Dangerous expectations at pivotal weekend


There is a belief in football that the seemingly small game after a significant victory is dangerous.  Players psych themselves up for a big and important task, but they are not machines.  When that task is achieved, the mental energy for the next game is never the same.

You, me and everyone at Celtic knew the incredible importance of last week’s games at Tynecastle and Easter Road.  Neil Lennon got his second tenure off to a winning start and then kept the treble treble dream alive.  The expectation that we will beat Aberdeen tomorrow is overwhelming.

I don’t like this scenario.  Aberdeen will not compliantly roll over.  They are a better team than Hearts or Hibs and if we win, we will earn it the hard way.

This could be a weekend the league pivots.  If Newco drop points at Easter Road tonight and Celtic win tomorrow, the remainder of the campaign will be like a procession.  But if this scenario is reversed, every game will be played under intense pressure until the lead is extended.

Neil Lennon’s Hibernian took four points from Newco within a week in December, significantly weakening their challenge.  New manager, Paul Heckingbottom, will know that tonight he has an opportunity to put a stake of personal credibility in the ground.


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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BEATBHOY on 8TH MARCH 2019 2:16 PM


    Richard Osman on Twitter.


    Please [email protected] today. It’s the day he responds to every single dullard who asks “When is International Men’s Day?” as if they’ve had an original, counter-cultural thought.


    Along the way he raises a fortune for a very good cause.”






    “Dullard” is it ?!?!?



    I was going to post an original, counter-cultural riposte – but I can’t think of one :-((



    So – will have to go with the tried and tested



    “Yer maw” :-))






  2. mike in toronto on




    I think this is current….



    “Which players do need work permits?


    Footballers from outside the EU must still obtain a work permit if they wish to play for English football clubs. Every non-EU footballer must successfully apply for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) with the FA before the Home Office will consider issuing a work permit.



    The system has recently been tightened and now only non-EEA players who are internationally established at the highest level, and whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport at the highest level, are allowed to play in the UK. One of the reasons for the rule change was that only 58% of football players who were given work visas played any top-flight football in their second season.



    What are the criteria which will be used?


    Until 2015, football players needed to have played in at least 75% of their country’s senior international matches over the previous two years to play in the UK. Eligibility for a GBE now depends on a national team’s FIFA ranking, as follows:



    Official FIFA Ranking Required % of international matches in past 2 yrs


    FIFA 1-10 30% and above


    FIFA 11-20 45% and above


    FIFA 21-30 60% and above


    FIFA 31-50 75% and above


    In the case of players aged 21 or under at the time of application, the period is reduced to one year. The aim is to make it easier for young, outstanding talent to grow their game in the UK.



    If a club’s application is rejected, there is an appeals process. The Exceptions Panel is the appeals body which will consider, on a points based system, the player’s experience and value before deciding whether the player can join the club, regardless of their failed application. A stricter assessment of relevant objective criteria will now be applied in an appeal.



    Who has to submit the application?


    Technically, it is the player’s responsibly but invariably it is the club wishing to sign a player who will apply for a work permit, and it must agree to sponsor that player to be in the UK. The club will issue a certificate of sponsorship which must then be submitted to the relevant FA for it to consider a GBE. If it is refused, the club can appeal (see above). If a GBE is issued, an application for a work permit can then be made.”

  3. MiT


    So his only chance is an appeal then, I also believe that speaking the english is taken into account when an appeal is made, he can’t.



  4. Brazilian, Douglas Luiz was denied a work permit to play for Manchester City. Now on loan at Girona as he cant legally work in England.

  5. Hrvatski Jim on

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  6. mike in toronto on 8th March 2019 6:30 pm



    someone will pay money for Morelos …


    remember Islam Simani? No… neither do I, but not long ago Leicester paid 30 million pounds for him and he hardly scored (although he had done well in Portugal for a few seasons)



    BR also paid $35 million quid for Christian Benteke, who left Pool after one season I think




    Can’t say I know anything about Islam Simani however oul Benteke had a decent enough record at a good level prior to signing for Liverpool at Genk and Aston Villa. I think he scored around 40 goals in 80 odd games for a struggling Villa – a fairly good average i’d say. Also capped by Belgium.

  7. Question doesn’t Morelos already have a permit for plying his trade in the UK? Or are there differing immigration / work permit rules in force covering differing football associations within the UK?



    A good reason to vote Yes to indy ref 2 – stop Sevco getting a bail out.

  8. BGFC



    Well, “yer paw” would hardly be appropriate for International Woman’s day, would it?




  9. Morelos


    They will get £dafty money.There are many examples of bloated fees in £1.7 billion epl.as pointed out by MIT.



    Who cares.nowt to do wi Celtic.





  10. An Tearmann on 8th March 2019 7:20 pm









    They will get £dafty money.There are many examples of bloated fees in £1.7 billion epl.as pointed out by MIT.


    Who cares.nowt to do wi Celtic.









    I know but it passes the time until the Hibes stuff Sevco ( fingers crossed) Then lashings of Jelly’ n’Ice cream

  11. mike in toronto on




    my point is that there is so much money available in the English game, and even a few extra goals a season could make the difference between staying up and relegation …or promotion to the EPL … that I suspect that some english team will pay probably more than he is really worth … (although, even if they paid 8 million for him, if his goals get them to/keep them in the EPL, then he would be a snip at twice the price…

  12. mike in toronto on

    OGLACH on 8TH MARCH 2019 7:25 PM


    An Tearmann on 8th March 2019 7:20 pm






    They will get £dafty money.There are many examples of bloated fees in £1.7 billion epl.as pointed out by MIT.



    Who cares.nowt to do wi Celtic.












    I know but it passes the time until the Hibes stuff Sevco ( fingers crossed) Then lashings of Jelly’ n’Ice cream





    Agree 100% …. all we need now is for RC to put up some music and we can start the weekend!




  13. frannyb67 on 8th March 2019 1:46 pm


    Over 50 years on the planet and I’ve not hated to anywhere near that level before or since. Even the currants.

  14. The english fa and the sectarian fa are totally different bodies re permits, it’s so much easier to get a permit in scotland, Gutman has been refused one for us, morelos is no more deserving, I just can’t see morelos getting a permit for england.

  15. Come on ye bhoys in Green (albeit a Hibees Green)



    Edinburgh Hibs, Dundee Hibernian, Glasgow Celtic. Scottish football – Irish style.

  16. fairhill bhoy on

    I usually like James Forrest,but his assignation of our manager is pretty poor 👎

  17. Merelos goes down under challenge, elbow used by hibee. BT crew including Sutton call for Red, me it wasn’t that bad, yellow at best!

  18. Hibs could have had a guy sent off. McCkean gave a yellow could easily have been red.

  19. fairhill bhoy on

    Unless james Forrest wants to meet me in secret,then my first post is inutile 😉

  20. Morelos doesnt score against teams that are better than SPFL fodder. A head of recruitment (who’s job depends on making these sort of calls) looks at his record against teams that are half decent at defending – top 4 spfl, Celtic & Europa league proper to work out how he’d do in the EPL.



    Easy to forget Moussa is the same age

  21. Morelos is a player alright . A nut job but a brave wee guy . He should be getting wound up every game ,he can’t handle that .