Dangerous coefficient cup winners


With the elimination of Atletico Madrid and Benfica from the Champions League, only a Villarreal win would prevent the Scottish champions from gaining automatic qualification for the group stages next season.  You can get 40/1 on that happening, so while the threat has not been eliminated, it was hugely contained by Atletico Madrid’s inability to score against Manchester City.

I will not be watching any Europa League football tonight, although we have to be respectful to all the teams still in this competition.  I don’t think Newco are as good as Celtic, there is substantial evidence to the contrary, but neither were they are good as Borussia Dortmund.  Being the better team did not keep Dortmund in Europe; Newco are more dangerous than you would believe having watched them twice against Celtic recently.

Having watched trophies slip through their grasp as the season wore on, Newco now seem focussed on being the winners of the largest earners of coefficient points in Scotland cup!  Good luck to them on that front, maybe a win in 90 minutes and elimination in extra-time would have the whole city cheering.  Send them to Hampden tired, emotional and confirmed losers.


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    From previous Thread…


    Aye mate you are correct.


    I have known scores of ” TRAVIATAS” in my life…or ” Fallen Women”.


    It was ME who usually TRIPPED em up !




    HH Mate.

  2. Paul67



    I wish the Quarrymen nothing but good fortune tonight against Sevco.



    I hope they are luckier than last fenian bas@ards who escaped hell, with just one member of staff ‘permanently disfigured ‘.



    Scotland’s Shame.

  3. Not saying I want the old firm to win their tie tonight, BUT if they do then they would have a semi-final game on Thursday 28th April prior to a vital league game on Sunday 1st May.


    Just sayin’ like!

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    May sound strange but some clubs, once they qualify for Europe, actually want to have some success IN EUROPE! Not some kind of distraction from domestic football.


    I doubt if Ange will be too fussed about how tired the opposition are. He will be focused – as always – in getting his own team to be in the best shape possible and on continuing to improve. There will always be the odd game where things don’t quite go right but that’s football.

  5. I think given our league position, we no longer really have to think about the huns. That being the case, I don’t want them having more games, I want them out.



    For me, last week, Braga were clearly the better side. How they handle the atmosphere will decided their fate tonight.



    I fancy Braga, I think the huns season ends at 4 pm on Sunday.

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  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hampden have got the fleg polis out,1 flag per person on Sunday, limited sizes allowed, still waiting on these cowards commenting on the bottles at Poundland

  8. Tonight’s fitba ?









    Get them pumped out asap…. Never mind extra time I want Braga through by half time

  9. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    I’m with you mate, pumped out tonight and pumped out on Sunday.



    I’d be happy with that!

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. 2 silly huns sent on their way, 150 years and 55 titles. I shouldn’t mock the afflicted. Or rip the pish oot o’ them.

  11. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Anyone on who would know where to watch the game in Budapest on Sunday??!!

  12. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Cheers Saint Stivs.



    From a family funeral in Belfast last weekend, to a birthday present to Budapest this weekend for my wife and I bought from my pals for my 50th at the end of last year.



    Contrasting weekends right enough!!

  13. The B team did not look particularly good in the recent fixture vs Old Firm B.



    However, over the course of this seasonjlayers like Oluwayemi, Lawal, Summers and Moffat have done well and are in a 3 way fight with EK and Sevco B) to finish 2nd behind runaway leaders Bonnyrigg.



    We cannot write them off on one bad game.

  14. JIMBOB71 & LITTLE MISS JIMBOB on 14TH APRIL 2022 2:51 PM



    contrasts indeed, go enjoy.


    Fellas in my work use it all the time, funnily enough, on eo f them the great great grand nephew of Johnny Madden himself.

  15. have we informed the ‘old firm’ that they are getting no allocation for the upcoming league fixture, or are we too weak as a club to hunt thems.

  16. SFTB



    having watched the B games often, I have enjoyed the competative nature of actually being in a league. Its a really mixed bag though, that poor team that gets pumped every week, versus the smart organisation of EK and BR.



    I dont know that it really does accelerate anything for the bhoys development.



    Bizarelly, with being at home and with the backing of a crowd i actually thought some of our team got stage fright, they just didnt perform the way they can do.



    Write it off, go again.



    Between the girls the unders and the B team, the girn to get them into the east end , i dont know that it adds anything.

  17. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Thanks again St Stivs,



    seems it is only a 15 mins walk from my hotel.



    Last weekend, yet again, I never managed to catch up with Ard Macha, formerly of this parish for a pint in The Felons.



    Mind you, he is off the drink for Lent but he could have watched me drinking Guinness!! lol

  18. Go tell the Spartim on




    its a double edged sword for those in charge of the PLC, they’ll want the Orc support to behave whilst getting trounced on Sunday, so that they dont have to upset the Old Firm and can claim that the knuckledraggers can behave so we can give them an away allocation, or, conversely, they’ll either tell them on the Monday (or Tuesday as its a bank holiday) once the semi is done as they have no other opportunity this season for us to meet, so they can rant and rave all they like.

