CQN Vanessa Riddle Fundraiser


I’m enjoying the chat as much as anyone these days but I know you all remember what were really about as a club.  We have an update on the CQN Vanessa Riddle pop quiz fundraiser which will be held at Jury’s hotel, Glasgow on the evening of Saturday February 11.

The great news is that Frank O’Hagan has agreed to come along and do a set to close the quiz off. Frank’s third CD – Green Light to Freedom – will be mixed and mastered in the studio over the next month. Frank is also doing a concert with his band in the Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Saturday 18th February. Details are on Frank’s website web. Frank is a top class musician is a terrific live performer. He is also a lovely guy, so we’re just absolutely over the moon to have Frank along. Our good friends at Carling are donating some prizes too, which is also excellent news.

We have some spaces left so if you want to come along, visit Taggsybhoy’s music quiz homepage and contact him with your team name and numbers (max of 6 to a  team). He will let you know if you are successful. It is first come, first served. Vanessa Riddle Appeal

I’m off to contemplate the false value of cheap laptop hard disks. One day lost and counting, damn you HP!

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  1. CultsBhoy @ 12:27



    Despite what I said earlier about the Foe Malign being permanently damaged goods and it being highly unlikely that any right-thinking-and-legitimately-wealthy follow follower would invest in the club (even without the Big Tax Case hanging over it) …



    I suppose it’s just possible there may be a group of investors waiting in the wings for the fall out from the FTT to settle, ‘Ready’ to emerge from the stoor with an application for a ‘sanitised’ Govan Utd, or whatever …



    But if there is such a ‘rescue coalition’, I think those concerned will need to be fabulously wealthy and probably also wildly optimistic/deluded. The number of obstacles it would have to clear in order to reach a viable position appears to be daunting, to say the least.



    One thing seems certain: they won’t have the luxury of being able to borrow against any of the existing club’s assets!












    Tock …

  2. oldtim and vmhan have requested that our esteemed abbott and costello fan pass on my email address to your ghood selves

  3. It seems to be regularly trotted out that should Rangers go bust and form a Newco that one of the main reasons that Newco should be allowed into the SPL is the TV deal. However I would assume that if Rangers go into liquidation that the TV contract is obsolete and Newco would not be covered by the existing TV contract. Therefore no matter what the TV deal will need to be redrafted and renegotiated so keeping Newco in the SPL does not save the current TV deal.

  4. setting free the bears says:


    2 February, 2012 at 12:47



    I was not in any way trying to compare Mr Stein’s morals with that of Uber rightwing cowboy Ronnie R. I was simply stating that by ensuring their main rivals spent money they couldn’t afford they bankrupted them. It was a very simple analogy that if the morals and character of both individuals were brought into the debate would not stand up to scrutiny.

  5. cardiffbhoy at 10:45


    From pevious thread, re: Paree at Easter



    Hadn’t heard of apartmentparis.fr, so looked at their site, and I must say it looks like a professional setup.


    Le Marais is very central, and although it covers quite a large area, I tend to think of it as being “authentic” part of Paris with its boutiques, markets, cafés and restaurants. Easy to get to the other sites, walking or metro.


    Good choice, I think.

  6. Paul 67



    Thought i may have be able to assist you in your software predicament till i saw that awful word MAC!



    I may need a lie down for a while after writing that!

  7. Moonbeams



    Don’t you read my posts?!!! (sighs self-pityingly).



    Britney’s comment re TFOD’s share is a reference to Article 14. This states that the share of any club will be transferred on 2 conditions. Firstly, an administrator or liquidator would have to be appointed in respect of that club. Secondly the SPL Board would have to direct that the share would be transferred.



    This is a particularly interesting paragraph as it indicates the board can only instruct the transfer if there has been a vote by the “Company in General Meeting”, or, in other words, the whole of the remaining clubs in the SPL. Although the transfer is dependent on such a vote, once the decision is made the Board must comply with it. Also take a look at Article 13 which states that the transfer can only be to a person who owns or operates a club. Does this mean one in the SFL?

  8. oglach



    I am relieved by your clarification. I thought someone might have got at your posting name.



    If they die this year, Celtic need to keep trading until 2028 in order to become an older club.

