Criminal Justice Information database, where the missing data can be found


Following yesterday’s article on the cosy relationship between the police and Scottish Government, who are alarming a remarkably wide range of society, a flurry of information has been passed back to me, including the following notes on the Integration of Scottish Criminal Justice Information Systems (ISCJIS) database.  The First Minister has stonewalled requests to breakdown religiously aggravated crime, claiming the Crown Office have destroyed their records, but my source suggests the information is available for analysis in the ISCJIS database.  I’m told:

“The material stored (in the ISCJIS database) ranges from simple conviction records, to DNA, and social status. The data is used primarily for presenting Criminal History in court cases, and in identifying suspects in criminal investigations. It is also used of course to measure the social impact of changes in Legislation and Enforcement Policy, as evidenced by the current furore. It will also be used to predict the impact of such changes, particularly as regards Equality and Diversity impacts, which is a statutory requirement of any proposed Legislation.  You see, the ‘missing’ data is actually necessary in predicting the impact on Equality of the Offensive Behaviour Bill.”

“Essentially, if you want to know how many Section 74 Breach of the Peace convictions (Aggravation for Religious Prejudice) or even charges, there were at a given point in time in a given court, you simply search on the Breach of the Peace Conviction Code and add the modifier code ‘P’ indicating Religious Aggravation. All such offences are then returned, with full access (rights permitted) to the Reports and Case Notes.”

To assist the First Minister, below is information on what the enquiry form he has to complete looks like.  This is a link to the operation manual and if he’s really stuck he can call the helpdesk on 0141-585 – 8333.

We can only speculate why the authorities are so reluctant to disclose information on, on a subject so close to their hearts.

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DEFINITION: The code for a crime or offence that adds to the Offence Code by highlighting particular circumstances relating to the specific incident as opposed to the actual charge.
DATA ITEMS: Crime/Offence Aggravator.
PERMISSIBLE CHARACTER SET: Code field – Alpha or Zero.
RANGES/VALUES: The code field is 1 character long and consists of an alpha code, which identifies the Aggravation to the offence committed. It is possible that a charge can have a combination of up to 6 aggravations. An aggravation description may be held in a text field within individual systems and will be an automatic expansion of the Offence Aggravation code into text to specify the nature of the Aggravation.
PRIMARY OWNERSHIP: ISCJIS – maintained by Crown Office.
CODES: Over page:-
CODE Aggravation Inactive indicator
Anticipated activation date

0 No Aggravation
A Anti Social Behaviour
B Offending whilst on Bail
C Cancelled
D Domestic Abuse
E Disability
F Football
G Football Banning Order
H Harassment
I Harassment Order
J Connected to Serious Crime Y October 2010
K Offence against a child
OFFENCE MODIFIER DEFINITION: The code for a crime or offence which provides additional information for the specific incident as opposed to the actual charge.
PERMISSIBLE CHARACTER SET: Code field. Alpha, numeric.
RANGES/VALUES: The code field is 4 characters long and consists of an alphanumeric code, which identifies additional elements of the charge. The code will consist of an alphabetic character followed by 3 numeric characters. If no modifier exists, 4 0’s (zeroes) characters will be transferred. An Offence Modifier description may be held in a text field within individual systems and will be an automatic expansion of the Offence Modifier code into text to specify the nature of the Offence Modifier.
PRIMARY OWNERSHIP: ISCJIS maintained by Crown Office
CODES:- See offence modifier codes. The current
definitions are:-
A For Class A Drugs
B For Class B Drugs
C For Class C Drugs
W For Weapons
L Breach of undertaking
Y October 2010
N Sexual Orientation
O Sex Offenders Order
P Religious
R Racial
S Sexual
Q Transgender

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    They went after Neil in every form. Now they’ve went after the fans!!! A wee Q thats been bothering me. Who did Smith give his expence account to when he came back??



    Go on you I T guys its not a big ask.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Sorry, the above post was from Kitalba from the last thread.I re-posted with my supporting comments.

