CQN Magazine out now! Amsterdam and more


Here we go, the new edition of CQN Magazine is here for your delectation, consumption, inch-by-inch absorption and maybe even reading.  The last week we’ve been busy pulling content together on the Amsterdam police assault Celtic fans.  The story: Amsterdam, battle for the truth, is here from page 34, including video evidence.

If you were young and impressionable in 1977, as I was, or maybe if you were simply inspired by greatness, you will never forget the moment you heard the news; King Kenny had gone.  There’s 120 pages of sheer Celtic joy, from 1254125 to the Maryhill Foodbank and lots, and lots, and lots more!

Sit back, enjoy and read it properly here (not through the nifty graphic below).
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  1. micktt, indeed. If they suspend their shares the end game is near, again. Looking out for Press release this morning before the markets open, although I have a feeling it is to name a new CEO from Dundee.




    06:00 on


    13 November, 2013


    Morning folks,



    Another day off and another early awakening for no reason, although I wonder what today will bring.


    The wee blonde lying snoring away, should I get up and do the chores she has set for me and get for a beer, at two, aye.


    I’ll flippin need the extra hours with the list she leaves and the shout of feed the cats, as she runs oot the door at twenty five to nine.



    Ayrshire is Green and White



    And full of henpecked “men”








    Stick a broom up yer arse and you can sweep the flerr at the same time.




  3. midfield maestro on

    Any rumours on pre stock exchange announcement from TRIFC? Read it on twitter last night.



    King Kenny, a bit like a JFK moment. On trip in London as a 13year old with the scouts. Came up the stairs from Maida Vale underground station, saw the billboard at top of stairs for Evening Standard with headlines that KK was off to Liverpool. Loads of tears followed. Still as vivid to this day.

  4. Morning,



    I will start the day with this, thanks to @joebloggscity



    “Rangers are about to disappear over the horizon and eventually they’ll leave the rest to get on with the SPL” – Mark Hateley (2000)

  5. ACGR,



    Seen you enquiring about TBJ earlier, there has been a bit of a major disaster within his employer, not enough hours in the day for him with his role.


    Spoke to him Monday, doing fine, and is of to Goa Thurs, for well earned break



    I’m sure he will return once things calm down with work :-) or from Goa :-)



    And I’ll be your witness with litigation against Doc, although will be on his Twins side for the fright :-)



    Hail Hail

  6. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    ASonOfDan – Full article picked up on the old interweb, Daily Record 1st April (haha) 2000



    RANGERS have just sounded the death knell for Scottish football’s current set-up.



    That’s the view of former Ibrox hero Mark Hateley – and his verdict is echoed by former Celtic rival Murdo Macleod.



    Both believe change is inevitable if Rangers’ staggering pounds 100million investment plan bears fruit.



    Hateley said: “This is the end of the road for the Scottish set-up as it is now.



    “Rangers are about to disappear over the horizon and eventually they’ll leave the rest to get on with the SPL – and that includes Celtic.



    “It’s all very well Rangers winning another title – now their fans want more. It becomes a bit tedious just cleaning up at home, so all the signs point to Europe.”



    Macleod, who had a spell as No.2 at Parkhead as well as playing there, also fears the worst for his old club.



    He said: “The points difference at the top of the Premier League is bad enough but when Rangers start racing away in terms of finance it begins to look ominous for Celtic.”



    The first part of David Murray’s financial scheme is to raise pounds 53.1m to erase his club’s debts and when this is up and running, more cash will follow.



    But Macleod believes it’s the debt-clearing operation that will set Rangers on the road to a future that Celtic can only dream about.



    He added: “Rangers are doing it right by getting rid of their debts. They tend to stop a club from growing. We see it all the time in Scottish football.



    “Then they will be able to go into the transfer market with a sense of purpose – and don’t think that the very best in Europe won’t come to Ibrox.



    “If a club is financially healthy enough to offer the right wages every top player will have to take a long, hard look at Rangers.”

  7. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    Obviously Mark and Murdo cleaned up at the bookies at the end of the 2000/01 season, didn’t they?????

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The zonbies did not care that they died. Admin is a wee blip to them. We get the jelly n Iice cream they get back into sfpl..



    No longer bothered until our board do something about the cheating still going on in scottish football and against our support.

  9. crack up every time I read the fishal comments that Craigy bhoy Whyte has no connection to the current bun team. Aye right he has no connection “at this time” with the fraudsters who illegally transferred the assets to Mr Green who then double dipped everyones pockets. Give it back to the rightful owner obviously, Whyte knight, he owns most of the shares anyhow haha. Must be a few quid left for the lawyers. Double helpings of Jelly n Icecream , another merry christmas coming up ho-ho-ho. And a happy new year after the final AGM of the second ragers.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Morning All,



    To celebrate 10 years of CQN and the CQN community we are going to have a celebratory dinner dance at the Kerrydale Suite on 14th March 2014 so mark the date in your diaries.



    There will be around 40 plus tables of ten, a charity auction, a special theme beyond just St Patrick’s day, Entertainment, Raffles and prizes and much more.