  9. State of emergency here in Barcelona…its going to snow!



    Schools are closing and people being sent home from work!

  10. Paul67


    Thanks for the response.


    Shame it’s only a newco that would incur a 3 year Euro ban,however,should administration happen during this season,it isn’t that long until next season comes around so 10 points x 2 is a distinct possibility.There seems to be a notion around that administration is relatively straightforward to go in and out of.That isn’t a view I share.What about you?


    I am looking for something much more spectacular though!




  11. BarryBhoy says:


    2 February, 2012 at 13:03


    ‘It seems to be regularly trotted out that should Rangers go bust and form a Newco that one of the main reasons that Newco should be allowed into the SPL is the TV deal. However I would assume that if Rangers go into liquidation that the TV contract is obsolete and Newco would not be covered by the existing TV contract. Therefore no matter what the TV deal will need to be redrafted and renegotiated so keeping Newco in the SPL does not save the current TV deal.’






    Moreover both Sky and the SPL knew when the contract was signed that the huns would almost certainly be going bust.



    So they knew that it was almost certain the contract would be torn up.



    Which raises the question: why did they bother?



    Was it a preemptive strike in a campaign to have a newco huns admitted straight into the SPL?



    Hold out an unrealistic prospect of untold riches dependent on the huns being in the SPL, knowing that whatever the outcome the figure will be reduced?

  12. The Moon Bhoys on

    Well we’ve done a fantastic job of building ourselves up this week, the old media couldn’t have done a better job, now comes the cruncher, away to the butchers 11 in freezing cold Inverness, could lighting strike 4 times, certainly hope not but wouldn’t rule it out completely, if it comes to pass the fall out on here will be spectacular.



    For me it’s all about team selection, if we go with 11 hard workers we’ll get thru, but a repeat of the 4 2 4 formation that cost us the league will see us lucky to get a replay.



    Apologies for being so negative, just dont like to see us counting our chickens…

  13. Auldheid



    Hard to believe that while HMRC pursue Rangers FC for the use of tax evasion vehicles the Tory led coalition was prepared to rubber stamp an EBT for the Chief Executive of the Student Loan Company. Since January 2011, and to some extent before that, Ed Lester was paid his £182,000 “salary” without deductions in national insurance and income tax. As I understand it, he was paid gross through a private service company, based at his own address. The deal was overseen by Universities Minister, David Willetts and okayed by then Chief of the Civil Service, Gus O’Donnell. It is not clear to what extent Danny Alexander, Treasury Minister was involved, although he is now. It is clear now that the prevailing mindset among the rich and the powerful was that paying taxes is for ordinary people, not for them. In Lester’s, and hopefully Rangers case, that cat is now most definitely out of the bag!

  14. Auld Neil Lennon heid on



    As long as they stay in administration they lose 10pts a season but the UEFA ban applies to a Newco who would be the result of liqidation, something admin can lead to.


    Not sure on UEFA rules specifically if they stay in admin but suffice to say they make it very difficult to get a licence granted.

  15. Bun newco cannot be parachuted into the the spl. The spl/sfa msm would all love to do this but Uefa cannot and will not allow it to happen.

  16. Ok.






    For your benefit. I’ll expand. GS also states Rangers in administration will lose their place in the SPL. This is immaculate as all that will happen is the share will be transferred to the administrator with agreement of the SPL by the process you state and then onto any company or existing owners if agreement can be come to to clear debts and exit admin.




  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Auld Neil Lennon heid 2 February, 2012 at 13:15:


    I can’t remember for sure but I seem to remember the soon to be enforced FFP criteria including clauses about administration in the last three years.


    Perhaps I am dreaming.

  18. Good afternoon CQN



    I post with a very heavy heart this afternoon after learning of the sudden death of John “Jock” McStay early this morning.



    I do not have the writing talent to do Mr McStay justice, Faith, Family, Football are very apt words. I had the pleasure of John’s company at many games and many nights (& Afternoons) discussing our beloved hoops, I’m very grateful for all those fond memories and time shared with a giant of a man – and I don’t mean in physical stature! A fierce guardian of all things Celtic in places where we’re not often welcome.



