Cruyff silenced in 82 after dismissive comment


When tickets went on sale for Saturday’s game against Kilmarnock the hope of many was that this would be the game 8-in-a-row would be tied up.  What could have been a party will instead be a day we gather to respect the memory of our greatest ever captain.

Many, especially the older generation, will just want to be at Celtic Park on Saturday, to sit among friends and recall times of joy and angst.

Memories of Vojvodina, Cruyff – three times, 10 men, standing nose-to-nose with a referee on the touchline.  Of the utter joy that was the Centenary Season, the glory and celebrations of a lifetime at the top of the game.  Other fields bestowed greater prizes on Billy, but Celtic Park was home.  I’m glad we will gather there this weekend.

I loved Cruyff, but he had an edge to him.  He twice got the better of Billy in the early 70s, those encounters leaving an aftertaste that lasted until the 1982 European Cup meeting between Celtic and Ajax, when Billy was manager and Johan back as a player at Ajax.  After a first leg draw at Celtic Park Johan made a dismissive comment that loosely translated as ‘getting the better of McNeill as a manager, as well as a player’.  The Dutchman was silenced in Amsterdam two weeks later.

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  1. From Mr google



    A black armband should be worn on your left arm. The reason for this is that the armband represents the deceased and by wearing the armband you are wanting to keep the deceased close to your heart. Your left arm is the one closer to your heart.

  2. Bognorbhoy thanks…makes sense…as we have another player down…Barry Coffey (sp) off for treatment…we’re down to 9

  3. Lurkintim



    Don’t know how true that explanation is , but it was the most plausible one , another was as most people are right handed it would be easier to put it on the left arm .

  4. Good play from Oko-flex, Robertson & Dembele…leads to half chance…as Sevco jnrs keeper nearly balled up a save…needed a player to be following up

  5. Celtic need to support the tackler, Sevco swarm over our guy in possession we leave it one on one

  6. Bognorbhoy…jist saw a couple of Sevco jnr players with band on right…mibbe they’re left handed

  7. Another of our corners comes to nothing…convinced we don’t practice them at any level

  8. Dembele good run and through ball to Harper in box…another corner…comes to nowt

  9. Coolmore Mafia on

    I’ll never forget that Ajax game. The Ajax wingers seemed to be the fastest players alive at the time. Some display of counter attacking they put on. We did really well to win the tie

  10. No 9 for Sevco jnrs…wow TOSB that’s some barnet…Sideshow Bob would be proud ;-))

  11. When is a push not a push..when it’s a shoulder charge by a Sevco jnr player in their own box

  12. McQueen an hour late with unnecessary sliding tackle…fk taken by keeper…gk charged down in box…Sevco jnr player booked

  13. HT…0-2…we’ve created some decent half chances…but gotta say it’s my first time watching Dembele and Oko-Flex…sorry, not seeing what the hype is about

  14. need a goal it will make them worry, a bit our full backs look slow against their opponent, looks like 1 up front with wide men to support

  15. New Youth Cup…seems Hibs smashed last one last year…hope they wurnae drinking ;-)) Oops just seen it happen…it broke because it was a cheap piece of typical FTSFA sh#t ;-))

  16. Very scrappy game. The first 20+ minutes were dire from both sides. Very little passage of play in midfield. Our centre backs are lumping the ball forward too often. Our number 9, Harper’s had a good game and could possibly have had one or two penalties. Armstrong looks ok but isn’t involved enough. Dembele is more involved but is usually picking the ball up, surrounded by too many of the opposition. Sevco’s number 11,McPake I think, has looked decent. We’re behind due to a very good first goal and poor defending at the second.