Culpable defence, but that’s not all


The most pleasing aspect about last night was the manager’s reaction afterwards: “Yet another soft goal”. “We don’t defend a basic ball into the box”.  But, before Cristian Gamboa and Craig Gordon pick up the tab for a bad night in Lithuania, more went wrong.  Much more.

Goals change games and you can be sure games will change when Celtic are defending the way they are right now.  Gamboa losing his man for the goal was in keeping with what we should expect.  Cristian is good going forward but is not the most diligent at the back.  We need a backup, backup, right back.  Right?

Despite all that’s going wrong in defence, I am just as concerned about how the midfield is operating.  Our passing was again poor.  Olivier Ntcham opened the scoring after two minutes and opened the Suduva defence late in the game for Moussa Dembele to shoot wide, but for the rest of the game his passing was as inaccurate as it was against AEK and Rosenborg away.

Callum McGregor, so often a key to unlock packed defences, was ineffective.  I would like to see him play the deep lying playmaker roll over our next three games.  There he can dictate the pace and accuracy of our passing, leaving space for Rogic to play in front of him.

Moussa Dembele is our best striker, but the shape of the team left him isolated and looking just as out of sorts as Odsonne Edouard did at home to AEK.  We have potent strikers who see little of the ball.

On the positive side, Suduva were as poor a team as I can remember playing in recent seasons – and I include the Gibraltareños (as they will be known after March) in that.  We will reach the Europa League group stage.  How effectively we compete there will be determined by the arrivals over the next seven days.

Dinner for four at the Walfrid at Hamilton game on Sunday!

Courtesy of Intelligent Car Leasing, we are raffling a table for four at Sunday’s game against Hamilton Accies in aid of your Foundation.  If like me, you watch football in the bitter cold and wind, even in July and August, this will be a fantastic day our for you and three friends!

It’s a free bar.  And you get the chance to support the Celtic FC Foundation.

To win, contribute to this MyDonate page.  Suggest a minimum of £5 donation, but donate less if you cannot afford that.  Your money does straight to the Foundation as they prepare for the difficult winter period ahead.

Then, please forward your confirmation email to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the words “Central defender” in the SUBJECT line. Competition closes at 11.00 Saturday.  Winner will be informed on Saturday afternoon – so include a phone number if there’s any chance of missing your email (it’s happened).

Good luck, and remember: Central defender.

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  1. I have a problem with the ‘Brendan’s a dud’ proposition.



    Post-WW2 we’ve had three, maybe four first rate managers and one who was simply outstanding for about six years or so.



    But Brendan is the only one who has won double trebles and he did that with players who were previously considered as ‘not Celtic class’. It’s a matter of fact that he has not received anything like the Board backing MON enjoyed. There was no £20 million plus for Rodgers.



    As for the CL, it’s a big ask for Celtic to play eight Cup Finals before joining the very rich man’s table. The CL is deliberately rigged to prevent clubs like ours gate crashing the party.



    As for the current performances, the team lacks confidence; the defence lacks some quality; and some of the best players look jaded. But this hysteria over what may well be a temporary blip is unseemly. I just hope that the manager doesn’t read some of the stuff here. He might well think, ‘If that’s what the ingrates think maybe I should go elsewhere.’

  2. G67


    I remember a certain J Hartson was knocked back by the huns as they assessed he had dodgy knees. But i understand your caution after Compper.

  3. Tick tock, tick tock. 7 days left until the transfer window closes. Being one of life’s confirmed pessimists I suspect that we will not see any meaningful incomings. A loan of an EPL second string player or youngster perhaps but nothing that would excite and reinvigorate the support and team. I truly hope I am wrong.



