CVA schedule hits time crunch


There was a degree of anticipation that we would hear the official announcement today of the creditors meeting Duff and Phelps planned to hold on 6 June, where a vote would be held on the proposed CVA.  Creditors must receive notification of a meeting, with proposals, 14 days in advance, with notice normally given by post and by advertisement.

STV today revealed that the administrators hope to send details “at some point this week”.  Tomorrow is the last postal date for items to be delivered on time for a 6 June meeting, but it’s seldom administrators would leave themselves at the fortune of the final postal collection.  It would be embarrassing if Duff and Phelps were unable to even get to the stage of putting a proposal to creditors.

Inspired by the stories of three children, Celtic Quick News readers this year have raised a considerable sum of money for research into Neuroblastoma.  One of them, Niamh Curry, age 5, slipped away yesterday.    There are no words or sentiment of consolation to offer, but our thoughts and prayers go to Niamh and her family.

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  1. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    That’s devastating news.


    May she rest in peace.

  2. Wee 10.30 and Me on

    From last post



    !!Bada Bing!! on 21 May, 2012 at 12:29 said:


    Techy help required,embdae know which keys enable a wireless connection for a Toshiba laptop?thanks



    Try function (FN) and F8, works on Toshiba Tecra A11

  3. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Thoughts are with Niamh’s family. She is with the angels now.







  4. Paul67



    I will say a prayer for the Curry family.



    Smoke & Mirrors again from rangers in administration…

  5. Paul67


    Niamh Curry, age 5, slipped away yesterday. There are no words or sentiment of consolation to offer, but our thoughts and prayers go to Niamh and her family.



    Agree Paul.

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    So sad to hear about Niamh. My condolences to her parents and family. RIP.

  7. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Sincere and loving condolences to Niamh’s family.



    Sleep well, little one.

  8. myboysnowatim on




    The last paragraph in your article, puts everything into perspective.



    My heart goes out to the family (or any others in similar circumstances).





    Thanks for the thoughts on NIAMH,I’ve been struggling to express my thoughts since reading COORSLAD’s post at 0849 this morning.



    I still can’t…….

  10. Terribly sad news on Niamh and puts life in perspective,condolences and prayers to all.

  11. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on




    Another interesting week in prospect on top of so many others.




  12. Omg how sad for the curry family


    A wee girl not that older than my wee girl



    May she rest in peace


    What a sad day today is without Niamh


    Good nite

  13. On the Tecra, there’s also a slider on the front to the right of the indicator lights.

  14. God bless young Niamh her suffering has now ceased.



    Prayers and thoughts are with her family.

  15. Mountblow tim on

    Sympathies to Niamh Curry and her family they will be in my


    Thoughts and prayers



    God Bless

  16. skyisalandfill on

    Terribly sad for Niamh and her family. Puts our own problems into perspective.

  17. Truly devastating news re Niamh and the Curry family, if I may be so bold to ask you all to spare a wee thought for one of our own as well at this difficult time BRTH really took this cause up and brought it to our attention.



    RIP Niamh

  18. and what of the overseas creditors (eg SK Rapid, Austria £1,011,763.44, Nordic Scouting, Oslo £20,000) are they included for this? need to be a fast post for them boys

  19. Our children should not go before us, I cannot bear the thought of what the parents are going through. I wish for them the strength to carry on.





    Glad you’re still looking in.



    Next time in happier circumstances.



    Take care,bud-yer sadly missed on here.



    Though not by everyone,haha!