  3. ASonOfDan says:


    13 December, 2011 at 13:29



    I’d never support Man Utd… they think they are us… biggest club in the world…. not a chance …. support Celtic for all the right reasons.. non-bigoted open to all, started for charitable reasons… etc… etc… wish we’d put the republican stuff behind us though.

  4. No stupid quiz games, slushy soppy song lyrics, or utterly pointless team selections, CQN is back to its brilliant best, some really great stuff today lads, and yesterday btw. If this is what a UEFA 15,000 euro fine does for the blog bring it on – lets have more of them, well maybe not, but CQN has been fantastic over the last 24 hours or so – keep it going lads.

  5. I don’t sing about the RA at Celtic Park. I don’t particularly like hearing it.


    But I really, really don’t like elements of our support being criminalised and victimised in a chroreographed quickstep being led by the SNP with anti Irishness as the origin.


    If it was an inter-Celtic decision where the origin of the debate was simply a mature discussion about our future for Celtic fans, by Celtic fans, then I would see it differently. I can see this for what it is though.


    An agenda.

  6. Spearman @ 13:32



    If you’re stupid enough to still be hunning around…



    What’s the “anti-English” stuff you’re referring to? Can’t recall anyone singing the Flower of Scotland, although to be fair, it seems, it doesn’t matter what we that were there heard, only what the Match Commander hears….in his pre-match briefing….Is that what you’re referring to???? Explosive stuff, spill the beans bud…!!!

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ….PFayr: 13 December, 2011 at 13:39



    “What is illicit chanting ?”



    Something that only applies to Celtic fans.

  8. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    I would suggest that there’s been quite a sinister campaign to place our fans in this position ever since UEFA’s Gaillard categorised our songs in the “political” bracket rather than equate them with the openly sectarian & racist repertoire of our city neighbours.



    The not very subtle media campaign, including the disgraceful behaviour of elements within the Scottish sports depertment of the National broadcaster, and the unprecedented actions of a police match commender complaining directly to a UEFA delegate without first registering the complaint with the club’s stadium manager tells us all we need to know.



    This board regards the political elements within the Green Brigade as collateral damage in the fight we’re about to witness when this ill-advised Bill goes through the Scottish parliament. Instead of reaching agreement with all the supporter bodies to remove the “Plastic Provo” routines from the away games and any mention of the RA at home games, they decide to be complicit in the actions being taken against our support.



    Taken in isolation this would be bad enough, but coupled with ridiculous decisions taken over the last few years, this board now has very little credibility in the eyes of the most important people at the club….the fans.



    The continual failure of the board and the collective supporter groups to reach agreement on removing the PIRA songbook has contributed to the position we now find ourselves in. Cowardice and ineptitude at the top of the club and an attitude of “we’ll sing what we want” amongst certain fans has let our enemies damage our club and it’s fine reputation.



    The collective supporter bodies need to demand an immediate meeting with the board to ascertain which songs will be targeted and also to convey the complete and utter dismay of the vast majority of Celtic supporters. Failure to act now will lead to the cancellation of thousands of season cards and many fans walking away from the club they love.



    The greatest of football men once said that “football is nothing without the fans”….especially Celtic fans!






  9. Just a little reminder from the past below. How would many on here react to Mr Stein steaming into the crowd and making people stop singing about politics? Would Jock Stein have receieved the same accusations as are being handed out to the board? Would you have politely told Jock Stein that it was your right to sing political songs and that you did not care if he felt it ‘could damage Celtic’s hard-won reputation’. I think you would have been on to plums with that argument.



    Personally I am with Jock Stein and I believe most Celtic fans are too, the board certain is.


    What’s important, you and your rights to sing what you want, or Glasgow Celtic Football club?






    (Celtic View 1972)


    Jock Stein explains that foray into the crowd at the Stirling game



    ‘The Wreckers are chanting about things that have nothing to do with football’



    I don’t like criticising Celtic fans. But I have to take odds with at least a section of them. What I did on Saturday was something I’ve felt like doing for quite a while.



