Cruyff silenced in 82 after dismissive comment


When tickets went on sale for Saturday’s game against Kilmarnock the hope of many was that this would be the game 8-in-a-row would be tied up.  What could have been a party will instead be a day we gather to respect the memory of our greatest ever captain.

Many, especially the older generation, will just want to be at Celtic Park on Saturday, to sit among friends and recall times of joy and angst.

Memories of Vojvodina, Cruyff – three times, 10 men, standing nose-to-nose with a referee on the touchline.  Of the utter joy that was the Centenary Season, the glory and celebrations of a lifetime at the top of the game.  Other fields bestowed greater prizes on Billy, but Celtic Park was home.  I’m glad we will gather there this weekend.

I loved Cruyff, but he had an edge to him.  He twice got the better of Billy in the early 70s, those encounters leaving an aftertaste that lasted until the 1982 European Cup meeting between Celtic and Ajax, when Billy was manager and Johan back as a player at Ajax.  After a first leg draw at Celtic Park Johan made a dismissive comment that loosely translated as ‘getting the better of McNeill as a manager, as well as a player’.  The Dutchman was silenced in Amsterdam two weeks later.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Just like their big brothers , young Sevco have a friend in black to ensure they get over the line (unlike the ball which wasn’t over the line at the third goal we never got).

  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    As LARSSONSE7EN says, you learn more in defeat at that age. Sevco Joonyers show the Celtic first team how to take advantage of set plays, with all three goals coming from a corner or free kick. Our main issue seemed to be that we were very poor at winning the ball when the Sticklets had the ball. Sideshow Bob/Mick Hucknall… what a @@£*&#. Harper looks a player, he outshone Oko-Flex and Dembele, and certainly has a better work ethic than those two.


    Great to get a look at our prodigies tho…


    … oh Craigan GIRFUY.



  3. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Bad luck the wee Bhoys. Harper and Dembele have a load of promise for us, but they look quite far away yet from stepping up.


    McPake looks like a player.


    Depressing to see the usual rules apply from the men in black when we pull it back to 2-2. Welcome to how it is in Scotland, kids.







    I don’t have much stomach for a fight this week. Losing Cesar has knocked us all sideways, but I thought your blog today came across as intemperate, peevish and cheap. Sorry.



    I’ll now ban myself from CQN to save you the bother.

  4. GBIO


    You wouldn’t have been banned for that comment, will be interesting how the team react I hope they at at it from the off and batter Killie and score plenty, the crowd will respond to a performance that is on it from the start.

  5. GBIO…that’s it…you’re banned…by yourself…consider yourself lucky lol ;-))

  6. Greenbingley



    I’ve seen a lot worse written about Paul. The man is a Saint. And as Dessybhoy says, that would not have been a ban.



    You mentioned the Norwegian CSC… Do you know a ghuy who has 3 brilliant sons all living in the UK?



    Hail Hail ??

  7. Greenbingly, Paul wouldn’t ban you for saying that so please don’t ban yourself, for the record I agree with you, didn’t think the Leader was appropriate at all.


    Having said that it must be hard to come up with a different topic every day, and there would be little point in Paul just publishing nicities (if there is such a word) day after day. So if you do go for a something a bit edgy you will get it wrong sometimes.


    So for me Paul got it wrong today but let him without sin cast the first stone, we all get it wrong at times. Paul is a decent man who provides a great Celtic resource so whilst you are correct to call him out. Why not just leave it at that & continue your welcome contributions.

  8. Are leaders…by their very definition…not supposed to generate debate/discussion

  9. Corkcelt



    You’re another ghuy I’d love to have a beer with. My kinda supporter… Catch you in the friar’s next time I’m in the people’s Republic, rebel County ??



    Hail Hail ???

  10. Larsson, Whilst I am indeed from the Rebel County and have often frequented The Friars, I don’t live there anymore & with almost all my Family passed away my visits back are getting fewer & fewer,

  11. 2 more sleeps until we are privileged to witness the next (and hopefully penultimate) episode of Closing In On The Title.


    But in fact there are quite a few games that I’m likely to watch in their entirety over the next few days –


    FRI 8.00 Sky – Liverpool v Huddersfield


    SAT 12.30 Sky – Celtic v Kilmarnock


    SAT 3.00 MadDashFromCelticPark – East Kilbride v Cove Rangers (Pyramid Play Off, 1st leg)


    SUN 12.15 BT – Hibs v Hearts


    SUN 3.00 Sky – Sevco v Aberdeen [cos if we win on Saturday,a draw or better for Aberdeen gives us title number 8 (EIGHT)]

  12. Jobo…put 50p on us winning comfortably…McInnes’ Aberdung will capitulate…there’s a double ;-))




  13. THELURKINTIM – On bet365 Celtic are 1/750 to win the league – i.e. bet £7.50 and get £7.51 in return. But here’s the thing, and a genuine question – see if you bet, say £1.00 at those odds, would the bookie just return £1.00 or would he round up the arithermetically correct return (£1.00133) to £1.01. If so, one would be better placing 7 x £1.0 bets plus 1 x 50p bet and get returns totalling £7.58. Do that a few hundred times over and you’d be able to retire!


    Clearly off my rocker here so it’s off to bed for the 1st of those 2 more sleeps I mentioned earlier….

