Dangerous expectations at pivotal weekend


There is a belief in football that the seemingly small game after a significant victory is dangerous.  Players psych themselves up for a big and important task, but they are not machines.  When that task is achieved, the mental energy for the next game is never the same.

You, me and everyone at Celtic knew the incredible importance of last week’s games at Tynecastle and Easter Road.  Neil Lennon got his second tenure off to a winning start and then kept the treble treble dream alive.  The expectation that we will beat Aberdeen tomorrow is overwhelming.

I don’t like this scenario.  Aberdeen will not compliantly roll over.  They are a better team than Hearts or Hibs and if we win, we will earn it the hard way.

This could be a weekend the league pivots.  If Newco drop points at Easter Road tonight and Celtic win tomorrow, the remainder of the campaign will be like a procession.  But if this scenario is reversed, every game will be played under intense pressure until the lead is extended.

Neil Lennon’s Hibernian took four points from Newco within a week in December, significantly weakening their challenge.  New manager, Paul Heckingbottom, will know that tonight he has an opportunity to put a stake of personal credibility in the ground.


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  1. Auldheid 12.41am



    Idiots will always be in attendance the fact that Hibs announced they could not find the idiot who flung the bottle at Scott Sinclair is just a green flag to idiots like him tonight …. am not advocating video surveillance but it’s about time the police started lifting idiots … being at a football game doesn’t give you the right to a dick… I actually think that eijit tonight was more interested in attacking the ball and in a square go the ball would have won …. but the scary part is some people think this is ok to do

  2. None of them are Jews, None of them are Catholic, None of them are Protestant…. Bill Cooper jibber jabbering away.






    I’d Love to hear his analysis of Trump as President – I reckon he’d be more akin to John Lydons view of him – we will never know, howevaaaaaah. His Opinion after all is just one voice – isn’t it. :))






    Shaun is pushing aliens and the existence to the older generation – pushing a Total Anti Christian agenda.



    Shaun seems Spiritually incredibly vacant.

  3. Óglach.


    Excellent music links.


    Felt sorry for the guys who posted tunes after the Cramps but the vibrancy and energy couldn’t be matched.


    Seen them only once and I’m still not sure how Lux fancied the microphone more than his wife!


    Will definitely pull out the records again.


    “you gotta beat it with a stick”


    Go raibh míle maith agat.


    Hail Hail.

  4. Brendan put a Core of Celts on Long Term contracts.






    Celts you expect to stay @ Celtic.



    Its our Future.



    Big Kris is Mega as I reckon he will want to stay for those Perfect 7 years.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    So much for the uninformed rumour mongering of the anti PL faction.




    The feeling that Lennon will still be calling the shots next season was strengthened when he dismissed social media speculation that a rift between himself and Lawwell was the prime reason for his departure in 2014. “I always hoped I would be walking back in the door one day,” he said. “Despite a lot of rumours and conjecture I left on really good terms with Peter and [major shareholder] Dermot Desmond. We had dinner in Dublin and talked things through.





    Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/neil-lennon-hints-at-remaining-with-celtic-for-the-long-haul-1-4886433

  6. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    The hun’s a in utter outrage about the imbecile who came onto the playing area tonight and had a go at their player. before I continue I would add that the actions of this feral ned are nothing short of disgraceful and I hope the police kicked the shite out of him before banging up for the eventing.



    However, the sheer hypocrisy of the hun is breath taking in the extreme. I remember their comments on FF and hunmedia when that fat prick mess ran onto the pitch t confront Scott Brown. There was no condemnation of that event, only high praise for the fat shitebag.



    I hate the huns.

  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Think I’m going to get a tattoo of Andy Halliday, that ugly blue twat is a legend.

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Petec, I know you think I’ll burn in the big bad fire but hey ho, them’s the rubs:_)



    I quite like tattooed wimmen, big ones with lots of coverage area. A thing of beauty so it is.



    Gaun, spoil yerself pete, get 10 in row tattooed on yer walloper.

  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Three point today please Celtic. Turn the screw and hack everyone in Scotland off, with the exception of the green and white.



    HH and good night




    P.S. lost a good work colleague on sunday morning. An ex St Brides man and a good Celtic man. If you pray, please say one for Tony. He will be sadly missed.

  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Thanks Mike, you’re a good man. Say hello to my pals Torontony and TAL when you see them. Give them one each of these from me x x



    HH bruv

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on 9th March 2019 2:55 am



    Petec, I know you think I’ll burn in the big bad fire but hey ho, them’s the rubs:_)



    I quite like tattooed wimmen, big ones with lots of coverage area. A thing of beauty so it is.



    Gaun, spoil yerself pete, get 10 in row tattooed on yer walloper.






    Cold Chillin’




    I’d say Neil secured the League, as Neil said, Brendan Won it.



    Noone knows what is really going on.