    It’s my sincere wish that it will have a lasting effect, as I’m sure that the vast majority of our fans do. Celtic supporters have enjoyed a lot of good times during the past few years and all of it was due to hard work – by the players, the backroom boys and the directors.



    The fans too have played a major role and we don’t want to see it all ruined now by the bad element who have recently emerged. Nor do we want to see the fans of long standing who followed us through the lean years discouraged from watching us play.



    This bad element – or the wreckers as the View called them last week – are singing and chanting about things which have nothing to do with football.



    Surely there are enough Celtic songs without introducing religion or politics or anything else.





    These offensive songs and chants could damage Celtic’s hard-won reputation built up by good football and sportsmanship.



    Offers to play all over the world keep arriving at Celtic Park.



    Last year we took part in the Bobby Moore testimonial. Next month we play in Bobby Charlton’s benefit match.



    This is an indication of our high standing in world football.



    The club don’t want to lose all this. Neither, I’m sure do any of our real supporters.

  10. gebhoy is the taxmans tick tocking clock, tick...tock on

    If this board hound the Green Brigade from Celtic Park by their actions, i predict you will have a home support of around 10000 as would never set foot inside the ground again, how they could even conteplate taking them on is beyond me, they should be encouraging them more than anything.



    Celtic PLC and Lawell take note the Green Brigade are the best thing to happen at Celtic Park since the jungle came down, and we as a support will defend them to the hilt.




  11. Jobo Baldie says:


    13 December, 2011 at 13:23


    If our Board were to reveal more about precisely what we did wrong then I would then be able to properly understand why they have accepted the verdict. But without that additional information the jury is most definitely out.







    Being the devil’s advocate here but it is possible that an appeal would do us more harm than good. We do need that additional information – from the board. If they have it that is. To be honest, at this stage – 24 hours after the fine was handed down, I can’t see them not having it and at the same time can’t fathom a reason as to why they wouldn’t share it with the support.



    Furthermore – I’m pretty confident I – and the support – know what UEFA term “illicit”. Legal, illegal or whatever I’m past caring.



    But if you know what will harm the club – you don’t do it.




  12. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    like most you forget the whole story


    charitable and “social justice” the part of the Celtic ethos the board have now abanoned along with the support.

  13. Gallagher



    Sorry just noticed you replied. I’m sure I will think before typing in the rage from now on. See what this Board has done! :-p

  14. The huns were fined for singing illegal songs of a racist and sectarian nature, they knew full well the songs which were illegal.



    Our supporters are condemned for singing songs which are legal but termed illicit and may offend, we haven’t a clue what songs are secretly termed illicit, thanks to the board our name is sullied, SACK THE WHOLE LOT OF THESE COWARDS, not possible I know but thats what I’d like to see.




  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Celts! Celts! The Hail is here.



    Oh, it’s snow now.



    On the article, I think we should congratulate the Scottish Government for having the foresight to invest in such extensive Information Technology resources, and thank Paul67 for finding the User Manual for them. Very helpful.

  16. Fortunes Favour Mibbes says:


    13 December, 2011 at 13:40



    Still here bud…. don’t shoot the messenger… took a mate up on the bus and a celtic pub before the game… quite a lot of anti-english/Brittish stuff there. Being English don’t think he would be too into the anti-english stuff in flower of Scotland either to be honest.

  17. Possible pickups in Port Glasgow and Paisley for anyone looking to get on the FAC bus tomorrow to demonstrate against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill at the Scottish Parliament.



    Bus will leave from George Square, Glasgow at 11am – no charge but donations welcome.



    If you haven’t signed the petition against the Bill please do so immediately, you can do it at












    If the Bill is passed then the FAC campaign will monitor and collect evidence about all arrests under the new legislation. This will be necessary in order to present evidence after the review period (the end of 2011-12 season and the whole of 2012-13 season we understand). Anyone who is arrested under this legislation should contact us to register their case and to request support if appropriate.