    Still perplexed to see some still defending the boards lack of support of BR. Nonsense posted about BR not giving the board names of CHs etc he’d like them to sign and his preference for signing attack minded players – what to play football ‘the Glasgow Celtic way you mean’? Now given the past history of the boards parsimony (proven) and their not meeting recent Celtic managers as well as the supports aspirations in regards to signing players that will improve the team who are you inclined believe and where would you say the cause of our current problems lay with????? (and please stop regurgitating we spent £9 mill on French Eddy – we didn’t – we might have to fork out that sum if he becomes a superstar for the French national team but believe me if that is the case we will be selling him for a huge amount of cash, just reflect on this — £9 mill up front from this board – please behave yourself!)

  4. Please read this, then you can stick pins in my eyes, or whatever. Thanks.



    Brendan the PLCs’ same club squirrel/fudge was brought to Celtic to fend off any fan protests which would or could’ve resulted in empty seats at Celtic Park, at the same time as the unpunished £49 Rangers FC returned to the same league as Celtic FC.


    The squirrel/fudge worked for the PLC as Celtic supporters queued up to usher in the return of the Old Firm fixture, without a word of protest about the same club issue.


    The Celtic PLC boards master plan had worked, and rendered the same club fury that raged on the internet, as nothing more than all talk and no trousers.


    The very minute that any Celtic supporter paid £49:00 for a ticket between Celtic FC vs Rangers FC, the Old Firm game was rekindled and, the same club issue was dead.


    In effect, the Celtic PLC boards master plan had worked, and the bluffs of the Celtic supporters had been called.


    The Celtic support were not cute enough.


    The question that should now be asked is – “Was, has Brendan’s bluff also been called, or, has Brendan been party to the PLC’s master plan ?”


    I hate to repeat this, but, Celtic supporters will not realize their destiny of, owning, directing and managing Celtic FC, until the PLC set up is dismantled with the club being, owned, directed and managed, by Celtic supporters, for Celtic supporters.


    Again, i don’t like to repeat this, but, Celtic supporters now have to turn the tables on the PLC, and the first step to doing that, is by calling the PLC’s bluff and empty the park.


    How much will DD’s shares be worth if the park is empty ?


    Another thing, isn’t anybody curious as to, why the wheels dont fall off the wagon until, the PLC have banked all of your money, rendering you powerless ?


    The PLC only do what they do……..because you let them.


    Time to get the thinking caps on.


    Good luck.





  5. Kev


    The whole point of a plc is that it is a public limited company owned by shareholders – anyone can buy the shares – even you – so fill your boots and fulfil your ambition and buy the club.

  6. the celtic share price actual went up 3.5% to its highest ever value post the splitting of the original shares.



    its lowest value was 23.50, its now worth 143.00.



    Desmond get richer just rolling over in bed,

  7. sftb @ 3.08



    Good post, as ever.



    No old campaigners like us particularly liked ‘ BR here for ten in a row’ song the first time we heard it echoing round Paradise, 3rd Album season when we managed a treble and the CL whilst suffering some 2Nd season syndrome, – what’s in a number, three, two ten.



    Brendan Rodgers IMHO opened the floodgates for SMSM when he gave a glimmer of hope that ‘all may not be well’ with his cryptic transfer comments a classic Scottish own goal, from the normally very wiley, Irishman.



    They duly went into overdrive and every Celtic snowflake raced for their keyboards to beat CQN’s Madmitch’s, NegAnon, and all the other Pancho Villa’s that have moaned their way through two trebles., and most of seven in a row.



    Subliminal, messages Rodger’s doesn’t do either, and because he failed to sign a midfielder and possibly one unknown other, doesn’t amount to the discord currently sown on the internet since summer no matter how much Sevconia would wish it.



    We’re now getting weekly updates on Westminster’s favourite channel BBC Radio 4 Roddy Forsyth now giving an ‘Old Firm’ running commentary, about Steven Gerrard’s Rainjurz and ‘ Celtic’s woes ‘ complete with comments from the Bard.



    A Celtic manager has a very short shelf life, even the best in modern times do not last long, I hope Brendan Rodgers gets his head down even although its now clear, he never had a magic wand.

