Critical link between manager and scouts needs urgent attention


Although the Euros do not start until Friday, players from Gibraltar to Germany are in action tonight as hundreds of the Continent’s best players continue their preparation for the tournament.  Many will be available for sale, just look at the Celtic players that have featured in international friendlies in recent days.

Even if he was already in place, Ange Postecoglou would be unable to travel to games in person but the most important job right now is to scout potential targets across dozens of games.  This process requires the manager to work in tandem with his scouts and technical team.  I doubt any of Celtic’s scouts of technicians have had as much as a Teams call with the new boss.

Despite the time difference and being thousands of miles away, Ange can watch as many games as he could from Glasgow, but scouting is not a solitary operation.  The critical link between him and the rest of the team needs to be established as soon as possible.

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  1. bigbhoy



    Hostility to the Irish from our Scottish supporters? Mmm as Paul67 used to say.


    Well, given that none of us have seen a game at Celtic Park since March 2020, not sure where this “hostility” might have manifest itself. Then again you claim to have heard it from “our Irish followers”, not supporters, but er “followers”. Not a term any self respecting Celtic supporter, Scottish or Irish, or any other background that I know, would use. Not lightly at any rate, ergo, not likely. One of the things that I really do appreciate about finding myself and others in 116, 117, 118 etc at home games at Parkhead, is the variety of supporters that you might meet there, often but not always groups from Ireland that have organised the trip in advance. Our younger supporters are often to be found there along with those of us Scots and Irish who have been supporting the Bhoys from days gone by, in fact from a similar age group to those young fans from Ireland. No hostility from any Celtic supporters in those pairts. But you would know that had you been there, which you weren’t, and never will be.

  2. Celtic is for everyone, the Scots, Irish Scots, Irish English, those from the Six Counties and even a few from the 26.


    The latter, strangely enough, seemed to have a fondness for their English teams mind you.


    When quizzed from a Free Stater with which Club I was aligned to England….. would watch the surprise on their faces with incredulity, “None, I support Celtic.”


    He mustered something about being resentful about “Celtic’s entitlement”.


    “What do you mean by that?” I sez.


    He says, “You Fenians in Glasgow think your entitled to Ireland’s support.”


    “Fcuk off ya Fine Gael piece of wannabe mainland shit” I sez.


    Anyway, moot point no doubt.


    Here’s one for et al. God bless England.



  3. My friends in Celtic,



    The Odsonne Edouard we all know and love wasn’t in the building last season.


    A fantastic player who did not perform for us when we chased the ten ( He was not alone in this scenario )



    I will be sorry to see him go, but I feel it is inevitable.


    What really gets on my wick is that we will be losing the best song football.



    I wanna, wanna give my opinion



    HH to all, a new dawn awaits, let’s embrace it.

  4. Belmontbrian ! congratulations on your 31 years, and great news on your health HH

  5. Bigbhoy at 12:05



    C’mon. Be honest. You made that up, didn’t you? Either the biggest piece of fiction ever posted on here or you were at the wrong ground in Glasgow – pre lockdown, obviously.


    Utter tosh

  6. UNCLE JIMMY on 8TH JUNE 2021 6:57 AM





    I’m with you UJ , said to myself l’ll read that again when i have a coffee……total nonsense.hh

  7. Wow, Non footie post.



    Just watching Pupil at Scottish school banned for wearing shorts in the hot weather.


    Solution: He borrows his sisters skirt.



    I’m offended by everyone being offended by everything.



    Gary Jules : Mad World.

  8. Scottish Celtic fans abusing Irish Celtic fans…



    I see that my shameful actions in the Blane Valley, where I ate about 63% of a plate of chips that I was ‘sharing’ with Almore have finally come to light.



    Can I please make clear that my actions were driven by a love of chips, not a lack of love for the Irish.



    HH jg




    Lovely post!



    Best wishes to you both and a wee prayer said for your continuing recovery.



    Take care!

  10. Bigbhoy


    Do not agree that there is any hostility from Scottish Celtic fans to those from the Republic of Ireland, my experience of people from the Republic of Ireland albeit only when meeting some on holiday is that they support teams from the English premier League, notably Liverpool and Man United, Celtic if they have an interest are a very distant second, just my experiences might not be accurate as a complete picture of how Celtic are preceived there.

  11. BelmontBrian on 7th June 2021 11:29 pm






  12. timmy7_noted on




    The Celtic fans are the only people related to Celtic who share absolutely none of the blame for the position Celtic find themselves in, to try to put the blame on the supporters is absolutely shameful.



    As for the Scottish Celtic fans abusing Irish Celtic fans, where is the evidence? You owe all Scottish Celtic fans an apology.



    I can only assume you are both mischief making. Or a pair of huns.

  13. Dexter P. Bampot on




    8 June 2021




    @CelticFC is delighted to announce the signing of Ange Postelogcou as First Team Manager. Ange has signed a 10 year deal and assumes his role with immediate effect.


    Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry will assume the positions of Assistant Manager and First Team Coach respectively.



