CQN Magazine out now! Amsterdam and more


Here we go, the new edition of CQN Magazine is here for your delectation, consumption, inch-by-inch absorption and maybe even reading.  The last week we’ve been busy pulling content together on the Amsterdam police assault Celtic fans.  The story: Amsterdam, battle for the truth, is here from page 34, including video evidence.

If you were young and impressionable in 1977, as I was, or maybe if you were simply inspired by greatness, you will never forget the moment you heard the news; King Kenny had gone.  There’s 120 pages of sheer Celtic joy, from 1254125 to the Maryhill Foodbank and lots, and lots, and lots more!

Sit back, enjoy and read it properly here (not through the nifty graphic below).
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    00:25 on


    13 November, 2013


    Morning Timland from a warmish stressful hun free mountain valley.



    Been out of the loop for the past wee while, and I see that things are progressing over on the dark side, and not before time I may add.



    I read TBB’s reply to Oglach, and in the main I agree with it, but…and always there is a but, TBB forgot to mention we are in scotland, a land where the hun can do as they please.



    If any info is required just look at how the sfa have conducted themselfs over the past couple of years.



    I will wager now, that the government will bail them out somehow, someway if needs be, there will always be a hun presence in scottish football, mark my words.



    They will never go away, sad to say, we will just have to suck it up and get on with it, again sad to say.



    Had the suits of all the clubs got together, and done the right thing, they would be no more, feckin wimps so they are, but bobs rule at the end of the day.



    They believed in the armagedon thing, ejits, a blind man could have seen that the game is better of without the cheating hun, but no, they just wanted the bigot pound, and who can blame them, I bet they regret it no though, winkers.



    Best of Kickin.








    00:26 on


    13 November, 2013


    Where is everybody, is there a new blog ?








    There is, never saw it, and in red too…….




  2. Bhoys and Ghirls ,



    at the risk of stepping on the toes of CQ-TEN , The Kano Foundation is pure dead chuffed to announce our 4th Annual Dinner-Dance to be held in the Radisson-Blu in Glasgow on 29th March 2014 ( should be the next pay-cycle !) .



    If you are interested , please drop a line to dance2014@thekanofoundation.com . 2 years ago we had 7 tables from CQN attending the dance and a great night was had – would be wonderful to repeat it.



    Alternatively , I’ll be out on both Friday and Saturday (got a partial pass for Friday and will be raising a few glasses with SJD as I arranged to do , on Saturday) , so if you don’t want press-ganged into attending , best avoid me .







  3. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on

    Whisky on ice is in my opinion only permissible with two simple caveats.



    1. The Whisky must be noticeably peated.



    2. You must be somewhere hot. Crete and Lagavulin work well on the rocks.

  4. Last year I said on here I was partaking in a vino, and had a couple of ice cubes in it, and was lambasted for it.



    See when it’s in the 40s the vino gets a tad hot, and a couple of ice cubes in the vino goes down a treat, trust me on that >}



    As for the whisky/whiskey, nay wonder the American Indians called it fire water, I drink it and will resort to fighting with masel, I love it, it just disny love me.




  5. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    At the risk of upsetting skyisalandfill regardless of his No.1 and 2 caveats, Paul67 please red card any poster who advocates the poisoning of malt whisky with the solid form of H2O.



    You may be from Skye bhoy but desecrating your own island brand, even through the delirium of being in a hot climate is no excuse for this sort of talk.



    Are you a hun???

  6. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    TET, I’m bringing a wee shpeshul with me to Barcelona, your definitely getting none of it. With or without ice.



    How the dugs, the sick ones?



    I’m still working on mrs acgr on a daily basis about getting a ridgeback pup. She’s having none of it so far but her will will bend. I’m he Svengali, she jist wulny look into my eyeeeeeee’s:-)



    Either that or I’ll get the old meat cleaver between the eyes.

  7. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on



    I’m not from Skye. My name is a song title. Just my thing peaty Whisky on ice.




  8. Andy Vance was unjustly arrested in Dam Square, Amsterdam at around 18.30 on


    Wednesday 6’h November. Andy has never before been in trouble with the police.


    His only crime was supporting his team, Celtic.


    After his arrest by both plain clothes and uniformed Dutch policemen Andy was


    manhandled into a waiting police van by several ”officers”.


