Critical link between manager and scouts needs urgent attention


Although the Euros do not start until Friday, players from Gibraltar to Germany are in action tonight as hundreds of the Continent’s best players continue their preparation for the tournament.  Many will be available for sale, just look at the Celtic players that have featured in international friendlies in recent days.

Even if he was already in place, Ange Postecoglou would be unable to travel to games in person but the most important job right now is to scout potential targets across dozens of games.  This process requires the manager to work in tandem with his scouts and technical team.  I doubt any of Celtic’s scouts of technicians have had as much as a Teams call with the new boss.

Despite the time difference and being thousands of miles away, Ange can watch as many games as he could from Glasgow, but scouting is not a solitary operation.  The critical link between him and the rest of the team needs to be established as soon as possible.

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    LuxCelt and Squire D & others You may prove to be right about Stephen Welsh. The bhoy showed character in coming into a struggling team and improving upon the performances that we had seen from more senior pros like Duffy and Elhamed but he has not proved to be anything other than promising, as yet,



    However, – no Under 21 caps is a poor metric. Davie Hay had no under 21 caps- nor did Dixie Deans or Stephen McManus or Jack Hendry or Frank McGarvey



    *We didnae have an U21 side back then it was U23 and I can assure you that both Davie Hay and George Connolly starred against the outlanders down there.



    As for Stephen Welsh he appeared against the black north in the last 2 games.

  2. Jinkyredstar on

    Rock Tree – unfortunately that article, and I hate to say this, is pretty much the situation we find ourselves in.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Rock Tree Bhoy



    I Have to agree with Jinky Red Star . I can also see why it would irk DD – he doesn’t seem to react well to criticism whether it’s from media or from Celtic supporters

  4. ROCK TREE BHOY on 7TH JUNE 2021 5:32 PM



    Can’t see any factual inaccuracies in that piece.



    The situation it describes is certainly ‘absolutely indefensible’, but I’m not sure that’s what you were getting at.



    I see Jeff Bezos is getting blasted into space. Maybe TGD could join him. One way ticket preferably.

  5. CardboardCSC on

    I could not care less if Muscat played for a club who no longer exist. So long if he does come in he is good at his job. Hail Hail

  6. As much as I am angry at everything celtic at the moment I dont want to push against a new manager or new players. It’s not helpful and will only work against my desire to see celtic compete and win.



    All but one of the loan players done anything of note and he was very inconsistent could not beat a man on the outside and was slow. I will not miss any of them but wish them the best.



    Selling the want away players in ajer, eddie, christie and ncham (anyone else that wants to go) is the correct thing to do. Sell to the highest bidder and reinvest in the team. Dont accept that we are or should be writing off this season. Football can turn quickly.



    Barkas is a good keeper who suffered a bad season in a new country, it happens. If the aussie is the new manager then barkas might just squeeze into the team as he is good with ball to feet.



    Jullian will be returning to the first team soon and is by some distance our best centreback. Welsh and Hijita had had breakthrough seasons and both done well enough to be considered reliable backup. We need a left sided centreback.



    Boli is back, he may not be great but he is our best left back and I would give him a go, treated badly when conpaired to other players who breached covid restrictions. Taylor is the back up at best.



    O’connor has had a solid season with tramere so should return with more experience and a chance of pushing on. Clearly we need a 1st teamer.



    Forrest is back from long layoff and is by far our best right winger. Dembele needs a chance to shine.



    Johnston at left wing has suffered to many injuries but will hopefully push on, needs someone to challenge him, 1st choice.



    Soro, turnbull and McGregor are all more than capable (our midfield dominated teams all season despite the poor results) better when soro came in and brown dropped out. Robertson and connoll come back after successful loan spells. Shaw swapped wednesday for celtic. Rogic may still offer something too. Would like to see McCarthy come up the road to add a bit of physicality to the midfield.



    Ajeti a bit like barkas in that he looks low in confidence, but he does have a decent goal scoring record (would be ok with him going, but he might just prove us wrong g with a good preseason). Bayo is coming off a good loan spell in a decent standard league. If the aussie is the new manager then bayo might just get into the team. Griff can go just not reliable. Would still need another striker.



    Last season we have no pace and no width. We rarely attempted to cross the ball into the box and our striker spend most of his time in the hole. However, we generally had about 3 or 4 clear cut chances per game.



    To make this a winning team the manager will need to get a rightback and centreback with pace and strength to complement jullian and boli, add wide players who are pacey and dont need/ rely on decoy runs from fullbacks to get space. A centremid who enjoys a challenge. A striker that will hurry and harass, will play on the shoulder and gamble. 30 or 20 years ago that level of change was unheard of in a season, but now days it’s not that uncommon.




  7. CardboardCSC on

    Steph 👍 lots of good points, looking at the future is the way to go I believe, I would keep Griff if fit when he returns, if it’s Ange he is all about getting the ball in the box as quickly and as often as possible. I think Ajeti and Griff would benefit big time from that. HH

  8. Gene



    Re living in Engerland



    The worst and best evening in World Cup football happened for me when I lived in Essex in 1990.



