Culpable defence, but that’s not all


The most pleasing aspect about last night was the manager’s reaction afterwards: “Yet another soft goal”. “We don’t defend a basic ball into the box”.  But, before Cristian Gamboa and Craig Gordon pick up the tab for a bad night in Lithuania, more went wrong.  Much more.

Goals change games and you can be sure games will change when Celtic are defending the way they are right now.  Gamboa losing his man for the goal was in keeping with what we should expect.  Cristian is good going forward but is not the most diligent at the back.  We need a backup, backup, right back.  Right?

Despite all that’s going wrong in defence, I am just as concerned about how the midfield is operating.  Our passing was again poor.  Olivier Ntcham opened the scoring after two minutes and opened the Suduva defence late in the game for Moussa Dembele to shoot wide, but for the rest of the game his passing was as inaccurate as it was against AEK and Rosenborg away.

Callum McGregor, so often a key to unlock packed defences, was ineffective.  I would like to see him play the deep lying playmaker roll over our next three games.  There he can dictate the pace and accuracy of our passing, leaving space for Rogic to play in front of him.

Moussa Dembele is our best striker, but the shape of the team left him isolated and looking just as out of sorts as Odsonne Edouard did at home to AEK.  We have potent strikers who see little of the ball.

On the positive side, Suduva were as poor a team as I can remember playing in recent seasons – and I include the Gibraltareños (as they will be known after March) in that.  We will reach the Europa League group stage.  How effectively we compete there will be determined by the arrivals over the next seven days.

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Good luck, and remember: Central defender.

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  1. Cambhoy.8.25


    The last time I posted, facts, a couple of years ago,about players following out, I received a lot of grief saying I was giving info to MSM and shouldn’t


    So my post about players fallen out, was deliberately vague, but rest assured, I guarantee you, it wasn’t crap, as you called it. I’m also sure, this time, that sections of MSM know what’s going on.


    Boyata is only a part of the equation.


    Lots of people on here will know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s about supporting a colleague in need, or not, as maybe the case, and how it’s been handled.


    Hail Hail

  2. Boyata is a fud that should thank his lucky stars that he is allowed to pull on a Celtic shirt.


    Should he play again for us, not in my book, but if Brendan picks him, then fair enough.



    No one in that dressing room should be sideing with the rat.


    If they are shame on them, none of this fellow professional team mate crap, he is a rat.


    If players are siding with him then they should be surplus to requirements as well






    D. :)

  3. Gordon 64. 8.47


    Jeanette Findlay has been tweeting live from the event, she said the holy father wasn’t too sure what to make of Daniel O’Donnell ( or words to that effect. :-)


    Hail Hail

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, good win for Cumbernauld today .



    Petershill beat the Bankies 3 1 last Wednesday to get to the next round of the sectional league cup.



    Bankies beat Kilwinning Rangers down there , 2 nil. Bankies have more points from 5 games this season than about 10 matches last season.



    Pollok lost 3 2 to Rob Roy . Unfortunately for Pollok , they have lost goals in the last ten minutes in a few games this season.

  5. GORDON64, was listening to LBC radio this afternoon, just caught the end of it but the holy father and our church were getting grief, and the anchor man seemed to be joining in.hh.

  6. I see that the Billy McNeil vote only attracted 400 voters. Is that an indication of how few CQN posters there are in relation to how the rest of the Celtic supporters are bothered or even know about CQN?

  7. Hope Scott Brown is rested tomorrow. If Kouassi isn’t trusted tomorrow then there is little hope for him going forward. Tomorrow presents an ideal opportunity to give Griffiths and Sinclair starts and to freshen things up overall,






    Gamboa Lustig Ajer Izzy



    Kouassi McGregor



    Johnston Rogic Sinclair




  8. Dallas.


    Good to see you back posting, my friend.


    I’ve missed your informative and enjoyable Celtic posts.


    It’s been a great start for the bankies. D.D. has been delighted.


    That’s an awful score for Pollok, Tony will be raging. Kirky are not any great shakes this season.


    Incidentally Cumbernauld got a wee bit of a money spinner in the junior cup, drawn at home to Glenafton.


    Hail Hail

  9. David 17.


    Brendan has said he will rest players tomorrow.


    Broonie would make sense, I’ve gave up trying to second guess Brendan though, Ach no I’ve not, so I will say he will rest Ntcham ( not even on bench )


    Hail Hail

  10. Delaneys Dunky on

    This takes me back to Murrayfield 1982. The Holy Polska Goalie Saint John Paul. Us Scottish Tims went a bit mental that day with excitement. Our God Reigns.