    That night we dropped his passport at the police station and the following morning


    dropped his bag as we were informed he would be detained. He· was at court on


    Friday, when the court heard two contradicting cases. being read. One described a


    man with red hair, the other a man with spiky, blonde hair. Andy has neither.


    The police officer who gave a statement has since changed his statement 3 times.


    Nevertheless, he was still detained until 21″ November.


    The first opportunity Andy got to call home-was around 8pm on Friday night. at which


    point he informed us his teeth had literally been kicked out by these so called officers


    and he had a suspected broken jaw. Andy was not allowed access to his suitcase


    until he met his lawyer on Monday morning.


    This meant he would not be able to call home or change his clothes. Fortunately, a


    guard gave Andy a loan of some money as he had his belongings taken off him


    when he went into prison. As of Sunday night. Andy was· still in the same .clothes he


    was arrested in on Wednesday evening.


    A few family members are taking staged visits between now and the trial to give him


    the support lie needs and pass on the excellent support we have received from the


    Celtic Family. However, they are only entitled· to one-hour visiting per week.


    As heartbreaking as this is for Andy who has been locked up for almost one week,


    his parents and brother can only see him for one hour whilst they are there.


    Andy’s family will return on eve of the trial to support Andy through this challenging


    time. It is suspected by others who were held in prison, before being released on


    Friday, that Andy and Padraig are being detained as they are evidence of the police


    brutality we were subjected to in Amsterdam that night.


    The Vance family would like to thank everyone for their continued support and are


    touched by how everyone has came together to support Andy and help them through


    these challenging times. Please spread the word and keep a high public profile as


    we aim to ensure he is given a fair trial.



    #FreeAndyVance #FreePadraigMullen #bringthemhome

  9. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on

    acgr supporting resolution 12 with a yes vote



    00:43 on 13 November, 2013



    Red card? 1st offence shirley, ref.

  10. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles


    00:15 on


    13 November, 2013



    Has he pointed out that if the missing Labour MPs (9 Scots ones including A Sarwar) had turned up the bill would have been defeated?

  11. ACGR



    Ah go on, I promise no to fight, just a wee taste >}



    Dugs are getting better, anly wan has no had it, my favourite, and she is a bitch.



    keep at her, she will thank you for it at the end of the day.



    I have seven now, vowed when the last one died, no more, they sort of get to you, it’s easy enough for me, no working as such, land to keep them on to run about, so it’s not as I have to take them out to do their biz, I have to clean it up mind you…



    No long now mi amigo…………have the bag full to the brim with some quality stuff, and will be sold for a song to good Tims, my Crissy pressie to Timland.




  12. Cracking CQN magazine this month, not just because there is a pic of me in it :) but the story of Peter Dowds,we both come from the town of Johnstone were I have lived all my life and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of him,not even from my Dad or any other fellow Celtic fans from Johnstone either ,truly remarkable story

  13. Okay peeps…..need the link for the Amsterdam legal fund donations……….



    On good days I’m pro PLC……on bad days I’m ankle deep in pish in the Jungle…….tonight I give the money (unconditionally)




    As they say….”They’re my people, right or wrong”

  14. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    skyisalandfill, have you tried Laphroaig 1/4 cask? Much more peaty than Lagavulin, slightly more violent neat due to strength and higher phenol content. Ice wouldn’t do this one justice at all as it needs the water dilution to free the flavours and aromas, and to reduce that initial harshness when you taste the undiluted majesticness of this dram.



    Hubba ding, don’t get me started on my five year favourite, Ardbeg (Various).



    Until about 20 years ago I couldn’t take a heavily peated dram. Now? whaaa awawawaw





    Hail Hail brother drammer, but ice, FFS:_(

  15. I picked up a couple of radio Clyde employees last week. Did I listen to the show. Yes I said and when is Terry ONeil going to be allowed back on. He was one of the few on the show which made it worth listening to. That Jimmy from Lennoxtown and Laurie from Dennistoun would make you want to vomit. What would you change said one. I said I don’t think people who are employed by either Celtic or Rangers should be allowed to give their view as it might in fact be the clubs view and not their own cough splutter. I said how could you take Andy Walker seriously if he was a paid employee of Celtic. I guess they realized I was hinting at BFDJ and Deeyell. Do those buffoons still do hospitality when they’re not on the show.


