CQN TV Saints and Sinners


Our third and final video with Scotland’s top model and TV presenter, Nicole with social media masters’ graduate, Suzie is now available.  We finish with a bit of fun, looking at the Saints and Sinners of Scottish football, including some of the main characters involved in football’s current woes, as well as one or two main characters from the champions.

12 members of the Tyneside No 1 Celtic Supporters Club will walk the West Highland Way from 31th July ro raise vital funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, HCPT and Celtic Charity Fund. The guys from Tyneside are among the most regular contributors to good causes in the name of Celtic and deserve your support. Please visit their Everyclick page.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Guess i should sleep or mrs Z will be dragging me from bed tomorrow,


    look forward to further discussion and enlightenment from you chaps on tonight’s subjects as the holiday season approaches and time lends a hand.



    Night all.




  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Rangers FC 1872 – current


    Owners – Duff & Phelps (administration) Feb 2012 – current


    Owner of SPL share


    Membership – SFA


    most successful club


    Liquidators – DBO July 2012 – till death


    Under investigation into corruption


    There is no new Rangers,


    Rangers FC will be under investigation for corruption, while the msm try to create the biggest fraud in sporting history

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    warszawabhoy on 13 July, 2012 at 01:23 said



    Re.ZUMA. Agreed.


    Don`t,however,share your confidence about S.A. or,indeed,the future of Africa in general.

  4. miki67 on 13 July, 2012 at 03:05



    And,btw,anyone who gets their heads too far into A.Crowley’s twisted thought ends up paying a price.


    A great enemy of Crowley’s was W.B.Yeats.


    That’ll do for me!






    I agree with that totally. My point was he was revered by the Beatles and so many musicians. And that should get people thinking WHY?



    We are being manipulated constantly, unfortunately.

  5. The primary issue for club chairmen regarding the application of Sevco to join the SFL, is that not only is there a distinct lack of clarity regarding the status of their business, there is an over-abundance of indicators that the business is not viable.



    If Sevco are permitted to join the SFL given the shambolic state of their application, can the SFL reasonably expect futures applicants to provide any meaningful information in their applications?



    If you are prepared to waive every rule in the book for one anointed club, you have set the precedence for every other club to expect/insist on the same waiver for them.



    You also setup the platform by which every club which has fallen foul of these same rules and been punished for doing so, to take the SFA & SFL to court.



    The executive of the SFA and SFL are undermining the foundations of their respective associations by even putting forward the proposal.



    One simple solution: reject the proposal(s) outright.

  6. “Oh,the bells of hell go dingalingaling…”


    Is that the jinglejangle the stupid orcs will be hearing all day today?


    Man,how I loathe huns. With their stupid wee roll of the shouders,their manky sashes,with their murderous love of the auld german hag on her gilded throne paid for with the blood of others.


    Division 3? They’ll be lucky to get into the Barlinnie 3rd. Eleven by next year.


    They’ve got such a tornado of legal nightmares comin’ their way and all they can think of is new signings. Their arrogant self-delusion is almost a joy to behold,if it wasn’t for the knowledge of how black are their souls and hearts.

  7. Fortunes Favour Mibbes



    I listened to it earlier, I have listened to it before when you linked it as well.



    The man is talking about Ephesians 6:11 at the end of the clip, I hope. :))

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Mea Culpa,


    “You also setup the platform by which every club which has fallen foul of these same rules and been punished for doing so, to take the SFA & SFL to court.”



    No court needed, the precident is enforced that, qualified applications need not apply.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    listen to every word, well I did, and thay wasnt even the most shite bit ffs :o)

  10. Fortunes Favour Mibbes



    I listened to this a couple of years ago from one of my favourite Christian podcast sites. It is an hour long for the interview and it exposes what he was up to without having to go read too much about the Souness.




  11. I hope the SFL clubs blooter them down to Division 3, better still don’t let them in at all. I think carnage will ensue after that when they subvert “democracy” and place them in the 2nd top league. Fun and games ahead when the whole nation of actual football fans turn on these Cheaters.

  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on





    Rangers FC are under investigation for corruption

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    we know :o)


    we just need to keep reminding our own non meeja experts, innit.


    the more I see Celtic supporters telling the world they should be in the 3rd div, the grumpier I get, stop validating fraud ffs.

  14. Margaret McGill on

    Let me get this right. If The SFA/SPL/SFL dont get their way tomorrow they will pull rankand set up SPL2 on Monday for sevco choppers?



    Paul67 Good luck tomorrow on Radio 4.

  15. Margaret McGill on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 13 July, 2012 at 03:34 said:



    Is telepathy like psychokinesis?

  16. canamalar,



    I hear you and I want them to go out of the game totally, and there is still a good chance it will happen but, as long as they are put to the very bottom of the game I will be satisfied, I said the same to Awe Naw. You know the machinations and how they are in these lands but there is a groundswell of opinion from the grass roots that might just gobble this Zombie entity and spit it out.



    gallagher made a point I agreed with, flatten that big hoose and I reckon they will know it is all over, it’s over to Johnny Boom Boom Bomber Broon to turn the screw on Charlie Green who will make his cash one way or the other.



