Critical link between manager and scouts needs urgent attention


Although the Euros do not start until Friday, players from Gibraltar to Germany are in action tonight as hundreds of the Continent’s best players continue their preparation for the tournament.  Many will be available for sale, just look at the Celtic players that have featured in international friendlies in recent days.

Even if he was already in place, Ange Postecoglou would be unable to travel to games in person but the most important job right now is to scout potential targets across dozens of games.  This process requires the manager to work in tandem with his scouts and technical team.  I doubt any of Celtic’s scouts of technicians have had as much as a Teams call with the new boss.

Despite the time difference and being thousands of miles away, Ange can watch as many games as he could from Glasgow, but scouting is not a solitary operation.  The critical link between him and the rest of the team needs to be established as soon as possible.

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  1. This is why the DoF should’ve been in place weeks ago and the circus around the managerial appointment has overshadowed that.



    Has there been any movement on this front or did Harkin do an “Eddie Howe” on us?

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 7th June 2021 2:00 pm


    Glass2- I seen Armstrong rated at 10 million the other day….




    Yeah – might be a push, but if we get 15-16m for Eddie…?


    Really like him. Knows how to score goals. If he got one that took us into the CL it’s paid back straight away! You would get re-sell down the line too if he did well and went back down to one of the bigger sides.


    Probably won’t happen though. Maybe if we had got Howe it’s the kind of player we could have attracted.


    Hoping there’s some master plan in the works but not exactly optimistic about it!

  3. Good article and really highlights how poor a state we are in.



    Mate from Melbourne phoned me yesterday.


    He says Ange is a very good coach who will have the team very fit and playing a high press game.


    He would class him ad a coach rather than manager. He also is poor in front of the media.


    Just his opinion

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Tearmann



    Can’t recall who originally mentioned it but ….



    …. If you Google roconteur podcast you should get some links.



    I listened part way through Johnny Marr episode but gave up.



    Phone line quality to JM was poor.



    Memo to podcast hosts ….



    If you have a guest on?



    Chances are we want to hear from the guest, not you.

  5. jamesgang @ 7:39 am



    “As for apologies, showbiz or otherwise, I’ve yet to hear one that really addresses the magnitude of the balls up. In fact, I don’t really recall one worthy of the name.”





    We often mistake “I can’t recall” for there never was one:-



    1) “IT was his 44th and final Old Firm derby.



    But after so many highs, Scott Brown’s last dance ended with a crushing new low.


    Brown was replaced on 60 minutes — and by the time referee Nick Walsh put his team-mates out of their misery, the gap between Glasgow’s big two had stretched to 23 points.



    In the end, all Brown could do was offer his apologies to the Celtic support.



    “It’s been a hard season and it was a hard game as well, but Celtic will be back next season.



    “It’s a hard game for the fans, but we are as disappointed as they are.



    “We are sorry for letting them down over the whole season because this was supposed to be our showcase season — and it wasn’t to be.”



    The midfielder believes Walsh was wrong to send off Callum McGregor, but conceded the players had badly let down their fans in a catastrophic campaign to forget.




    2) ” NEIL Lennon tonight apologised to Celtic supporters after the Parkhead club crashed to a 1-0 defeat to their bottom-placed Premiership rivals Ross County in Dingwall.



    The quadruple treble winners dominated the league match at the Global Energy Stadium – but they passed up a raft of scoring chances before conceding a goal at a 71st minute free-kick.



    The loss meant the defending Scottish champions remained 18 points behind Rangers in the league table – and increased their city rivals’ chances of clinching the title at Celtic Park next month.



    Asked if he had a message for Celtic fans afterwards, Lennon said: “I’m sorry. We let them down again. It’s not for the want of trying to win and we’re bitterly disappointed.



    “It’s a strange one. It sort of encapsulates our season. We dominated the game and missed some unbelievable chances and then we can’t defend a set play for some reason. It’s a headscratcher, for sure. We were totally dominant.



    Lennon added: “It’s a bump. We’re not learning from defending set plays. Ross County maybe had the ball in our box once or twice the whole second half and we have conceded a free header to the biggest guy in their team. We should be dealing with it.



    “It’s been a bugbear and certainly a weakness of ours all season. I can’t change it now. Heading the ball is part of the game and defending set plays is part of the game and we haven’t done that anywhere near well enough this season.



    “You can tell them ad nauseum on the training ground and you can set them up ad nauseum, but you have got to go and want to head a ball.



    “I’m bitterly disappointed because they are good enough to learn. They maybe don’t want to get hurt or throw their body in the way of things. It’s not good enough.”



    3) “Celtic’s controversial trip to Dubai was “clearly… a mistake” and one for which they “profoundly apologise”, says chief executive Peter Lawwell.



