Critical autumn fixtures provide comfort for Celtic


A big pitfall in the autumn fixtures is who you face after a demanding European game.  Teams are more likely to drop points domestic away from home immediately after an away European game than in any other scenario.

A few years back, Celtic had the misfortune of four domestic away games after European fixtures, a wave of complaints perhaps ensured these fixtures are now evenly spread, as they are this time.  Following our Champions League games, we have away trips to St Mirren, St Johnstone and Livingston, and we face Livingston, Hibs and Dundee United at home.

Livingston caused Celtic lots of problems last season, so facing them twice will cause some concern.  In their corresponding fixtures, Newco have home and away games against Aberdeen, who are a perennial thorn in the Ibrox club’s soft underbelly.  Points will be dropped by whoever is unprepared.

Celtic, Newco and Hearts – likely to be Scotland’s group stage competitors, are all kept apart after European games, to assist fixture scheduling problems.  Motherwell and Dundee United may surprise everyone and qualify for the Conference League groups.

Between the league kick-off at home to Aberdeen on 31 July and facing Ross County on 12 November, when club football breaks for the World Cup, Celtic will play 16 games in the league, six in the Champions League and probably two in the League Cup.

24 games in 15 weeks sounds like a lot, but it will be our lightest load at the start of the season in many years.  Others are likely to play 28 games in that time.

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  1. Regarding Compton, that’ll go down a treat in Hollywood. No doubt ear marked for the Irish American audience.


    As for fans chanting “IRA” as an add on to any song, pathetic.

  2. Eric Botheim,the brilliant striker from Bodo Glimt,has just walked out on Krasnodar,without playing a game,after a 6.75 million Euro transfer.He will not play for a Russian team,after the invasion of Ukraine.UEFA have OKd this,so now he is a free agent.15 goals in 30 games for Bodo,and 7 European goals.


    Just saying.

  3. Moderator1888 on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 17TH JUNE 2022 8:33 PM · EDIT



    Just saw the photograph of The Hun Lundstrum and Reo on the BBC SCOTLAND Sports page under the title SPL FIXTURES 2022-23.



    Unfortunately, it is set up so that it cannot be copied over.



    The picture is shocking. It clearly shows an ugly faced low brow Hun (yes, he clearly has one) bending over and getting into Reo’s face, in a clear and obvious attempt to intimidate . Reo is holding him off with his right hand, with head bowed and not looking directly at him.



    It is a very telling photograph.






    This is the pic



  4. fergusslayedtheblues on



    There is a lot of mystery surrounding PASTAGATE.


    DAVID66 insists he didn’t burn it


    The pot thickens



  5. Anyone really think Sevilla are considering offers for Morelos,at (SMSM )20 million upwards?.H,mmm.Last year of contract.H,mmm.Love reading these hacks,trying to bum up the Hun players


    Let’s see,we have Morelos,upwards of 20 million,


    Bassey,25 million,


    Aribo,20 million,


    Kent 25 million


    Last season,Kamara,20 million,


    Barasic 15 million


    Tavernier 10 million


    Goldson,15 million.



    How can we ever hope to compete?3 or 4 in the last year as well.


    We’re doomed,doomed.

  6. I’m getting excited for the new Season already.



    Welcome Harry to the Greatest Club on the Planet.



    The Aberdeen game cannae come quick enough.



    Our Japanese Bhoys will get a proper rest but no doubt they’d be in the morra if that was the instructions.



    Anyway, I’m starting to Believe in Celtic doing Something pretty Incredible under Ange.



    Was it philvis or BSR who first introduced this Classic tube to CQN?



  7. The same ugly H un player gave Bassey a right bollocking for asking a Celtic player if he was OK after getting hacked.


    Most won’t remember,but after they played Arsenal in pre season friendly at Ibrox,I said we had to watch out for this thug.Running around like a demented madman hacking the Arsenal kids.One carried off a couple of minutes after coming on.



  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on 17th June 2022 5:59 pm



    Wonder if Madhun knew he’d be reffing the Old Firm against Celtic for the last time in the SC semi.



    More to the point, I wonder if the SFA knew he was for the off and gave him the gig.



    His performance makes more sense now.






    I wonder when the deal was done.



    I’ve not seen a more biased refereeing performance than on that day. And that is truly saying something.

  9. bigrailroadblues on 17th June 2022 7:10 pm



    “I love the smell of burnt pasta in the morning “. Robert Duvall, Apocalypse Garngad. 😂






    roflcopter at this, seems to have been after a mad wan wae CQNers.



    I wish I had been there, the quality Pool tournie @ Styx organised by TT led to something similar where food was concerned…. I dinnae ken whit happened as I wisnae Dani Bher.



    I blame the Whiskey introduced by aceilergonofrust on the Davie Hay!!! (apols for spelling of ACGR if wrong).



    I keep singing this in my heid.



    F the Hun scum especial………….




  10. Haaland gone, Mbappe resigned, Nunez gone, Mane gone, Gabriel Jesus available, Bale available, di Maria available. And STILL we dither.

  11. fergusslayedtheblues on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 17TH JUNE 2022 9:13 PM


    I wonder how Reo would do swapping roles with Cal Mac ,I think we could benefit from his eye for a longer pass to spring a fast counter attack bypassing the opposition midfield .


    That would then free Cal up to give us his goal threat and eye for the weighted short pass for Kyogo’s runs



  12. fergusslayedtheblues,



    I fear Callums goal threat has been blunted because he is the Ultimate utility player, he had an awesome eye for goal when he was younger.



