Craig Whyte’s proxy ready to step forward


You know, I know, even those denying reality for a year know, Craig Whyte is the only show in town.  So if Our Hero does a deal for his shares and Ibrox Stadium – and that deal is not with the Blue Knight (singular), you have proof positive of the degree of concert between Whyte and his ‘buyer’.

If the Blue Knight gets the nod as preferred bidder tomorrow it will be a considerable relief for Rangers fans.  Murray’s plan for a CVA lies in tatters but at least he is a Rangers fan and has committed to sell shares to fans to increase their control of the club.  They will remain in a horrible situation, but at least it will be their horrible situation.

The alternative may be for a new buyer who tries to hoodwink fans with superstitious nonsense  while hoping they don’t notice his plans to break their history, LIQUIDATE RANGERS, break their history, permanently erase the digits 1872 from merchandise (apart from Celtic fans doing irony) and break their history.

If it’s Bill Miller, perhaps someone should “delete the Google records” (a small joke from a few weeks ago) of everything Paul Murray and Brian Kennedy said about the American’s bid, what it actually is and what it means for the future.

Popcorn time!

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  1. I take it D&P are going to carry out an extensive “Fit & Proper Person” test on any ‘preferred bidder’ before making any announcements. After the wonderful, oops I mean ‘terrible’ job that was done on CW I am sure that they are going to cross every T and dot every I regarding any would be new owner.



    I guess not. From the above article on Bill Miller surely anyone with half a brain wouldn’t consider this character for would be saviour no 2, 3 or whatever number they are up to now.



    Mind you, when you consider the other characters on the RFCia board of late, it sounds like he will fit in really well.



    What is it with this mob, isn’t there anybody out there of good character and loadsa dosh just crying out to throw it all away on this club of such fine sporting tradition, honour and pride? A club we can all be proud of.



    Seems not…

  2. So Miller is about to be named preferred bidder. Does that mean that D&P will accept his conditional offer – or will it be a conditional acceptance? And what happens if his conditions are not met? Will he drive away?



    And will the Blue Knights/ Kennedy/ Murray now walk away? Or will hang around for a while, having yet another offer in them after the one that followed their final offer?



    It’s like two ants arguing over a morsel of food as a great big foot hovers over them, about to stamp downwards.

  3. theotherhalf on

    i am confused…………….


    my understanding of the situation is………….If they become a newco on 11th May, then they play their game on 13th as a newco – so that they can say they have been accepted into the SPL then surely the game on 13th would be void as it should have been the old rangers playing. The SPL would surely require notice of this change to newco, and/or the newco would need to have applied beforehand? and two days notice is surely not acceptable.


    So I cant see how this plan can be accepted by anyone………or am I missing something?

  4. It looks as though Whyte is going to pull off what he was brought in to the huns intact complete with stadium and training complex and debt free.They have not even apologised yet.


    I hope UEFA investigate this scam.

  5. apparently Ally McCoist has passed the Fat and Pauper Person Test



    strolled it.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    Warm and sunny -way down south .



    Music lovers are advised that the first part of John Peel’s record collection can now be seen on the fabby do website called —– The Space.



    It will help many pass the time whilst feeling like a Desperado waiting for a train..



    Craig Whyte might like doing business with a man who likes to do business with cash.



    No to a SPL parachute . No to any Newco that doesn’t have to beg to be allowed to start at the very bottom . No to that vile entity called The Old Firm..



    Expecting piglets later -way down south.

  7. sparkleghirl on

    theotherhalf on 2 May, 2012 at 09:45 said:



    it was suggested yesterday that if the SPL/SFA did not cancel the game on 13th, then they would have, by implication, already accepted newco into SPL..



    Not sure if this is true or was just symptomatic of the air of gloom and panic yesterday

  8. theotherhalf on




    But surely the SPL/SFA wouldnt need to cancel it as would automatically be void?

  9. ‘crushed nuts?’ ‘Naw, Layringitis!’ on 2 May, 2012 at 09:27 said:



    Whrn do SFA/SPL do their ‘fit & proper’ person test on Bill ‘towing tycoon’ Miller, Brian ‘Edinburgh-born businessman’ Kennedy, The Blue ‘who are these peepul?’ Knights?






    The SFA/SPL do not do ‘fit and proper’ tests. They rely on clubs doing it. Don’t fall for the huns crap of ‘why didn’t the SFA/SPL do their jobs properly and tell us Whyte wasn’t fit and proper’.

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    South of Tunis -good luck with the ole piglets.


    Keep us posted

  11. theotherhalf,



    It’s all theory but the idea is that they “become” the newco on a Friday afternoon so that the SPL has no time to do anything before the Sunday game. They then argue that the newco has played an SPL game so is accepted in by default.



    But that, de facto and probably de jure too, would imply that the SPL share has to be passed from oldco to newco without SPL approval. The SPL could order the game stopped – I’m sure some sort of teleconference could be organised on a Saturday. They would be banking on officialdom not wanting to postpone a game at 24 hours notice.



    As I say it’s all theory. If they go down this road it would be a massive gamble and could really annoy a lot of people whose support they currently have.

  12. sparkleghirl on

    theotherhalf on 2 May, 2012 at 09:53 said:


    But surely the SPL/SFA wouldnt need to cancel it as would automatically be void?



    I agree that should be the case, but given the way things are going I’m not confident. They would have little time to react. They have’t shown themselves to be in any way dynamic or decisive. They will dither, the game will go ahead in the absence of a pair of balls, and the die will be cast.

