Creating a beleaguered narrative, just in case


If Newco think SFA board member Gary Hughes is likely to be a thorn in their side due to his Celtic supporter credentials, or because he referred to (Oldco) fans as “the great unwashed” in 2006, I suspect they are mistaken.

Hughes was a member of the SFA board which last year decided decline the SPFL’s decision to investigate Oldco’s practices.  What has now happened, due to the Daily Record’s splash on Hughes’ comment this morning, is that he is effectively neutered on the subject of Newco/Oldco.

None of this is likely to impact on the forthcoming action of Rangers licence to compete in European football in 2011, Gary Hughes has no influence there whatsoever.  But it helps create a beleaguered narrative, should matters go against the Rangers group of clubs.  And that lot, great or otherwise, do love a beleaguered narrative.

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  1. fieldofdrams on

    That awkward moment when you can get a podium but you don’t know what to write…

  2. Posted this on the last blog.



    On the non watering of the Hampden pitch at halftime…




    Brown, though, was adamant that the pitch wasn’t watered during the 15-minute break.




    ‘Motherwell are a very honest team,’ he said. ‘They play long, direct, very physical but we play football the proper way, we get it down on the floor.




    ‘They didn’t water the pitch at half-time to try and stop us playing but it didn’t stop us. We still tried to play our game.’







    It’s been mentioned on here before. The perfect time to highlight these things that are set out to disadvantage us is straight after a victory , no sour grapes rebuke is possible.




    Brilliant on the pitch for us and doing a good job highlighting this petty behaviour off it.The more attention it gets , the harder it becomes for these folk who exist just to hinder us.



    How do the people in charge of the pitch care justify not watering it on a tapps aff Glasgow schorcher?



    An explanation should be sought imo.




    Well played our capitano !





  3. James Forrest at just 26 years old has 292 appearances for Celtic. 11 more appearances (303) will put him into the top 50 most appearances of all time in Celtic history.





  4. Celtic are also spending £5.99 on they wee smelly things they put in the urinals in the south stand.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    I thought that mob didn’t care that nobody liked them ? Now they’ve gone all petted lip over Hughes?



    Two things you will never see are a handsome hun and a sensitive hun.



    Oh, three things actually…a hun with a conscience.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Outraged Rangers chairman Dave King has called for SFA board member Gary Hughes to be suspended pending an independent investigation into his Ibrox fans slur.



    The furious Light Blues supremo was responding to Record Sport’s exclusive story this morning where the non-executive Hampden director referred to Rangers fans as “the great unwashed” in an interview 12 years ago.



    Oh the Ragers are $#!te…

  7. One of the funniest aspects of these Sevconians is how they chant so proudly about wading up to their knees in fenian blood, real tough men so they are.


    Then, next thing you know, “Mammy! Mammy! He ca’ed me a bad name. Wahhhhhh! Wahhhhhh!”




  8. I mean it could be argued that Mr Hughes description is accurate and therefore not offensive in the slightest:))



    Suck it up Sevvies, no one likes you and you really really do care:))




    Spot on James, the Sevs know the whole thing is crumbling and they’re trying to “get ahead of the curve” with the aid of a shameless “press pack” of lap doggies:))



    May hell slap it into them…two times:))




  10. bournesouprecipe on 24th May 2018 12:48 pm




    James Forrest at just 26 years old has 292 appearances for Celtic. 11 more appearances (303) will put him into the top 50 most appearances of all time in Celtic history.




    Bsr I think I heard that Jamesy was the second most decorated player after Broony. As in the most trophy’s.


    Great feat by an improved player.



    D :)

  11. From yesterday:




    BILLY BHOY on 23RD MAY 2018 7:07 PM






    “Did you know that we are now only 10 trophies away from becoming joint ‘most successful club in the whole wurrrrld ever’? Can we win another 4 successive trebles to ease past them? :-)) ”




    Your calculations are a bit off mate. You appear to have failed to factor in their 3 divisional titles and their eventual capture, at the 3rd time of asking, of the Ramsden Cup. Ra Berrs are currently claiming 118 “major” trophies – not 114 and we of course are stuck on 104.




    Of course, that’s not even factoring in that our total is tainted as they (quite literally) haven’t competed in the last 21 trophies up for grabs!




    Thanks for your (tongue in cheek) response :-))



    By my calculations, the trophy count is as follows:



    Celtic Rangers


    Leagues 49 54



    League Cups 17 27



    Scottish Cups 38 33



    Total 104. 114



    I believe it’s 10 of a gap. Both teams have 1 European trophy, we have the Coronation Cup and the Empire Exhibition Cup, they have the Lving Cup :-)) . As I said, 4 more Trebles will do the trick.

  12. weebobbycollins on

    Wee Jamsie!!…seems no time since he was talked about on here as a young lad with potential whilst playing for under- 20s…After breaking into the team he did well for a while but was starting to stagnate and fast becoming a bit of an Escape goat for the fans…and if Brendan hadn’t come along when he did, I think James would be playing his football elsewhere…He is another who possibly has those gloating, singing, sevco directors to thank for the upturn in his career…


    (escape goat-legned—it is just so funny!)

  13. BMCUW, mick if lurking, been trying to send you an e-mail let me know if you got it, will post on the blog tonight.hh.

  14. the (great) unwashed


    phrase of unwashed






    the mass or multitude of ordinary people.


    “politicians need not answer inconvenient questions if they emanate from the great unwashed”



    I don’t know what they are complaining about. I don’t see any mention of the huns in that definition.


    Maybe they don’t liked being called ordinary peepil ????????

  15. Hi Paul67,



    Interesting, today’s SMSM reporting on the comments by “self confessed Celtic fan” Gary Hughes.



    AN SFA Inquiry for this!?



    Now, the chap asking for a SFA Director to be suspended and demanding the SFA launch an Inquiry is David King.



    David King is referred to as the “light blues supremo”. Now as David King can’t be boss of Sevco Rangers (The Rangers FC Ltd) because he couldn’t pass the fit and proper “test” it begs the question what is his official capacity? Maybe some should enquire.



    Could I also point out how unprofessional, bitter and petty the light blues supremo looks. It has always amazed me that some Celtic Supporters (and I suspect a few with an anti-CFC agenda) were urging Peter Lawwel into this coarse of action. Thankfully we maintained our decorum.



    Overall I think its a good to hear them calling for an SFA Inquiry, Sevco have lowered the bar considerably as to what grounds the SFA should consider holding an Inquiry. It also obviously sees no issue with timeline. After all it was over a decade ago and before Gary Hughes was a SFA Director.



    Coal raking is obviously back on the agenda;)



    Hail Hail

  16. DBHOY on 24TH MAY 2018 @ 12:22 PM



    Not sure what the rules on pitch watering are for a neutral match.



    The spfl rules are explicit. The home team can water the pitch at half time but must inform the referee and the opposition in advance. When they decide to do so they must water the whole pitch and not just selected areas.



    I guess the similar rules exist for SFA competitions and they would be posted in the dressing room. It would be good to know who gets to decide whether to water or not.

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