CQN Magazine new issue out now! Police, law, Neil and Orange!


Issue 5 of CQN Magazine is out today with some exciting changes.  We’re moving print production into the UK for this issue, which will be available after the game against Rangers, with 8 extra pages not included the online version, covering all the drama from next week’s game.

We have a couple of retrospective articles touching on the momentous events of 2011, including an interview with George Galloway, discussing his book about the life Neil Lennon has had to endure.  As you would expect, George doesn’t shirk out of the tackle.

We also have an excellent interview with Elaine C Smith, talking about growing into her life as a Celtic fan, her work and tackling domestic violence.  We cover the recent Football Bill and question the possible agendas behind a senior police officer, and recent striking referee, reporting Celtic fans to Uefa.

We stick our first toe in the short story water, a clarion call to Reclaim the colour Orange, tons of great fan memories, many of which you’ll share and plenty more, it’s all there, including typos and deliberate mistakes!

You can order now with credit/debit card or Paypal and buy direct from the UK for only £3.50 + £1.50 postage and packing.  Shipping costs £2 to ROI, £3 to Europe and £4 to the rest of the known universe.  Click on the link below to order.

Click here to view the new issue of CQN Magazine online for free. You can support the online edition by making a discretionary donation here.

Many thanks to those who have helped get the magazine off and flying this year. Everyone who has contributed (or even read) are invited to the Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow on Friday evening for a Christmas drink. Target time is 20:30, see you there.

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  1. Ard Macha @1856



    They announced at the start of the season that there would be no half season books this year.

  2. good on galloway for writing about lennie, not only an absorbing story but very necessary given it’s the 21st century



    (bad on him for getting dressed up as a cat)

  3. Lennon n Mc…


    I know that feeling, like issues 2 and 3 when they didn’t enable the download option straight away, so there’s me frantically banging on ma phone thinking its somethin I’m doin wrong!

  4. To anyone who has been slagging Neil lennon off for accruing excessive numbers of midfielders in his squad, perhaps take a look at the comments of pep Guardiola in the last few days:



    “Midfielders are intelligent players who have to think about the team as a whole. They’re selfless players who understand the game better than anyone and the more midfielders you have, the easier it is to slot them into other positions. That’s how they become versatile and that helps us to have smaller squads that are still able to offer more options.”



    Perhaps this could explain the gathering of bodies in that area of the field, it allows the team extra cover at fullback (Ledley), CentreBack (Wanyama) and up front (Commons/Forrest).

  5. Ordered the print version this morning, took less than a minute on paypal, brilliant.



    I find the reading the e-version quite disorientating- print is still the best medium for magazine-type products.

  6. The Lizard King says:



    21 December, 2011 at 14:17



    Celtic_First says:


    21 December, 2011 at 14:07



    It is interesting over the last few days that the (lack of) response from the Board to the various attacks we are under has provoked some discussion around “what are we here for” as a football club – we all have many views on this which is healthy and instructive.



    I wonder if that topic even comes up with Rangers fans – they rail when their definition of “culture and tradition” are perceived to be under attack from the Timmy establishment / BBCTim / UEFATim / Laptop Tim. But in terms of an honest objective assessment of what they stand for in a language that does not involve playground loyalism, it is lacking. To win stuff, is about it.



    One of the benefits that needs to accrue from the death of Rangers is a rebirth of identify and culture into something positive and sustainable around the new club. Some truths need to be admitted to. Will they ever admit their own hubris has lead them to their doom?




    There is actually a discipline/process to help identify “what we are here for” and the need for addressing the issue needs to be argued further amongst Celtic and the support to get buy in. Individual agendas on all sides need to be set aside to conduct a what are we here for exercise and then put to serve whatever goal emerges from the process.



    Paul 67 made reference to one of the key barriers which is lack of leadership. That is not to say the necessary leadership qualities are missing, the skills and competences are scattered all over the support but some unifying measures are required to bring it all together.

  7. Tontine Tim says:


    21 December, 2011 at 18:48




    The years all roll into each other when I try to recall particular games. I always thought it was the season that Killie won the League, so that would make it ’64-’65.




    Ard Macha,



    I guess you’ll have to re-write your Santa note now! :<(

  8. London Evening Standard,tonight 21 December 2011:


    There is an excellent piece from former Celt Paul Elliott MBE ( Director of Kick it out )on the luis Suarez racist charge.


    Alongside Paul’s piece there is another article by James Olley,Chief Football Correspondent,under the heading ” Message the whole world must listen to “.