  8. OK Kev. I think I’ve finally got the plan. We Boycott the Club, make Desmond’s Shares worthless, forcing him to sell off our most valuable players to keep the lights on.


    When he runs out of options & gives up, we organise a whip around amongst the support to buy the carcass of what’s left and then we start from scratch and try to build a Club in time to stop the Huns 10 in a row.


    That is a great plan Kev. but if it’s OK with you I’ll pass on it and just keep following the Celtic win lose or draw.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    50 SHADES OF GREEN on 24TH AUGUST 2018 4:26 PM









    Why why why did we loan a player to rule book McCann.







    Beggars belief to me…




    We did it for the players sake ,i.e. he will be brought on by getting game time that he wouldn’t get with us



    We Did it for Celtic’s sake ,as we will hopefully get back a more developed, battle hardened player.



    McCann may get some benefit from the loan but primarily we did’nt do it for that wee snivelling rat.



    We loaned Ajer to Killie who are certainly no friends of ours , and got back an improved player.



    50 SHADES OF GREEN on 24TH AUGUST 2018 4:26 PM





    Because business is business – and all your points are valid



    Trouble with us supporters we deal on an emotional level – so can’t stand mccann so don’t do business

  11. CELTIC had 5 months after January wiNdow. To Get PLayers lined up for. Cl. Qualifiers… knew Armstrong. And Roberts were going..boats too…knew we needed ch. And TV..plus. winger and midfielder….so in 5 months we have none….we won’t get any in a week..maybe a loan. From championship….by next week boaRs wil be sold..cut price.followed by. Dembele. And Ntcham

  12. corkcelt on 24th August 2018 5:31 pm



    “sell off our most valuable players to keep the lights on”




    Mo chara, isn’t that always the case regardless if it is PLC or player instigated. Just a thought but perhaps our Brendan has p’d off both the board and certain players by giving a resounding NO to any other 1st team players leaving Celtic without a adequate replacement being signed before we sell?

  13. Kev.



    A rebel without a cause.



    I hope you are in good health.



    But all that angst won’t be helping you.




  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The weather forecast isn’t great for Sunday’s game it will be interesting


    to see how many turn up.



    A good attendance against a unattractive opposition might spark the team,


    or a poor turn out might send a message to the board.



    I’ll be there, I’m a lifer.

  15. Maradominic



    I have the exact same thoughts as you.



    Dembele ?


    Who will pay good money for him with his injury record.




  16. John Terry (all alleged btw) Do we really want this individual at Celtic? Not for me i’d rather we played Hendry every game. Celtic FC more than a football club


    “On the day of 9/11 he was bladdered in a hotel bar with, with F Lampard and Jody Morris (alleged), the bar was full of Americans watching the horror unfold on the TV. John Terry is arseholed pissing up the bar.


    He Crosses the line that no man should by shagging his best mates ex.


    His alledged racism charge.

  17. It’s Friday, it’s been a long week.


    Can we all take a deep breath, if in 21 days time we are still behind in the league and not in the EL then we feel like shit.


    I told my close Sevco supporting mate in early July that come September Scotland would have one club left in Europe. I told him it would be Celtic and it would be in the EL.


    I don’t see any reason to change that opinion, I also believe we will do 9 in a row. Not prepared to predict the 10 as we knew what sort of forces will be masses to stop that event happening.


    Anyway, what do I know?

  18. Pog- Terry without a club. I think we could get him for half of that,i think if we were bringing him in , would have happemed a few months ago.Linked with a pundit gig on BT a few weeks ago.HH

  19. there has been some very positive stuff here today, and of course, the usual crap.


    But we must , must stop the panic. As I said earlier, we’ve lost a couple of games which we should not have, and Craig Gordon messed up last night but, we all make mistakes.


    For God’s sake , stop all the knee jerk stuff, and get a full house on Sunday and let the team know we are right behind them, 100%. Don’t show up merely adds to the pressure. Rest assured, all we lack is confidence, that is all, so show the team we do believe and they will respond.



