Craig Whyte’s proxy ready to step forward


You know, I know, even those denying reality for a year know, Craig Whyte is the only show in town.  So if Our Hero does a deal for his shares and Ibrox Stadium – and that deal is not with the Blue Knight (singular), you have proof positive of the degree of concert between Whyte and his ‘buyer’.

If the Blue Knight gets the nod as preferred bidder tomorrow it will be a considerable relief for Rangers fans.  Murray’s plan for a CVA lies in tatters but at least he is a Rangers fan and has committed to sell shares to fans to increase their control of the club.  They will remain in a horrible situation, but at least it will be their horrible situation.

The alternative may be for a new buyer who tries to hoodwink fans with superstitious nonsense  while hoping they don’t notice his plans to break their history, LIQUIDATE RANGERS, break their history, permanently erase the digits 1872 from merchandise (apart from Celtic fans doing irony) and break their history.

If it’s Bill Miller, perhaps someone should “delete the Google records” (a small joke from a few weeks ago) of everything Paul Murray and Brian Kennedy said about the American’s bid, what it actually is and what it means for the future.

Popcorn time!

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  1. Margaret McGill on



    tell them you’re our secret Asian man



    Beware of pretty faces that you find


    A pretty face can hide an evil mind


    Ah, be careful what you say


    Or you’ll give yourself away


    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

  2. Margaret McGill on

    Ernie Lynch


    Its a sinch


    get in there


    dont be a grinch


    Ernie Lynch


    Its a clinch


    get a pair


    dont give an inch

  3. Rangers enter the 2012/13 spl season.



    Celtic and Scottish Football lose my support.



    Its that simple.

  4. Hail Hail CQN,



    Just wanted to pass on my congrats to TKF for a great night on Saturday.



    Now back in Singers with jet lag. Oh the joys…



    An absolute pleasure to meet with some right good Tims…….



    Hail Hail







  6. Margaret McGill on

    Teuchter ár lá on 2 May, 2012 at 03:26 said:



    Nah.. Ernie will take care of it…


    However, it is an interesting question. What is PL’s stance on Newco?


    Is it


    1. Awe we tried but look everybody voted them in..whit tae dae ..shucks.


    2. No way..Class action Law suit


    3. No way we quit the SPL


    4. No F&^%&^% way! end of!


    etc etc

  7. poolbhoy –



    So why do you believe Celtic FC will be to blame if Rangers are still in the SPL next season?



    Never mind waiting to see what happens next season. Just don’t go back, regardless of what happens. Celtic don’t need supporters like you.

  8. Some people are proposing that, should Newco Huns be allowed straight back into the SPL, Celtic should immediately submit the statutory 2 years notice of their resignation from the SPL.



    That would all be very well if the SFA said they understood their reasons for resigning and would do all in their power to assist the club in finding an alternative league, but that just will not happen.



    If Celtic were to resign from the SPL they would be at war with the SFA.



    The SFA is affiliated to UEFA and FIFA and as such, both the European and World governing bodies would be on the SFA’s side of the war and Celtic would be left high and dry without a league to play in.



    Talk of UEFA and/or FIFA being sympathetic to Celtic after resigning from the SPL is pure fantasy.



    I don’t want Celtic to disappear because of the Huns. That would give them the last and biggest laugh of all.



    Hail Hail.

  9. Mountblow tim on

    Good morning CQN from a wet Clydebank



    The green the green the bonny green


    The green that should be worn


    The blue the blue the dirty blue


    The blue that should be torn



    Keep the faith


    Hail Hail

  10. True words from our manager:



    ” I enjoyed it – two managers sticking up for their own team. Was there a huge public outcry over it? No. They talk about a bit of a spat. When we do it up here, there’s two pages on it, I get singled out, demonised, and I’m the snarling presence on the touchline. So I don’t think I get a fair deal at times.”


    From Celtic FC Official Website.




  11. TTLT link above:



    As some may be aware these Club 9 Sports types have me and some other Wednesday fans genuinely worried. Hard to find any examples of deals that they (or their “affiliates” Tobacco Road Capitalists, Prometheus Capital and Dornoch) have actually done.



    However, Tobacco Road does list 5 deals on its website. Turns out 4 are just companies that Jon Pritchett used to work for so not ACTUALLY deals. The one proper “deal” – you know, money in, investors etc, was Total Sports Entertainment, which they list as an “achievement” went bust in 2004 owing millions and losing shareholders a small fortune which led to lawsuits in 2004 accusing Jon Pritchett (partner in Club9 and potential future owner) and a gentleman named Bill Miller of breach of contract, wrongful conversion of company monies, mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud – not saying they DID these things, but there were lawsuits.





    So imagine my concern when I found out that just last month “Club 9 Sports” was touting a deal to take an Ice Hockey team to San Diego (deal never actually happened) and the supposed “money man” – remember C9S has no money of their own – was a guy named Bill Miller who in the 4 years since declaring TRAC/TSE bankrupt had apparently moved to Tennessee and become a “towing tycoon”.