    8 June 2021




    @CelticFC is delighted to announce the signing of Kylian Mbappeé for £200m from Paris St Germain. Olivier Ntcham has been signed for an equivalent sum by Paris St Germain. We welcome Kylian to @CelticFC and wish Olivier every success for the future.



    8 June 2021




    @CelticFC has agreed to loan Kylian Mbappé to Inverness Caledonian Thistle for the remainder of season 2020/2021. Manager Ange Postelogcou says that the move “offers Kylian the opportunity of first team football”.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bigbhoy at 12:05



    Which ground were you at, that’s all I can say to that post, utter nonsense😯

  15. Rumour was Peter lawell left the building on Friday ( gardening leave ?)



    Left our club in a shambles



    Stats from video Celts below



    Lawwell joined Celtic in October 2003, in the year to 30 June 2004 Celtic recorded turnover of £69m, the new CEO had a pro rata salary of £248,941. In the year to June 2019 Celtic’s turnover reached £83.4m with Lawwell picking up £3.5m. Had the 2004 turnover kept line with inflation by 2019 it would have reached £106,236,000.



    Just shows only thing that grew was his salary



    He actually shrunk the business



    If he was going to another job , not great for his CV




    Good news about your health. Always meant to ask, are you originally from Ayr, hence the name?

  17. ROBINBHOY on 8TH JUNE 2021 9:20 AM









    Good news about your health. Always meant to ask, are you originally from Ayr, hence the name?







    No Robinboy, I’m from Coatbridge, via, Newton Stewart, Peterhead, Nairn and now back at Coatbridge




  18. DEXTER P. BAMPOT on 8TH JUNE 2021 9:11 AM



    DEXTER you are indeed a BAMPOT! And …. you are a bad mhan, raising hopes like that with your first sentence.



    At least it brought a bit of light-heartedness to this shambles of an on-going mess. 😊😊



    Ave Ave

  19. squire danaher on

    SYDNEYTIM on 8TH JUNE 2021 9:13 AM



    Ajer an easy one to start the ball rolling since Norway not involved at Euros.



    Edouard needs to be done before France U-21 Olympics involvement.



    Christie and McGregor no problem if Scotland exit Euros at group stage on 22nd June, maybe a weekend overtime if they scrape through to last 16 knockout stage over weekend of 25-28th June.



    All will be out the door though before 30th June to boost the final balance sheet for the outgoing CEO.




    Since about 2007 it has all been about the balance sheet and Peter’s personal bank account

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    SQUIRE DANAHER on 8TH JUNE 2021 10:21 AM



    Will be interesting to see what his final bung is, shirley not another £3.55m😱😱

  22. Sydney Tim



    The business was going bust in 2004.



    Let’s be clear on that !



    As for your personal vendetta I assume you have suffered a lot of agony this past 18 years of unparalleled success at Celtic so you can enjoy your day in the sun today. Like the person predicting Xmas would happen today they were sure to be happy one day.



    I do hope the next 18 years gives me as much joy as this past one has. Who knows maybe you can find a wee bit of joy from Celtic in your world too for a change.

  23. Most business which exist with a glass ceiling such as we have in Scotland would love to have someone who turned a financial basket case which lost way more than it ever won in terms of trophies into a trophy winning financial success.



    Only a bitter jealous type who was obsessed with one persons salary and success would see it differently.

  24. Prestonpansbhoy. There will be a bonus as cash in bank and zero debt



    BURNLEY78 Bankrupt Lol we had a debt after Seville no doubt and Peter was brought in to stop the massive overspend


    Debt was paid off in 3 years


    Then should of been thanks and bye Peter



    But he stayed around and forced our club downward in Europe and turnover and brought us to shambles of today

  25. GEEBEE1978 and SPARTIM



    Yip still can see past France. But can’t bring myself to actually say ‘Allez les bleus’ 🤣😂

  26. Letter of apology sent from Lord Advocate to former #Rangers chief exec Charles Green and former director, Imran Ahmad. Both men now seeking millions in compensation. https://twitter.com/BBCchrismclaug/status/1401910547696730112/photo/1



    How long was that movie in the making?



    Bring in a guy with a 2nd name as Green & Whyte = big bad actors doing the establishments dirty work.



    They are seen as the bad cop & the 32nd mason Sir David Murray is seen as the good cop.



    He loses nearly a billion pounds and no one bats an eyelid.



    He walks free and the establishment arrest Green & Whyte and Imran says police Scotland have leanings towards old RFC and he won’t be returning to Scotland as he won’t get a Fair trial.



    The bad cops are now being offered compensation for their efforts after helping one of the biggest institutions. £70 million not bad eh.



    Anyone seen or heard from the 32nd mason?



    Corruption at its finest.



    Sorry,utter nonsense about Celtics turnover not increasing.If we all lived in a perfect world,we would all be perfect.Just how many clubs,and I will go ,worldwide,are in the black.We should be grateful we are not snowed under with debt like most EPL clubs,Barca,Real,etc..We do wonders with the amount of money we actually take in,from TV,prize money.A report this morning saying because we are well run,we have survived the hell of the past year and a half.


    You have your opinions,but sadly,they are too often clouded by a closed mind.

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