    Anyway off to bed and here’s hoping the LSE story is true.

  16. Just sent my “paypal bangers” to to the Celtic Trust for the Amsterdam victims……



    The feel good factor generated by giving a couple of quid for a just cause is immense…..



    Never had much time for “Cloggies” generally, even less now.



    They lay down with their errses in the air like the rest of Europe during WW2 for the Wehrmacht while our antecedents had to make the sacrifices for the freedoms they now enjoy. F*ck them……they’re beneath contempt.

  17. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    greendreamz 01:48 on 13 November, 2013



    ………..They lay down with their errses in the air like the rest of Europe during WW2 for the Wehrmacht while our antecedents had to make the sacrifices for the freedoms they now enjoy. F*ck them……they’re beneath contempt.





    That’s one hell of a generalisation of the whole Dutch population greendreemz. I think you do them a massive disservice and let yourself down. They didn’t all take it up the arse from the hun. Nope, many of them fought and died fighting for their freedom and fought alongside others who didn’t fancy Germany’s vision of our future.



    Keep it real and in context greendreemz, many of us share your disgust about last week’s events, but lets not write off a whole nation because of it.




    Hail Hail Bruv

  18. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    Doc is Neil Lennon, I read you piece in the magazine. My legal department will contact your legal department regarding damages for inaccuracies in your story in due course:_)




    Hail Hail to lionsroar67 and palacio for their help in getting us to the game, and to the bhoy jinky for his replying to my post back in April (begging for tickets).




    BTW, where is TBJ?



    I’m thinking about you buddy. Drop me a line as I lost your details when the bastard spanish robbers stole my lappy and phone.







    Hail Hail Celtic Men and Wummin.

  19. .






    TBJ is Guid.. spoke to Him a Couple of hours ago..



    Maybe he Doesn’t like your sign off phrase..As he says they are toooo Many Wummin oan here..;-)



    Also he is about to embark on his annual Indian Winter..




  20. .



    Fernando Ricksen and puzzle ALS






    By: Sjoerd Mossou


    9-11-13 – 09:51 Source: AD Sportwereld


    The supporters AZ supported former player Fernando Ricksen during the match against ADO Den Haag with a banner. © Reuters.



    Sjoerd Mossou columnist AD Sportwereld. © AD.



    The most shocking: physicians and scientists still have little insight into the origin of ALS. The exact cause of the disease is a mystery. Remarkably, many former football players suffer from it, it is known, including also the now deceased Stefano Borgonovo, former star of Fiorentina.



    While Celtic from now but what aanmodderde, blind trotting across the field of the Arena, I was reminded of Jimmy Johnstone. What in heaven’s name, would have thought this Jimmy? Had he turned his ginger head in disgust? It is not so simple. of Scottish football However, the clubs and the people, if they are unconditional in their love for the game. But that’s what makes it so fascinating Scottish football: how can you keep so much of football, but at the same time so incredibly little can? Scots playing for twenty years the tactical worst and least technically gifted football in Europe, but perhaps the world . Ally McCoist since the country did not bring an international player more again. (Darren Fletcher and Barry Ferguson say? Most, second rank.) If you NEC NAC or bad you play football, you should take a look ninety minutes. to Aberdeen at Heart of Midlothian for fun ‘ll Take a paracetamol with it, to be sure. past that was very different. Jimmy Johnstone was not Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona, but a technically gifted winger. A kind Coen Moulijn right, numbered 7 beautifully wore on the back of his pants. He was the star of The Lisbon Lions, the Celtic team that in 1967 won the European Cup with only one player from the immediate vicinity of Glasgow. That could still then. Yet it was not so much that Ajax Celtic brought me this week at Jimmy Johnstone. A friendly reader Thirst pointed me again on the campaign Johnstone argued against ALS, the devastating muscle and nerve disease from which he died in 2006. Johnstone took several years before a song with Jim Kerr of The Simple Minds: a new version of the classic ‘Dirty Old Town’ by Ewan McColl. The proceeds went entirely to the study of ALS medication. Jimmy Johnstone maybe sang not entirely pure, but straight from the heart. “Dirty Old Town” is a true folk song that Jimmy was reminiscent of his childhood in View Park, a tiny hamlet in the shadow of Glasgow. Kerr had slightly modified the text – on YouTube and you can find the picture with beautiful old images of ‘Jinky’ Johnstone, scurrying over the wing. Hitherto the cynical enough, little helped. Last week I heard the director of the ALS Foundation on the radio, which told in detail about the disease. The occasion was the heartbreaking performance of Fernando Ricksen in The World Keeps Turning, where he live on television revealed that he also suffers from the disease. The most shocking: physicians and scientists still have little insight into the origin of ALS. The exact cause of the disease is a mystery. Remarkably, many former football players suffer from it, it is known, including also the now deceased Stefano Borgonovo, former star of Fiorentina. Through an Italian neurologist was found that footballers significantly more risk, but no one has any idea how. Whether it has to do with heads, doping, overload, stress, pesticides, food or drink: it is after years of research is still a mystery. In the Netherlands gave Fernando Ricksen disease recently a desperate, miserable face. I knew the oppressive ALS posters in bus shelters, but strangely enough the message was always something abstract. The crushing impact of Rick Sens story, in all its sadness also says something about the power of football. “And oh we’ll chop you down (…) chop you down one of these days,” sang Jim Kerr and Jimmy Johnstone in ‘Dirty Old Town’. Ever comes a time when the disease is tackled – and until then there is an account number. NL50 INGB 0000 1000 00, ALS Foundation.