    I had tickets for the Final due to be played on the Sunday in Rome.



    All tournament I was looking forward to seeing Italy play in their own back years in the final.



    England were rubbish and almost an irrelevance but luck of the draw saw them sneak through to the semi final.



    Then a dogged Argentina shocked the Hume nation on the semis in Naples on the Tuesday night. The nation excluding Naples fell flat turned against Maradona.



    Suddenly the prospect of being in a crowd watching Engerland win the World Cup against a detested Argie team was a reality.



    Engerland incredibly dominated the semi final against a workmanlike West German team. Thank the football gods for Gaza and Stuart Pierce and Waddell.



    It was the worst World Cup final ever but I was there and Engerland were not. Praise the lord !

  9. Deniabhoy/rpmCelticfan/ back to basics



    thanks re roconteurs.



    Will defo be diving in soon




  10. rpmcelticfan on

    An Tearmann The podcasts are on YouTube as well , I don’t do apple dapples :)

  11. rpmcelticfan on

    Stephbhoy67 . Great post nice to read some positivity for a change , disagree about Griff though give him game time and the Bhoy will score . :)

  12. Burnley78



    i thought Italia 90 was an interesting times.i lived in Sussex during that tournament.Had my worse day when Scotland got beat by Costa Rica.all the minions having days sniggering at their boss.it was good to see ordinary english folk take the flag away from the extremists as England(nervously on my part) progressed.u thought i could sense a change.


    however as the penalties put them out there was hunlike fall out.i recall the local press saying 47 little villages had windows smashed and loads arrested for BoP.i could not understand it.i was just thinkin if it were scotland(yeh i know) no one would be sober enough to do anythin.it was odd.




  13. Stephbhoy67 on 7th June 2021 6:31 pm





    Good bit of positivity. Agree with most of what you said bar Boli.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tough day for the old brain.



    I posted (or thought I had) two replies earlier in a single post.



    One to SFTB



    One to Deniabhoy



    Looking back … my reply to SFTB has disappeared.


    (I’ve no idea how ? )



    Worse still – when I went to repost now



    … I’d completely forgotten what I wanted to say !!!! 🤔



    Time for a beer in the garden.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  15. rpmcelticfan on

    scullybhoy , Do you think Boli was treated fairly ? Imo the club let him down before and after his trip , the biggest problem next season will be the attitude of the fans , we need to be positive and supportive of all who represent Celtic , an I just cant see that happening sadly :(

  16. The Swiss Ministry of Justice has ruled so listen up…Neither FIFA nor UEFA can take retaliatory action against Real, Barcelona or Juventus for setting up The Superleague.

  17. rpmcelticfan on

    An Tearmann . Good plan , with the football ones an the music ones and most being a hour plus ,there’s just no enough time in the day :)

  18. STEPHBHOY67 on 7TH JUNE 2021 6:31 PM



    I like your post very much. It does what the vast majority don’t – i.e. offers constructive criticism and relevant solutions.



    You give some hope when there is very little about. I don’t share all your views but nonetheless admire the overall sentiment.



    We have a difficult three of months ahead of us on & off the park – not the end of the world considering the previous one hundred plus have brought unprecedented domestic success.



    We will get there but it will take time.

  19. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH JUNE 2021 6:03 PM



    He’s as guilty as sin Ernie, a complete and utter dereliction of duty.

  20. rpmcelticfan on 7th June 2021 7:16 pm





    I might not recall the facts correctly, but I think he sneaked of on the Club to fly to Spain (?). He came back and rejoined training (?) and endangered everyone. I think his behaviour was therefore arrogant, selfish, and reckless. If I am inaccurate in this, I apologize.




  21. rpmcelticfan on

    scullybhoy , No I think your spot on with his actions , but as a young foreigner I wonder how much knowledge of the situation he had , do you think he watched reporting Scotland or other news ,there where lots of young uns who didn’t take the virus that serious at the time , how can we criticize the club as shambolic and yet put all the blame on him , in any case your probably right an im wrong so no need to apologize , :)

  22. Reporting Scotland referring ( at least twice) to the `collapse` of Rangers in 2012.



    It actually makes me smile ( rather than angry) listening to their attempts to avoid mentioning `liquidation`.

  23. Will the Fan Zone at Glasgow Green be attended, in the main, by the Tartan Army?


    If so, I cannot see much restraint being shown so as to ensure minimum Covid risk.

  24. CardboardCSC on

    Re Bolingoli, he seriously screwed up not just his career at Celtic but the start of our season. However if he can do a job and apologize on the park to us the fans, maybe we will forgive him? I do have my doubts like most, I think any player should have the opportunity to impress the new boss.

  25. squire danaher on

    SFTB/Tontime Tim



    Re: Stephen Welsh



    He has represented Scotland at under age level but not at U-21.



    According to the reliable Soccerway site he has been in two squads without an appearance.






    I understand the comparison with D Hay and G Connelly and others not having played underage international football.



    However I would say that it would have been harder to get international recognition even at underage level in the 1970s/80s than it surely is now.

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