  11. My friends in Celtic.



    It is not that long ago I remember posting on numerous occasions that we were a joy to watch, and the most entertaining team on these Islands.



    Good players do not become ineffective playets overnight. The feel good factor seems to have evaporated and I believe our problems are exasperated by various off field issues.



    I also remember posting that Brendan was a lucky manager.



    The dice will roll in our favour again and the poker face will be no more.



    HH . KTF.

  12. Jimmynotpaul- take your point, but as I said can’t see how there is such a problem, three months ago everyone looks in it altogether. Boyata was angling for a move before the WC so had already set the seeds for the shit stirring. Think CG blabbering to the rags does not help. None of his or indeed anyone else’s business. Incidentally thought his body language on Thursday was all wrong. Kick outs from the back were half hearted and very casual, anyone else notice that?

  13. Mahe the Madman on

    Ron, it certainly has passed me by .


    Anyhow after being quoted 2 grand to paint the deck I’m flying my mate over for 500 to help me do it and have banter while there. Sounds good on paper, just like Commper.


    Hail Hail

  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Good’ start to the season by Hearts. I take back all my vitriol about levein.

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, thanks for your kind words.



    Good draw financially for Cumbernauld, I hope Paddy and his tean mates case an upset.



    A few Pollok fans are a bit restless with Tony at the moment, they never had a good league cup campaign plus they have not had a good start to ther league campaign.



    Tomorrow will be my vist to Celtic Park since the Rosenborg game . I hope there are not too many changes but I hope Broonie is not playing , his achilles injury needs rested.



    The foodbank collection tomorrow should be as succesful as previous ones.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on

    This time last week I was watching Ashcroft and Gallagher in Manchester. Will never forget their tribute to Aretha Franklin RIP to end the show.


    Live Forever

  17. Delaneys Dunky on

    Richard Ashcroft, Liam Gallagher and Aretha Franklin will Live Forever. Their songs have made them immortal. Made guys.

  18. DD Been listening to the new Proclaimers album ‘Angry Cyclist’ and although it sticks in my craw ‘The streets of Edinburgh’ is an absolutely stand out track. Hh

  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    The Bankies in the pub on Thursday watching our game were licking their sores after two defeats in 3 days. They said to get back on track would be to go to Kilwinning today a beat the Rangers. Job done ;)

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    Bathgate no more, Linwood no more, Methil no more, Lochaber no more.


    Tory bassas





    I always wondered why The Proclaimers decried the deindustrialisation of Scotland with Lochaber No More. Irvine,Bathgate,etc,aye,I got that,but-Lochaber?



    Turns out Lochaber No More is an old folk song.

  22. Watching Arsenal v W. Ham.It seems it is possible to win with the worst defence ever seen,but only if your opponents have an equally bad defence,and an even worse forward line.



  23. Let me help Jeanette Findlay.He is a Gay Irish singer,whos Mammy sells tea to gullible older women..Deaf,older women.

  24. Celtic Mac @ 7:32 pm,



    I didn’t catch the Carrillion documentary, watch little TV these days. I’m sure it was fascinating and informative.



    For me it is a symptom of what afflicts our Country, the public private partnerships are an absolute scandal. It is a means to allow private “investors” to siphon off public money, that is Government money, that is our”hard earned”.



    They are given a licence to print money…



    Let me give an example… In Hospitals or Prisons or Municipal offices where the likes of Carrillion have a contract they will charge a fixed price for changing lights… that price will be many multiples higher than their costs or even the market rate. Their contract will not allow for anyone else to bid for the work and they will have a long term contract.



    Stories abound of Hospital sanitizers being refilled for £20 a pop, if that’s 5 in a ward someone taking 25 mins to replace them on close to minimum wage – what’s the outlay to get £100? Now multiply that by 100s of wards.



    Yet that Company goes bust; clients are stiffed, employees are stiffed, pension funds are stiffed, small shareholders are stiffed…



    Where does the cash go? Are the people who are involved in setting up these contracts stupid or rich?



    Unfortunately the PLC is now the preferred weapon of the gluttonous mercantilist – to extract cash from all and sundry, it is very effective and when the scam ends as they milk the cash cow to death, they’re away – for all the authorities commissions, investigations and forensic accounting no one seems to find who profited, the cash went somewhere right!



    Some say – “follow the money” but they never do….



    Hail Hail

  25. Delaneys Dunky on



    Didnae ken that Mick. Every day on CQN is an education Thanks pal. Sorry I forgot Irvine.


    Proclaimers best song is Sunshine on Leith at full time in the FTSFA Cup final 2 years ago. What made that day more memorable was meeting TSOAL and his sis in law before The Manic Street Preachers gig in Glasgow that night. Magical fun memories.