Dangerous expectations at pivotal weekend


There is a belief in football that the seemingly small game after a significant victory is dangerous.  Players psych themselves up for a big and important task, but they are not machines.  When that task is achieved, the mental energy for the next game is never the same.

You, me and everyone at Celtic knew the incredible importance of last week’s games at Tynecastle and Easter Road.  Neil Lennon got his second tenure off to a winning start and then kept the treble treble dream alive.  The expectation that we will beat Aberdeen tomorrow is overwhelming.

I don’t like this scenario.  Aberdeen will not compliantly roll over.  They are a better team than Hearts or Hibs and if we win, we will earn it the hard way.

This could be a weekend the league pivots.  If Newco drop points at Easter Road tonight and Celtic win tomorrow, the remainder of the campaign will be like a procession.  But if this scenario is reversed, every game will be played under intense pressure until the lead is extended.

Neil Lennon’s Hibernian took four points from Newco within a week in December, significantly weakening their challenge.  New manager, Paul Heckingbottom, will know that tonight he has an opportunity to put a stake of personal credibility in the ground.


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  1. Greetings from Phnom Penh in Cambodia, this place is mental and cool at the same time. Just woke up to find out that the zombies dropped two points. We need to capitalise on this and go 10 ahead.


    Off to the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum later, I reckon that could be a bit emotional.


    ACGR, thanks for the advice.


    Funniest event after only two hours of being here was buying a couple of bottles of Angkor beer (not a bad brew) out of a shop next to the hotel. The proprietor was in bed watching the telly and conducted the transaction without getting out of bed. 😂😂

  2. The idiot tonight came from the same section the bottle came from last week. Police and stewards still standing idol in a neutral area. They need to be active and acting as a deterrent amongst them.




  3. weebawbabitty on

    Whits! The definition of happiness 😂reading follow follow after the sevco drap! A couple of points 👍👍✅🍀

  4. GreeninbingleyinOslo on 8th March 2019 11:38 pm








    Congratulations on the Gretsch.




    Six games to go and 7 guitars in UK stock! Bet was i get to buy the guitar ‘IF’ we win the league this year



    Delay is killing me. 100% sure the league is ours but will i last that long. a win tomorrow and a bit of tory style Brexit manipulation of the truth and it could be mine in a few days.


    Stay sick




  5. Tomorrow should be good.



    Neil will be warmly welcomed (understatement) especially as he has negotiated 2 real hard away games.



    Aberdeen might as well go for it the morra as they are gonnae Crash out midweek as there are no Live Cameras there – at the Cheaters Theatre.

  6. Bankiebhoy


    It’s piled up from earlier in the week as it’s been frigid.


    Expecting temps to rise to 50 (13C) over the weekend


    .Perfect for the local St Patrick’s Day parade.

  7. GG……………..



    Thanks, apparently snow showers likely in Barnegat.



    Stay indoors, stay warm Bhoy!




  8. I just don’t like Apple products. Ask my PA about that.



    Keep on Winning Celtic.



    I enjoyed Neils Presser.



    I reckon Neil will really embrace all the advancements Celtic (Brendan is responsible for a lot of them as well) have made since he was the Main Man Kicking up a storm.



    Njoi Today!!!

  9. Petec 12.19am



    BR is in the past NFL is the present and the future … never forget the past but the the present and the future is far more important …. :-)

  10. GG&BB1,



    Anyway unwanted snow – please re-direct them to Les Rousses ski resort next Friday please. :))



    I’d be over the Moon then.

  11. weebawbabitty on

    EMERALDBEE, sorry m8, can’t do copy and paste! However ! Have a look 😂 honestly it’s comedy gold 😂! But apparently they will sell the wee junky for £20 million 😂😂😂

  12. GFTB,



    Brendan Who?



    Onwards and constantly upwards. It is obvious the long term Goal – Tommy’s dream is to have as many Celtic home grown kids in the First Team. That takes Time and a lot of Patience. We will get there. I just know we will.

  13. Honestly, it was once about debate and acrimony and discord and agreement and harmony and compassion and just about feckin everything.



    See all the issues we spoke about. The famine song. The orangies marching past Catholic Churches. The rights of our songs to be recognised as political or cultural but not sectarian



    We’re fighting for them.






    Make a difference guys.



    See the morra stick a tenner in.



    And in a 100 years time your descendants will know, you helped build it.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    A wee taste of FF.



    Amato Turn said:


    F— off.



    How about looking at what happened objectively – which was a tour de force in shit refereeing – instead of just wanting to pile on our players.


    Calm down fella. No need to swear. Did the ref stop us putting away our chances? We should have been out of sight in that first half. Yes the ref was awful, but that doesn’t excuses our players from being wasteful in front of goal.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    leagues gone and with this team of bottlers i dread the sheep shagging bastards on Tuesday another let down incoming IMO.

  16. The first half was all The Rangers due to having extra midfielder. Hibs manager lucky to reach half time only one down.



    Getting formation right steadied a sinking ship and The Rangers not closing down to same effect 2nd half made a game of it. Draw about right.



    Gerrard complaining about the tackle on Tavernier that let Hibs break for the goal. If you watch from the side line angled Tavernier take a wee jump forward on contact which the ref might have seen. Look forward to it being replayed .



    Dempster was right to speak out,, this is getting out of hand land all clubs need to come up with solutions.



    I thought the guy looked as if he was on some kind of high and stopping those in that state getting access is a problem.



    A heavy jail sentence might be a deterrent. It can do no harm to start dishing them out.



    A win for Celtic later today should put the icing on the Lennon cake.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    An optimist surfaces .







    Ffs…..if the league is gone, it isn’t because of tonight’s performance.



    We have played much worse and won.



    We played much better tonight than last Sunday for instance.



    The long road doesn’t suddenly become a sprint.



    We are progressing! That is the big picture.



    We are 270 minutds from a trophy.



    Look on the positives.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    And now , a realist.





    We’ve bought 3 East Europeans 2 of them have money and are suffering from sore leg syndrome. Why sign those types? People on here criticising Shinnie bet he’d have played tonight that’s the difference. As far as Gerrard goes Rangers in not an audition for Liverpool. As it stands I can only see more than 10 in a row and I lived through their first 9.



    Club has a losing mentality and has had since 2012. Until that changes we are an average SPFL team no better than Hearts Aberdeen or Hibs.

  19. weebawbabitty on

    Mac jay👍Cheers for posting that link 👍😉and its good night from me at stupid o clock 👍

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WEEBAWBABITTY on 9TH MARCH 2019 12:48 AM


    Mac jay👍Cheers for posting that link 👍😉and its good night from me at stupid o clock 👍






    Couldn`t resist, old son.



    Good night from you .



    And good morning from me .



    Sleep well .


    Sweet dreams of soixante neuf demain .



  21. an auld t'in can on

    ……Scoddish fitba’s…….


    …….hun monster………..


    …..fed by green hun’s…..