  18. Paul 67


    Impotant that this article is have you no comment to make on Celtic FC accepting this UEFA fine and why they have, without any information for the support, it does look to me that they indeed wanted this.

  19. It is possible that the board of Celtic FC, as yet, are as much in the dark regarding EUFA’s findings as we the ordinary punters are.



    I’m inclined to get them a few days grace to see if any suitable statement is forthcoming on this matter.



    A worry that I have from talking to a couple of people and reading one other site in particular, is that an element of the Celtic support have become detached from Lenny on the back of some of his recent comments to the media. Some of these guys are the very ones who persist with the IRA references at the football.



    Unless we can reach some sort of agreement amongst ourselves then this battle is only beginning.

  20. My boss is Peter Principle on

    What is worse Celtic fans singing illicit songs






    Players racially abusing a fellow professional?



    Well according to good old Sepp the latter can be cleared up with a handshake at the end of the game..



    I would rather be illicit

  21. If the Green Brigade are removed from Celtic Park will you continue to go to Celtic Park? Definate no from me.



    Lenny & The Team don’t deserve that but We don’t deserve a Board like this.

  22. TBB



    Down the hill too, and very grey over the East of the City



    。  ゜ ・  。  ゜ 。  ・ 。  ゜ ・  。 ゜  。・  。 ゜・ 。 ゜  。 。 ゜ ・  。  ・ 。 ・ ゜   。  ・   。 ・ 。  ゜ ・  。   。 ゜  。 ・   。  ・ 。  ゜   ・ 。  ゜ ・  。 ゜ ・  。  。  ゜ 




    。  ゜ ・  。  ゜ 。  ・ 。  ゜ ・  。 ゜  。・  。 ゜・ 。 ゜  。 。 ゜ ・  。  ・ 。 ・ ゜   。  ・   。 ・ 。  ゜ ・  。   。 ゜  。 ・   。  ・ 。  ゜   ・ 。  ゜ ・  。 ゜ ・  。  。  ゜ 

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    What did we expect?? They didnt fight the N P for Neil did they.? Roll over P L to I scratch ur belly!!

  24. bournesouprecipe says:


    13 December, 2011 at 13:39





    Sally McCoist?



    Keerect…. Give that man a banana… but make sure he doesn’t throw it…:-)

  25. If it wasn’t for this very manual, this book right here!: Alex S would be gratefully kicking out all educated Tims from his precious Land of Hunny. Pestering, outspoken Timmies. But how could he possibly create a password that would stand up to international standards on the budget given to him by Tony Blair???



    C64 Basic

  26. Gebhoy, blogging on the move today, only read about the announcement from Celtic below this article.



    I had zero expectation of Celtic appealing this, would be amazed if many thought otherwise. When it comes to IRA referenced chanting, which I believe it was, the message is unlikely to be fudged.



    Unfortunately, we have been boxed into this corner. I can’t see any clean way out of it as I don’t expect the chanting to completely stop, Celtic (correctly) cannot condone or defend any reference to the IRA (including ‘the ra’) and those wanting to have a pop at us have patience to wait on it happening again.



    My expectation is this will be messy for years and I don’t see any way out of it. Copy and paste your arguments, you’ll be able to use them hundreds move times.



    Bigger picture is what is happening in Scotland with the criminalisation of currently legal chanting and how it will be subverted alongside hate crimes.



    Off out again, alas.

  27. ….PFayr says:


    13 December, 2011 at 13:39


    ‘What is illicit chanting ?



    anyone know ……………………..’





    I assume that it’s any form of chanting that falls within the scope of Article 11 of UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations.



    Article 11 is pretty wide ranging, in fact it’s pretty much all encompassing.





    ARTICLE 11



    ‘disciplinary measures may be taken against…clubs in case of (sic) inappropriate behaviour on the part of their supporters, including:





    (d) the use of gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event, in particular if it is of a political, offensive or provocative nature;….



    (f) any other lack of order or discipline observed in the stadium area.’




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