CQN Magazine, Fit and Proper issue, out now!


With an eye on the interesting weeks and months that lie ahead, this month’s issue of CQN Magazine is titled Fit and Proper, as we investigate some of the goings-on in the game.  To give these times some perspective, we take you back to 1994, when our own club was on the verge of collapse.  It’s all there, including video of the legendary “Cambuslang is a reality”!

Celtic was rescued and rebuilt by the collective action of thousands of ordinary supporters, the active planning of a small number and the icy focus of Fergus McCann.  Fergus had his critics, and we recall some of the conflict here, but as Shakespeare said, “Cometh the hour, cometh the man”.  He was unquestionably the right man to relieve the old board of their duties.

This was an important time in our history so we’ll take any excuse to relive, recall and read over those times. Nor do we make any excuse for our alert focus on events elsewhere.

The story of other parts of Scottish football is important to us as we will have a roll in its future.  Celtic fans must be aware of the issues and be ready to voice their opinions should an opportunity come for clubs, the SPL or SFA to made a decision on how to pick up the pieces after a serious financial crisis at one or more clubs.  We cannot be asleep when the hour arrives.

There is tons more of the usual fare in the magazine, including analysis of our January signings, fans’ stories, a look back at our 65-year-old Polish heritage and some of the reasons why there may be a million football clubs in the world, but there’s only one Celtic.

Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed or worked on it.

You can order a hard copy now with credit/debit card or Paypal and buy direct from the UK for only £3.50 + £1.50 postage and packing.  Shipping costs £2 to ROI, £3 to Europe and £4 to the rest of the known universe.  Click on the link below to order.

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  1. I posted last night that I didn’t think Newco debates were worth the breath and MWD dug me up about ‘fluting’ this on a consistent basis. In answer to that I have never been consistent about anything in regard to all of this as the plates keep shifting. Also fluting???



    Anyway, the fakeover agenda is back on the horizon. The only person I can see being interested in financing Newco is Chairman Murray. An ego that size with this innuendo being diluted into the subterfuge must have a rescue fantasy in him?



    MBB gets the jail soon, Murray rides back into shot to save dying Rangers after the tax case and liquidation?

  2. Paul67, we should set the record straight on our attendances before Fergus. We went down to 10k due to a conscious effort to sack the board. They are down to 17k due to apathy and years of propaganda.

  3. we will need to be up for this tomorrow night , i can see a battle looming ,we must have everyone picked ready , and NO PASSENGERS. We must also take our chances and put this game to bed , otherwise the biggest danger to us is wullie eyes in the back of his head collum. Neil will know whats needed , the players have to play for the jersey tomorrow night , the big wavey thing on the pole at the start of the season is the prize go get them celts .



    hail hail




  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Rogne must play. Must have been on the edge of player of the month. Most improved player after Brown!!

  5. Mullet and Co says:



    7 February, 2012 at 22:32





    Thats him mate , youve got him sussed .

  6. Judith Ralston BBC weather girl – she was not wearing glasses when she presented the weather forecast at 18.55 however at the 22.35 presentation she was wearing glasses. Hmmm, I think she looks great with and without her glasses.





    PS: Surely a Celtic girl?

  7. The Laddy McGeary/ Chaplin



    As Smashin said it was the 4 Be 2′s going under a different name. They also produced a one off record before a Scotland game at Wembley going by the name of Rabbie Burns and the Ticket touts. Jock McDonald sang in the band as well as managing and I think he is the singer on Why Don’t… They played in Tiffany’s in Sauciehall St one night and were supported by the Angelic Upstarts. They had a few other punk/new wave songs and then morphed into the Bollock Brothers.



    Laddy – I’ll buy that record off you if you don’t want to hold on to it!

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    id I want the mag I’ll get the mag, if I want a tune I’ll play a tune, why am I not having the same choice with the crap tune

  9. Dear Prudence?



    For some reason when the Jungle Bhoys handed these out at Ibrox (in 2005?) I kept it.



    Junglebhoys Minty Fiver




    For the 1st time in a generation we could mock the Govanites about being skint, about us having more money – it was sweet! 7 years later having spent a further £40m on transfer fees (net £15m) they are a busted flush. Note David Murray’s comment in 2005 (below) about financial prudence? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. More like “Dear Prudence” ! Below are some quotes leading up to the events of the last week, from seeking global dominance and “competing” with Man United to being days or weeks away from administration with liquidation inevitably following – Boom and Bust indeed.



