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I’m enjoying the chat as much as anyone these days but I know you all remember what were really about as a club.  We have an update on the CQN Vanessa Riddle pop quiz fundraiser which will be held at Jury’s hotel, Glasgow on the evening of Saturday February 11.

The great news is that Frank O’Hagan has agreed to come along and do a set to close the quiz off. Frank’s third CD – Green Light to Freedom – will be mixed and mastered in the studio over the next month. Frank is also doing a concert with his band in the Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Saturday 18th February. Details are on Frank’s website web. Frank is a top class musician is a terrific live performer. He is also a lovely guy, so we’re just absolutely over the moon to have Frank along. Our good friends at Carling are donating some prizes too, which is also excellent news.

We have some spaces left so if you want to come along, visit Taggsybhoy’s music quiz homepage and contact him with your team name and numbers (max of 6 to a  team). He will let you know if you are successful. It is first come, first served. Vanessa Riddle Appeal

I’m off to contemplate the false value of cheap laptop hard disks. One day lost and counting, damn you HP!

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  1. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 23:18



    As someone who loves boxing and tennis I really enjoyed that post..!



    I was a keen school bhoy boxer and played a wee bit of tennis (badly) but always held football above both. I still love tennis but like you have lost the interest I once had for boxing. I guess deep down I question the whole concept more than I used to.


    You are right the real gladiators are Nadal and co.. Feel for Andy Murray as he is operating at the peak of tennis history with 3 real all time champions…



    As I say.. Great post from a genuine enthusiast!

  2. This mob are deluded.



    02 Feb 2012 21:29:34


    ed I heard a rumour that if it is s worse case scenario the Scottish government will step in to prevent rangers going out of business have you heard anything like that an what’s your opinion {Ed014’s Note – I have heard it but I don’t see why they should.Governments have more pressing issues.

  3. starry plough



    I knew he played for us, I thought we bought him from hertz, just checked him on wiki, you are right.



    Getting old is not good for the grey matter :>)

  4. THE EXILED TIM says:


    3 February, 2012 at 00:01



    He was another one of those, good but not really a Celtic player, I think he had a decent career after he left us us not like some!!




  5. Just watched Question Time and was disappointed in the lack of political put me downs.


    What has happened to this country?



    Last time i had a political laugh was George Vs the Senate.



    Quality. Look it up guys!!!






  6. starry plough says:


    2 February, 2012 at 23:57



    Can’t remember him at all. Remember him playin’ for Hertz.



    First real memory of Celtic was the 86 season when we sucker punched the Mini Hun on the last day of the league. No internet or dodgy streams in those days. Just glued to the BBC where they reported on the goings on at 10minute intervals. The final result came so i ran out of the house to the top of the hill and roared my head off. My father was working in a nearby field, he tossed his spade in the air and came running into the house. Happy day that was, was only 9 at the time.



    Also remember trying to tune into BBC Shortbread around 1989 when Big Jackie Jigonoffski!! scored four and we still got knocked out of Europe. The signal kept drifting in and out, every time the signal came back someone had scored. It was torture listening to it. Shortbread was hard to get in North West Donegal back then!

  7. Fred C. Dobbs says:


    3 February, 2012 at 00:02



    JC big fan,now works as an agent,bumped into him in Malaga on way to watch a couple of prospects.

  8. Ceaser67 says:


    Saw Jc playing when I was an 8yr old .


    It was at the time when aul fella took us to watch the Glens


    He being an ardent Belfast Celtic man he hadn’t been to any Irish league matches since Black49 as he called it and it was only John Colraine’s Celtic connection drew him back in the mid 60s.


    I maybe wrong but I honestly believe it was from that period when the the orcs’ belfast cousins linfield developed their so-called hatred of their East Belfast rivals

  9. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    The Vanguard Bears have a “Bigot Watch”? That’s like The Third Reich establishing an Anti-Nazi League.



    Tweet from @TheHumanTorpedo !