  20. 50 shades of green on





    Fair points mate, and I agree with the gaining experience etc, but to that little kings shilling taker, must have been other clubs he could have went to.



    Can only hope he’s back in a tv studio waving his rule book about some time soon.




  21. Wasn’t Lee Griffiths convicted of singing racially motivated songs ?


    Is that different ?


    Not being judgemental, condemnatory, or supportive of what Lee did.


    Just saying.

  22. 50 shades of green on

    Nye Bevan…



    Me to mate, I will be there come hail rain or sun .



    3pm on a Sunday not good for our far flung friends right enough..




  23. Bateen Bhoy on 24th August 2018 6:05 pm



    Wasn’t Lee Griffiths convicted of singing racially motivated songs ?



    Is that different ?




    Don’t believe he was convicted. Albeit I think it could be 2 times that he has been charged / cautioned with offenses relating to racism, once with Wolves (on loan to hibs) and once with us. A Twitter posting and being filmed singing an iffy Hibee song. Doesn’t deflect from the fact that John Terry is not an individual i’d want to see wearing a Celtic shirt (out with a charity game of course) One fecking eejit in the squad is more than enough

  24. mike in toronto on

    I was reading an article recently on Dr. Martin Luther King’s movement to Chicago to try to break the segregationist policies of the city under then Mayor Richard Daley ….



    Dorothy Tillman is an American Democrat, (City alderwoman, I believe) who was instrumental in getting Dr. King to move to Chicago to try to break down the racial barriers in that city. However, she and Dr. King found that they were not only facing opposition from the white community, but also, to her surprise, some in the black community too.



    Tillman, who had only moved to the City, was shocked at the state of urban living.



    As David Bernstein reported, “More unsettling than all that, Tillman says, was how a lot of Chicago’s black ministers—even a few who had marched with him down south—rebuffed King. Far from rolling out the welcome mat, they told him in plain terms—in front of TV cameras, no less—to butt out and go home. “We were rejected by most of the black leadership,” says Tillman. “Dr. King could hardly get into a church to speak. We never experienced that before. And I told Dr. King, I said, ‘If they don’t want us to be here, I don’t want to stay. I want to go back home.’ ”



    Back then, she says, Chicago’s black politicians, as well as nearly all of the city’s black ministers, were in the stranglehold of Mayor Daley’s Democratic machine. “Dr. King said that Daley’s plantation was worse than the plantation in Mississippi,” says Tillman. “He’d say, ‘Those Negroes was in deep.’



    Ministers who backed the administration’s policies got rewarded with patronage and political favors—$1 city lots for church expansions, say, or federal money for social service programs. Those who didn’t play ball got punished with visits from city building or health inspectors, or Sunday parking tickets, or permit and zoning denials. Tillman likes to tell the story of the South Side pastor Clay Evans. In 1964, Evans defied Daley and let King preach at his church, which happened to be under renovation. The next day, the lending institutions that were bankrolling the construction withdrew financing, and the crews stopped work. Evans continued to support King throughout the Chicago Freedom Movement; his church addition stood unfinished for eight years.”



    The question is why did some in the black community not support Dr. King’s initiative, and what lesson is there for our situation?



    Next time…. how Mayor Daley responded to Dr. King’s housing initiative and, again, what lessons can be learned from that.

  25. Oglach,


    You’re probably right about the ‘charged as opposed to convicted’, and I’m glad you took my post in the way it was intended.


    I can see why people would be against Terry in a Celtic shirt, and totally respect your view.


    Di Canio was a pretty vile character at times too, but I loved watching him in the Hoops, just as I’ll shout as loud as anyone else when The Griff scores for us.


    I’m pretty flaky when it comes to morals, being from Aberdeen. ???

  26. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Cheers for the reply pal,hopefully we’ll witness a convincing


    Celtic victory.

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