    Looking at the whole thing as the picture takes shape it is obvious how idiotic the hun is and couldn’t play pontoons never mind poker.



    ol fat hun was probably a lot more prescient than he could have ever imagined.



    Its late here and must get a kip.



    HH m8

  17. Estadio Nacional on

    Still keep hearing media folk talk about ‘rangers proud traditions’ serious question what were their ‘proud traditions’?



    Wearing broon brouges?



    The red bit at the top of their socks?



    The Arsenal shares?



    That daft bike they had in the trophy room?



    Murdering folk on boating trips?






    Supporters wearing ‘white’ socks?






    Walking away?



    Seriously what was their ‘proud traditions’ other than the obvious sectarianism, racism and bigotry the club and majority of their support upheld? Any media person who mentions ‘rangers proud traditions’ is condoning bigotry and racism.




    ranger’s proud traditions

  18. Estadio Nacional on

    Margaret McGill 04:24



    Was talking about that the other day ‘the SPL/Scotland needs a strong rangers’ the very public conniving to get a daft wee new club to start in a league other than the bottom one shows what we should expect when the corpse of the defuncters is raised and try and play ‘football’ again.



    Its early days but already Im no liking this new daft wee club, dont know what it is about them but Im no liking them.





  19. The SFL clubs need to make it clear to the SFA, SPL and SFL executive that no restructing will be tolerated unless it goes through the proper channels, proper timeframes and that any attempt to impose restructuring will result in an immediate call for all the executives to resign.



    Stuff it just call for that anyway.

  20. I am about to board a flight to London which arrives in 7 hours. I sincerely hope that by the time I arrive there and power up CQN that the whole charade is over, the SFL clubs have held thier positions and voted Sevco into oblivion, or SFL 3 at best.



    Was there not a statement from the SFA the other day outlining a plan for reconstruction that had a working party to report by November with proposals for consideration of a revised step for season 2013-14. How can this 380 day timescale be collapsed to over the weekend for a company that has no accounts, dubious levels of funding, not enough players to form a team, questions over thier stadium and a totally opaque corporate structure… None of it makes any sense for anyone. Even in Scotland it is just not possible for the media to spin this into a clever idea, no matter what the perceived value of a substantial support is.

  21. Brave man getting on a plane today.


    Don’t you know the sky is about to fall in?

  22. The Boy Jinky on

    Happy Friday 13th…. Or as the sfa call it.. Armageddon day .



    This year long story has many twists and turns and today could be another massive event in Scottish football.



    Looking back .. No one could have made this story up so anything is possible today.



    2011/12 will be remembered as a period when the common man of many Arab countries rose up in rebellion against dictators.



    Come.on the wee diddy teams…. Stand firm today and show the establishment you will not be bullied.

  23. G’mornin troops………………..



    Rebel County is kind of grey today so we are heading towards The Kingdom in search of the Sun………oh,…………..and She-Who-Shall-Be-Obeyed ‘needs’ new shoes……………



    Decision time for Scotland and scodddish fooooball………




  24. The only way justice will be done today is if the Hun is expelled from Scottish football, replaced by Spartans , titles and trophies stripped and awarded to the rightful winners, Minty , knighthood stripped and jailed , Doncaster and Regan sacked , Ogilvie sacked and jailed. Traynor and Young sent to work for the Winchburgh advertiser. Oh and CFC to win C league .



    A flight of fancy?

  25. Thanks to canajunbhoy for this article from The Telegraph:



    “By Ewing Grahame



    10:30PM BST 12 Jul 2012




    Ostensibly, they will convene to decide whether to allow Charles Green’s reanimated Rangers to join their organisation in the First Division or, which is looking increasingly likely, the bottom tier. There is much at stake.



    At the last count 17 clubs had expressed their intention not to catapult the newco into the First Division.



    That is not an outcome favoured by Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster, the chief executives of the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish Premier League respectively.



    For weeks now they have attempted, with threats and bribes, to persuade the lower orders to comply with their opinion. Which is that, according to Regan, Scottish football will die “a slow, lingering death” (presumably opposed to a fast, lingering death) if Green’s Sevco Scotland Ltd is forced to begin life in the Third Division.



    One would have expected Regan, as the figurehead of the ultimate governing body, to have remained neutral on this issue.



    Related Articles


    SFL vote hangs in balance


    11 Jul 2012


    Proposals to Scottish game revealed


    11 Jul 2012


    Green ‘purchased players’ contracts’


    11 Jul 2012


    SPL up ante to get Rangers deal


    10 Jul 2012


    Rangers quintet await international clearance


    09 Jul 2012


    Carlos Bocanegra ‘to explore options’


    09 Jul 2012



    Instead, following the SPL’s decision to refuse to allow the oldco’s membership share to be transferred to I-Can’t Believe-It’s Not-Rangers, he opined: “In the event there wasn’t a Rangers, that’s got dire consequences for the game and for Scottish society, generally.



