shouting and having posters and Banners etc….showing how much You disagree with them…but also that “YOU Hope that THEY FALL I’ll…and dont get the NHS Treatment that THEY need etc, due to NHS Staff shortages, poor wages, Immigration Policies, lack of Equipment etc etc over the years ?



    I could never wish Scum Bags like Ian Duncan Smith, Esther McVey, not so Pretti Patel and the rest of that Mob…and those before them ” The Best of Health to You etc”…


    Esther McVey makes me shout at my TV…just like Thatcher used to do…a REPTILE of a “Person”…


    I am only being honest and I know that some on here will not share my views…however I refuse to be a Hypocrite…as over many long years I have wished “Bad Things” to happen to many Tory PM’s and Ministers…LONG BEFORE this Virus.



  27. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a quietly optimistic Oz with the corona virus curve


    flattening here, but with warnings to keep social distancing


    a priority and not become complacent.


    There’s even talk of schools returning after the easter break.


    Hope they’re correct.


    In other news, Cardinal George Pell cleared of all charges in


    the high court of Australia.


    H.H . Mick

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