CQN TV Saints and Sinners


Our third and final video with Scotland’s top model and TV presenter, Nicole with social media masters’ graduate, Suzie is now available.  We finish with a bit of fun, looking at the Saints and Sinners of Scottish football, including some of the main characters involved in football’s current woes, as well as one or two main characters from the champions.

12 members of the Tyneside No 1 Celtic Supporters Club will walk the West Highland Way from 31th July ro raise vital funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, HCPT and Celtic Charity Fund. The guys from Tyneside are among the most regular contributors to good causes in the name of Celtic and deserve your support. Please visit their Everyclick page.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Just to follow on, ghuys (if you’ll pardon the expression)… even if you’re not bitter, DO NOT turn around a can of Coke on your desk so the official UK flag is facing away from you because the hole ye drink out of will have turned around as well. A casual slug while reading CQN could result in an unwanted dribble.



    Somewhat damp in Edinburgh. No meetings for me this afternoon then. Better just read CQN & keep my head down.

  2. up_over_goal on

    Sixteen roads to Golgotha



    Whether Doncaster/Regan/Longmuir/Ogilvie remain in place will depend on the mood of the majority of the respective clubs and, again, Celtic would be doing themselves no favours if they attempted to lead a vote of no confidence – that should be done by one of the smaller clubs if it is to have a chance of succeeding.

  3. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    stevietar on 12 July, 2012 at 13:42 said:



    my wife has the same problem with just about everything she wants to buy having the union flag on it… until it comes to union flag-adorned cheesecake, for some strange reason, where it doesn’t seem to matter quite as much…

  4. I logged on to pay tribute to Joe McBride but neveralone’s post at 12:51 says everything I wanted to say and more.



    A wonderful tribute to a wonderful player.

  5. I bought bread the other day and it had a union joseph on it, tasted ok once toasted though.

  6. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    DJBEE on 12 July, 2012 at 14:21 said:


    I bought bread the other day and it had a union joseph on it, tasted ok once toasted though.



    Did you have any cheese on the other side?

  7. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    I touched on the subject yesterday and no doubt that a few accounts minded fholks have also discussed this. Sevco running costs for the 2012/2013 season. I guess if sevco get into divi 3 they will need a certain annual spend to earn promotion and if they get into divi 1 they might need a higher spend.



    Last season the huns received income of something like 40 million quid.


    Apparently they were still losing approximately 1 million quid per month when duff and duffer arrived. So in very very round numbers their annual running costs last season must have been around 50 million quid.



    It’s fair to say that they won’t be spending much on buying players next season, so they might have a saving next year of around 5 million


    Its also fair to say that they don’t need to pay the wages of davis and mcgregor and co and that will also provide a wage bill saving of say 7 to 10 million (all very rough figures btw)


    If they have 20 odd players on £5000 per week wages they have a player’s wage bill of around 5 million quid.



    Many costs however will not be significantly different.



    The wages of day to day staff (directors, groundsmen, catering,security, ticket office, admin) for example will be quite similair


    The running costs of ibroke and murray park will not change significantly (rates, maintenance etc)


    Interest payments on debt will still be there


    They might even pay some tax, who knows…



    I’m estimating that the sevco annual running cost for divi 1 might be around 20 million, and maybe


    A bit less for divi 3.



    If they need to raise 20 million quid a year they will need to sell 40,000 season tickets at £500 each


    If they are in divi 3, its unlikely that they can sell tickets for £500 each,


    I know they will get sponsor ship and the occasional ramsden cup bonus income


    But I just cant see how a team playing in divi 3 can hope to raise enough money to pay those running costs.



    So if they sell 40,000 tickets @£500 each they raise 20 million


    But if they only sell 20,000 tickets for £300 each they only raise 6 million



    Like I say these are top of the head estimates and not MBA business plan, (so I welcome any thoughts from more enlightened bloggees) but It is currently my opinion that sevco should demonstrate how they intend to fund their fledgling club next season, before there is any vote about which league they go into. Right now I don’t believe that they could do this.

