CQN Open, Intensity required


CQN Golf Open 2016

The 12th annual CQN Open Golf Day will take place at Aberdour Golf Club in Fife on Friday 29 July. Our annual trip to Aberdour is always a fantastic day. Those who play golf (not me) enjoy the stunning Fife course, while we all participate in an evening’s entertainment and chat.

The day is always fully subscribed, so if you want to attend, please email Taggsybhoy at cqnopen2016@gmx.co.uk . Cost for the full day’s golf and evening meal is £80. There are a limited number of dinner and evening-only places available at a cost of £45.

We’ve raised tens of thousands of pounds for good causes far and wide over the previous 11 events, and enjoyed some great times. See you there.

Aberdeen’s visit to Fir Park on Saturday looked like a stiff test on paper before news broke that the Motherwell squad has been devastated by a virus, which has forced the club to cancel training this week. There’s little Celtic can do about that short of extending their lead to four points earlier tomorrow afternoon with their visit to Rugby Park.

Kilmarnock are marooned in the play-off position: 8 points from bottom, and five from Inverness and Hamilton above them. They’ve scored only once in their last four home games but have the curious claim to be unbeaten by Celtic this season.

We looked sloppy on our first trip to Rugby Park in the autumn and impotent when we faced them at Celtic Park. Kilmarnock would perhaps suggest they simply figured out how to frustrate us. They’re not alone with that belief.

I was concerned about last week’s game against Thistle and Kilmarnock tomorrow. Our next outing, in two weeks against Hearts, will take care of itself, the adrenaline will pump for that one, but we need to create our own intensity away to teams in the bottom half of the table.

We didn’t turn in a classic performance last week but, straight from the off, it was clear we were sharper than at any point since thumping Hamilton two months ago. A focus returned to the squad (as did a Commons and a Bitton). With the large uptake of tickets by Celtic fans I expect our edge to be evident from the start.

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  1. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    I agree with Mark Twain’s comments on Golf, but the Charitable acts are Fantastic! Well done to all concerned!

  2. Our four league games pre split are v Killie (not beaten them this season), v Hearts (not beaten them in league this season), v Dundee (drew last time) and v Motherwell (lost last time).


    That’s 13 dropped points and the reason we are in a title race rather than procession. We need to up our game.

  3. A focus returned to the squad (as did a Commons and a Bitton).






    McGregor seems to be the one making the difference. He brings a lot of points to the team….




    Too soon?

  4. Y NOT67 on 18TH MARCH 2016 12:16 PM









    That’s fair enough, you say that the SFA know who they are dealing with, but it’s very obvious they don’t really care either, ergo, they’r not giving you any answers to even one question.





    Some in here say that you have a100% stone wall case and proof to back it up? I’m not seeing that, to many questions to be answered says to me that the Requisitioners Are whistling in the dark (IMO) if Celtic are ok with what the SFA have said to them then I’m fine with that, as they are also looking after shareholders too, Celtic (well it looks like) taking no more part in it obviously means that the board have taken it as far as it can go and seemed to have exhausted procedure .





    Seems to me as I’v said before, your not getting anywhere with this unless you get the proper authorities to charge them with fraud (the SFA) but then again we get back to where I began, to many questions, and not enough back up.





    CFC are a well ran club with a talented clever board of business men, I doubt if the SFA are pulling the wool over they’r eyes, I know I’ll get f… PL and the board cabal on me that’s a given, fair enough, I mean I mentioned last week something about Res.12 last week and a certain person posted, ….what’s your interest in res.12 anyway? I mean honestly it’s not a wonder lots of Celtic supporters don’t know about it with that attitude not good PR.





    But I wish you all the very best on the matter, and will only be to happy to put my hands up and say I was wrong.





    Best of luck HH



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/absurd-rummenigge-regan/comment-page-11/#comment-2796682

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    The opposition will be allowed to boot the players up and down the park, we must man up to it.

  6. antipodean red on

    Another day another Celtic View article, you could be forgiven for thinking that Paul67 has given up on Res 12

  7. WEEMINGER on 18TH MARCH 2016 12:04 PM


    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 18th March 2016 11:56 am







    Without the death there’s no need for resuscitation though. Anyway it’s all hypothetical but that ‘Nothing’ answer from Regan stinks and it strikes me as a man who knows he’s in a position of safety.



