Craig Whyte’s proxy ready to step forward


You know, I know, even those denying reality for a year know, Craig Whyte is the only show in town.  So if Our Hero does a deal for his shares and Ibrox Stadium – and that deal is not with the Blue Knight (singular), you have proof positive of the degree of concert between Whyte and his ‘buyer’.

If the Blue Knight gets the nod as preferred bidder tomorrow it will be a considerable relief for Rangers fans.  Murray’s plan for a CVA lies in tatters but at least he is a Rangers fan and has committed to sell shares to fans to increase their control of the club.  They will remain in a horrible situation, but at least it will be their horrible situation.

The alternative may be for a new buyer who tries to hoodwink fans with superstitious nonsense  while hoping they don’t notice his plans to break their history, LIQUIDATE RANGERS, break their history, permanently erase the digits 1872 from merchandise (apart from Celtic fans doing irony) and break their history.

If it’s Bill Miller, perhaps someone should “delete the Google records” (a small joke from a few weeks ago) of everything Paul Murray and Brian Kennedy said about the American’s bid, what it actually is and what it means for the future.

Popcorn time!

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  1. DJBEE



    And why can’t you say who, we demand to know to who you refer :>)



    Why not name him, they are all huns anyways, infact some are even season ticket holders, they don’t hide their aliegences, they are what they are….huns.




    Let’s assume PL and our Board are playing a long-game – they hold a number of aces when it comes to the new Sky/ ESPN deal.



    Implication – consider this scenario:



    LL interviewing PL – what’s your position regarding signing the new deal?



    PL – we will continue to work with Sky/ ESPN after all they will make a significant contribution to our TV income dependent on our progress in Europe this year and hopefully for next few years (implication: we will be guaranteed CL/ Euro income for X years – so we can live with it).



    LL – what if Sky reduce the sum because there won’t be 4 derby games?



    PL – it may mean we have to re-think about increasing our investment in an improved CH67 package and in the longterm Celtic TV (implication: why should we worry – give it a couple of years and we will be making more than we are currently earning now).



    LL – if the 4 derby games were lost and the only deal on the table was ESPN what would you do?



    PL – this might be the time to reassess the number of away games we feature in – given the inconvenience to our supporters with early kick-off times and our anticipated European fixtures (implication: it’s unfortunate but some of the GOT will miss out on a featured TV game).



    LL – this talk of the Celtic Support boycotting certain away games – do you condone it?



    PL – of course not Neil wants the team to be supported at all games – however if that was the case, we would have to look at the number of tickets we have taken for away fixtures in previous years (implication: we wouldn’t want to be seen to be condoning it but it’s likely to impact on attendances).



    Now apply the same contrived formulae to; current shirt sponsor, SPL sponsorship, media access, etc., etc………. we are more than capable of playing hard-ball with the GOT and SFA/ SPL.

  3. up_over_goal on

    Are we talking bragging rights or something more fundamental here?



    Maybe it’s tax case fatigue, but why, even in the event of liquidation, would they have to delete 1872 from their merchandise? Football clubs are cultural as well as commercial institutions; whatever history accrued by the old co would be trumpeted by the new one, and, for Rangers’ fans, that would be enough.

  4. johann murdoch on

    A child of four could understand all of this ….someone fetch a child of four ..




  5. The Lizard King on




    Happy face / sad face? You must have some well exercised face muscles!



    Whyte always said there would be a Rangers playing at Ibrox. Seems he was right.







  6. is this the twighlight zone ?



    new posts at 23 sumfink.



    jeese , go and die you troublesome mad dog (copyright clyde tonight)

  7. So is Miller Whyte’s catspaw?



    Could Whyte be a scientologist?



    Will all finally be made clear?



    Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode.

  8. Not long after RFC became RFCIA it was banded about that CW would become a hero to their fans (again) if he could ditch the debt and they could survive their wrong doings relatively unscathed(they don’t do shame) and in a position to fight on debt free and start to rebuild, that is their ultimate aim after all.



    HMRC and the SFA/SFA should hang their heads in shame, as they may yet pull it off, what kind of message does this send out to the younger generation about paying your way .How can they be allowed any “prize” money from this season while paying no tax is beyond me!



    Unless they act soon they will have been “duped” for the world to see and have lost all respect, giving in to their greetin’ and childish threats.



    They shouldn’t expect us to give in to them, we’ve battled with them for years and I for one won’t be chucking it in just cause they are a shambles and no one in authority (no laughing) knows how deal with them and/or doesn’t want to be the one to pull the plug.



    If they survive they should be hounded continually for their behaviour and NEWCO / zombie fc not given a moments rest or mercy.



    If it gets to it and the transfer window opens, as the season ends, what little talent they have will be picked off by the circling vultures and they won’t be able to replace them adequately to challenge for anything other than survival from relegation through league position, that I would like to see.