    Looking forward to the 1 or 2 Big signings coming in.

  13. IniquitousIV on 17th June 2022 10:44 pm



    Haaland gone, Mbappe resigned, Nunez gone, Mane gone, Gabriel Jesus available, Bale available, di Maria available. And STILL we dither.






    We are on the road again.



    Nothings gonnae stop us now.



  14. For all of you bemoaning the ugly hun Lundstram and his intimidatory ways, a real Celtic hard man sorted him out in the final league game of the season. He lay on the ground squealing like a pig after having been dealt with by our Japanese Ninja assassin Kyogo. I don’t have the link but some of the tech geniuses on here may be able to show THAT pic.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    Huns looking for fee in excess of £10 million for one of their most valuable assets?




    I’m due this has been posted already but just in from pub and can’t be arsed reading back csc.

  16. IniquitousIV on




    One Spanish reference that Seville may be willing to go as high as £6.9M for the tubby Colombian.


    Bit of a difference from the MSM’s fabled £20M.



    If true ( and I have no reason to believe it is true ), the Huns would bite their hands off for that, and promptly buy Stewart from Sunderland.



    That photo of Lundstrom just my confirmed my initial observation watching the last derby game?


    He looks like a “Probiscus Monkey”




  18. Morning all from a very dark Garngad, there must be a Hun in the Garngad.



    Lies, lies and damn lies about my culinary skills.



    The pasta was made from scratch, flour, water etc. and it was bootiful as Bernard Mathews would say, bootiful.



    Feck off the rain has just started…aggggghhhhhhh



    D :)

  19. David66


    Mrs Gene bought a pasta maker (no not me) – used it once – I think the expression ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’ comes to mind. It ended up in a charity shop.

  20. Gene – 😂. Shhhh dont tell anyone it was store bought pasta I used.



    What these guys dont know when slagging this Garngad Gourmet that when I started with my current employer and out in the van and finished at 3.30pm I used to make the dinners for my family. That only lasted about 6 months right enough to our company grew and I work until later, though not much later…. uch I’m digging a hole for myself in case that FSTB tells mrsdavid66 as we are next door neighbours..😂



    D :)

  21. With regards to lundstrom it is high time we had someone bought to combat players like him ,in case it has escaped anyone’s notice we have a team of small players , the semi final showed how to handle our players we were intimidated , lundstrom did a number on our flair players . Many of our older fans will recall we had hard men in our ranks who would have seen the likes of lundstrom in there place in jig time , wee Bertie ,Davy hay .bobby murdoch , Roy aitken and of course broonie , if an enforcer isn’t brought in we will encounter players like him and power at Kilmarnock plus the hammer throwers in the european sides . Sorry to say I fear our coach is more into buying wee guys than putting a bit of bite into the side .HH

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    So Ange comes in, buys a team of clever, skillful footballers from all over the world, wins the LC and SP, but it’s not good enough. He must get rid of the foreign footballers and bring in Scottish cluggers to deal with one big hun player.



    It’s gonna be a long close season.

  23. Well Tom here we go again , I imagine that reply was to me I can’t see anywhere in my post that says we have to get rid of any of our foreign players , no doubt we have some class acts in our side , but we need a hardman in there to protect our slight players who were subject to rough house tactics from the usual suspects all be it with the help of brother madden . Maybe you don’t remember the tough guys we had previously in our squads ,the guys I mentioned were all near first picks every week in there respective sides , and recently of course we had broonie who imho we miss greatly in the team . Had he been playing in the semi final our tanner baw players would have won the match for s and we would have had 3 trophy,s and not just the two you mention . HH

  24. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 17TH JUNE 2022 9:04 PM



    FSTB, I’m looking forward to seeing a rested David66. Last years version would have us all in jail. 😂





    BRRB – 🤣 Thuroughbred/ athlete is a term commonly used when discussing this Garangad Gourmet.



    D :)

  25. Hun media go all out to attack a couple of celebrates and past football player during their holidays because some celtic supporters put some ira add ons onto beautiful Sunday. Also claim it is sectarian cause they don’t know that the ira were not sectarian at all.



    Huns players and staff participate in full out anit irish racist after title win break covid rules and the media hardly give it a glance.



    Ps If someone wants to sing about, celebrate and/ or commemorate those who have fought and died for their country, the country of their fathers, grandfather’s etc. Or have sympathy for thier cause that is their right.



    Lots of the people who are showing sympathy for Ukraine are the self same people who tell the Irish to move on. When russia do exit ukraine anyone think it will be simply a case let’s all move on, if russia decide remain in the boarder Town and to call them russia will that be accepted

  26. Like many, I suggested early last season that I felt it important to blend skill with strength.


    Thankfully, the manager agreed. CCV and Geo made a difference when they came in.


    As things stand, footballers can head the ball during matches. Taller players have an advantage

  27. The creation of Nortrern ireland was a complete joke, imagine westminster politicians saying you can have a scotttish independence vote but any individual towns or cities that vote against it will remain part of the uk, if you don’t accept those terms we will simply go to war with you, kill those who protest and keep the whole of country under our control.



    Acceptable, I don’t think so.

  28. This big lugging bruiser of a defender we should buy , does he also have to be able to play that lovely one touch silky passing game that Ange wants . And after the first booking he will get for breathing on a hun , will we be shouting get him off he’s gonnae get a red card ?



    All this and more will be answered in the next episode of …