Dangerous teams with nothing to lose


We lost at Ibrox in January to a team that did not record a single attempt on target, not even at the own-goal we conceded.  We lost there again this month having missed a penalty and even better chances, while assisting the effort with another own-goal.  Frankly, Newco must be wondering how poorly they need to play against us to lose a game.  Nothing I saw from the home team in either of our recent defeats there justified fear of them.

If the old adage ’beware the straw man’ holds true, Celtic will deliver.  The straw man has nothing to lose or fear.  What have Celtic got to lose heading to Ibrox on Sunday?  This should be the most relaxed Celtic team to head there in Newco’s 9-year history.

The dubious motivation, to stop Newco’s unbeaten run in the league, feels a bit beneath us, but still…..

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  1. This has a 90’s feel to it, looking to bloody their nose whilst losing the league.

  2. Thought I’d do some scouting, as everyone loves a meaningless list of potential transfer targets. As the forward positions will see something of a rebuild this summer here’s a look at some top goalscorers across other (relevant) european leagues. List below are in order of market value (from Transfermarkt), I’d imagine the majority are attainable by Celtic depending on how much we achieve from sales and want to spend.



    Ercan Kara (25) 2.5m – Rapid Vienna (App 27, goals 14)


    A solid progression through lesser leagues and a consistent goalscorer. Been with Rapid Vienna for 1.5 seasons so good time to progress further. Recently called up to the Austria squad, wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is signed by an EFL championship club or similar.



    Mohamed Bayo (22) 2.7m – Clermont Foot (App 35, goals 19)


    Top scorer in French Ligue 2 in his breakthrough season. Young and a bit of a punt (have a feeling we’ve been linked before).



    Thomas Henry (26) 3.5m – OH Leuven (App 31, goals 21)


    Non-descript and journeyman early career but has scored goals whenever given a run of games. Exploded this season in the Belgian Jupiler league and 2nd top scorer (beaten by the guy at the bottom of this list).



    Jonas Wind (22) 4.5m – Copenhagen (App 18, goals 11)


    This guy may just have tipped over the profile threshold and tweaked the interest of bigger leagues, he’s got 6 Denmark caps with 3 goals against respectable opposition. Good time for a move.



    Jean-Pierre Nsame (27) 7m – Young Boys (App 26, goals 18)


    Been banging them in at Young Boys for the past 4 seasons with an improving record in European competitions.



    Arthur Cabral (23) 8m – Basel (App 28, goals 17)


    Definitely an up and coming player, solid goalscorer for past 2 seasons with Basel.



    Mergim Berisha (22) 10m – SCR Altach (App 27, goals 14)


    Signed for 750k but never really fancied at Salzburg, tore it up on loan in the same league this season. Given everything he’s achieved has been at lower profile clubs I’d say the valuation is way out, could be signed for far less.



    Paul Onuachu (26) 17m – Genk (App 33, goals 29)


    Goalscoring record improved steadily throughout his time at Midtjylland culminating in an explosive last season at Genk. Probably too rich for Celtic.

  3. The Huns last 8 games: w4 d3 l1



    They have one fit center half and a team who will look to not lose.

  4. I am afraid I don’t have any confidence in this squad. They dont have any motivation. Their minds are elsewhere and on money matters. They will go through the motions.



    Why should this be any different to the cup game at Ibrox? What motivates these players who want away and are jealous of their Team mates. Roll on end of season. Maybe Christies 52 shot will be his second goal.

  5. I’m not sure I would suggest our weakness is a strength.



    Unambitiously, I’d take a draw

  6. We’ll win and win well. Why do I think that, it’s because I’m a Tim!! FTR! por cierto

  7. DAVID66 on 30TH APRIL 2021 3:59 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 30TH APRIL 2021 2:48 PM
















    We will NOT have to Book a Table in my local.











    it wasnt done the last time we came out of Lock Down and I dont think the Owners had any problems.















    By that time ALL the Pubs will be reopened …well the ones that havent went bust.











    Anyway, Im on very good terms with the management LOL.





















    Jimmy – Brilliant.







    D :)

  8. !!Bada Bing!! @ 3:29 pm



    “SFTB- I didn’t infer McGinn was a ‘placemen ‘,this blog and Lawwell’s media poodles got his nonsense out,I hope Dominic McKay is more open and honest with the support. H”





    I wasn’t suggesting thatyou stated this. My point was that you suggested Lawwell’s placemen put the story out that the reason that McGinn signed for Villa was that there was a commitment to give him first team starts. I countered with the view that John McGinn put that story out first in direct quotes to the media in explaining his reasons for signing.



    Whether PL’s placemen amplified these statements or made sure they were spotted is beside the point. The utterances were made by John McGinn and they were not invented. I agree it is a dubious justification for signing with Villa but I also find the story that he was disappointed with Celtic not chasing him as hard, to be also unconvincing.



    Either he wanted to come to Celtic, above all else, or he didn’t. His actions show that he didn’t. I don’t blame the boy; he was never Celtic’s player and he owes us nothing but spare me the sob stories and enjoy your money at Villa.