  8. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I’ve been suggesting UEFA should be able to help meet the price of integrity and make funds avaialble to the SFA to that end.



    Now given that development of players is going to have to be a key part in the future of our game you would think we had a case for asking for a larger slice of the UEFAS Solidarity Fund money mentioned here.






    If CO is such a great administrator why has he not advised Regan to go this route? I find the lack of imagination at the helm frightening at times. I could do a better job myself.



    Oh and what have the SFA done with their share of the 90M euros from the Solidarity Fund to help them – now dont laugh – to establish an adequate (licensing) infrastructure?




  9. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. on 12 July, 2012 at 14:05 said:


    Cultsbhoy – That was an interesting post you made on last thread. (Click here)








    That is a very interesting piece for any number of reasons…



    If a full EBT investigation was put in place, and league titles were stripped (I know, I know) it was always a worry of mine that the 37 points or so re Juninho would see us slip below Hibs/Aberdeen in 2005, thus knackering our millionty in a row (I lose count with excitement – it is a millionty, right?).



    Alas, both teams named, although I’ve checked their books from that time previously and from memory neither mentioned setting aside EBT payments.



    Wishful thinking on the part of CultsBhoy’s acquaintance perhaps?



    The shared business interest angle is very interesting, as it’s this kind of thinking that has actually led to this sorry state of affairs: Minty’s pyoor ace, bend over, grab your ankles and, well, you know where this is going.



    Death threats? Really? After winning two in a row and looking good for a third? After bowing down to the ‘we deserve better’ mob? Death threats, my erchie.

  10. My dear,dear,dear,friend… Up Over Goal @ 14.06






    Celtic, are in the Cat Boid Seat…



    Ah Know..and Celtic Know..and Noo. YOU… Evidently Know..






    Turkey’s Dinnae Vote fur Thanksgivin’.. in the U.S. and Gooses..or.. Whitevah Dinnae Vote Fur Christmas..in the U.K… and Wee Provincials.. soitenly, dinna need tae vote in


    a Strong and Over Bearin Rival..


    Competition, is a Sin!… as Auld Daddy Rockefeller… as..so….Propounded and Expounded.






    Why should the Celtic, no jist sit, Quietly and comfortably, nestled in the Cat Boid Seat..the Best Seat in the Hoose…






    Let Matters take thur Course???



    Maks Sense tae me.





    Yer pal.. who likes ye a lotaer.



    Still, Laughin’… of Course!

  11. NatKnow



    I think I O.D’d on the cheese last night, but that was a funny hour or so, good laugh and today I am sticking strickly to Cidre.

  12. O.G.Rafferty on

    Aw Naw… was it you that posted about the SFA Rule 16 and the Licence? Or whoever it was, could you get my email from Paul?



  13. Tennessee Tim on

    RE: CQN TV — Nicole may be “Scotland’s Top Model,” but I think Suzie is just as easy on the eyes.

  14. leftclicktic on

    Sixteen roads to Golgotha on 12 July, 2012 at 13:59 said:


    I wonder who the panel were that interviewed Doncaster and Regan,and who decided to appoint them?



    Could Ogilvie have been involved in the selection process?




    I raised that point on RTC a while ago who was involved in hand picking these two ,who seem to be carrying out their instructions from their master to the letter.If it were not for bampots it would be done already


    We need to go back and look at why they were brought up here and by whom



  15. Natknow



    Union Joseph on it. Chuckled at that!! Funny there thers none on bog paper?? mmm Must be sensitive about that.

  16. Finn MacCunaill on 12 July, 2012 at 14:35 said:


    I’d love to bring Suzie home to meet me mammy.





    Finn MacCunaill A.K.A abnormal Norman Bates

  17. Read that we knocked an approach of some sort back for bangura last week anybody know what it was and also if it’s a sign he’s going to get a chance would love to see him doing well thought he was best player on park udinese at home !



