Dangerous act of disturbed individual is only reason to self-police


When surveyed by the BBC, of Scotland’s 42 senior (cough) clubs, only Partick Thistle, Queen of the South and Annan Athletic thought Strict Liability should be introduced to tackle crowd trouble.  39 clubs either had no view on the matter, or were convinced by the overwhelming weight of evidence that Strict Liability is a shorthand for doing something which has proven to be ineffective.

Partick chief executive, Gerry Britton, insisted that putting fans through the courts did not deter others from criminal activity.  But then, in a classic of the intellectual genre, he said, “The Tartan Army are brilliant [at holding misbehaving fans to account]if anyone is up to anything, they’ll be the ones to get them out.”

So all we need is a sprinkling of “Tartan Army” types in kilts at each game to intercept a random no mark in the process of throwing a missile.  With insight like this, I am sure it is only a matter of time before Gerry is running the SFA.

Self-policing by fans has a role to play, but don’t tell me to be against throwing missiles because a section of a stand could close, throwing missiles is wrong because it is the dangerous act of a seriously disturbed individual.  Those who would not call out this behaviour for the latter reason will not do so for the former.

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  1. Any injury updates ahead of Sunday ?
















  2. Slow day as we wait for normal service to be resumed.



    Consequently a bit of re-cycling:








    Our place in the world — Part XYZ



    FMcC rebuild of the stadium is now 20 years old — what happens next?



    The current — 2nd rate design in my eyes — plans for a new museum, shop and a hotel are a start but a pretty limited start at that.



    My thoughts are that we need to do a complete rebuild of the main stand including the SE and SW corners.



    Two recent examples come to mind:



    L/pool Main Stand rebuild — Extra seats and extra facilities effectively doubling the size of their old main stand. The work would appear to have been done to a high level with an increased supporter spend to to finance it over the medium term and generate an increased revenue stream / surplus for the club.



    Spurs new stadium — North London one up-man-ship to the fore but it looks incredible.



    The pictures show facilities and a fit out that are world class and then some — consequently the new leader of the EPL stadium pack.



    Huge cost supported by expensive ticket prices and various debenture / hospitality schemes.


    However WHL at 40K seats meant that there was a huge pent up demand for tickets.


    New ground at 62K means a huge increase match day income to the extent of doubling current figures.


    Plus the Wembley road trip has increased their matchday attendance numbers.



    L/pool main stand = £80mill or £100mill investment depending on the source.



    Spurs new ground = £1bill has been mentioned though that would appear to be very high for 62K seats when you already own the site.



    Consequently what should we do?


    Our matchday facilities are very poor for the vast majority of seats.


    We need to improve all around the ground and we need to totally transform the Main Stand.


    The only question to me is how much do we spend and what standards should we be aiming for?


    And then there is the tourist angle and should we make efforts to accommodate it?



    What should be our budget and where should we spend it?



    Given our weather our most basic improvement should be too expand the areas under cover around the ground — sitting in your seat 60 minutes and 90 minutes before the game is only for the committed and in addition sitting in your seat staring at the grass means that you are not spending any money.

  3. Paul 67



    The SFA have placed Bobby Madden in charge of Celtic v Sevco despite the fact that Madden referee’d our last game away to Dundee.



    Madden was roundly questioned by SMSM as to why he added a seemingly generous, 6mins stoppages time at the end of which Odsonne Edouard brought all three points to Celtic.



    Now we know why?



    He’ll influence the game on Sunday and he’s been selected not by chance, but because he’s got brass Sevco balls.



    Watch this space CSC

  4. And again …



    Our Place in World — Part XYZ+1



    Cheap and easy start — More facillities behind the JS Stand.


    Only question would be the budget — £5mill or £10mill?


    Along with a better catering offer and a pre-match bar the money would flood in.


    Combine the build with a new multi storey garage to harvest the parking market.



    More involved project — New main stand.


    Increase the capacity of the ground to 67K plus as a first step.