    Agree, Lawwell knows he won’t be at Celtic forever,and IMO is starting to dig a tunnel to UEFA,his capitulation to the Huns under his stewardship,will be seen as ‘statesman ‘ like and will be rewarded. Before anyone has a go (feel free), what other conclusion can we come to? All we have had is a wall of silence and a Rory Bremner line to go on. A simple statement on Res 12 would let us know where the fans,Club ,requisitioners and Shareholders stand.

  8. Kilmarnock a hun infested sewer?



    Not to me it’s not.



    Nor to any of us on 22nd April 2007 behind the goal who had our hearts half way up our oesophagus, our sphincters like a mouse in a mincer……. and then this…….






    Hail Hail




  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    …and not a single word about Celtic’s collusion with the SFA to endorse rule breaking and corruption.



    GolfingThis is (IMO) the biggest issue facing our club since the 1951/52 ‘take down the flag’ debacle.



    And what is Celtic’s Board doing?



    Betraying its own fans, betraying the integrity of Scottish football.



    Contrast the back-door appeasement and collusion of today’s corporate incumbents with the actions of Robert Kelly in 1952.



    Shameful, spineless, duplicitous Celtic plc.



    Never mind – only another 13 days for PL and the Board to ignore this issue, and then they are in the clear.



    I look forward with hope for the next ‘Celts for Change’ movement, in whatever form it takes.








  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Oh aye – Golfing Squirrels today – fantastic.



    (and yes, I am perfectly aware that it is a very good cause)








  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Can’t read this anymore – sick of it.



    I’m away to the pub.









    REBUS67 from previous…





    “Secondly, is it possible that the club has been made aware of a “similar” situation in its past where the rules on some matter were applied lightly, or even incorrectly? If the club pursues the Res 12 issues then the other issue could emerge. Then we have a real crisis in Scottish football that could destroy it.”



    Even in the unlikely event that were true,the five-year rule means it can’t be used against us.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    From the headline I thought you meant intensity was required at the CQN Open!


    KevJungle if you are tuning in – hope things are well.

  14. I now have a giant reindeer licking my screen and distracting me from great thoughts.



    Which reminds of my all time favourite Christmas story ….



    The wood in the cabin fire burnt brightly and crackled as the bacon on the end of Dolph’s fork dripped oil and fat into the hungry flames.



    He ran his fingers through his still healthily ginger hair….the startling appearance of which had given him his nickname…”The Red”.



    “Sad, That’s what I am” he pondered remembering days of yore and pulling his hand away from his strawberry blonde pride and joy to turn the bacon round.



    “ S …. A…. bleedin D…. SAD! Stuck here on the edge of the magic forest with nothing but big fat Mrs Dolph, two dogs, a muskrat and four whingeing weans. I could have been a contender …. They used to whisper my name when I walked into the room……..’look’ they would murmer….’there’s The Red,,,,he’s some man, he’ll see us all right,’ …..and then what happened….I’ll tell you what……a bleedin woman happened …..that’s what.”



    Just at that moment the very lass of his thoughts sauntered in to the room, giving him a twirl to show off her Christmas outfit.



    “What do you think Dolph? My bum doesn’t look big in this does it?” she asked with a wink.



    “How could it look big in that. The Circus used that as a big top last year. The combined rear ends of a troop of elephants wouldn’t look big in that. Anyway more importantly….look at that weather….it’s going to rain shortly….hopefully anyway,,,,,and then all that miserable snow can melt away and I can get down to the pub and have a drink with my pals in intellectual corner.”



    “Don’t be so rude! You’re always rude. Say something nice..go on try it “



    “It’s going to rain…..is that nice enough for you big nose?”.



    Mrs Dolph gave up trying to get him to be nice. “It’s Christmas eve, we live on the edge of the magic forest and Santa is about to head off into the sky and deliver presents to all the good children of the world. Every year it snows so as the sleigh can take off and the world will be bathed in weans laughter and smiles…stop being so miserable and rude to me….have a glass of Buckie”



    “Shut yer big fat gob, will ye, trust me once that big stupid eejit in the red pyjamas takes off the snow will turn to sleet and then rain, and I’ll be able to get away from you and this hole of a life for just a few hours”



    “Ach you jist hate it that you aren’t the main man any more….no longer “The Red” are you…..well get used to it….it’s snowing…..it’s going to keep snowing and you are just going to have to sit here, with me, the muskrat, 2 dogs and 4 whingeing weans…..c’mere an’ gieis a cuddle”



    She hadn’t quite finished when there was an almighty whoosh and Santa’s sleigh took off like a moon rocket shaking the trees, and leaving a trail of sparkling magic fairy dust in its wake.