    Neil Lennon and his squad returned from training in the Middle East on Friday, with Christopher Jullien subsequently testing positive for Covid-19.



    As a result, Lennon, assistant John Kennedy, and 13 players had to isolate and missed the draw with Hibernian.



    “The outcome was clearly very regrettable,” Lawwell told CelticTV.



    “On reflection, looking back and looking with hindsight and looking at the outcome of the trip, clearly it was a mistake and for that I profoundly apologise to our supporters.



    “This horrific pandemic has affected the whole of society. It’s affected people here in Scotland, it’s affected our supporters, it’s affected our football and it’s affected our club – probably our club more than any.”






    It took under 30 seconds for me to find these 3 examples. They may not satisfy but they were genuine attempts to apologise and they did occur.



    I did not need them to be spoken to know that Broony was hurt but for those fans more thirled t this showbiz PR approach- you got one out of the man.



    After demanding apologies, the most common reaction from conflicted fans is to say that’s not good enough, or too late, or why didn’t you do something about it, or just resign.



    Our guys played the media game and gave apologies. Like the Rangers liquidation, we would now like to pretend that they didn’t or it wasn’t fulsome or genuine or practical or penitential enough.



    There is nothing more they can say or do.



    They know they did not give up or give in or not try enough nut they know they failed. Everyone taking part in Sport, even the greats, fail. The only reparation that IS genuine is going again and doing it better- all else is mere, and I mean, mere, PR.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just noticed this from Friday’s Hootsman:



    Sources in Postecoglou’s homeland have suggested to The Scotsman that the 55-year-old could look to bring one-time Rangers midfielder Kevin Muscat with him, while former Yokohama F Marinos assistant Arthur Papas has also been linked as a possible recruit to the recast Celtic coaching set-up.



    Not bothered about exhun player being assistant, might be more proactive than Kennedy😵😱

  7. prestonpans bhoys on




    Didn’t know he was an ole EBT man, he was early 2000’s so must have been on the DOS stuff???

  8. LuxCelt and Squire D & others



    You may prove to be right about Stephen Welsh. The bhoy showed character in coming into a struggling team and improving upon the performances that we had seen from more senior pros like Duffy and Elhamed but he has not proved to be anything other than promising, as yet,



    However, – no Under 21 caps is a poor metric. Davie Hay had no under 21 caps- nor did Dixie Deans or Stephen McManus or Jack Hendry or Frank McGarvey



    Kevin EBT Muscat from the old Rainjurz.



    If our shower of a board wouldn’t address cheating, EBT’s before they certainly won’t have any objections now !!!!!

  10. Prestonpans.



    Yip. There are two distinct EBT groups at the former club.



    The ones they owned up to after being raided by the London rossers one night, and the lost EBT’s from their ‘glorious’ period Gascoine, Butcher, Wilkins, Francis, etc, etc



    Didn’t matter come liquidation day.

  11. An Tearmann – I posted it a couple of weeks ago. I think it is the number one podcast in music on Apple.


    As Glass Half Full says, Gary Kemp in some episodes can be a bit annoying as he likes to make it known he was there too.


    I have found sound quality almost always fine.



    Below is what I posted the other day:


    DENIABHOY on 4TH JUNE 2021 1:42 PM


    RPMCELTICFAN – The Rockonteurs podcasts are, in my opinion, nearly all enjoyable. I listen to them when out walking. Each one lasts approx an hour, all chat, no music. The only ones I didn’t really take to were Suzi Quattro and David Crosby. The others all have some great stories to tell, regardless of whether you are into their particular music. For me, examples of that were the shows with David Coverdale and Alice Cooper. Coverdale is brilliant to listen too, so funny. Likewise Brian Johnson of ACDC. Some hilarious insights.



    Geldof, Jools Holland, Boy George and Roland Arzabal were all really interesting, likewise Glen Matlock with his Sex Pistols’ stories. Scots Midge Ure and sharleen Spiteri were superb.



    There have been guests that I previously knew little about like Imelda May and Jonny Marr that were equally enjoyable.



    As the series progresses, Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt become more relaxed and entertaining but they are both really knowledgeable of the music industry and their guests. Pratt has played bass with almost everyone including Roxy Music and Pink Floyd and seems to know everyone.



    Kemp has a great insight into the late 70s-early 80s scene but he is not just Spandau Ballet, he is a surprisingly good guitarist and plays with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason’s band, A saucerful of secrets.



    I subscribe to You Tube Premium for music streaming and almost always go on to it to listen to the stuff that was being discussed.