    Made me worry that this Bill Miller (bankrupt/accused crook/towing tycoon) might be involved in our deal. After all Club 9 has no money of their own – they are just a special purpose vehicle set up purely to do a deal with Sheffield Wednesday apparently – so they must have backers. I just hope Bill Miller is not one of them – if anyone would care to ease our fears, because these Club 9 blokes seem hard to get comfortable with and they certainly have not always had a successful track record, if indeed they have a record at all other than this one failed company-that-never-was.



    I am genuinely concerned – some transparency would be nice as to who Club 9 Sports really are and who, if anyone, is backing them.



    Post edited on 11/03/2010 at 22:32 by billsaja

  12. ….and this little gem from the second link (referring to a certian William Miller):


    In a press release about the suit, shareholder Edward Garland says, “The company and its directors thought they were getting an experienced CEO capable of completing the company’s team auto racing concept. Instead it got a man full of greed who wanted control of the company for himself.” j


    A match made in heaven!!







  13. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts from West London -grey but dry here



    Miller time?



    Dear god I’m glad I’m not a hun







  14. Good morning from a sunny Manchester.



    Interesting to here that the Manchester Chamber of Commerce reckons the Derby match brought an extra £7.5m in expenditure.



    Never see these positive figures when it is the Glasgow Derby.



  15. Fat Sally just doesn’t get it…



    “If liquidation and a ‘newco’ happened,


    we’d still have the history of the club,


    absolutely. I can imagine people would try


    and wind up the support about it, but make


    no mistake about it: we wouldn’t lose our


    history at all. If there is a team playing at


    Ibrox in blue shirts, it’s Rangers.”

  16. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Bill Miller!


    No – we will not let you go!


    Let him go!



    Yeah, I know, I said it a few days ago, but that wretched song comes into my head every time I see his name now (which is quite often), so I thought I would share it with you. Again.



    Morning all :-)

  17. Morning all… Adding to the weather reports, a little rain in Kuwait this morning… still 36C mind you.

  18. Good morning one and all,



    I have decided there will be no more jelly and ice cream until the final nail is in the coffin and the hun is buried.


    Don’t get me wrong, it is brilliant to be continually informed through Paul67 and many on here but the ice cream has been taken out of the freezer ready to eat, then put back in again so many times, it must have gone off by now!!!!



    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Paul and keep up the good work.



    Hail Hail

  19. TopCorner at 07:43



    brilliant clip, that has set me up for the day now and will see me smiling at work.



    Thank god for the Celtic

  20. The full interview with Fat Sally. Please ensure you are not eating or drinking to avoid choking hazard. Stupid Hun…



    Supporters remain opposed to losing the


    heritage and history of the existing club, but


    McCoist believes it wouldn’t be a disaster.


    He said: ‘If it happened, we would still have


    the history of the club, absolutely. I have


    done a bit of homework on it and newcos


    have happened at clubs like Plymouth and


    Crystal Palace.


    ‘I can imagine people would try to wind up


    supporters about it — that’s part and parcel


    of the game.


    ‘But, make no mistake, we wouldn’t lose our


    history at all. We wouldn’t allow that to




    ‘If there is a team playing at Ibrox in blue


    shirts, it’s Rangers. I think I’m right in


    saying we only became a plc in 1899, which


    was 27 years after we were formed. Nobody


    really recognises that change, but there have


    been changes all the way down the years.


    ‘Rangers are Rangers and that would be the


    opinion of the vast majority of people.’



    Kennedy submitted a ‘materially increased’


    conditional offer to the Rangers


    administrators on Saturday night and he


    awaits news of its fate from Duff & Phelps.


    The Edinburgh-born businessman has said


    all along that his offer is conditional on the


    delivery of a CVA and Craig Whyte’s shares


    and that remains his stance, despite


    McCoist’s view both bids could feature a


    newco structure.


    Kennedy told Sportsmail: ‘There is still time


    to do a CVA. That remains our preference,


    but it is very difficult.’


    Miller has proposed setting up an


    ‘incubator company’ into which he would


    transfer the club’s assets. Asked if his plan


    involved a newco in any shape or form,


    Kennedy said: ‘The fact is that when people


    talk about a newco they don’t mean an


    investment vehicle.


    ‘They mean that the SPL share will transfer


    from Rangers’ old company into a new


    Rangers company — and that is why they


    need to be accepted into the SPL.


    ‘It’s also why they can’t play in Europe for


    three years. That’s all it means.’


    Kennedy had hoped to be given the green


    light to move forward by Tuesday night, but


    McCoist believes the process could drag on


    until the end of the week.


    He added: ‘Two potential purchasers are


    still in heavy negotiations with the




    ‘They are really hopeful to have named


    preferred bidders very soon —certainly


    before the end of the week and maybe


    before that.’


    ‘I spoke to Bill Miller on Friday for an-hour-


    and-a-half. I also spoke with Brian Kennedy


    on Friday.


    ‘They are both seriously interested and they


    are certainly asking the right questions of


    myself and the administrators.


    ‘Right now, it’s looking like a newco. I’m


    told that both potential purchasers have


    newco as part of their plan, but it’s not




    ‘That’s a very important point because I


    think the vast majority of the fans do not


    want liquidation. I would imagine there are


    some of them who won’t be happy with a




    ‘I think if the newco is the best option


    without liquidation, then hopefully the fans


    will come round to it.’

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