  14. i’vehadtochangemymind on 25th April 2019 12:57 pm



    Anybody know the gist of this youtube clip ? Someone posted it when we heard the news. I don’t speak Italian!





    The gist: announces the passing of the great man, and that Glasgow and Celtic are in mourning. Recalls the team from Scotland who beat Inter in 67 to be the first BRITISH team to win the ECup, lists his honours, notes he was a one-club player. Quotes the statement of the family. [I think that’s the main points]

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Great pics as usual from SAINT STIVS the other day .


    The one of Billy looking down the Celtic way is a must for every


    Celtic fans laptop facepage.


    The other pic is Celtic fans demanding an appearance of the team


    at Central hotel to applaud them after the Real Madrid friendly


    when they beat us 1-3 but we absolutely thrashed them.


    I’m somewhere in that crowd lol.


    H.H Mick

  16. Frankly I have no idea what Paul’s leader refers to. Almost cryptic.



    Can I add my thanks to Bada Bing and his ‘overseas CQN codgers’ scarf around the Big Billy statue



    Sir, that scarf represents more than you may know.



    A massively selfless act.




  17. Bada…i seen the scarf thank you…Frantic07 wow….if Celtic don’t use that image…there’s a bunch in Silverburn that should ;-))

  18. Melbourne Mick on




    It would always take something very special to replace my


    laptop facepage image of Messi, Iniesta and xavi holding up


    Celtic tops in our trophy room.


    But Big Billy was more than special.


    H.H Mick

  19. Watched the kids game and the celts were unlikey to lose out. Thought we looked a bit younger or less physical than them. Thing is winning is nice but its not the point of youth football. its about producing one or two quality kids everything two years.



    Wee dembele was involved in just about everything positive we done. He was head and shoulders above all the other players on than pitch, not physically but mentally. He played with His head up and picked the correct pass at the correct weight, His first touch and movement was great as was His calm use of the ball. In the first half He was let down by poor play around him. In the second half He got more of the ball and showed His talent. The skills He showed are what seperates him from all the dribblers and kick and rush crew, boys a baller.



    Put another way we will not see him dribblers into no mans land because he will play and execute the correct pass at the correct time, He will drive at other at the correct time.




  20. Cruyff was miles ahead of his time as player and coach.



    Ajax, Feyenoord and The Netherlands revolutionised football in the 1970s.



    Barcelona still follow a football philosophy instigated by Cruyff.



    Celtic won a tie against Ajax in 1982.



    Neither Cruyff nor Ajax are noted for being anti Celtic.



    Strange leader today.

  21. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all from a moderately grey, breezy but dry East Kilbride.

  22. Celtic v Huns Youth Cup.



    I tried to find the game listed on Bet365 yesterday morning, to place a bet, but the game wasnt listed.I phoned Bet365, and was advised that, it was because it was Under 18’s..not legal to Bet ?


    I did point out numerous games from all over the world were listed to bet on, including Norway and Greece etc, but to no avail.


    As the Celts v Huns was Under 18’s, legally Bookies are NOT allowed to advertise betting etc ?


    On being advised of this I asked ” Why is betting allowed, for numerous other matches whereby, One Team ( or both ), may have an 16/17 Year old Playing, amidst more senior Players” ?


    I was then advised that those games are viewed as being at a “Senior Level”, hence why Betting on those games are promoted/allowed etc ?


    I did point out that therefore, ” I can place a Bet on a Celtic 16/17 year old to score the 1st Goal/ or at anytime in a “Senior Game” , but I am NOT allowed to place a Bet on this game ( Celtic v Huns Under 18’s)….DESPITE at LEAST One Celtic Player ( there may have been other Players who were also 18 last night ?), turning “18”, on Tuesday of this week…HIS 18th Birthday ” ?


    I asked Bet365, ” isn’t that a bit of a Contradiction”…again to no avail ?


    I can only assume that IF there is a Young Golfer/Tennis Player ( Aged 18 or younger) etc, taking part in what is deemed a ” Senior Level”..for example The Open Golf Championship….I am allowed to Bet on that young Golf Player, likewise IF Celtic played a 17 year old Saturday v Kilmarnock /



    I thought young American Cameron Harper was OUTSTANDING last night as our striker, he also needed a bit of help at times, I hope that Lenny gives this youngster a chance in the 1st team Squad once the League is won…hopefully ?



  23. I was impressed with one or two of the young Hun players last night…but why wasn’t the Hun Goal Scorer for their 3rd Goal…NOT Yellow Carded, for running into the Hun support after scoring…Again is there one Rule for Huns and another rule for the rest ?



    The Hun youths were far more Physical and did look stronger in the tackle etc throughout the Match, although there were several naughty Fouls to stop Dembele and Co on occasions.



  24. BIG JIMMY – in himdsight, had you been allowed to bet you’d presumably have lost so all’s well that end’s well, eh? Off to work now….. ;-)

  25. Good morning CQN from a damp Garngad



    Just get the job done mañana Celtic



    D. :)

  26. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “The Hun youths were far more Physical and did look stronger in the tackle etc”





    also a major problem for our first team



    too many wee bhoys, tippy tappy, easily pushed off the ball etc



    we need to get more physical – and not in an Olivia Newton-John way



    and start bullying our league rivals