    Back the bhoys fellow tims ……their crimes belong to them and are for them to live with(maybe).



    Our priority has to be to add enough quality to get us into CL proper next season and strengthen further our club, too many times before they’ve got away when we had the upper hand. let’s stick together and remember we are the champions.







  9. brucecassavetes on

    RTC on Twitter:



    @rangerstaxcase: Legal question – could a newco claiming history and using SPL share of oldco be open to ‘piercing corporate veil’ & liable for oldco bills?

  10. I can’t say who because this guy was an absolute gentleman and enjoyed the craic.


    A good good man and a good singer just enjoying his day. Believe me I have no love of refs, look at our last 2 trips to Hunpen?

  11. according to the new york stock exchange (which i frequent regularly, of course) miller industries…. bill miller’s towing empire isin a wee bit of a low…



    in the last year it’s shares have gone from a high of $21.29 to their current $16.00, a fall of nearly 25%…



    11058300 shares worth $16 vaues the company at $176,932,800… exchange rate makes that £109,076,164. now, for sure that’s a lot of money, but i have no idea what pecentage of the company he owns… anyway… just thinking…





    according to the company’s accounts last filed… mr william g miller is credited as owning… 342,755 shares, today worth $5,484,080, or £3,380,765. now, there are other investment companies which have ownership of the business too (his amounts to only 3.1%) but even the largest of these still accounts for only 11% of the company. see page 8.





    sorry for being boring… but after a depressing day, i just thought it might cheer you all up to know that “towing tycoon” bill miller might just hit ibrox like an atom bomb.



    if anybody else can find out any other info, i’d love to know… all traces of him, except those filed at the SEC seem to have, ermmm, vanished. i’ll keep looking though.

  12. up_over_goal on 1 May, 2012 at 23:35 said:


    Are we talking bragging rights or something more fundamental here?



    No its a fundamental thing.



    Just suppose Asda were selling a tin of beans for 50p on the Monday, on Tuesday Asda go bust and on Wednesday, Asda-newco emerge selling a tin of beans for 40p. No-one would really give two hoots about the history of Asda, everyone in fact would prefer Asda-newco for selling the tin of beans for 40p.



    The fact that Asda-newco is only two days old matters neither here nor there really.



    And that’s the point, businesses are born and die every day of the week and no-one gives a toss because the golden rule of business is they have no soul to save and no body to incarcerate.



    Any normal business whether they’ve existed for 1 day or 100 years, the bottom line is really all that counts.

  13. angelgabriel on

    Miller time ?



    My heed is now playing the cha cha .



    Incubators on the sports pages of the hun poodle press ?



    Will we have propaganda or investigation into Miller ?



    Hector time please.

  14. A couple of years back we were in Los Ramblas having a beer and lunch in advance of the Barca game ( WGS manage we were beaten 1-0 ) when a Spanish news camera crew came round the various bars and restaurants.



    They came to our table and they were asking fans what they thought of the prices as complaints had been made by locals that prices were being hiked up because we were in town.



    Having not yet received the bill we explained that we could not comment as were unaware of what the charges are yet. The reporter then asked us why was it that, two sets of fans from the same country and same city, could behave in their city totally differently. Why could Celtic fans ‘behave with respect’ (quote) whilst ranglers ‘behave so badly’.



    It’s not just us !!!!!!!!



    PS I was just about to explain the cultural make up of a CelticFC bhoy compared to a cultural ‘ger’ (is that an oxymoron ???) when one of our guys summarised with –



    ” cos their Scum”



    Not sure what Spanish is for scum but message was received and understood by said reporter, wonder if it ever made the Spanish news :)))))

  15. jock tamson on 1 May, 2012 at 23:45 said:



    Great info there you’ve done more in one post than I’ll bet Duff Co have during their whole time at RFCIA .



    Is this a 5th Horseman?







  16. pggtips



    I am not sure but is what you are trying to say is They don’t amount to a hill of beans.

  17. Margaret McGill on

    jamsie on 1 May, 2012 at 23:46 said:



    Yes we did! His wife turns him on wearing only her Freudian slip

  18. Djbee :-)



    That a business’ timeline is of no consequence, especially if it impacts on profit.



    In our scenario, Rangers are trying to square a circle.



    Liquidation breaks the timeline but also allows them to break their obligations to creditors. In normal practice, the ‘timeline’ wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans.

  19. Estirilbhoy



    Nice summation.



    ” cos their Scum”



    Save you valuable drinking time.

  20. johann Murdoch, yes, it sure does.



    The Lizard King, we’ll see.



    If I was Miller I’d ditch as much as possible of the old club and start from the bottom of the pile.

  21. Can Windy still say no after due diligence? If so does he lose the £500k or does he not pay this now?



    Is it Liquidation if he doesn’t take over or Liquidation if he does. I’m confused.



    Árd Macha

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