Cruyff silenced in 82 after dismissive comment


When tickets went on sale for Saturday’s game against Kilmarnock the hope of many was that this would be the game 8-in-a-row would be tied up.  What could have been a party will instead be a day we gather to respect the memory of our greatest ever captain.

Many, especially the older generation, will just want to be at Celtic Park on Saturday, to sit among friends and recall times of joy and angst.

Memories of Vojvodina, Cruyff – three times, 10 men, standing nose-to-nose with a referee on the touchline.  Of the utter joy that was the Centenary Season, the glory and celebrations of a lifetime at the top of the game.  Other fields bestowed greater prizes on Billy, but Celtic Park was home.  I’m glad we will gather there this weekend.

I loved Cruyff, but he had an edge to him.  He twice got the better of Billy in the early 70s, those encounters leaving an aftertaste that lasted until the 1982 European Cup meeting between Celtic and Ajax, when Billy was manager and Johan back as a player at Ajax.  After a first leg draw at Celtic Park Johan made a dismissive comment that loosely translated as ‘getting the better of McNeill as a manager, as well as a player’.  The Dutchman was silenced in Amsterdam two weeks later.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Even when he’s commentating on a youth game , Craigan can’t hide his hunnishness.

  2. Just checked for odds there. Nothing on 365, checked William Hill – you can get odds on Norwegian u19’s & Qatar u23… Yet no odds for Scottish youth Cup ?



    Mon the young Hoops COYBIG ??

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    LARSSONSE7EN-can we not just retire it before we start excepting ‘half as good’ to fill it?

  4. FB



    Don’t agree with retiring it for the reason stated.



    And the ‘half as good’ is a figure of speech. Although someone as half as good as Cesar would walk into most teams in Britain.



    Hail Hail ??

  5. bluegrass celt on

    Get young Harper in the first team. And mibbees the wee boy who takes half decent corners

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    This Flex guy needs to learn that you can pass the ball and not trya to take on the whole team


    LARSSONSE7EN on 25TH APRIL 2019 8:50 PM


    No way



    no way wit.do you ever read GG on here.

  8. Sorry bhoys is neices 16th…had to call her with my best wishes….and missed a chunk…as equiliser chopped off…ball out of play

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    LARSSONSE7EN-I think it would be the ultimate gesture for the ultimate man.


    Get your point about ‘half as good ‘



  10. Dave King “proof of tangible reach” ?



    To be fair, that was a good game and some good talent on both sides.



    It’s losses that make you appreciate the success more. You’ll learn from that young Hoops.



    Hail Hail ??

  11. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 25TH APRIL 2019 8:52 PM



    ? Nah, I’m usually watching the game. Don’t normally come on cqn during matches.



    And the no way was to a goal chopped off for us. Looked to close to call for me and if so, the advantage should go with the attacking side.



    Like I said though… Was lookin oot the linesman.



    Hail Hail ??

  12. young dembele came on to a great game dazzling sways and jinks, defence a bit iffy for us, good keeper, don’t think the result did us justice, typical sevco team cluggers at the back and divers when you go near them in the middle, side show is a dumpling

  13. I thought our striker, the American boy Cameron Harper, was excellent. Really good all round player and great application. That’s the first I’ve seen of Dembele. He looks to have great balance and composure. I was also really pleased to see him passing to someone in a better position often, rather than just try to take too many on. Okoflex showed nice touches and real ability, but never put himself about enough and wasn’t physical enough. Pleased enough with what I saw from those three in terms of promise. Dembele looks class.