CQN Golf Day goes Kano


Taggsybhoy and BlantyreKev are again organising the CQN Golf Day, as they have every year bar the last two, since 2005.  Details are:

‘This year’s golf day will fall a little later than past years on Friday September 2nd.   For the seventeenth time it will again be at our perennial golfing home, Aberdour Golf Club.

As ever demand for places is likely to be greater than supply so if you would like to express your interest please email John and Kevin at cqngolf@gmail.com  The cost for the whole day is £85 and includes breakfast roll, your round of golf and meal afterwards.

This year the CQN golf day will be taking part in the inaugural worldwide Kano Golf Event which is on that very day, 2nd September, and the Kano Foundation will be the recipients of our charitable efforts.   More details will follow on how we plan to shake the day up a little while keeping that long established Celtic spirit in play.

All the best,
Kevin and John’

Kano was one of the original CQNers.  It is great to participate in events bearing his name, which are a legacy of people who moved mountains back in the day.  Hope to see you there.

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  1. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Earlier in the week, Daily Record summarised nine Celtic players’ loan experience this season which most supporters will already have known inside and out.



    My view is the most productive loan season 21-22 from a Celt was Barry Coffey at Cork City. It was never a gift given to him, it feels that half the Cork squad are in the Irish squad this summer.



    His time may well be coming to an end with us, I hope he keeps his head in the game and enjoys a good career.

  2. The ludicrous hype surrounding Bassey shows no sign of abating.The Record today “Calvin Bassey,stuns the World”.This because some British based nonentity,Copa something,said he was their breakthrough player.


    Surprised they have not been punting him to take Auld Lizzies place at the Platinum celebrations.


    The thing is,CCV had a much better season than Bassey,who only hit a bit of form after January.Dont like going on about them,but it is maddening to see the concerted effort,by the Media,to get as much money as possible,if he goes.The new”VVD”,FFS.Upwards of £ 25 million.


    Almost as sickening and Boak inducing as pictures of the Bristol Bar today.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    It’s all bollox,we wouldn’t get £25 million for any player, maybe McGregor, Bassey has started 43 senior games,aged 22……

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Aye the press are great at selling hun players, so far only Patterson, probably for around £5m. Will see the truth when Evertons accounts are disclosed

  5. Turkey or is it now Türkiyebjoy



    Take Denayer in a heartbeat unfortunately dont think he will have the same


    desire to play for us probably fancies a shot at premiership for a non entity for 3 or 4 times


    what we can pay.

  6. TB,



    A decent shout.


    Personally I would be reluctant to welcome a player who openly admitted he used Celtic as a ” Stop Gap ”



    However if Ange wanted Jason, then no problem.




  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    St Stivs @ 11.15



    Is the flat area to the left of Helenvale Park the site of the bowling club?

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Has that Prestonpans fella caused a riot in Northumberland yet?🤔

  9. IniquitousIV on




    “The ludicrous hype surrounding Bassey shows no sign of abating……… but it is maddening to see the concerted effort by the Media to get as much money as possible if he goes.The new”VVD”,FFS.Upwards of £ 25 million.”




    Agree 100%. Seethin’ G, who knows all about Bassey, just paid Sevilla £26M for Diego Carlos on a 4 year contract. He is a Brazilian international center back with a similar physique to Bassey, is 29 years old, and has played 100 games for Sevilla. If Slippy thought the much younger Bassey was as good as this guy, he would have bid for him.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    I see 2 or 3 Celtic sites lamenting the lack of movement in the pursuit of the permanent signings of CCV and Jota, with one site even suggesting we forget them and move on.



    The reason for their pushing on the panic button? A journalist announced 10 days ago that both would be signed by the end of last week. Nobody from Celtic said anything. Neither CCV nor Jota spoke about imminent signing deadlines.



    It’s always the same when journalists send out fliers and they don’t materialise. They are quickly forgotten while the club and the players get hammered for “dragging their feet” and “stringing us along”?



    Are we there yet mammy?

  11. GREENPINATA on 3RD JUNE 2022 1:28 PM













    ‘Personally I would be reluctant to welcome a player who openly admitted he used Celtic as a ” Stop Gap ”’







    Rather unfair to judge someone for an excess of candour.



    Personally I’m wary about signing anyone for whom Celtic is the limit of ambition.

  12. I must’ve deleted half my comment- DEADCO not fancying a rebuild while having a tilt at CL qualification or just plain not in a position to afford replacements of adequate quality?

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    Jason Deneyer was never a Celtic employee. His entire time at Celtic was a loan deal, so how could he be using them as a stop gap.



    St Stivs @ 11.15







    Is the flat area to the left of Helenvale Park the site of the bowling club?







  15. The very concept of a loan deal without the option to buy is a stop gap arrangement.



    It was the player himself that referenced the phrase stop gap.



    Ernie makes a good point;however it is double edged sword about a players ambition.


    Does Callum McGregor lack ambition


    Did Paul McStay lack ambition. ?

  16. I see we have released Luca Connell.



    Shocking the amount of young players we sign who don’t seem to make the grade.



    Let’s hope the discussion on CQN 2027 is not ” Should we sign Luca Connell.