  21. Morning Tims, isn’t it great to get up every morning and know the Huns died in complete and utter disgrace.

  22. In the early 80s I lived in London and took a cockney girl to Scotland for a holiday. Her favourite tipple was Whisky n Coke. I know, I know.



    On a weekend visit to Edinburgh we found ourselves in a Rose Street bar. I ordered a pint for myself and a whisky for the lass. The barman came back and told me there was no whisky.



    “You are joking aren’t you?” I said.



    “No I’m not,” he confirmed. “We’ve run out of whisky.”



    “What? In the centre of Edinburgh at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night, you’re telling me you’ve no whisky?”



    I swear I was looking around for Jeremy Beadle to appear.



    Eventually he said he had a single malt “round the back” which he would happily let me have, “but it’s rather expensive.”



    I told him I would take a malt but for the price of an ordinary whisky. He argued until the owner appeared and was availed of the situation. He told the barman to give me the malt “on the house”.



    I gratefully accepted it, returned to my table and placed the glass in front of the my girl who, before I could stop her, proceeded to drown it with the contents of her coca cola bottle.



    I nearly fainted.



    She was quite taken aback when I drank the rest of my pint in one go and said, “Drink up. We’re outta here!”

  23. Morning folks,



    Another day off and another early awakening for no reason, although I wonder what today will bring.


    The wee blonde lying snoring away, should I get up and do the chores she has set for me and get for a beer, at two, aye.


    I’ll flippin need the extra hours with the list she leaves and the shout of feed the cats, as she runs oot the door at twenty five to nine.



    Ayrshire is Green and White



    And full of henpecked “men”




  24. In hotel in London and cannot sleep so I have read through the new edition. Excellent articles again, the Amsterdam article is excellent and really shows what a bunch of agenda amateurs ten Scottish MSM are.

  25. jamsiebhoy



    06:43 on 13 November, 2013



    There is a rumour going round that shares in Walls Ice cream may rise gain today.



    My right arm will rise today towards my mouth, if this is indeed the case.




  26. Any word of Celtic making an official complaint regarding Dutch Police brutality against Celtic supporters? Sufficient evidence exists that there were unprovoked attacks and disproportionate levels of violence used by the Dutch police against Celtic supporters. Any word of Celtic making an official complaint regarding the SMSM coverage of the events in Amsterdam? As many have already highlighted our custodians are never too slow when it comes to condemning our own support. Every time I think of the board these days I am reminded of the 3 monkeys, See nothing, Hear nothing, Say nothing?



    I await, and look forward to, Celtic PLC proving me wrong

  27. jamsiebhoy



    06:50 on 13 November, 2013


    micktt, it would certainly make the planned AGM day out something special indeed



    Maybe the board would be more open with their thoughts and answers to question being put to them, regarding a former club.


    Rumours today that Scotlands newest club may be in more trouble. If only the old one had given some advice to the new one, on how not to run a club, they might not have got to this stage. !






    But for now

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