    Dive in, you won’t regret it.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Johnny Marr, Carlisle Sands Centre encore came out with a Celtic scarf on

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    I can’t even see if the coasts clear 🧐 I think Italy are in with a good shout




    Our board of directors were confident that LNS would handle the matter in his court of law.



    History shows that he didn’t get to consider all of the evidence leading to the bizarre decision of ‘no sporting advantage’ gained. The multiple side letters which paid up to £40,000 a week on top of their SPL contracted wage was ignored.



    What the Celtic board then did or didn’t do might remain a matter of controversy for all time, meanwhile I don’t think Kevin Muscat should get the gig, if he does it underlines what a rudderless ship we are.

  15. Been thinking about all of the above, looked at the French squad – still very strong.



    Italy i noticed scoring more goals than they ever have…..



    Belgium great squad just never gotten over the line



    England hmm don’t mind Southgate



    Germany…..can’t rull them ought.



    Decisions decisions

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    Think the Euros is pretty open this time, sadly I got Ukraine in the sweep 😳

  17. Hi Paul67



    Nice to see you taking the weekend off.


    That’s the second one in a row.


    Healthy balance between work & other stuff is essential.




  18. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 7TH JUNE 2021 4:14 PM



    Yeah looking forward to it.



    I got Poland whom I like but no chance I’m sorry to say, so putting on a bet.(responsible one for interest)

  19. Living in England I’m dreading them winning – my sons would love it.


    I’m waiting to spot the first St George’s flag from a car window.

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    There’s always that critical point when you can relax once England’s been knocked out, imagining the amount of times they’d mention it. Martin Tyler was going on, recently, about Maradonas handball 😩 I dont ever recall the Germans regaling about being robbed in 1966

  21. Engurland winning not on the radar….hopefully.



    As I said before Southgate seems quite reasonable, modest even certainly going against the grain of their support and press.



    They’ve got errors in them. We might even beat them….can you imagine that? 🤣😂

  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    Uncle Jimmy,



    You never hear that one often as of course Henry played for The Arsenal






    I can’t take to him I had thought about the possibility that they’d lose their last group game

  23. rpmcelticfan on

    DENIABHOY Thanks again for the music podcasts link only listened to the Coverdale one so far , where did he get that accent from , im sure I read Pratts book years ago some good stories in that too mostly Roxy music stuff , hope others check them oot , cheers :)

  24. everyone who knows Ange and his style have all talked about his attacking and attractive football demands. This is good to hear , BUT we need to earn the right to play football – and every successful team needs a strong foundation.



    We absolutely need a dominant goalkeeper (Dundee Utd keeper?) , a dominant Center half and a captain. I hopped we could retain Ajer and surround w=him with better players – I wanted him as captain as its important to retain players who understand the club.



    Mcgregor is an absolute NO WAY as captain!



    If we start looking at those positions and bringing in physicality , I’;d be happy. Where is our recruitment man and our director of footy!!

  25. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    If its true (newsnow) and I know its a big if, but if its true that Eddie Howe is now hanging around Southampton hoping they are going to sack their manager, so he can declare an interest, well my goodness, seriously glad he didn’t end up with us, what kind of loathsome character does that, particularly after a year long vacation.

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    St Tams



    “He also is poor in front of the media”






    No probs, I’m sure our leaders will be aware of that and have him lined up for all sorts of communication courses so he doesn’t end up being publicly ridiculed by our no friends of Celtic Scottish media.



    if only,



    should the results not go our way early on they will tear him to shreds.

  27. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB …..




    Deniabhoy …



    Cheers re Rocenteurs.




    Geldof, Boy George, Midge Ure and Sharleen Spiteri on my To-do list




  28. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Glasgow Times



    FORMER Rangers defender Kevin Muscat is not being lined up for a coaching job as part of Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic backroom team, Herald Sport understands.



    Sources in Australia had suggested that Muscat, who spent a single season at Ibrox back in 2002/03 and helped Alex McLeish’s side to win a Treble, was set to return to Glasgow to take up a coaching post at Celtic.



    The former Australian international has been a long-term associate of Postecoglou, and was his assistant manager at Melbourne Victory prior to Postecoglou taking on the job as head coach of the national side.





    But reports that Muscat will join his friend at Celtic are believed to be wide of the mark.



    Meanwhile, despite reports that Postecoglou had verbally agreed terms to become the new Celtic manager today, it is understood that hasn’t happened just yet.



    Talks between Celtic, Postecoglou and his current club Yokohama F Marinos are however still progressing well, with the club confident of a successful outcome this week.

  29. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Eddie Howe Mark 2?



    “Meanwhile, despite reports that Postecoglou had verbally agreed terms to become the new Celtic manager today, it is understood that hasn’t happened just yet.”

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