CQN Vanessa Riddle Fundraiser


I’m enjoying the chat as much as anyone these days but I know you all remember what were really about as a club.  We have an update on the CQN Vanessa Riddle pop quiz fundraiser which will be held at Jury’s hotel, Glasgow on the evening of Saturday February 11.

The great news is that Frank O’Hagan has agreed to come along and do a set to close the quiz off. Frank’s third CD – Green Light to Freedom – will be mixed and mastered in the studio over the next month. Frank is also doing a concert with his band in the Backstage at the Green Hotel, Kinross on Saturday 18th February. Details are on Frank’s website web. Frank is a top class musician is a terrific live performer. He is also a lovely guy, so we’re just absolutely over the moon to have Frank along. Our good friends at Carling are donating some prizes too, which is also excellent news.

We have some spaces left so if you want to come along, visit Taggsybhoy’s music quiz homepage and contact him with your team name and numbers (max of 6 to a  team). He will let you know if you are successful. It is first come, first served. Vanessa Riddle Appeal

I’m off to contemplate the false value of cheap laptop hard disks. One day lost and counting, damn you HP!

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  1. Dead and Loving it on




    must be a good reason for that one(monetary) as he was fiercely anti catholic in his business dealings

  2. amadeus does not strike me as the kind of poster who could keep a “story” to himself. He has no inside information.




  3. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    amadeus says:


    2 February, 2012 at 16:51


    revenge is a dish best left uneaten



    Does revenge require onions and red wine?

  4. brimmer 'kano 1000' on




    Do you have any mates? I’m not slagging you, i’m asking as your acting like a cousin of mine who’d do the exact same thing. He’d say ‘I know something you don’t know’ in that voice that we all know and haaaaate.



    He ended up wi zero pals.



    Yes you’ve got me hooked, yes i’m like Michelle McManus thinking aboot a chocolate digestive.



    You have us in your palm, now tell us or i’m gonna go find my cousin and beat his sorry ass because of you!!!




  5. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    whitecrook tim says:


    2 February, 2012 at 16:22


    good afternoon cqn


    off subject,I Thought Neil Lennon was tremendous Last night on Sky,Articulate,Intelligent,and to any viewer a credit to Celtic


    football club



    The presenter on Sky Sports last night agrees-see his tweet below from earlier today






    DAVID JONES Real pleasure to have Neil Lennon in the studio with us last night. Found him to be an absolute gentleman.

  6. Can we survive without them, can Scottish football live without them?


    Who knows. But I am willing to try.


    The ‘institution’ that promoted religious divide, social exclusion and harboured bigots from across the country will be a loss only to those who revel in such prejudices.


    I’ll cry for them as much as I do for Pik Botha and apartheid

  7. Paul67





    Am goin oot fur ma dinner, sadly my hunger has evaporated, too many indecent images!

  8. Amadeus



    was the guy that broke the news the record were going into print with a 8 page pullout


    the night before the record published. Well it was he who broke it to me on here about 6 oclock long before I saw it anywhere else including RTC and FF.



    just saying like.

  9. brimmer 'kano 1000' on




    I need to go out. Forget everything, as long as I have my smartphone.




  10. amadeus says:



    2 February, 2012 at 16:16



    hmm, as it happens, I just got the story confirmed!


    Will I spill the beans after all the abuse from my Celtic brethren?


    Let’s see…..




    One of the most pathetic posts I have seen on here.



    So what, if we all say we love you, you will tell us something amazing that nobody else knows??



    Bye then!

  11. Dead and Loving it says:


    2 February, 2012 at 16:52



    Wasn’t doubting your story. Just wanted to mention there was advertising at Paradise. Surprised me too.




  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    To be fair to Amadeus he did come on here and reveal the Daily Rangers fanzine was about to turn against the Thousandaire.



    But he has built this one up so much it can only be an anti-climax … even if Hattie Jacques is involved in the murky business.

  13. The Battered Bunnet on




    That’s quite a wish list. I can go to 2 goats, Felicity Kendal in wellies, and the Surbiton Women’s Circle.



    Will that do?

  14. Seeing as Amadeus will not sing or play here’s a secret worth sharing. Did you know what Michelle McManus’s favourite instrument was when she was at school?



    The dinner bell.

  15. Can Scottish football survive without Rangers? Obviously it can. We have survived without Third lanark, after all.






    PS Is that amadeus` big story? Third Lanark are still defunct o:-)

  16. Celtic Soul Brother- Supporting Kano 1000 on

    Sorry if posted earlier-see below current SPL Disciplinary table:






    Each club’s current card count is used to form the SPL disciplinary league table. One point is given for every yellow card, while two points are attributed to each red card.



    Club Yellow Red Total


    Hibernian 51 1 53


    Aberdeen 41 5 51


    Rangers 43 4 51


    Hearts 42 3 48


    Inverness CT 42 3 48


    St Johnstone 44 0 44


    St Mirren 38 1 40


    Dunfermline 35 2 39


    Motherwell 31 2 35


    Dundee United 31 1 33


    Kilmarnock 31 0 31


    Celtic 22 2 26



    The following current buns are just one yellow away from a one match suspension:



    Carlos Bocanegra


    Maurice Edu


    Dorin Goian


    Kyle Lafferty




    No Celts anywhere near a suspension!

  17. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    See the PC brigade on here! I wish you would have held your outrage in check until Amadeus had spilled the beans and then held him to account. Now we’ll never blooming well know. I would have done the same ‘pathetic’ thing as Amadeus if people had gone on at me like a broken down record after I had apologised and acknowledged that I was out of order.



    Please Amadeus tell us the news.

  18. whitecrook tim says:



    2 February, 2012 at 16:22


    He was very good on Sky, if a little shy looking.


    I hope he does.a few more just to balance the media portrayal.


    Hope he also rushes up to the studio after we win each and every trophy this season.

  19. Re Amadeus



    No reason to doubt him, he was right with the retard scoop.



    I got a mail @ 12.45 today it said this…..Excellent sources suggest that Armageddon (depending on results) will commence this weekend.



    I trust this man implicity, and if you knew who it was from so would you.



    As to why depending on results I’ve no idea.

  20. From Celtic network 11 on twitter



    Dear Rangers Fan,



    The transfer deadline for Scottish football has now closed. As a lifelong Celtic supporter, it saddens me to see Rangers are in such a financial situation that they cannot afford to buy players.



    Now there are rumours that this once mighty club are facing administration. I know there will be small-minded fellow Celtic supporters who will rejoice in the demise of your club, I am not one of them.



    May I offer my sympathy to all those Rangers fans out there and to Mr McCoist and all the players, and wish them all the very best for the future.



    Yours sincerely,




  21. The Battered Bunnet says:


    2 February, 2012 at 17:09






    You can just about blummin’ well shut up! Because if you’ve got anything horrid to say about Felicity Kendal, then you can just about blummin’ well say it to me first!

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