CQN Golf Day, Scott Brown gesture


The 14th annual CQN Open Charity Golf Day will take place at Aberdour Golf Club on Friday 29 June. I you would like to attend, please contact Taggsybhoy/Blantyrekev at cqnopen2018@outlook.com before Saturday 7 April.

The day will comprise of a round of golf at the beautiful Aberdour GC, followed by food and entertainment at the newly refurbished Woodside Hotel, Aberdour. Cost for the full event is £80 (inc evening meal) and £40 for night time.  Speakers, entertainment and good cause recipients to be confirmed. There are discounted rates for CQN’ers at the hotel that night and discounted golf subsequently at Aberdour Golf Club and at the very attractive Burntisland Golf Club. Contact reception@thewoodsidehotel.co.uk if you are interested.

This is always a great day with a fantastic group of CQN’ers.  I look forward to seeing you then.

Great gesture by Scott Brown to donate his Testimonial Game proceeds to various charities, including Liam Miller’s bereaved family.  Let’s hope there are three trophies paraded before kick off that afternoon.

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    Just remind him not to buy the damn rags. And if he does,not to buy bogroll.




    And tell him Kieran Tierney is a home-loving Bhoy who loves his team.




    He will probably leave eventually and that’s fine,but I genuinely think he knows his development will be better served with us.

  2. WITS- Shaw was nearer £30m 2 years ago, and can’t cut it, so £20m is nowhere near his value for EPL teams IMO…


    I’ve just spent a few hours inviting a number of people to a dayooooot/hootenanny in Belfast on 9 June. About 20 at a time,my iPad can’t view the names after that!




    My original plan was for Derry,but accommodation might be insufficient in the area. And Belfast wasn’t that simple later in the month either,for some reason!!




    Should be a pleasant little weekend,start of the World Cup,etc. I’ve sent it from my hotmail addy,so if you haven’t received it,please check the junk folder. If you haven’t received it at all,and would like to turn up,get slowly blootert in smashing company and discuss all things Celtic,and everything else,please mail me on








    Looking forward to this enormously,I’ve got The Fleg back anaw!!!

  4. Guys



    If KT is for sale then it should be way more than £20 million.


    Did BR not say that the days of being sold short were over??



    D :)





    You can consider yersel uninvited.



    Kidding,hope you can get over for it. Some of us might need the Rutherglen Massive and their imposing presence as the night wears on!!

  6. I should have added, let’s get a fair price and more… Especially from that cheating bassa Morinhio.



    But I don’t think KT will want to go anywhere for the next few years if at all.



    Let’s look after him financially.



    D :)

  7. BRTH



    Great ‘Forgotten Irish’ documentary on YouTube you posted. Thanks. If you don’t get a lump in your throat at the big fella Jim going back home, then you’re made of stone.



    Interesting and shocking stat that the Irish are the only ethnic group, who after settling in Britain, that successive generations suffered worse health than their first generation settlers – especially heart conditions.

  8. Manchester Chief Fire Officer needs to resign, damning report into Arena attack last year.





    I agree. He has the best part of 15 years in front of him. Reward him properly,rather than adequately,and he will have a fair few bob and a shedload of medals.



    And the undying love of a support who know how to honour a legend.

  10. KT/Luke shaw



    Saw on BBC gossip a piece from Mirror linking Shaw with Barca !!!!!!!


    Last time i saw Shaw (about two weeks ago ) he had the physique of


    left back that played for Murderwell a couple of seasons ago


    whos name escapes me but was rather big boned.



    He was a (Scot who had moved from Well down South and came back up


    in twilight of his career was involved when Broony got sent off a Celtic


    park a couple of years ago midweek)

  11. The testimonial tickets go on sale tomorrow. It says season ticket holders get priority but can buy two tickets each. On this basis I assume ST holders individual seats are not protected.





    Always said that officials walked about with an H&S checklist on 7/7 too.



    Took nearly a week to get to the tube victims. A bunch of redundant Kent miners could have been down there in no time.



    I think Paddick was in charge. He got a peerage out of it,following his surprising early retirement.

  13. I am most grateful to the CQN member (a regular poster whom most will recognise ) who took the following to the CST AGM last Saturday on my behalf and the positive response from the CST. This is a summary:



    ‘ He attended the CST AGM on Saturday 24th March and submitted a proposed motion requesting agreement from the Celtic Trust to agree to meet and work together with the Celtic Supporters Association, the Affiliation and any other interested parties to discuss and form a policy to pursue a campaign to bring about honest governance in Scottish football – recognising the wider threat to the Celtic Family from parts of Government and the Media, who are following a different agenda.



