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Our third and final video with Scotland’s top model and TV presenter, Nicole with social media masters’ graduate, Suzie is now available.  We finish with a bit of fun, looking at the Saints and Sinners of Scottish football, including some of the main characters involved in football’s current woes, as well as one or two main characters from the champions.

12 members of the Tyneside No 1 Celtic Supporters Club will walk the West Highland Way from 31th July ro raise vital funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, HCPT and Celtic Charity Fund. The guys from Tyneside are among the most regular contributors to good causes in the name of Celtic and deserve your support. Please visit their Everyclick page.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. hen1rik on 13 July, 2012 at 08:04 said:


    @thehotshot67: RT @Brybhoy76 – Make your feelings heard -Hampden 2moro 10.30am onwards #HelpSaveOurGame … < I have to agree. IF you can find an hour!!!



    Why tomorrow ? Should it not be today for the protest ?

  2. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    Paul67, you mentioned that PL is a master poker player. Fair enough.



    At some point you have to show your hand.



    It is today.



    Celtic needs to send a clear message today to the whole of Scottish Society that we will not stand idly by and allow a select few to feather their nests, bully and defraud us out of our pastime.



    Today marks an occasion of whether our game remains a ‘sport’.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    New ‘Wee green book’ excellent value for money, puts’ club12′ firmly in its place in the scheme of things.



    Sadly the wee red book is under the illusion that the Hundead are still in existence.

  4. Highland Tim on

    Morning all from a cloudy Edinburgh. Radio Shortbread brought out the Big Guns this morning. None other the ‘Sir’ Henry McLiesh, the former First Minister who resigned in disgrace for fiddling his expenses (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/1645219.stm).


    In direct contradiction of his recent report (proposing a new structure for Scottish Football and a 10 team SPL) he now thinks a top league of 16 teams would be best, and of course he thinks a company who have not provided any information that is required for SFA/SFL admission should be parachuted into SFL1. You couldn’t make this up.


    Let’s hope the SFL Chairmen have a shred more integrity than this joker, liar and cheat.

  5. Re-posted from RTC



    Somebody’s having a wee go at Stewart on Twitter – below. Perhaps we should all join in?



    @StewartRegan Harper McLeod said Rangers have prima facie case to answer. WHEN? @alextomo



    @StewartRegan When does the Appellate Tribunal meet again Stewart? @alextomo



    @StewartRegan http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football … when will Rangers be penalised for dual contracts and cheating Stewart?



    @SeppBlatter @StewartRegan Gents, surely you are not going to allow a club that has cheated in domestic and Euro competitions any favours?



    @SeppBlatter @StewartRegan When will Rangers be stripped of the EBT assisted tainted titles? Justice & Integrity are our expectations

  6. No matter the outcome today , the damage was done to scottish football years and months ago . To even contemplate the game under the governance of the present hierarchy is criminal . For football in this country to survive and thrive ,it must be restructured from top to bottom , with men of integrity , with men with a genuine love of the game , with men without an agenda or favouritism towards any club , men who will rule without fear or FAVOUR . A few like men have stepped forward in the past few weeks . The punishments are there for the crimes committed ,they must be administered for all counts of rule breaking . No matter the outcome today , the next step to rescue the game in this country is to get rid of the people who have brought our game into disrepute . mostly all fellow member clubs and their fans have stood toe to toe with us on this , they have seen the corruption and injustice in full flow , can i ask that we take it a step farther and stay united until we finally oust the the perpetrators of the cause of the corruption in our game , install the men with fairness for all , and we have seen over the past couple of weeks that they are there , if we achieve this ,we will revive our game , and also see the end of the honest mistakes. the kangaroo courts , and the rfc love ins . Then next step set our combined sights on jabba and co .



    hail hail




  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I think Jabba’s days are numbered, anyway. Already ole Chick has been put out to pasture, giving him more time to follow his beloved St Mirren.



    With the increasing financial pressure of falling circulation affecting the Scottish press, can they afford to staff their papers on the basis that they are covering 2 teams in Glasgow when in fact there is only one?

  8. thehuddlehound on

    Why is the Sevco application even being voted on at all? Given that both the SFA and Uefa knocked back r@ngers’ license application at the end of March, what makes Sevco suitable for a license? They’ve never played a game of football yet, possibly don’t even have a team, and definitely have far less of the required paperwork than r@ngers should have had.