    My thoughts and prayers are with his family, first and foremost, but Mr McStay will be sadly missed by the many friends he made when he moved to Carluke a few years back.



    May he Rest in Peace.







  19. Paul67



    Any idea what the fund total is at the moment?



    Taliking of funds according to Whyte he has pumped £25 million on top of the £24 million from Ticketus in to rangers £49 Million!! I don’t even think Barca have those expenses.



    If the Ticketus deal is above board, why are HMRC investigating?



    You can fool a bare some of the time and ALL the bares all of the time…




  20. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Tartan Blog Awards



    Best Scottish Football Blog 1 RTC 57%…. 3rd CQN 16%



    Best Scottish Football Journo 1st Phil mac 47%……3rd Antony Hamilton 11%



    Best Blogger 1 Darchvinney (who) 45% 2 RTC 43% 3 Phill mac 6% 4 Paul B 6%




  21. mearns 2 milton on

    Paul 67 or anyone



    The CQN magazine facebook page – Would anyone have any objection to informing me who the author is and yesterday they had a teaser saying tomorrow (today) is the day of all days!! Any more detail?

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    div id=”pic-caption-set” class=”pic-caption”>



    Ally McCoist has not considered his position as boss of Rangers















    2 Feb 2012




    ALLY McCOIST today declared that he will tough it out at Rangers – and insisted that he’s no quitter.


    The Ibrox boss was responding to speculation that he was preparing to walk away from his post after the sale of Nikica Jelavic to Everton on the final day of the transfer window and the subsequent lack of investment in his squad.



    Bookmakers Paddy Power yesterday raked in so much money from punters betting on McCoist going that they eventually suspended all bets on him – much to the mirth of the Rangers manager.



    “You know me and you know that I’m no quitter,” said McCoist. “Certainly, it’s not a bed of roses right now but I never thought it would be and I’m going nowhere.



    "I didn’t know they had suspended betting on my job because I didn’t know anyone was betting on it – but I bet there’s a bookmaker smiling."



    And controversial chairman Craig Whyte also insisted that his manager is going nowhere.



    "I know there were all theses rumours about Ally quitting but I am 100% behind him," he said.



    "I feel our relationship is solid. Ally understood that if we had to offer the £4million Norwich wanted for Grant Holt on deadline night the deal simply wouldn’t make sense.



    "We decided to hold off and sort out the off-the-field issues, try to get to a position where we can bring in really good players this summer."



    And Whyte has also insisted that he remains the secured creditor of the club. It has been claimed that Whyte used fans’ season ticket money to finance the new regime, and former chairman Alastair Johnston suggested this week that Ticketus’ parent company, Octopus, was the sole creditor of the club.



    It is an accusation vehemently denied by Whyte.



    "Octopus are not the secured creditor of Rangers," he said. "I am. That’s the sort of thing that is easy to check out but no-one even bothered."



    Ticketus were used by the previous Ibrox regime, but generally for short-term loans of four to five months.



    Whyte, though, claims that he inherited a £7m bill with the London-based firm as soon as he stepped into his position at Rangers.



    "I spoke to Ticketus because I knew it was a liability coming up after the takeover," he said. "A ballpark figure for that would be £7m so I spoke to them and we decided we would roll over the facility."



    The Rangers Supporters Trust yesterday launched a fresh call for an AGM, something that the chairman has said cannot be done until the outstanding tax case is sorted out.



    "We can’t have an AGM until the accounts are signed off," he said. "We can’t get the accounts signed off until we have more clarity on the tax case. It’s chicken and egg.



    "I still think we will have it before the end of March."



  23. bjmac says:


    2 February, 2012 at 13:24



    Sorry to hear that.



    You were wrong, your words did do him justice.

  24. just reading the herald online and noted alex salmond related headline “ALEX Salmond yesterday suggested peers with serious criminal convictions and other failed bankers should be stripped of their titles………..” so taken to its logical conclusion if Rangers under Sir David Murray are convicted of SERIOUS tax fraud can we expect Alex Salmond’s scottish government to insist that Murray and Rangers are stripped of their titles. Or is Craigh Whyte the only asset stripper at Rangers

  25. Someone’s story………



    Scotland has indeed produced some of the finest minds, philanthropists, engineers, working class heroes, musicians, footballers, medical pioneers, trail blazers, etc., etc., over the years. Indeed its output is way beyond reasonable expectations for a small country. Nonetheless, Brigadoon it is not; granted I only spend part of the year in Scotland but the pull to return on a regular basis is so great because of dear friends, family and the Celtic.


