CQN Magazine out now! Amsterdam and more


Here we go, the new edition of CQN Magazine is here for your delectation, consumption, inch-by-inch absorption and maybe even reading.  The last week we’ve been busy pulling content together on the Amsterdam police assault Celtic fans.  The story: Amsterdam, battle for the truth, is here from page 34, including video evidence.

If you were young and impressionable in 1977, as I was, or maybe if you were simply inspired by greatness, you will never forget the moment you heard the news; King Kenny had gone.  There’s 120 pages of sheer Celtic joy, from 1254125 to the Maryhill Foodbank and lots, and lots, and lots more!

Sit back, enjoy and read it properly here (not through the nifty graphic below).
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  1. AGM Resolutions 10 ,11 and 12


    Resolutions 10 and 11 are from the Celtic Trust and I hope all CQNers will support them on Friday.


    The Trust has agreed to support Res.12 and we also ask for your support on this issue.



  2. Just in to say….








    06:50 on 13 November, 2013



    Any word of Celtic making an official complaint regarding Dutch Police brutality against Celtic supporters? Sufficient evidence exists that there were unprovoked attacks and disproportionate levels of violence used by the Dutch police against Celtic supporters. Any word of Celtic making an official complaint regarding the SMSM coverage of the events in Amsterdam? As many have already highlighted our custodians are never too slow when it comes to condemning our own support. Every time I think of the board these days I am reminded of the 3 monkeys, See nothing, Hear nothing, Say nothing?



    I await, and look forward to, Celtic PLC proving me wrong




    I mean no offence to your guid self or, any other innocent, well meaning Celtic supporter when I say that – When will the penny drop amongst the obviously ‘thousands’ of duped and too trusting for their own good tims who – year after year – decade after decade – keep putting money into the pockets of a bunch of charlatans who, once they take yer money, jump straight into bed with the establishment to do you all up like kippers ?



    YOU deserve a board not a ‘bored’ who will make the Celtic into the ‘best’ it can possibly be without taking this entity that we love so dearly(yeah, even me) to point of financial collapse.



    The only way that Celtic fans of today will get a hierarchy who will defend, develop, enhance, nurture and ensure that – board / fans / players / all employees of the club are on the same page – the biggest investors in the club being forced to view ‘their’ club from the outside after handing over ‘their’ money to a bunch of trustees / custodians who will operate a policy along the linse of – “…geez yer money & git back oot…” – will, I’m afraid only be achieved – IF – the Celtic support employ the ‘cold turkey’ policy to the ‘bored’.imo



    Keep giving the ‘bored’ yer hard-earned dough like a bunch of brainwashed sheep and, I’m afraid, there’s no one to blame but…yerselve’s. imo



    Feckin hate hivin tae come oan and say this every day – CSC


    Hail Hail – Off oot.

  3. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar from earlier



    Thanks for the info I will need to pick your brains next time your in town:)) your a font of information



    The Amsterdam story in the CQN mag really shows the utter inadequacy and lazyness of the media in Scotland,what a bunch of imposters and shamefull poser’s they make me puke

  4. Remarkable article in the CQN magazine about the events in Amsterdam . I will say nothing more at the moment. Read it and see.


    I will say one thing. The bhoys in custody need our help. Here`s where to donate:



    FAC Legal Defence Fund


    Sort code 83-21-27


    A/C No: 11119107


    It is so simple to donate online. If you don`t have Internet Bankinkg ask a mate who does..




  5. ACGR Supporting Resolutions 10, 11 & 12 with a YES vote on

    donpepe 09:52 on 13 November, 2013 AGM Resolutions 10 ,11 and 12.






    All three have my support and I’ve seen nothing from Celtic or anywhere else to convince me otherwise. So it’s a yes to all three from ACGR come Friday.





  6. King Kenny’s departure and that of Champagne Charlie are etched in my Celtic consciousness.



    HH to this Dear Green Place



    memo to Santa ( I know he lurks) get me the CQN annual.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    09:55 on 13 November, 2013



    When are you actually going to say something sensible…….even just once…..LOL

  8. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    kev jungle



    I had to come on here everyday for 2 weeks to convince certain people we would beat Karagandy. If you believe in what you say keep saying it.




  9. Joe Filippi


    I can understand your view that the Establishment in Scotland will do all they can to ensure the survival of some form of The Rabids. I am sure that feeling lurks somewhere in most of us. The way to deal with it is to continue to fight it and NEVER give the impression that we are resigned to the fact that Establishment will do all they can to help the brothers. Laugh at their convoluted pronouncements and make sure others realise how ridiculous are the somersaults they perform whilst spinning and twisting everything that even hints at the truth.



    JJ (Cheerio)

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    K not recovered from having crc, lennybhoy & skyisalandfil in the back..

  11. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Jungle Jim



    The internet is the most wonderful invention in the history of Celtic.


    Our fans have embraced it and used it for positive means. Nothing can be erased. Trying to change your tune or opinion or what you stated as fact is impossible. After decades of cheating. That is what it was and constant accusations of paranoia from the media and others. Celtic supporters now have access to facts, statements, match footage and other documents in seconds. When it is put together as professionally as James Forrest’s latest article it is very powerful.


    The other mob are showing their true class with some of the bile and garbage they put on the internet. Rangers would not have fallen without the internet.




  12. No matter what you hear about Sevco nothing will happen to them remember we have been here before and our jaws dropped when we saw the outcome of all the other investigations LNS and Bryson, and all the other cover ups, so sorry to dampen your day lads but at your pearl never forget where you live and who and what you are dealing with, the dye has been cast the rules have been changed, and they WILL be changed AGAIN, trust me, and if I am wrong, I will never be so happy at being wrong ever again, but one thing is for sure, we know, they know, as does the world know, our day WILL come, but not right now.