    Bang bang csc

  18. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. on 12 July, 2012 at 14:05 said:


    Cultsbhoy – That was an interesting post you made on last thread. (Click here)




    Interesting in the sense that it was so ludicrous?


    This was my favourite bit – DMurray claims he has letters of EBT assurances from Chancellor Gordon Brown!


    Actually, just as good was- DMurray wants to return to Ibrox and regain control.



    Was Cultsbhoy source wearing a toy soldiers uniform, equipped with a flute, a bottle of buckie, a swagger and a drunken broad smile on his face when he told him this?



    I think the motto of the story is not to let der hun extract the urine, especially not on the 12th.

  19. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on 12 July, 2012 at 14:22 said:



    Here’s one I prepared earlier :)






    Feel free to play around with the figues, some like crowd size are guesses some are from past Rangers accounts., they can all be changed.



    Assumptions are in the comment tag in a cell and after messing around with income and expenditure you get the wages that can be paid by putting in a wage figure in the relevant wage cell at the bottom and when the Nett Cash Flow row/cell goes red the wages are too high.



    There are two worksheets one for SFL1 (SPL2 on the sheet as that was the possibility aired when it was done and the back sheet is for SFL. Scroll down to see the sheet names and toggle between..

  20. Paul67 : you have such a great way of putting things in a quiet,polite way.


    Me? Sometimes I just go off the deep end.


    Btw…that place ‘Epicures’? Lovely place,lovely food…even if it is a bit pricey.


    I noticed on one visit there were a lot of well-to-do ‘ladies who lunch’ in there.


    What did that clientele make of CQN tv?



  21. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    and the back sheet is for SFL3. Scroll down to see the sheet names and toggle between..

  22. neveralone on 12 July, 2012 at 12:51 said:


    In your post you said you weren’t clever enough to put into words how important Joe McBride was to Celtic.


    I have to disagree mate, you are, I know because you just did.


    Great post.

  23. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on



    Yep Epicures full of yummy mummy’s and ladies who lunch- that’s why I enjoy dropping in from time to time :-)



    Knowing the ole West End CQN will be well known and well received – Paul looks pretty chuffed in any case



  24. The issue with the EBTs and players not complying with registration requirements is the declaration to the SFA of their full payment.


    Being on EBTs themselves is not a problem with player registrations – providing you have declared those payments to the SFA.


    If Celtic have declared the payments the only issue then is tax.


    As I understand it, Celtic have paid the tax. Therefore no problems.



    This is the crux of the problem for RFC (corpus delicti), they haven’t declared the payments to the SFA and therefore not complied with requirement to declare ALL payments.

  25. Hope Ortiz minded to put the lights out!! Must be like the Bates Motel over there now!!!

  26. TopCorner on 12 July, 2012 at 13:50 said:



    i recall lennon saying that the club has never spend over 2 million since he took over so i dont think we paid £4 million for jaurez. i would guess we paid about £2 million with add ons based on preformances, success of team, appearances etc… which are unlikely to be met. think he still has good reputation in mexico so we would have got at least 1/2 what we paid back.



    i hope celtic say nothing before the vote tomorrow, no good can come from celtic saying anything. after the vote takes place and we know whats happening then celtic can talk about how to move football forward in line with the other clubs.



    lets not get caught up with this ‘celtic need to do this or that’ scottish football needs to do this or that with celtic part of whatever comes.



    wantp (respect)

  27. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    O.G.Rafferty on 12 July, 2012 at 14:30 said:



    I’m yer man on Memberrship AND Licensing. I call the arrangement the Mobius Strip and yer man AT probably knows about it.



    The mobious strip for those unfamilar looks like this






    and you can see it extracted from the SFA?SPL/SFL articles here in blue






    I’ll e mail Paul

  28. Surely the place to be seen is on the Chip roof, with a fine ceegar or at least a B&H and a Fursty…

  29. DJBEE on 12 July, 2012 at 14:21 said:


    I bought bread the other day and it had a union joseph on it, tasted ok once toasted though.




    I just know I’m going to regret asking this ………..union joseph?

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