    “The economic impact and social unrest are all things that could result as an impact of having no Rangers. That matter will be considered next week by the Scottish Football League and, hopefully, there’ll be an outcome whereby Rangers will be accepted into Division One of the SFL; which would allow some financial stability for clubs in the country.”



    It could be argued that the possibility of social unrest (a risible claim, at best) should be of little concern to a man who lives in Yorkshire. However, Regan’s statement to the SFL clubs last week, that “we have to put the rule book aside” on the subject of the reborn Rangers was truly breathtaking.



    For a man charged with maintaining the probity of the national game to disregard the Scottish League’s constitution with such contempt was quite staggering.



    His stance would also appear to remove two of the options remaining for the SFA’s independent Appellate Panel. On May 29, at the Court of Session, Lord Glennie upheld Rangers’ appeal against a 12-month transfer embargo, ruling it to be unlawful and returning the issue to the Tribunal.



    Richard Keen, QC, acting for Rangers, argued successfully that the embargo was outwith the powers of the Tribunal, pointing out that a fine, suspension or expulsion from Scottish Football or a ban from entering the Scottish Cup were the sanctions open to them.



    With Regan clearly of the belief that the fabric of society would collapse should Green’s newco suffer suspension or expulsion from the game (and a fine having already been imposed), that would leave only a ban from the tournament Rangers have failed to win in each of their last three attempts.



    Incidentally, the Judicial Panel handed out its punishment on April 23, the Appellate Tribunal upheld their decision on May 16.



    Lord Glennie’s decision came just 36 days after the Judicial Panel delivered their verdict. Since then 45 days have elapsed with no sign of the Appellate Tribunal meeting again.



    Then again, it’s now 25 days since Rod McKenzie, of Harper McLeod, the SPL’s lawyers, deduced that there was “a prima facie case to answer” in respect of improper registration of players. That investigation, too, appears to have been kicked into the long grass.



    Regan and Doncaster, meanwhile, have cobbled together a set of promises in order to persuade SFL clubs to do their bidding and install the club formerly known as Rangers directly into the First Division.



    These incentives include a 16-team top tier with play-offs, a one-off payment of £1 million for First Division broadcasting rights and a merged, restructured body renamed the Scottish Professional Football League.



    In a joint statement by the three ruling bodies on Wednesday announcing this brave new world, it was claimed that these discussions have been taking place for over two years.



    However, only 12 months ago Doncaster and SFL chief executive David Longmuir were telling a Supporters Direct conference at the national stadium that there was no prospect of a 16-team SPL in the foreseeable future because it would cost the game £20 million.



    On Friday, in what is likely to be a long and heated meeting, the choice facing the clubs is effectively between short-term financial pragmatism and that much-maligned concept, sporting integrity.



    Sevco is not a football club. It is an off-the-shelf company which has never been a member of any league or association, cannot provide audited accounts or even details of their backers.



    There also remains the possibility that Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, may seek to annul the transaction which saw the Green party take control of the Light Blues.



    Yet Doncaster, who faces the awkward task of renegotiating the TV deal with Sky after making it clear how woeful the SPL will be without Rangers, is keeping his fingers crossed that greed will prevail.



    The SFL clubs must ensure that it does not. Should they admit Sevco into the First Division Scottish football will become a global laughing stock, its credibility extinguished.



    Green’s newco could cleanse itself of the sins of the fathers by beginning at the bottom. Rangers’ demise also provides a valuable opportunity to restructure the Scottish game. In the happy event that justice is done on Friday, then Regan and Doncaster should have no part to play in that rebuilding. “

  26. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts from the 0631 to Waterloo …sun is out again and much warmer.



    Missed the Big 12th July Debate on STV last night.



    Judging by comments it was nothing more than a few currants and one interested outsider,in any hun shop in West of Scotland, talking about hunnery on the 12th!



    What did anyone expect



    Archie has always been a hun. Anyone that watched him in his prime would know that …never forget it!



    They will not be playing fitba next season they don’t have a team



    All this posturing is to get Huns past the matching season to avoid carnage and set them up for a glorious return in 13/14



    Follow the money guys and gals




  27. @thehotshot67: RT @Brybhoy76 – Make your feelings heard -Hampden 2moro 10.30am onwards #HelpSaveOurGame … < I have to agree. IF you can find an hour!!!

  28. Burghbhoy on 13 July, 2012 at 07:07 said:


    The only way justice will be done today is if the Hun is expelled from Scottish football, replaced by Spartans , titles and trophies stripped and awarded to the rightful winners, Minty , knighthood stripped and jailed , Doncaster and Regan sacked , Ogilvie sacked and jailed. Traynor and Young sent to work for the Winchburgh advertiser. Oh and CFC to win C league .



    A flight of fancy?



    share on F’book or Twitter




    Brilliant lol couldn’t agree more.

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