Culpable defence, but that’s not all


The most pleasing aspect about last night was the manager’s reaction afterwards: “Yet another soft goal”. “We don’t defend a basic ball into the box”.  But, before Cristian Gamboa and Craig Gordon pick up the tab for a bad night in Lithuania, more went wrong.  Much more.

Goals change games and you can be sure games will change when Celtic are defending the way they are right now.  Gamboa losing his man for the goal was in keeping with what we should expect.  Cristian is good going forward but is not the most diligent at the back.  We need a backup, backup, right back.  Right?

Despite all that’s going wrong in defence, I am just as concerned about how the midfield is operating.  Our passing was again poor.  Olivier Ntcham opened the scoring after two minutes and opened the Suduva defence late in the game for Moussa Dembele to shoot wide, but for the rest of the game his passing was as inaccurate as it was against AEK and Rosenborg away.

Callum McGregor, so often a key to unlock packed defences, was ineffective.  I would like to see him play the deep lying playmaker roll over our next three games.  There he can dictate the pace and accuracy of our passing, leaving space for Rogic to play in front of him.

Moussa Dembele is our best striker, but the shape of the team left him isolated and looking just as out of sorts as Odsonne Edouard did at home to AEK.  We have potent strikers who see little of the ball.

On the positive side, Suduva were as poor a team as I can remember playing in recent seasons – and I include the Gibraltareños (as they will be known after March) in that.  We will reach the Europa League group stage.  How effectively we compete there will be determined by the arrivals over the next seven days.

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  1. Huns score the most simple goal, one yard shift out wide, then cross then free header from 10 yards. I don’t rate Tavernier but when was the last time we crossed a ball like that? Very simple football.

  2. Identify a signing, pay the money, Lafferty! Celtic identity a signing, Don’t pay the money, McGinn!

  3. Tavernier is just a littlle bit better than Gamboa. Very little in it. Watching the game and as usual Sevco are getting every decision that can be given. Sort the referees, sort the game.

  4. how many times have you felt they will score no matter what its cheating and they know it so do do celtic

  5. I’ve often been wrong in the past, ( I know, me wrong!!), and no doubt I could be wrong again but I really think our confidence will return when the hunbigots lose a game. The meeja in Scotland , as we all know , are so pro them and agin us, and don’t forget our players read the papers as well, that it is only our confidence which has deserted us. Not saying we havn’t made mistake, but hey, we’re doing OK.



    So come on Celtic and Celtic fans, go out and show them all we are the Champions, Two time treble winners, the rest will fall into place, guaranteed.Wee smiley thing





  6. onenightinlisbon on

    Lafferty and Morelos are perfect for that horrible shower. Unfortunately both are capable of damaging us next week.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WITS – acht, at the end of the day, we had a great wee adventure – really enjoyed the new GPO museum, meeting your own good self, a few wee sing-songs throughout the day and some good Guinness. Met some interesting people throughout the whole day, so it was grand.



    One thing we noticed was there seems to be a wee bit of airbrushing of history going on in some of the displays – a bit of an revisionist effort to lessen the involvement of England in Irish history.



    A couple of examples (I don’t have the exact quotes, but will try to give the correct impression) –



    1. In The GPO, one of the displays said something along the lines of – the leaders of the uprising were doing it on the basis of “…their perceived view of history in which the English hat interefered in Irealand for 800 years…”. “…Their perceived view…”??? What – did that not happen then? Who built all those Norman castles? Did the Irish imagine Cromwell? All that wee stramash in 1641 – was that only “perceived”?



    2. In the Kilmainham Gaol Museaum – a display about the Great Famine said something along the lines of “The famine was caused by Potato Blight” – fair enough as far as it goes, but it then completely fails to mention any other compounding factors related to the governance of the country by the Westminster Government and by Dublin Castle – it completely airbrushe’s England’s role – through negligence or deliberate policy as you chose to believe – in failing to relieve the situation / making the disaster worse.



    In some of the guided tour scripts there was also a general theme of – there was suffering on both sides – sort of stuff Trump came away with when he was comparing American Neo-Nazis with the people who were protesting against them.



    In an attempt to not offend some people’s sensibilities, I think there is a bit of a danger in not recognising or appotioning blame – because blame there surely was.






  8. HT. Game played at frantic pace. Huns lucky but kept going. Fitness will play a part in 2nd half. Goldson and Flanagan, Haliday, Katic, all look vulnerable.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    For those who think our defence is crap have a look at the hun game. There’s a defence for the taking, as for the game a deflected shot and horrendous goalkeeping has given them a 3:2 lead

  10. From watching the first half of Well Sevco game, we will destroy their defence if we play Dembele and Edouard. They will cause us lots of problems from the delivery of their wing backs, especially the Croat on the left. We can’t stop crosses.

  11. motherwell defenders doing what we do well and also fail to block out crosses from the wide areas and they score . i think we missed trick and could have had the croatian left back.




    Quite pleased with what I’ve seen, defence looks vulnerable overall, particularly as they are playing two up top rather than their normal two sitting midfielders, and committing men forward to support. Most definitely space to exploit on the turnover in possession. Don’t think they will play like that next week though. Would also add they are getting the fortunate breaks that a honeymoon Manager does.

  13. Getting ready to head off to the game. Can’t wait. Celtic need ME today, they need YOU today, they need US today. So let’s all get right behind Brendsn and the Bhoys this week. Let’s banish the negativity and get 3 victories, starting today.



    Hail! Hail!



  14. watching them for the second weekend in a row they rely on playing their full backs very high up the park…they get the ball out to them quickly…good delivery from both of them and with lafferty there now they are extremely dangerous…we have to pin their full backs way back far enough up their end of the park to minimise the obvious damage they can do to us..

  15. chairbhoy



    Thanks for your reply from last night. And for the examples you gave re hospitals, schools etc. Capita is next in line after Carillion. Re the latter, despite the evidence from at least 2015 onwards, (covered regularly in Private Eye) that their accounts were not worth the paper they were printed on the Tories still named them as of three main contractors for HS2. Like New Labour before them the Tories just cant help themselves. Or rather, they can, to the public purse.

  16. That wee crabit faced columbian monkey needs reelin in, an early marker next week is needed.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club



    Ye know now, if you didn’t before…


    Ye canny trust they West Brits!

  18. Dublin, London, Paris, Berlin. Et al. All international cities now.



    They remain Great cities with historic pasts, but increasingly they do not represent the country’s they are in.




  19. Never mind my daft comment about his name, Bigirimana can put a good ball in, crosses, free kicks, corners. think they’ve found a good one there.

  20. Team rumour, Boyata starts, Dembele and Griffiths up front




    Lustig Ajer Boyata


    Forrest Brown McGregor Tierney




    Griffiths Dembele

  21. One daughter who lives in England, has become more Republican as she reads more and realizes what happened to her country. The other, in Scotland, has become SNP as the lesser of the sh1t available for her vote.


    Me, I’m a United Irishman—Catholic, Protestant, and Dissenter. Bit like Celtic,really.

  22. Delaneys Dunky on

    Here we go again.


    We’re on the road again.


    We’re on the road again.


    We’re on our way to Paradise.