  19. Sevco hit with two fines £30.000 and £5.000 for throwing


    Objects, and damage to red stars stadium from last round.


    Wonder if they will pay by instalments.

  20. and nothing from SFA or the League for bringing game into disrepute regarding bottle throwing and injury to our staff.



    that fella has got to have a cast iron claim for criminal damages and insurance.

  21. prestonpans bhoys on

    I recall someone on here stipulating that our CEO, whatever his name is, said we had no option but to give Old Firm FC tickets😱

  22. ZIGGYDOC1 on 14TH APRIL 2022 1:31 PM









    I never saw that game but enjoyed their win over Cincinnati. I know it’s all relative, but 2 or 3 of the under 17s looked better prospects than the B team, the other night.




    It is interesting to have a look at some good prospects in the youth age groups.Daniel Kelly at u17(he signed for us prior to this) looks good,but a lot of work needs done,as is always the way



    it is interesting to note Ange type football is being initiated at all age groups,press,ball comfort passing and moving.Hopefully setting a culture of playing.



    I would give the b team a break Z,the league structure and path to the first team are not the same as that what Murray binned,reserve league etc,until that is made part of our league,and you get old experience playing with young,we won’t see marked improvement.


    I feel for Bosun Lawal,Owen Moffat,so near yet….


    I hope they make it,Owen was part of move/buildup to Tony Ralston 94th min winner,


    If I see link for live game I will post



    This twitter account gives updates👇






    All good





  23. Yeti @ 3.07



    The base question regarding the B Team / U21’s / U18’s – what is the best pathway to the matchday squad for all the younger players we have outside the first team squad?



    At the moment there is no Reserve League and even when we had it questions were asked continually about its suitability for player development? Me — I thought it had its uses but it was open to teams stuffing their reserve starting 11’s with bench warmers to get results.



    We now have the B Team to develop players — looking like 18 / 19 year olds at the start of the season — and again questions are being asked. I agree that Lowland League is currently a bit of a curates egg regarding the variable quality of the teams but our participation will improve the quality of the league for next season based on the money we bring in and the extra exposure we deliver.



    If the quality is better next season then we all win.


    My thoughts are that the B team helps with the pathway to first team football.


    If players can’t perform in front of a vocal crowd then when are we gong to fix this flaw?



    We have a team in the U18 league — seemingly one of nine SPL sides involved — and we are currently having a very poor season. What can we do to improve this performance — better players / better opposition / better coaching? Or do we just cut our losses with academy at St Ninians and try some other set up?



    I think that the club needs to play more competitive football to instil winning attitudes. Any player we bring through the ranks should have the required skillset as a given and our efforts should be focused on playing in a team / learning the tactics of the club / handling the pressure of support expectations.



    Back to the base question — if not a B Team then what?





    U23’s or U21’s?


    Regular invitational tournaments in G40?


    Loans to L1 / L2 in England?


    Half a team on loan to a non league team in England?


    Send a team to play out of AR — the Coatbridge angle?


    Put a team into the Juniors — P/head Juniors reborn?



    What is the way forward?


    What happens to the U18’s after their poor season?

  24. fourstonecoppi on

    Bhoys and Ghirls, many thanks for all your comforting replies on the passing of my Uncle Pat.



    It means so much, again many thanks HH




    Keep on keping on. The memories stay strong but the sadness diminishes.

  26. The chances of a 17 year old Scottish boy making it through to the big team, and staying there, must be very slim indeed. Currently, only Callum McGregor can say that would be me. Even Callum had to take period at Notts County to enhance his professional development.


    Of the current 31 man first team squad, only nine are Scottish. Other than Callum, only Taylor can be called a first pick. Bain, Ralston, Turnbull, Johnston, Forrest, Murray, and Welsh, will all hope the make the match day squad. Then there are all the other guys out on loan.



    I do wonder if there is any real point in having B and U18 teams at levels below all the above. Maybe a good many of them will make a living playing football, but not in the green & white hoops.



    Our most consistent player this season (imo), is an American, born in Southend-on-Sea, on loan from Tottenham. Our manager brought in four guys from Japan, all straight into the first team match day squad.



    If you are a 17 year old, Celtic daft, boy from Carfin, what chance have you really got of living the dream ?

  27. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The semis are too close for comfort. I want them papped out tonight.



    Nice puff piece by the BBC on Tavenier.



    I’m guessing he’s up for sale.

  28. The East End is the new west end.



    Please Mr Nickleson don’t let these ruffians into Parkers.


    We like our Lavatories intact and we really don’t need their repartee.



    It’s just not cricket and jolly annoying.

  29. prestonpans bhoys on

    The Blogger£4:45



    I did have a good laugh at that piece, why is he not playing for Liverpool it says😂



    Think he said Tavpen has scored 77 goals for Old Firm FC and 38 of them were penalties😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Be a few Weary Willie’s on here happy at the SFA trying their Hun best to ban the GBs Tricolour fest.


    Well going by their tut tutting earlier in the week.


    I blame those pesky heroes in 1916.