Critical autumn fixtures provide comfort for Celtic


A big pitfall in the autumn fixtures is who you face after a demanding European game.  Teams are more likely to drop points domestic away from home immediately after an away European game than in any other scenario.

A few years back, Celtic had the misfortune of four domestic away games after European fixtures, a wave of complaints perhaps ensured these fixtures are now evenly spread, as they are this time.  Following our Champions League games, we have away trips to St Mirren, St Johnstone and Livingston, and we face Livingston, Hibs and Dundee United at home.

Livingston caused Celtic lots of problems last season, so facing them twice will cause some concern.  In their corresponding fixtures, Newco have home and away games against Aberdeen, who are a perennial thorn in the Ibrox club’s soft underbelly.  Points will be dropped by whoever is unprepared.

Celtic, Newco and Hearts – likely to be Scotland’s group stage competitors, are all kept apart after European games, to assist fixture scheduling problems.  Motherwell and Dundee United may surprise everyone and qualify for the Conference League groups.

Between the league kick-off at home to Aberdeen on 31 July and facing Ross County on 12 November, when club football breaks for the World Cup, Celtic will play 16 games in the league, six in the Champions League and probably two in the League Cup.

24 games in 15 weeks sounds like a lot, but it will be our lightest load at the start of the season in many years.  Others are likely to play 28 games in that time.

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  1. Hot Smoked



    Errors in English i



    I blame the schools,or should I comment like he did mine lol(no don’t answer🤣)






    Ps barely on since your comment on Reo article in Athletic



    I thought it an excellent article too j,polite and humble and mannerly,very respectful too,being a true Dan those aspects of his character and culture jumped out to me,we are in a good space with Reo,let’s hope it gets even better




  2. AN TEARMANN on 18TH JUNE 2022 3:17 PM


    Yes, Reo could turn out to be as classy on the field as he appears to be off it.


    Off out now ( as someone used to say) so,


    Cheerio for now.

  3. SCANIEL on 18TH JUNE 2022 11:49 AM


    I’m sure you remember our greatest ever manager saying, I paraphrase, score more than the oppo to take the referees out of the equation, he was of course correct, but why the eff should we, he said this in the mid 60s FFS and we are still getting refereed differently all these decades later, it’s unacceptable.


    The day our board grow a pair will be the day I praise them, till then they can go and eff themselvs.

  4. TET


    You could say it’s worse now because most games are televised and analysed – it’s happening in plain sight.

  5. Was the early Barry Robson challenge not on Christian Dailly?


    I may well be mixing up 2 separate challenges

  6. IniquitousIV on



    “Assuming Krasnodar were paying in installments, Bodo Glimt would have received maybe 2-3m of the reported 6.7m fee. Krasnodar have lost their player so it’s unlikely they’ll pay another penny on the fee, that leaves Bodo Glimt out of pocket for 4.7m and Krasnodar down 2-3m. Both clubs, especially Bodo, will want their money back.



    UEFA are creating a difficult precedent here and we might see an exodus of EU players from Russia. Any club with an appetite for litigation would jump at the chance of getting in the middle of a situation like that.”




    Insightful post. I think it was TURKEYBHOY who first posted on these pages about the availability of Erik Botheim. My first reaction was, “Let’s go for him.” Your post has given me pause. Do you think Bodo would have a case demanding compensation from any Club who signs him?


    Per your last line above, good luck with that if Sevco turn out to be that Club!🤣



    I would have thought that the player should return to his selling club and any transfer fee already paid returned to the buying club.

  8. Solbakken was a target.Alas I think he went to Roma.


    real pity that.




  9. GENE on 18TH JUNE 2022 4:11 PM





    I would have thought that the player should return to his selling club and any transfer fee already paid returned to the buying club.







    you would think such common sense would apply,as it stands it can’t be paid/repaid during sanctions.


    It shows tho the intricacies of the modern transfer.




  10. An Tearmann


    Most of Europe is still paying Russia millions every day for gas and oil – this is small change in comparison

  11. Iniquitousiv – Yes, I do believe Bodo will be due the balance of their transfer fee, and the reasonable outcome would be to ask any club who signs the player to honour the outstanding terms.



    I’m sure plenty of EU clubs are currently tapping up valuable russian based EU players, telling them to cancel their contracts and we’ll give you an £Xm contract. There’ll be plenty of opportunism at play, and most clubs will make provision in their funds just in case CAS ultimately rule they have to pay someone. Not that opportunism doesn’t always pay, Wolves made merry when Sporting Lisbon were forced to release a load of their players from their contracts a few years ago.



    To Gene’s point, I don’t believe the player can be forced to return to his old club. I could see a situation where the player’s registration is left in limbo for years while the various courts rule, such a situation has happened before.



    He would be a player for sale with an agreed transfer fee – the original club would hold his registration making a future transfer clean.


    If he were to go straight to another club then that would make the contractual situation problematic as far as a fee to the original club was concerned. He would be a free agent as far as his registration is concerned – if you catch my drift

  13. Gene – Yeah I see your point, but I don’t think UEFA actually _can_ transfer a player registration back to his old club without the agreement of the player. I think in the Eric Botheim case it is in fact your latter scenario, UEFA have cancelled his registration and he’s a free agent. It’ll be left to Bodo to pursue any lost fee via CAS.

  14. MOD1888



    I remember that crunch but there was another on Arteta at the beginning of the game not same game.

  15. Aipple . Timhorton . Yes Barry robson had a bit of dig , think the tackle you are on about was a cruncher against Christian daly if my memory serves me well . It took dalys notion off the game hardly seen him after that . It seems to be I am an aggressive fellow ,nothing could be farther from the truth ,I just hate to see us being bullied especially against them , what lumstrom got away with semi final day was a scandal , but madden knew what he was doing (btw I don’t think we have seen the last of that rat ). But although we had a very good season ,there is still room for improvement . Definitely another no nonsense centre back . Definitely a 5ft 7 inch left back , and an animal in centre mid . ( would be a blessing if he could play a bit too mind ) We do have a surplus of guys who we need to get rid off ,that to is a priority , we have the man in charge to see to these things but he is not infallible , I do think he Knows what he wants in his side the players are around fingers crossed he gets them in . HH

  16. Hamilton the musical, not the team.






    Agree with that, yes. We do also need to move along a good few.

  17. AIPPLE



    Enjoy Hamilton, that’s where the bold FAIRHILL BHOY and myself live……




    Oh and that handsome chap



  18. Paul Hartley



    “Back in 2008, Robbo set the tone in the first minute with a sharp elbow on Christian Dailly, then I had a strong tackle on Lee McCulloch.”

  19. Ps



    If you see FAIRHILL BHOY tell him I said hello and ask if he is still game to do a wee deal for the home game against the Diets in August.




  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    AIPPLE- took the wife to see Hamilton, she wasn’t well pleased……they got beat 2-1 by Ross County….

  21. AIPPLE.



    If the bold yin has agreed with you for something I can assure you it will happen, he’s one of the best….

  22. Arteta played for “rangers” 2002-2004 so it wasn’t Barry Robson.Could be my memory not that good but i’m sure Arteta was given a hard tackle early on.