    When I am here though, invariably some thing or some incident triggers in me the reminder why I left in the first place.


    Rooted in it, is the abhorrent religious intolerance that does not (for me anyway) appear to be lessening at all, especially in the more densely populated heartlands.


    Freedom of religious expression along with the encouragement to appreciate and embrace diversity is still (in this day and age) sadly lacking in modern day Scotland.


    My own personal circumstance(s) is/are not really the issue but suffice to say explaining why and who made hurtful comment or acted in an abusive way to my younger (mixed race) children’s English accents and and also to their mother in my absence, that it was more to do with the green top and jacket that each/either may have been wearing brings some disbelieving looks and a reproving eyes to the skies of “c’mon Dad, you are joking eh! My favourite top provokes such!!!! Don’t be embarrassed for Scotland’s shame, we still love going to Celtic Park and Loch Lomond” In defense, I say but look your big sister gets the same difficult time and she’s Scottish with a Glasgow accent…………Ah well then that’s alright…..


    ‘Out of the mouths of babes…………..


    Bet their will be few on here reading who can relate………



    Regards & Hail Hail



  26. Moonbeams.



    But remember the share cannot go to just anyone. It has to go to a person who owns or operates a club. In the very unlikely event that such a person is also the administrator for TFOD, I can only see the share going to a club in the SFL.



    As I have said before, the issue of what is a club also has to considered. A newco might say they are a “club” if they own the ground and the players. However, the artilce goes on to say the the new club will take the place of the old one. In my opinion this envisages a wholesale replacement rather than an oldco/newco scenario.



    If the new club is too closely associated with the old one, I cannot see how the replacement can take place. Bear in mind (no pun intended) that the SFL clubs, especially those with an interest in promotion, will almost certainly have a lot to say about this. If they are not allowed the chance of gaining the old club’s place, the SPL could be sued or even prevented from allowing newco to take their place in the SPL. I anticipate this may be in the minds of the members when they take the vote as to where the share should be transferred.



    To reiterate: their is no clear path for newco to take which allows them back into the SPL. My interpretation of the articles and rules is that they are designed to prevent a newco “parachuting” into the SPL. I accept that I may be wrong in that assumption but I feel it is a reasonable one to make.

  27. Have they went bust yet?



    Also within my place of work an orc infested office. The chatter is that the government wont let it happen they seem confident of this. And they also believe that Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers fame will buy them and take them forward.




  28. No.7 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 13:35




    ‘the government wont let it happen they seem confident of this.’



    No chance.




    ‘And they also believe that Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers fame will buy them and take them forward.’



    He might be involved in a newco huns. No way he’d waste money and soil his hands on the current set up.

  29. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Is Ibrokes about to become the new Beechgrove garden ?



    Close to BBC Scotland.



    A field that has had millions upon millions of manure spread on it every week.



    What´s not to like ?

  30. “Octopus are not the secured creditor of Rangers,” he said. “I am.”



    Did I read somewhere that the forms to register a security do not need to be registered within a set timescale? If so then the MBB might currently be the secured creditor but Tickitus could still hold the right to become secured creditor and they might not declared / registered this yet?




  31. No.7 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 13:35


    ‘the government wont let it happen they seem confident of this.’



    I doubt if even Wee Alex would have the brass neck to try and intervene, how much of the electorate he would alienate in doing so? Under what pretext could the Scottish government intervene to save Rangers anyway? Fear of civil unrest should they go bust? Simples send in the Parachute regiment if the Orcish huns misbehave. The Paras have been used in other parts of the UK to sort out unruly natives. I am sure the Governites would love to see their tax money in action (Very very tongue in cheek)

  32. No.7 says:


    2 February, 2012 at 13:35


    ‘the government wont let it happen they seem confident of this.’



    I remember a time when they were very confident they would win the tax case.

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