    The Celtic Trust agreed in principle with the proposal, stating that they would work with any grouping in the furtherance of the objectives and would be willing to participate in a Working Group or other forum formed for this purpose. ‘






    There is a lot of work still to be done to form a Coalition of Celtic Supporters seeking fair play on and off the park but events since 2011 tell us that on the matter of fair governance and challenging unfair media presentations or silence, that the fair play objective can be best achieved if coming from a single voice speaking for the whole with the agreement of the whole.



    It can be done, it was in 2011 when the Open Meetings brought supporters together to seek fair play in the season of honest mistakes.



    Different groups have their own priorities and with resources limited they have to concentrate on them, but fairness to Celtic is a cross cutting issue that requires a more formal unified approach.



    The next steps will be to build the capacity to do that and there is a wealth of experience across the Celtic support spectrum to make that happen.

  14. David17- I hope he is not going anywhere , I am under no illusions that press are trying to upset us.


    BMCUW– exactly a long way to go for KT, so let’s keep him happy at the famous Glasgow Celtic..



    Usual tactics by press trying to get rid of half our team in the last few days, coming up to crucial games… Get all our boys back from international duty unhurt and let’s push on…



    The msm’s pain is so visible and they do not want us getting Back to back trebles.






    D :)

  15. K Tierney will certainly leave Celtic,i reckon the club will receive 35 Million,as for Scott Browns Testimonial Match , tickets on sale to Season Ticket Holder,no harm to Scott,but the club can jump,H T Scheme,for me was enough, can’t get get a semi final brief,for people ,who hardly support or go to any Celtic Games,I’m chucking it,I will watch all cup competitions on the telly,

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The SFA not using the hashtag #hunsco for tonight’s game, tells you a lot……Jabba running Hamdump and Poundland ?

  17. TBB @ 1.06 – a great wee lunchtime read. Thank you.



    So, only 5½ hours (and no more sleeps) till #HUNSCO ;-)

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bobby M- i know of guys standing looking at The Clutha for hours, itching to get in and tey to help punters inside, the worst was the female lawyer who fell down a mineshaft in Ayrshire about 10 years ago, an absolute scandal.Perceived Health and Safety for firefighters, contributed to her death.

  19. It’s hardly Luke Shaw’s fault that he was a very promising player who United bought at a time when epl teams were paying well over the odds for young English talent.



    He was very good at Southampton but has obviously struggled at United, rumors of poor training and problems with his weight. From the start I thought mourinho decided he was the player he was going to bully (like he always does)



    I’d say Shaw was more promising at the same age given the level he was playing at, he had a very good season in the epl, but KT clearkybhas the better attitude, I hunch will probably take him further in the game





    It’s only a local newspaper I work for,but back then-business was good!-a few of our best had been supping from larger cups.



    I was out for a sesh with a few of the senior hacks around the same time,and raised the point I mentioned earlier. In my usual ffs,canny believe this garbage style.



    “Wouldn’t say too much,if I were you”,ventured the Editor. “Of course,you can say what you like.



    We can’t.”



    Which means,i reckon,a D-notice on it.

  21. The Battered Bunnet on 27th March 2018 1:06 pm


    Thank you for that.


    I’m a long time in recovery and had to make the same trip with my twelve year old collie last month.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    Keiran Tierney wanted as a replacement for Luke Shaw?



    Would that be the pre leg-break Luke Shaw (who was a good player)



    or the fat bassa Luke Shaw who has been playing this season (lump of lard)?



    KT is worth twice as much as the first one and ten times as much as the second.





    My sister made the same sad decision earlier this year.



    Smashing wee dug,and I’m far from a dog-lover. Every time I walked through the door,the wee fella would go-oh,Ken him,remember him,awe,that’s the brute that tries to drag me for a walk.



    Just slavvered all over the place at the pleasure of meeting an old pal. I think he did,too.



    I’ll miss him.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bobby M- my last posting at our HQ, had 4 or 5 full time lawyers working to clear the fire service, as the family were persuing justice.If firefighters can’t take a risk to save someone , who will?

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Philip Green gets 3 flunkies to take the heat ,for the BHS scandal, reprehensible but not surprising in this country.





    True,mate. Known a few in my time-including your good self and WEETWEETWEET,of course. And a few down here.



    In my experience,limited as it is,a fire crew attend and assess. And act,even as they are doing so.



    Oops,that was before the H&S checklist.



    Excuse me,sir. Can I just do my job,please?



    Not until I’ve done mine,Officer.



    Crying shame.

  27. Mahe the Madman on

    Good morning from central California,,


    Loving the left back stories,,and Jim Brogan does sound like a good one although I never seen him play myself.


    Can anyone answer was Enrico Annoni a left or right back?


    Hail Hail