    As the earth and heavens stopped trembling in the aftershock, suddenly the snow turned at first to sleet and then one…..two…..ten…..a hundred ……a hundred thousand drops of rain cascaded down from the heavens above clearing the snow and making a path to the pub!



    Mrs Dolph stared out at the changing scene in utter astonishment and then turned to see the smug grin on the face of her rude red haired husband.



    “how did you know that?” she posed with a shake of her head.



    At first he said nothing and then with a self-satisfied grin he uttered those immortal words, beloved by everyone at Christmas……………..








    “Rude Dolph The Red Knows Rain Dear”



    Hail hail




  15. Matt Stewart on 18th March 2016 12:50 pm –


    Thank you for the link to Nakas goal, the bonus of the joy on the faces of Tommy Burns and WGS are a joy to behold

  16. My friends in Celtic



    To the ordinary Celtic supporters who have followed the team for years there are only two paths Celtic can persue ref. Res12.



    We can issue a simple statement. We may not like or agree with the contents, but nevertheless our position will be clear and be in the public domain.



    Or: Remain silent which to many of us equates to complicity.



    This is a position that Celtic could have defused early doors.




  17. Enough time for resolution 12 after we win the match tomorrow.That is all that matters until the final whistle tomorrow.


    As for the posters complaining that the blogs host has printed a story not mentioning Res 12,give it a rest.How much more can be said on the subject,that has not been done to death already?.He mentioned the Golf outing,and then went on to tomorrows match.Hands up in horror.

  18. A quick unscientific poll confirms that 3/4 of Celtic supporters in my office have no real idea about Res 12.

  19. GARY67 on 18TH MARCH 2016 12:28 PM



    Our four league games pre split are v Killie (not beaten them this season), v Hearts (not beaten them in league this season), v Dundee (drew last time) and v Motherwell (lost last time).



    That’s 13 dropped points and the reason we are in a title race rather than procession. We need to up our game.





    To be fair, we’re only 3 points worse off than last season when we won the title by 17 points



    Your right though that our performances against these teams (apart from maybe the Hearts away game) haven’t been good enough.



    That’s motivation enough for the team to go out there and beat them




    I don’t see what is unscientific about your poll.



    If there are 4 Celtic supporters in your office AND you asked them all AND three of them said they didn’t know about Res 12 THEN I reckon the Poll is as scientific as they come.



    I would however be worried if you worked in the Celtic Boardroom. :)



    Hail Hail




  21. Bobby Murdoch,



    How nice to type that name…….it brings back such great memories!



    Thanks for the reply. I thought my post would be ignored given the new article. Is there a five year rule for the SFA, or do you mean UEFA?



    Even if no actual action could be taken against us, think of the negative PR that would occur. Along the lines of look at them calling foul when their own house has benefited from a similar situation. Not punitive, I agree, but damaging to credibility in, perhaps, an English or European sense, i.e. Moving leagues or entering new competitions.



    As I say, I am just trying to understand the club’s position. I want there to be a rational explanation and acceptable reason for it. It will influence lots of supporters.





  22. I will give the Trumpet (what stage trumpet we at ed?) a nod of appreciation. If he gets to audit the Fed.


    That Creature from Jekyll Island will only go, when it is allowed to, by those horrors.




  23. Bobby,



    I am getting the post too quickly message which blocks my posts. Sorry for the delay. Hope this gets fixed, else how to you respond and have a dialogue?




  24. Rebus



    Just hit the ‘back’ arrow, and repost…it’ll work second time.



    You and BMCUWP (and others too many to mention) must keep posting to give a balance to the blog and counteract my inane drivel.



    Hail Hail




  25. Paul67



    Only 35 posts between going up at 12:22 and 1:41 … and on a Friday before a game.



    Odd, don’t you think … ?




  26. Turkeybhoy,


    Weeminger’s post immediately after yours at 1.22 , seems to give a good reason for this important issue to be publicised as widely as possible, as I, and others on here and on other blogs, feel that it is an important issue . Whether that should be on his blog is up to Paul67.



    Re; John Clark’s conversation with Stuart Regan, I would be interested to know whether Stuart Regan gave a reason as to why he would do nothing. I think that would be pertinent and if known, would give information on how to proceed.




    I don’t know anyone off the Blog that knows anything about Res 12.



    If you look at BRTH post this morning, Regan and co are in the clear as they made the decision to licence the


    Huns based on information supplied by the err, the Huns.



    Or did I read that wrong?




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