  9. It may have looked like our squad of players have been ‘shooting themselves in foot” this season – in fact they have been shooting our support in the head.



    There is nothing to lose in the next three games, so why play the likes of Kenny, Laxalt, Christie & Edouard?



    I’d go with the following:





























    Drop the standard formation with a static frontman firing blanks.



    Brown & Soro in front of the back four. Ajer & Taylor to get forward when they can. McGregor, Turnbull, Forrest & Elyanoussi as an inter-changing diamond when attacking.



    We haven’t beaten them so far this season, so it can’t get any worse.

  10. Paul never seems to learn from his wrong predictions.



    Maybe he’ll be correct for once on Sunday.

  11. JHB on 30TH APRIL 2021 4:13 PM


    Big Jimmy😄 – hook, line & sinker.




    You must be a Feckin Riot on a night out ?



  12. We have the players to beat Sevco and we have the coaching to match them too.



    But the reality is that we haven’t done so since December 2019 at Hampden, rather fortunately, with 10 men.



    And we last won at Ibrox in Septemebr 2019 when Mikey Johnston set up Eddie for the opener and Ntcham provided Johnny Hayes with a great pass. Their keeper, McGregor was made to work that day and we even got one of them red carded (in the 6th minute of injury time , mind!)



    So, all pre-match boasting needs to be backed up by matching up to them physically, being much less of a sieve, and being able to shoot with a reasonable chance of scoring- not a 40 yard efort by Christie nor Eddy allowing himself to shoot only after he’s beaten all 4 defenders with nutmegs.



    Can’t wait


    Ivan Toney: Is prolific Brentford forward ready to become the Premier League’s next star striker?


    By Harry De Cosemo


    BBC Sport


    Last updated on29 April 202129 April 2021.


    From the sectionFootball



    There ye go all you PETER lovers.

  14. Statements like, “feels a bit beneath us”


    Is why we are in the state we are in




  15. Looks like we’ll have Ntcham back at the end of the season – with his failure to make any impression at Marseille perhaps he’ll realize he’s not as good as he thinks he is and knuckles down.

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Christie the Lion Heart will do the biz. In between checking his ‘phone for offers from Huddersfield, Peterborough and Sheffield Utd.

  17. Paul The Spark on



    Hopefully with proper coaching he might get back on track. I think their is a good footballer in him.

  18. SONOFERIN From earlier



    How’s about young Jordan Larsson, sure he’d come in a minute





  19. Ntcham’s confidence will be shattered. Will need a good man Manager/Coach to get it back, and if he can, we may reap the benefits. We know what he can do when on his game, and he’ll need to be next season to create an interest from other clubs, further down the line, after his “time” at Marseille, por cierto.

  20. I feel like I should care about the game Sunday but the reality is that I just can’t be bothered. Will likely go play golf instead.



    My hope is that we get a decent new manager in for next season with some exciting new players. Then I can get back to experiencing the normal excitement of every Celtic game. This season has been a disaster.

  21. Schummi – Decent shout.



    Jordan Larsson (23) 10m (app 26, goals 13)



    Decent early career and 3rd topd scorer in Russia this season, young Jordan is turning into a player. In truth I didn’t look at the russian league, as i don’t fancy our chances of being able to tempt a player with a high transfer fee and probably better wages than we can afford. However it can be difficult to settle in Russia, so always a possibility.

  22. Out of circulation for a few days this week so just trying to update myself on a few things. For example, were any of the sychophantic twats in the mainstream media able to identify the individual responsible for the disgraceful “fenian c” rascist/sectarian comment made at the end of their game v St Johnstone .



    Has the player/individual involved been disciplined by his club and ordered to attend an educational course to at least try and demonstrate that all forms of racism are vile and intolerable.



    Or did those with any power and influence in Scozia simply kid on it didn’t happen or perhaps suggest it’s just banter and that the pesky wee tims shouldn’t be so sensitive .

  23. There is nothing to lose in the next three games, so why play the likes of Kenny, Laxalt, Christie & Edouard?





    Except a Derby match? Broonie’s farewell against the new club. Oh sorry…………



    got me too – hook, line and sinker.

  24. Caught Damian Duff on European punditry duty the other night and it was nice to see him talking up Scott Brown as one of the great midfield players in the game. The advent of Damian to Celtic Park as coach corresponded with the Hoops playing some of their most attractive football during his stint at the club. The Glasgow derby is a dead rubber – there’s no such thing when these lock horns – should be a good match.

  25. Mazzy



    The only thing I have heard over the video of the St. Johnstone penalty shoot-out is the claim by Sevco fans that the video was doctored and the original broad cast did not contain this sectarian add on.



    I don’t know if they are rtight on this one but I am always wary that evidence can be easily doctored.

  26. re Ivan Toney, wouldn’t pay the going rate but paid more for Ajetwi and Klimala anyway, wouldn’t pay the going rate for John McGinn but happy to pay far more for Soro and Turnbull

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