  10. starry plough says:


    3 February, 2012 at 00:07






    Hate Star Wars. Felt sorry for poor David Prowse, when he landed at the first screening of S Wars only to find he’d been overdubbed by some other joker!! He wasn’t even told before hand! Imagine tellin everyone that you’re in S Wars and then find out you’ve been overdubbed!!

  11. excathedra44,



    Yes he seemed like a clued up kinda fella.



    Just wondered why he vanished from the airwaves.



    He had no obvious axe to grind with the Hoops.



    I expect that is the reason :O(.

  12. saltires en sevilla on




    xxxxxxxxxxJohn Thomson



    xxxxxxxJohn Kelly & John Fallon



    xxxJohannes Edvaldsson, John Stein & Johnny Collins




    Johnny Doyle, John Crum, John Deans, John Divers, John Hughes



    Subs: John Fallon, John Clark, John Colraine, John McInally



    Bring on the huns with that lot…love to see it







  13. Ceaser67 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 23:47



    Plenty of options in there.





    Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 23:48



    Not sure John Gorman ever played right-back, but otherwise seems sound. I could be wrong.

  14. A report from the Celtic v Renton game 12 Nov 1888.



    You can actually ‘hear’ those old commentators as you read through it!



    From the Scotsman, mmmmmm.



    Report 1



    The Scotsman – Monday, 12th November 1888, page 5



    Celtic v Renton – A vast crowd assembled at Celtic Park on Saturday to witness the first meeting of these clubs. Both teams were out in strength. The home team led off, and Kelly with a long shot tried Lindsay, but danger was averted. The Celtic maintained the advantage for a little, but gradually they measured their opponents and from this point to the close the contest waged fast and furious. Occasionally the pressure of Renton was so great that the home backs had to kick behind for safety. But for McKeown, whose play was of the highest order, Renton must have scored in this half. Thus the issue was fought out attack and defence in turn – and throughout the greatest excitement was visible behind the ropes. The Celtic forwards came away brilliantly, and play gave indications of becoming rather rough.


    At half-time neither had scored, and renewing with the wind in their favour, it seemed any odds on Renton pulling through. McCall went extreme right, in the endeavour to strengthen the weakest part of the visitors attack, and this change worked well. In the last fifteen minutes play was mostly confined to home territory, and shot after shot was sent in to no purpose. The Celtic transferred operations to the other end, and after an unsuccessful attempt by T. Maley, McCallum managed a corner so well that McLaren had no difficulty in heading through the first goal for the Celtic – a very lucky score indeed. Renton replied with a strong attack, but in vain. The remainder of the game was stubbornly contested, and when time was called the result was the same – one goal to nothing in favour of the Celtic.

  15. Dead and Loving it on

    on the rangers rumour site they are telling the orcs that as a protest they should all wear white to the dundee utd game this weekend



    the imagination that these guys have got,it knows no bounds



    craigy boy is bound to chuck it when he see’s that, thank god his name is not craigy green

  16. saltires en sevilla on

    team run out at CP to strains of ..



    Johnny 99



    By John Springsteen



    coat hat ….and offski

  17. starry plough



    Aye, very few who have left have gone on to better things, less than a handfull imo, and the one at the top is Henke.



    David Prowse



    I was stuck in Kirriemuir the day we won the league when the minis got gubbed in Dundee, was tree planting at the time, it was one of the weirdest days of my life, earlier in the day, we were up a hill watching the fighter jets flying beneath us, we did our work, went to the pub to listen to the game, as you said no live games etc, there was about a dozen of us, all Tims apart from one, a hun called Ian Bell, a total zoomer, anyways, were won and were happy as anything, getting blootered and the like, the zoomer had too much and decided to start a fight with the local poils, and cos he was with us we all got huckled, now the problems started, all the local polis were huns, mega problems, we never got out until the tuesday, never went near a court, never did anything to merit going near a court, but yer man decided to tell the polis that we were all IRA men to get out and save his own skin, when we got back to our digs, there was nothing left, If I ever come across that hun again I would not be responsible for my actions,



    WTF, we won :>)

  18. Enough people trying to wrong foot us.



    We should never shaft our own.



    You either have something to say or you don’t.



    Why lead the Celtic support up the garden path? :O(…