  9. In which I look at the blatant tactics of three men to assist a party which is a member of no football organisation in Scotland, and which is not asking for the “help“ it is getting. I suggest that Clyde FC get it, again, spot on, and I wonder how the fact that we have a secret ballot today could affect the outcome.



    I also point out that, logically, the SFL Board cannot be in position, standing the terms of the restructuring ideas mentioned, to have reached the agreement which the resolution needs them to have reached to admit “Rangers” to SFL1. Though that will not stop them, I am sure.



    Finally, if the SFL teams stick to their guns, it would be appropriate for Messrs Doncaster, Regan and Longmuir to resign today. (But they won’t).




  10. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    thehuddlehound on 13 July, 2012 at 08:47 said:


    Why is the Sevco application even being voted on at all?






    Because the agenda has been directed towards this all the time.


    There was never anything less than Div3 because the focus was always on SPL/D1 instead of booting them to kingdom come.

  11. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    Independence Day?


    Day of the Long Knives?




    Dawn of the Dead?


    Sunshine on Leith?




    Friday Finale?


    Day of the Dead?


    A long week in Politics?


    Black Friday?

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Many happy returns to excellent [and even older] CQNer old tim.


    Davie gets to break open the bubbly with Hoopslegned Craig Bellamy,Byrdmaniac #1 Jim ‘Roger’ McGuinn and Canadian ‘midget wrestler’ Claude Giroux.

  13. DBBIA


    re Jabbs


    Particularly when the fans of the one team left hold you in such contempt




    Next to the demise of the hillbillies , the end of the LL will give me greatest pleasure



    Btw just starting McCarra’s book …should keep me occupied for a few hours

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    PFAyr -I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


    I’m reading ‘Why England Lose’ just now. It’s OK, but I think I prefer S.Kuper’s other books.

  15. Steviebhoy66 on

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  16. Hector Avocado. Silence is tacit consent. on

    Steviebhoy66 on 13 July, 2012 at 09:02 said:




  17. FourGreenFields on 13 July, 2012 at 08:21 said:



    Sorry matey i got that from twitter last night it is today lol.

  18. Aspartame wants the huns to go completely belly up, the other part wants them very publicly limping around the lower leagues for years to come.



    I probably have a fourth- tier grade addiction to diet coke, probably explains a lot

  19. Steviebhoy66:



    Cheers for that mate, I always like to keep an open mind when I read something like that and usually do a wee search on the web to see if there is any truth in it, or whether it is mere myth.



    There seems to be a large body of opinion that says it is myth, but who’s to say they’re right.



    There are so many people out there posting on the web who think only one gunman killed JFK when all the evidence points to the contrary.

  20. South Of Tunis on

    Apply the rules .



    Sevco Hun currently has less of a right than the likes of Spartans ..



    Anything less than an application of the rules will be definitive proof that Scottish fitba is nothing more than an Orange Walk with a ball…



    Do you want a sport or a pantomime ? Do you want to continue to coexist with cheats? Do you wish to continue with something managed /administered by the likes of Regan / Doncaster / Ogilvie ?



    Another run of the mill mid 40s day ——way down south . Woken by the dogs barking at something [ probably a porcupine] @ 1 30 am -thermometer on the terrace said 32 ..



    Hot Hot Hot.

  21. The Lizard King on 13 July, 2012 at 09:24 said:



    Sorry matey just posted same article, not having a good start to the day.

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Kit- ‘Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, Methanol toxicity is! ‘



    – many more people die in the UK [ as you may know Scotland has the highest incidence of MS in the World] of MS than of ‘methanol poisoning’



    So while it is true that many patients with MS live fairly normal lives the bald statement that MS is ‘not a death sentence’ is quite frankly, bollocks.



    Life is complicated.

  23. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    kitalba on 13 July, 2012 at 09:25 said:





    There seems to be a large body of opinion that says it is myth, but who’s to say they’re right.



    The Scientific Method is what we usually rely on. But bear in mind that scientific proof is based on probablilities, A scientific theory can never be proven to be correct – it can only be proven incorrect.




  24. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    BTW – are we OK to drink semi-skimmed wi’ our Coco Pops?

  25. midfield maestro on

    Off for a drive to Portimao, hopefully on my return later today, that newco mob are in the juniors.