    More details will be released over the next 48 hours including costs and how to book.



    We are also looking at negotiating a special rate for CQN’ers with a city centre hotel should anyone travelling choose to stay in Glasgow for the night.



    The new annual is now available and is a fantastic production from Winning Captains– a really classy production.



    As Paul says in his leader the current issue of the magazine is at the top of the page.



    The truth about Amsterdam is being ignored or hidden. What happened is disgraceful and should be the subject of some form of enquiry– had it happened here then there would have been a summit at Holyrood and the papers would be red hot with indignation about the events.



    Strangely– it would appear that is what is happening in Holland to a certain extent but it is not reported here!






    Also in the magazine– a report on Peter Dowd, a new article from Phil about his life away from the football story and my old man tells of his first trip to Celtic Park 72 years ago and yes he does name his fantasy team.







  11. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on

    Good morning fellow Celts from cold Renfrewshire






    The story of Peter Dowds (Douds on his birth Certificate – The Bear ‘forgot’ to credit that one ;-) is superb and sad how many of these young players died so young.



    Did you also know that his teammate in Celts’ first ever Scottish Cup win in 1892, was Patrick Gallacher (sic) , also born in Joansun. Gallacher captained the team in the replayed final at Ibrox!



    The following season both Dowds and Gallacher played in the first ever Scottish League winning team of 1892/93. That team had another Joansun bhoy, Patrick Gallagher (sic) a winger, signed from Johnstone after a challenge match at Celtic Park in the summer of 1892 (2-2 draw) He only played a few games and scored away to Hertz in a league match.



    If you know yer history ;-/



    Take care buddy




  12. TinyTim


    07:56 on


    13 November, 2013


    Newco will not go into administration this year.





    very astute!!

  13. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    Interesting spin from 13 years ago – rangers are 53.1m in debt therefore are racing away from the rest of Scottish football financially – does MH know what debt is?

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family





    ..what does that lice cream taste like??

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    A wee weekend away to Pitlochry with Mrs BT this weekend. .


    International breaks are ok sometimes

  16. I’m so glad Sevco put out the statements on AIM assuring us all that contrary to popular opinion, all is well down Govan way.


    Thank goodness for that. I was worried there for a minute.





  17. I see Ajax were charged with “improper conduct” for their Fenian B’s banner. Was the original charge not “discriminatory behaviour”?



    Did they seek guidance from the SFA on the meaning of the quaint old Scottish phrase Fenian B’s?

  18. So no pre-market announcement then.



    I was most amused by the two emails released by Charlotte last night showing their hero Myth seeking advice from the hated (by them) Martin Bain.

  19. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    Paul 67, given that our club AGM is merely two days away are you considering an article on the AGM and more importantly around the main issues of resolutions 10, 11 and 12?



    I think most shareholders will comfortable with resolutions 1 – 9 and like me will already have decided which way to vote, but a bit of debate on the remainder with some words from yourself on this most prominent Celtic blog would be most welcome.







  20. Asonofdan



    Rangers are about to disappear over the horizon and eventually they’ll leave the rest to get on with the SPL” – Mark Hateley (2000)



    Is that the first time Hateley has got something correct… ?

  21. Newco will not go into administration this year.



    There I said it.


    I said on CQN.






    Jeepers TT, There was no need to garnish your prediction. There are approx 6 weeks left in the year. On last accounts they appeared to have funds to last to April next at least. So your prediction is hardly that earth shattering.

  22. ACGR Supporting Resolution 12 with a YES vote on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon 08:30 on 13 November, 2013



    Have Sevco found a new CEO? Been a while since the last one walked away ..





    Gordon, sevco couldnay find their arse in a room full of mirrors. Hopefully the last one that walked away will be the last one they ever had.

  23. How strange that Ajax were fined for their banner, Old Rangers and now 2nd Rangers fans sing the two words on that banner at every game………..to no sanction.

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    corkcelt.I have to agree with you fella on the Rangers there is an awful lot of wishful thinking going on.There are far to many people behind the scene pulling the strings at Ibrokes for them to go bust. H.H.

  25. Joe Filippis Haircut


    09:16 on


    13 November, 2013



    On the other hand, there appears to be a whole different set of people noseying around them, and strange as it may seem a concrete criminal case would probably drive a lot of their traditional fans away.



    Like many I thought it was naive to suggest that they would die completely. However I do think they’ll be irreparably damaged. Put it this way I see their future being a lot more about consistently challenging for, or defending second place than first.

  26. My concern about Sevco and Heart is…



    If they both go bust. Haven’t the SPFL changed the rules so Sevco the 2nd can go straight into the first division next year?



    Also, did Hearts get a CVA?

  27. Like many I thought it was naive to suggest that they would die completely. However I do think they’ll be irreparably damaged. Put it this way I see their future being a lot more about consistently challenging for, or defending second place than first.





    My only concern are the MIB’s .


    It’s amazing how many more points Sevco gain thru an award of dicy penalties and sending off’s. If there was a level playing field then they would certainly initially struggle to even make the top six.

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