  13. Headtheball on

    moleskin on 2 May, 2012 at 09:46 said:



    It looks as though Whyte is going to pull off what he was brought in to the huns intact complete with stadium and training complex and debt free.They have not even apologised yet.


    I hope UEFA investigate this scam.





    Spot on! I was going to post a similar thing. Murray and Whyte’s masterplan is falling into place perfectly.


    Once Rangers is back in the SPL and debt free, watch it then be sold to someone else for its true market value and then Miller (or whoever) also walks away with a big profit.


    Meanwhile SDM escapes with minimum flak, Whyte becomes the most unpopular man in Scotland in return for a few million (who wouldn’t?). D&P pocket their fat fee having strung it out long enough to make everything work. (Remember, Whyte fought to have them on board)



    It’s absolute genius.

  14. sparkleghirl on

    I think what I mean is that failure to cancel the game is taken to be their acceptance that newco is in fact the same footballing entity as oldco.

  15. theotherhalf on

    Gordon-j backing neil lennon


    Thanks for the clarification :)



    It would be one hell of a gamble on their part, and as I said, they don’t need to cancel it, they could just delay making a judgement and declare it nul.



    One things for sure in years to come there will be a reduction in Glasgow of Demetia as we are all having excellent ‘braintraining’

  16. Hi,



    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 2 May, 2012 at 09:57,



    The thing about that theory… is it would be perfectly reasonable for both the SFA and SPL to allow the game to go ahead anyway on the basis of the disruption it would cause to the the League to cancel it. I am not really convinced it strengthens your case one way or another that the game went ahead.



    And as you say it would probably have a negative affect on rulemakers that you were trying to be a ‘smart-arse’.




  17. .



    Lennon ready to cash in


    Celtic manager to hold talks over budget for next season



    Neil Lennon: Celtic manager may sell a big-name player to fund his own recruitment plans



    Neil Lennon admits he may have to sacrifice a big-name player to fund Celtic’s UEFA Champions League bid next season.



    The Hoops manager is planning talks this week with chief executive Peter Lawwell over budgets for next term following the club’s SPL title success.



    Aiden McGeady’s sale to Spartak Moscow funded a spending spree two years ago and Lennon is prepared to cash in again to bring fresh legs to Parkhead.



    “I’m not keen on selling but needs must at times,” Lennon said. “If we can maybe sell one player and trim the squad, that will bring in more revenue and cut the wage bill which might leave it open for two or three to come in.



    In the market



    “We have done that the past couple of years and it has worked quite well. It’s what a club such as Celtic have to do.



    “But we are in the market for two or three players and hopefully we’re not far away from getting them.



    “You only go so far with young players if you really want to make inroads in Europe so we’ll look to enhance the squad quality-wise and experience-wise.”



    Lennon revealed around half-a-dozen players will be let go at the end of the season, adding: “Some of them have been told, not all of them.”




  18. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA ——-



    Graziemille !



    Lovely , intelligent Nero dei Nebrodi breed.



    They will make fabulous sausages.

  19. Something still stinks in this whole affair.



    When Whyte bought the club was there not some stipulation that if 90 days


    after going into administration the clube were still afloat then Craigy Whyte would hand his shares over to the supporters ?



    I make it 90 days after Administration (it was 14th feb) is the last day of the season 13th May



    I dont like coincidence.




  20. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Somebody ask Steak Bake Sally if newco means the history remains then why are all the huns shite heart fae liquidation?

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on 2 May, 2012 at 09:31 said:



    Can’t believe you are being critical of our Board, but fully agree with you ….. Now is the time for our fans to get right behind Celtic …….




  22. thehuddlehound on

    I don’t understand how they can still be thinking that if they liquidate and resurface then they will still be the same club with the same history etc. And if they really believe that, then what makes them think that the NewCo which they claim is actually the OldCo is exempt from any punishments which are due to the OldCo?


    A HuddleHound analogy, if I may.. Imagine you own a dog. You call him Jock. You enjoy lots of long walks in the woods and on the beach with Jock, and you both have happy memories of your times spent together. As he grows, Jock wins loads of rosettes and cups at dog shows – 1sts, 2nds and 3rds. He even wins a rosette in an international competition. Then when Jock’s 6 years old you meet and marry a lovely Dutch girl. Everything is just perfect – except for one thing. She hates the name ‘Jock’, saying she’d prefer something a bit more Dutch. To keep your new wife happy you bend to her wishes and re-name Jock. ‘Jock’ now becomes ‘Wim’. But not to worry, Wim still has all of Jock’s happy memories and all of his life experiences. After all, WIm IS Jock. The cups and rosettes are all still on display. He still remembers running on the beach and in the woods, and you can both still actually do those things together.


    On the other hand, your next door neighbour also has a dog. His is call Scott, an imaginatively named West Highland Terrier. He also enters dog shows, and has won some minor local shows too. But he really wants to win an international show like Jock did. So he puts all his efforts and finances into acheiving just that and does come close, winning a second-tier international event for those who finished second in their home country’s competition. But he never really gets close to emulating Jock’s triumph. The strain starts to show on wee Scott and before long he succumbs to ill-health and loses his battle for life. Your neighbour gets another West Highland Terrier and decides to call him Scottie. It’s easier that way. He can pretend that Scott is still there with him. It’s much easier than having to think of a new name. But this new Scottie has to learn how to chase sticks again. How to behave at dog shows. How to mix with the other dogs. Everything has to be relearned BECAUSE HE’S NOT THE SAME DOG. Scottie has no memories of his own to call upon, no previous training. No history. Scottie is not Scott.

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