    Celtic continuously winning and picking up Domestic Trophies is very nice.



    Tattoos isnae for me – Belief in Jesus stepping into Time itself to Take Away Every Sin – is Ridiculed by Ignorant people.



    Scoffers don’t impress me much.



    Celtic is Fundamentally Good.

  12. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Belated happy birthday wishes to Jimmy Page and corkcelt, Hard to determine which one I admire the most……….:_)

  13. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Pete, having a tattoo doesnt make you fundamentally bad.



    My mrs has several an I can vouch for her, even with her hunnish background.

  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Pete, in fact, vouching for aside I actually quite like her a wee bit. She baked me a cake last week. Devil wummin dont bake cakes, or do they?

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Im not too clued up on the various aspects of the devil and what he gets up to.

  16. Michael, I never said that.



    My own brother has a Tattoo.



    He is the Coolest guy in the World well, after My Dad, My Boy, James and wee Andrew….



    Och you know what I mean at least I hope you do.



    You burning in the Fire – I’m there before you because if I push a Christian agenda without meaning it, not so Good for those that do so, those that dinnae have nothing to worry about in that respect.



    I go about things the wrong way

  17. 9th of March, 1981. Vol. Bobby Sands MP, Óglaigh na hÉireann.


    I have left this rather late tonight and it is cold. The priest Fr Murphy was in. I had a discussion with him on the situation. He said he enjoyed our talk and was somewhat enlightened, when he was leaving.


    On the subject of priests, I received a small note from a Fr S. C. from Tralee, Kerry, and some holy pictures of Our Lady. The thought touched me. If it is the same man, I recall him giving a lecture to us in Cage 11 some years ago on the right to lift arms in defence of the freedom of one’s occupied and oppressed nation. Preaching to the converted he was, but it all helps.


    It is my birthday and the boys are having a sing-song for me, bless their hearts. I braved it to the door, at their request, to make a bit of a speech, for what it was worth. I wrote to several friends today including Bernie and my mother. I feel all right and my weight is 60 kgs.


    I always keep thinking of James Connolly, and the great calm and dignity that he showed right to his very end, his courage and resolve. Perhaps I am biased, because there have been thousands like him but Connolly has always been the man that I looked up to.


    I always have tremendous feeling for Liam Mellowes as well; and for the present leadership of the Republican Movement, and a confidence in them that they will always remain undaunted and unchanged. And again, dare I forget the Irish people of today, and the risen people of the past, they too hold a special place in my heart.


    Well, I have gotten by twenty-seven years, so that is something. I may die, but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to the Republic and liberation of our people.



  18. That’s me up an’ at ’em!



    Wild and wonderful in Corcaigh……………..




    Still laffin’ at thum fae last night.




  19. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims……




    Any truth in the rumour that the wee Begbie character that jumped the hoardings last night thought that it was Moreloss he was chasing, and he was just after his money for services provided previous.





  20. MADMITCH on 8TH MARCH 2019 11:24 PM


    Hibs were shocking at times especially in the first half.



    They kept playing themselves into trouble and at times it looked like Old Hibs vs New Hibs.



    To give a little credit to TFOD2.1 — they played some good football but were very lax in front of goal.




    However when the ball started to stick with Hibs they folded and were lucky to get a point.



    SG might have caused some of their woes with his substitution.




    Finally the MIB was shocking — some of the tackles that he allowed were shocking plus a growing amount of cheap shots and off the ball blocking and barging. No wonder Scottish football is so insular and inward looking when our MIB play the game to a set of local rules which would shock other leagues





    Mad itch- spot on, I though the referee had a howler, he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and was not strong enough in character to deal with the goings on.



    D. :)

  21. Good morning CQN from an excited Garngad



    Let’s get the job done today and get another weeks rest.



    Voguepunter and to the blog in general from last night, I apologise for the comment I made about Leanne Dempster, it was my attempt at humour, and I am old enough and ugly enough that I should have known better.


    Moderator, if you want to chase back and delete said post, I would be grateful, as I am slightly embarrassed by it.






    D. :)

  22. morning bhoys from a wet and windy Cheshire, 3 points today please, DAVID66 how are you, are you going to parkhead today.hh.

  23. ” In a rare publik show of britherly fraternity, the foodbaw authorities in scoddland have come the gither and generously offered that each and every team in the league gives the rainjurz a point a piece in light of the horribly frightening scenes in Embra last night……….A diverse panel of huns fronted by Wiggy, Wishart Frazer and a Terrified Referee Called John, held an impromptu presser in a Pub, in the aftermath of the of The Huns Unacceptable Failure To Secure All Three Points In The Capital .”



    No further comments beyond “Where’s All The Points” (WATP?) were heard from the hopeless huns as The Swat Team ushered them oooot to the safety of thur motors…..”

  24. David66



    Good mhan.hh