    Include an extra 1000 hospitality seats in boxes plus 2000 free pie seats.



    Build big — build my portal steel frame high.


    Leave space in the attic for another 8K seats for high demand games.



    Plug number — 10% increase in capacity with a better and wider selection of seats would increase matchday revenue by £10mill. To this can be added the extra income of getting the punters in earlier to spend money at the ground and not the Merchant City.



    My thoughts are that the cost of a new main stand would start at £50mill for a basic fit out and no style.


    If the demand was for something more opulent that made a statement to the world then we are talking about at least £75mill or possibly £100mill.



    Then comes the financing — CFC Stadium Bonds over 15 / 20 / 25 years to do the heavy lifting.


    Paying out 4 / 5 / 6% depending on our performance — SPL title / CL Group stages.



    Plus debentures, naming rights to the stand and third party investment / non matchday use.


    Budget based on the following split — 20% club / 60% bonds / 20% other sources + third parties.



    For me it is a case of if not when.


    If DD want’s to get noticed by the EPL then he needs to start flashing some property “leg”.

  5. Transform Main Stand including proper restaurants and have a debenture scheme for fans.



    Take the opportunity to put a retractable roof over stadium — not just for Celtic but for other events.



    Need to upgrade big time for the next 30 years.

  6. It will need to grade A / full on MIB nonsense to close the gap on Sunday.


    Very much possible but the fix will stick out like a sore thumb.



    Same ref — two games in a row?


    Has it been a common occurrence for either us anyone else in the SPL?

  7. Great to see another ex Oldco Season Ticket holder in charge of another Celtic game…..think about that for a second….

  8. Caught me out there P67…..





    Who the hell is this “Brownie” you refer to?


    Possibly somebody who left the building and went to Leicester with the rest of the management team?


    Repeat efter me…….


    Broon-ie \0/ Broon-ie \0/ Broon-ie \0/

  9. MM,



    Totally agree. Our number 1 priority must be to enhance the match day experience. Serious money needs to be spent in this regard.


    Ideally I would like the money to be spent constructively and not wasted fighting GCC at every turn. A day out at the football must be our objective, not just for 90 minutes.



    Merchant City is setting the standards, we need to follow.




  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    lucky cody on 26th March 2019 12:24 pm



    “Transform Main Stand including proper restaurants”



    Yes they could use the extra £1M+ from increasing ST’s for that purpose, at the very least. Been told the facilities are very 1970’s………..

  11. BSR


    ….and Beaton hasn’t refereed us since the Glasgow Derby, after which we asked to inspect the contents of his notebook.


    We have to hope Madhun has a good game or we’ll need foreign refs to complete the season!

  12. ‘Proper’ restaurants means ‘proper’ kitchens and chefs and waiting-on staff, and pot wash, kitchen porters etc. Do we hire them on a match by match basis?

  13. TAL



    We had a ‘blueprint’ plan which included a brand new main stand, back in the day, but when it got dusted down and shown to Fergus the great man preferred his house of steel.



    It should be done to mark ten in a row.

  14. Billy Bhoy



    Yes that’s true, but Bobby Madden is a more ‘ballsy’ cheat for the big decisions ( see YouTube) for the memory scars.



    That’s why he’s getting the gig, if we turn up hopefully he won’t be a deciding influence.

  15. MADMITCH on 26TH MARCH 2019 9:29 AM



    Our Place in World — Part XYZ+1



    Build big — build my portal steel frame high.



    *You sure you don’t sit in the copeland road stand lol.

  16. BB…………



    Given the context of our game, if ye made that up, no-one would believe ye.



    The mere fact, that the ex-Season ticket Holder is allowed to officiate at a game with this significance and is allowed to do it with the blessing of the msm………….typifies what’s wrong with the game here.



    If we were seen to complain or draw attention to this fact, we, would end up owning the problem and copping for the blame………..




  17. A victory on Sunday and we’ll quickly see an evening up of referee decisions, we’ll get a penalty every game, except the Scottish cup of course, it’s their final chance to stop the treble treble.