  13. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    They might get it to save the club but the ground is gone. No way will the Lithuanians agree a CVA including the stadium. The land may not be worth tens of millions but it is worth a lot more than the club. Hearts be playing at Livi and then Meadowbank until they source a new ground. Meadowbank due an upgrade next year.




  14. paolosboots Good Luck Wee Oscar on

    Murdoch auld and hay hope you are doing well. Meant to ask how you got in with my book recommendations!

  15. Righteous indignation on FF re Ajax £21K fine:



    “The Ajax banner wasn’t sectarian. It was aimed at Celtic fans who support the PIRA and their campaign of ethnic cleansing of Protestants in NI.”




    “If anyone had any doubts that uefa are hoaching with vermin then this should put that to bed”




    “there has got to be a bead rattler safely tucked away in Uefa headquarters”




    “we should set a fund up to contribute to ajax fund



    £10 x 2100 = £2100.00”




    “The world is a backwords place”

  16. tonydonnelly67


    10:22 on


    13 November, 2013



    Can I ask what you thought would happen before?



    Let’s say they had been declared even more dead than they were and the name Rangers was no longer to be used by any football team based in Glasgow.



    However an astute businessman decides that there’s money to be made by a team playing out of the ‘Stadium of Ibrox’. He name’s the team Glasgow Rovers, their kit is predominantly read and white with a touch of blue and declares his intent to become the main rival of Celtic. Although he doesn’t himself use any of the key catchphrases of the old residents, he manages to attract a significant portion of their fan base since they naturally see themselves as against Celtic rather than for Rovers.



    People on here would still be declaring that they never really died.



    Nature abhors a vacuum. The Rangers vacuum would always have been filled.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family


    10:46 on


    13 November, 2013



    Nature fills it with a the red mist of permarage.

  18. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on

    Am I likely to recieve my CQN Annual 2014, celebrating 126 years of unbroken history, today?



    Hope so!

  19. In 1977 I was well past the young and impressionable age.


    I was o ld enough to realise that if Celtic could not hold their captain, then the good days were well and truly gone.


    What made things worse was Desmond White trying to spin us the yarn that Celtic had got the better end of the deal.

  20. blantyretim.



    Received my proxy by registered letter this morning,I’ll be coming to AGM on Friday.

  21. Tynecastle was always a great atmosphere, poisonous as it was, it made the wins there extra special. Jarosik’s goal, McManus in the last minute & Larsson in the snow.



    Still, the Lennon attack soured all that for me.



    So Flats, Flats, Glorious Flats!

  22. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    I too was disappointed when KK left, however I was even more disappointed watching the half dozen or so replacements we bought for the money, while KK scored the winner at Wembley.



    Maybe PL was secretly pulling the strings back in the day?

  23. Wee minger



    I was only making my point on what I thought on the recent comings and goings at Sevco and how I thought it would pan out in my opinion, on what went on before is what my post was, and to be very honest, and I’m not being fly here, but I got kinda lost with yours, no offence.

  24. ROW Z - Let Celtic Flourish By The Cleansing Of The 'Den! on

    Why it’s vital for sevco to die.



    Imagine 2 years from now. Imagine we all laugh at the poor team fielded by sevco. Imagine it’s been augmented by a few more Daly mercenaries. Imagine we’re in the Champions League playing twice a week. Imagine sevco have a ‘lucky’ year and the head to head scores are:



    Celtic 4 : 0 sevco


    sevco 1 : 1 Celtic


    Celtic 4 : 0 sevco


    sevco 1 : 0 Celtic



    This is aided controversially by 2 penalty goals for der sevco and 3 red cards for the good guys. That’s a net points gain of +3 for us.



    On a head to head against others sevco only need 2 wins against 2 draws for us to get a net advantage over the season. With MIBs in full flow this seems rather possible?



    Would sevco really not be able to beat the rest?



    If that happened, they’d have the year’s CL funds to invest whilst we’d have a £ hole.



    That’s why it is vital that this shameless shambles are not allowed to stagger into the top flight to then be aided to ‘normality’ and why resolution 12 is so important.




  25. tonydonnelly67


    11:02 on


    13 November, 2013



    Fair enough. What I’m saying is – somebody was always going to be playing football there and regardless of the name of the team, it would have attracted fans of Rangers, as the team would almost automatically be a rival to us. So I think the same complaints about them not dying would be getting aired.



    I’m not quite sure what people expected in the best case scenario.

  26. ACGR Supporting Resolutions 10, 11 & 12 with a YES vote on

    A question for our legal / accounting experts on the blog.



    I’m reading through the annual report and don’t understand a couple of the terms used on: Page 45, Section 5, Profit/(loss) before finance costs and tax is stated after charging.




    What do the following statements mean?



    – Amortisation of intangible assets?



    – Impairment losses on intangible assets?




    Fanx from a fik engineer.

  27. Loved the poor ignorant sod who claims that the sectarian banner was aimed at those who support the PIRA. They were calling all Celtic supporters that long before PIRA came in to existance. They don’t do history, do they, no matter how much they dwell upon the 17th century.

  28. Kenny, the player, leaving.


    Wandering down what passed for a Main Street in Kontakali, not quite in tears, stealing a glance at some English based newspapers,


    Who is this replacement for Keegan? What a waste of money? He will never be a Keegan? Etc etc.


    The papers were adding insult to my injury but they soon changed their tune.



    Kenny, the manager, leaving.


    No tears from me.

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