    We will make the biggest moves that Rangers Football Club have ever made both off and on the park.I am totally committed to taking the club forward to be even stronger. By the year 2000, we will be double our size. We have a business upon a business providing the club with resources to compete at the highest level. I can assure every Rangers supporter that I am committed to the cause, everybody behind the scenes is committed to the cause. We are going to double the size of the commercial department, we have got a new supermarket opening, coupled to all the things that are going to happen and I think it’s great times ahead. David Murray to Chris Starr, The Herald 26 October 1996



    RANGERS chairman David Murray has arranged British football’s biggest investment in a remarkable £40m deal.


    Mr Joe Lewis, a billionaire tax exile who owns part of Christie’s and deals in currencies, has been enticed into putting £40m into Rangers as the first block in building a new international leisure business. The £40m injection will be used to buy players, begin a 150-bedroom hotel and sports bars development at Ibrox, and establish a new player development centre with training facilities. A final planning application on the hotel is likely to be made very soon. Simon Bain, The Herald 23 January 1997



    I look upon these last 10 years as a having been a great era, but it is over and Rangers are about to head on into a new era,” he said over a glass of the finest red.



    He was about to take in another mouthful of the most succulent lamb – anyone who knows Murray shouldn’t be surprised to learn he is a full-blooded, unashamed red meat eater – when he put down his knife and fork. It was like a statement of intent and looking directly across the table to make sure I hadn’t yet succumbed to the wine, he said: “Bring on the next 10 years, there’s more to come for Rangers. David Murray to Jim Traynor DR Nov 1999



    There has been a wage explosion following Bosman. Do you see danger signs for clubs in this?



    Yes. Some of them will go bust. I don’t say that about the top teams, but the middle-of-the-road teams in England – the ones who are trying to keep up by using television money – will find themselves in trouble.I don’t know where some of the medium-sized clubs get the money to pay the kind of wages they are currently paying to players. I don’t see it happening here in Scotland but there is a problem in the south. The big clubs will survive – they will always survive – but the others tucked in just below them could be in serious bother.



    Something has got to give – and something will. David Murray to Ken Gallagher 13th July 1999



    RANGERS are on course to become one of European football’s biggest clubs after revealing a turnover of over £51million for last year. Murray said: “As a result of the rights issue and the PTV agreement, we closed the year with funds in excess of £21million. The Rangers brand still has further potential value with the strength of our management team and worldwide supporter base. Andy Devlin, The Sun 27 November 2000



    Scottish football is bust says Murray


    Football is bust, Murray said. Rangers and Celtic will survive because they’re brands. I’ve got a 50million pounds debt at Rangers. But we can service that, and we can pay that back because we’ve got a stadium, we’ve got a training ground, we’ve got players. But at other clubs which have got debts, you wonder how that can ever be repaid. There’s no assets. Rangers’ stadium and players could be worth £100-£150million depending on what day of the week it is and how you want to value it. That’s the business. The Scotsman 13 December 2002



    I am committed to ensuring the club operate within pre-set financial constraints and capitalise on investments made in developing young talent, such as the facilities at Murray Park. My belief is footballing success can be achieved within an appropriate financial framework. David Murray 2005



    This ensures an immediate and substantial improvement in the club’s financial position as well as a significant investment in the club and its playing squad – David Murray following Craig Whyte takeover 2010



    The guiding principle from the outset has been to get the right deal for Rangers. I know the time this has taken has created a lot of frustration, but it was vital we secured a deal that meant we could maximise investment in the team and that is what has been achieved. Craig Whyte 6th May 2010 upon taking over Rangers F.C.



    As a keen Rangers supporter I now look forward to helping the club secure its future as a leading force in Scottish and European football Craig Whyte 6th May 2010 upon taking over Rangers F.C.



    What has it been used for? Where has the money gone? Why did he feel he had to mortgage season-ticket revenues for the next three or four years? I don’t think anyone thought when he came in, when he was talking about war chests and being the saviour of Rangers, that we would be in the position we are in right now. John McClelland (Former RFC Chairman) 31st January 2012



    As for the MSM – as Lennon/McCartney wrote – “Dear Prudence, why won’t you open up your eyes”??



    Hail ! Hail !




  10. canamalar



    I just mute, usually if you turn the page it stops playing…



    or mute button bottom left on front cover…

  11. so… what about this rumour about police leave being cancelled on Thursday in G division then. What might that mean…?

  12. THE EXILED TIM says:


    7 February, 2012 at 22:22





    That wouldn’t be hard, even an old fat man like me would do better than Healey……….






    I sure you have hidden depths to make up for the figure.


    As far as we are concerned, we have the ability all over the park to stroll this league, even with a few hicups along


    the way, they are so poor they cannot sustain a consistant challenge,



    we wont be needing any 10 point penalties to get accross the finnishing line.







  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    and if I’m listening to something else, just tough eh

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