  18. whitedoghunch on

    Ron Bacardi


    Centerplate operate the kiosks and I imagine have a hand in the pitiful 70’s offerings in hospitality/No 7

  19. FRIESDORFER on 26TH MARCH 2019 8:46 AM



    David 66 I would not play Boyata and Benkovic again as they are leaving,



    *Fully concur with this as I have previously stated, if big Dedryck goes tae Leicester then we know he was tapped after the AEK fiasco to go tae any team clodagh was joining. Likewise Ben will return to the person, refuse tae call him a man, who recruited him. Tey’ll be the Foxes back 2 next season as I have no doubt the Slab will go for big bucks.



    I still have a problem with the kid on Irish team from Leith having a player on the park on Black Sunday who was on a bossie tae the opposition, I know he was their captain but reports stated he hardly crossed the halfway line that day. I have no doubt he would be in the away dressing room at full time celebrating and I honestly couldnae blame him as he would now be playing in the Champions League the following season.



    Jim McIntyre has more integrity than a lot of the managers out there, fighting relegation he had no problem binning kamara once he was on a promise tae hades.



    Talking about the Slab who a lot don’t seem tae rate. He’s now playing for a country that’s on the up. they replaced Lilleshall Hall and Bisham Abbey with St George’s Park National Football Centre, which I believe was funded with monies from the TV revenue as well as sponsorship by Nike.



    Meanwhile up in Brigadoon geriatric dinosaurs are ruining the Scottish game, nae wounder decent players won’t come and play there anymore unless a promise of a move tae the EPL is in their contract.



    IMHO england will win a major tournament, their younger teams already have, before we, Celtic, win another European one.

  20. WDH


    A friend gifted my ten year old son and I his tickets for a game with hospitality at No.7 . We had an absolute ball , food was great and they really looked after us .

  21. Afternoon Ghuys and Ghals



    Bit of a long shot but I’m posting to see if anyone has any spares for the derby match on Sunday.



    Was promised tickets and family coming up from down south and friends from Cork… all booked, they arrive on Friday.



    Got a phone call 5 minutes ago to say “sorry, I won’t be able to get the tickets I promised you after all!”



    Difficult to control my anger and hoping to avoid the ignominy of telling folk they’ve travelled to watch the game on the telly!!



    Hail Hail ??

  22. SUNDAY 31 March sees Rangers travel to Celtic Park to contest the 3rd Old Firm Derby of the season.



    You can watch the match in style in Bar 72 at Ibrox Stadium.



    The day will begin when doors open at 11am, with a breakfast roll and pint on arrival. Nacho Novo and Marvin Andrews will be on hand to provide insight and recall their experiences of playing in the Old Firm Derby.



    There will be pies and sausage rolls on offer at half time and a Q&A session with the ex-players and full time will see a prize draw with a chance to win Rangers memorabilia.



    Tickets cost £36.00 per person and spaces are limited.



    They don’t even get a full English CSC

  23. South Of Tunis on




    Presumably Marvin Andrews won’t be getting paid for breaking bread with the punters on Sunday .

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    Play your best team every single time


    they are our players at present until they are not


    scud the orcs, win the semi and hopefully the final and then reflect on next year


    we’re here to win

  25. roll up roll up,



    come and get a slice roll and a pint at 11 in the morning.


    watch your team being gubbed in the east end of glasgow, in front of tv sets.


    sit in the dank and damp paper peeling off the walls authentic louden look a like tavern bar72.


    get a halftime wet pie and another beer.


    meet real life original rangers players and revel in them parading the last trophy the first rangers won, no wait all them are at parkhead, em we mean get a shot of saint etiennes bike, em naw too fenieny, em have a sup with the loving cup, what you mean charles has it, em ok marvel at the arsenal share, whit craigy sold them.



    ffs, for 36 pounds have a slide down the marble staircase and ponder how mr struth pushed his best pal off the boat.



    36 pounds, seriously

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