    The thrust of the piece is that the international football authorities are not taking a serious stand against discrimination and racism.


    And the evidence for this claim……… wait for it……..” the £34,000 fine handed to Bulgaria for racist chanting against England’s players in Sofia in September and the £12,700 fine demanded of Celtic following sectarian chanting”.


    I was enjoying a splendid plate of fish and chips at the top of the Gherkin in London when a couple of Arsenal friends highlighted the piece.


    A trap well set and executed on the Celtic support.What was it you wrote Paul?….box clever.

  9. The Legend Johnny Doyle on




    I hear in the grapevine that Santa has just bought himself a MacBook Pro and when he presses the F5 button the brightness indicator appears on the screen? Santa has asked me to find out what the refresh button is on the MacBook . Thanks in advance,






    JD ;)

  10. First thing – I see there is a cheeky headline concerning Ki on Newsnow – http://www.football365.com/celtic/7389983/Ki-named-top-dog-in-Korea?



    Second thing – I havent read the article but our club should defo reclaim orange. I think an orange away kit is in order. Perhaps make it a charity strip with space given over to the good child foundation or SCIAF instead of sponsorship. Orange top white shorts green socks.



    Third Thing – Rangers tax case- If they are now admitting to the press via Jack Irvine that they want to settle, does that mean they know they are guilty?

  11. Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die says:



    21 December, 2011 at 19:53



    jhilday says:


    21 December, 2011 at 19:19



    Green top, white shorts and orange socks.



    Keep the Faith!







    A bit faint-hearted, though!



    Hail Hail!

  12. The Legend Johnny Doyle on




    Thanks but still none the wiser? all this Mac stuff is alien to me.




  13. Tade out of contract and gary kenneth. i think we can add these to the list of freebies, pocket lint and belly button fluff that rangersx are stalking like some sort of pant sniffing miscreant.

  14. The Legend Johnny Doyle on




    Thanks mate… WooooHoooo, that was the best and fastest refresh ever… :)




  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:



    21 December, 2011 at 19:32






    You make the lack of apparent leadership sound like an unfortunate oversight rather than an implemented and cherished policy.




    I do not have sufficient information to make such a judgement.



    What I have observed, using CQN as a barometer is that if things are going well on the park no one is interested in the wider issues. Rather than it (apparent leadership) being chosen policy I think it is more a reflection of focussing on the football side to keep everyone happy.



    The problem with this approach is, as we have seen, unity is totally dependent on results and when those fail there is no mechanism to take us forward through those fallow periods.

  16. Celtic and our Orange Socks



    “Leeds had a bright orange away kit that year, we were first to wear those socks afterwards Leeds wore the orange kit once v Derby I’m sure and got beat, the fans blamed the strip and demanded it never to be worn again, some fans calling it the ‘Celtic strip’.



    Revie on the night of the game thought he was playing being funny by offering us the orange socks, Big Jock in return said the travelling fans would love them as the strip would resemble the Irish Tricolour, couldn’t beat the Big Man at mind games.”



    via a Celtic Fan on KDS

  17. I can’t access the article on the Evening Standard (site won’t load on my PC) but I plan to get an email off to them about their “sectarian” allegation.

  18. jhilday says:


    21 December, 2011 at 19:19



    Orange jersey, orange shorts, green/white hooped socks.



    Drogba…. with a Celtic twist.



    Got to be classy orange though – not that naff dundee utd colour.



    this, but with the hoops on the socks (green-white).




  19. Auldheid,



    Sweeping generalisation there … I think many have loftier ambitions than our custodians and are permanently scunnered by the lack of a European prescence year upon year. With our size and history we are massive under achievers on many levels in stark contrast to our finances. I and many that I know have analysed this closely over 40 years but have become resigned to it but cynically so. It is never addressed and our Old Firm safety net has held us back.



    If we were regularly being turfed out in the 2nd phase CL I think would satisfy the permanent cynics like us. I would love to see any of them show the same passion for addressing the failures on and off the park as the illicit chanting.



    It kind of reaffirms that we are not staring at the stars but wallowing in the mud.



    Hail Hail

  20. fergus slayed the blues on

    Has the CL set up been good or bad for teams like us


    It would be interesting to know how we might have faired in the old knockout system ,We have had a great home record whilst having a very poor away record but I would love to have got a chance to bring teams back to CP knowing what we had to do to get through .I don’t think many would have liked coming to us needing a win or to get through on the night .

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