  17. “GREENPINATA on 3RD JUNE 2022 4:46 PM


    Shocking the amount of young players we sign who don’t seem to make the grade.”



    It IS `shocking` if our ratio of unsuccessful signings is far greater than that of most other clubs. is that the case?

  18. Hot Smoked,



    Sorry I cannot answer that I only really follow Celtic signings.


    However we seem to sign many players then release them without giving them a chance.


    I hope and trust that Ange will be aware of this and the appointment of Mark Lawwell will lead to more prudent recruitment.



    I bet there are some clever people on here who would have the answer.




  19. JC2,



    Yes,Turkeybhoy will do,thanks.The megalomaniac running the country,is using this gigantic Squirrel to turn peoples,Turks,attention away from the colossal fek up he has made of their economy.Real figure inflation nearly in treble figures.No idea how normal Turks live.Does not affect me,because whichever way he turns,I benefit.


    Just an example.Mrs TB bought a brand new car 4 years ago.140,000 Lira.Same car,second hand today,same mileage,400,000 Lira.Madness.


    But its Turkyie now,so no worries.

  20. GREENPINATA on 3RD JUNE 2022 4:21 PM



    ‘Does Callum McGregor lack ambition





    Did Paul McStay lack ambition. ?’







    They weren’t ‘signed’ though were they? Not in the sense it’s being talked about here.

  21. Bassy to me is an average player not great but good , he is a bully of a player he certainly put the fear into a few of our guys semi final day ,but no broonie to get stuck into him . I do wonder though how he would do away from them when he gets pulled up for pushing , shoving and holding on , which any time I’ve seen him is a huge part of his game , and faults he gets away with up here all the time . Naw if I was a boss I wouldn’t by him . HH

  22. It’s nearly 2 years ago the whole blog was raving about Luca Connell after a bounce game, well everyone except 1 poster, me.


    I tried to point out it was a bounce game with no tackling but the full blog disagreed with me.


    I only post when I’m sure of something and I’d previously spoken to a team mate who told me how surprised everyone was at his standard.


    I’ve been keeping tabs with Luca’s development and the same report kept coming back.


    Very good technically but one paced and easy pushed off the ball, lightweight.


    That’s not going to cut it at Celtics standard which is rightly maintained at a high level and no shame in finding your level and still making a good living from the game.


    I wish Luca all the best.

  23. Sid,



    I think a lot of people were impressed by his willingness to put himself about.

  24. Celtic have always been a global club.



    With supporters clubs all over the world, Celtic, as a name, are absolutely huge.



    The history and romance of the club can only be matched by maybe one or two clubs in the world.



    But financially, the club is in handcuffs.


    Celtic beat La Liga, Serie A and EPL clubs amid astounding £96m reveal



    Restrained by the financial disadvantages of playing in Scotland, the club have always glanced admiringly down south at the riches available to the clubs not only in the English Premier League, but also in the second tier.



    Today a report by Brand Finance has revealed that the Hoops are sitting pretty healthy in the top 50 brand value clubs in Europe.



    The Hoops sit 44th in the most valuable and strongest football clubs with the value of the club rising to £96.4m from 2021 which is a 19% increase.



    But what is interesting is in the Brand Strength which takes into account squad size and value, stadium capacity and revenue, the club sit 18th in the table leading the likes of huge clubs like West Ham, Roma, Ajax, Newcastle and Bayer Leverkusen.



    These results are just stunning considering where the club operates and it does show the global pull and size of Celtic as a brand that companies want to be associated with us.

  25. Transfer window opens 10th June, deals for new players will not be announced until after that date. CCV and Jota would be signings.

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    Good afternoon from Beacon Hill Farm in sunny Northumberland. Glass of wine, fish and chips, then the pool.






    The mayhem will now start😵🍻😂😱

  27. Jimtim,


    Personally,I think Bassey might turn out decent.But so might Urogohide.Who knows.Not so long ago the Huns were slaughtering him,saying he was a dud.Its only their insane need to try and compete with us in the transfers.As I have said before,its their blogs that make up these prices.No one else.Their lap dogs in the media repeat it,as if it were Gospel.


    Thing is,we have seen the numpties in the EPL before.25 million is a pittance to those idiots.

  28. So EUFA has apologised to the Liverpool fans.



    Don’t really bother too much with Liverpool FC, but I see so much similarly between the peoples of two great cities.


    Glasgow and Liverpool



  29. One debate I’ve not seen mentioned is our nice little problem for next season how Ange solves the Kyogo/ Giakoumakis conundrum.


    Kyogo and GG have both been excellent in the centre striker role (note in that position ). Now, we only play with one through the middle and I don’t see Ange changing that system and is likely a case of players fitting a system rather than changing the system to suit players.


    Now before saying play Kyogo wide because GG certainly won’t you have to ask yourself is Kyogo a better wide player than Maeda or Jota, certainly is better centre but i don’t see him bettering either Maeda or Jota wide.



    So my guess is both players will have to compete for the same position and opposition and form will dictate who starts, in essence they’ll likely have to share game time.


    This is the evidence so far what Ange will do because when both have been fit they haven’t played in the same team.



    A nice problem to have though and think its highly unlikely we see 442 or 352.

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