Dateline 66-67: Celts open League Cup defence at Tynecastle


The Football Specials will be packed today with optimistic Celtic fans ahead of their opening competitive game of season 1966-67 at Tynecastle.  The Glasgow club hope to win the League Cup for the fourth time in their history. They face a Hearts team looking to win the League Cup for the firth time, which last season became increasingly dependent on lightning-fast striker, Willie Wallace.

By comparison, the reigning Division One and League Cup champions have two of the best wingers in the country. Bobby Lennox and Jimmy Johnstone were the only Celtic players to score in their final eight competitive games of last season, as Jock Stein’s team’s fitness proved crucial with a barrage of late goals.

St Mirren visit Clyde in the other Group 4 game, the only group with all Division One teams, but it’s the two giants who meet in Edinburgh who are favourites to produce the group winner.

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  1. AN TEACH SOLAIS on 13TH AUGUST 2016 1:23 PM




    It’s not just on here or other fan forums that the replies need to come from. We can all play our part by highlighting it to family, friends and work colleagues.








    I only have good wishes and prayers in what the future holds for you F.

  2. Survey done HT.



    Same cheats new team. Struggling this much will be hard to dress up. Lol







  3. HT………….


    I know that you do, for sure C……………. Appreciated.


    Hi to H……….


    Regards & Hail Hail



  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Tough opening fixture, Paul. But a good start could set us up for a memorable season……


    If the ref didn’t penalise it,the player will be charged.




  6. glendalystonsils on

    Ref proving he’s a cheat by yellow carding Dundee player for a less dangerous challenge.





    He’s gonna need them and more,bud. Looks like he’s moving a short train ride from Swindon.



    There may be trouble ahead…

  8. BMCUW…………



    A short train ride from Swindon………to The Valleys.


    Aye M, for the less seasoned train travellers than your good self (-:


    Last train to Cardiff Central!!!



    Regards & Hail Hail



  9. Looks like THEY are back where ALL SCOTLAND want THEM to be. Right at the top of the dung heap.

  10. Another time we started at tynecastle I remember in the late 80s


    McStay was awesome if I remember and we ‘stole’ a point it ended 1-1.


    He was so good that day, and if anyone remembers that game I am sure they would agree.







    Trains back from Wales are a doddle. They take one look at me and canny wait to get rid of me.



    Could be worse,I could be English. I always thought the Scots and the Irish were masters of the art of hating the English.



    Then my girlfriend went to uni at Lampeter. Bit of an eyeopener,that.

  12. After the break Dundee pushed back on to their visitors and had opportunities to level but the scoreline remained the same. It could have been different had Forrester not been lucky to avoid red for a reckless foul when on already on a booking as Rangers held on for three points.



    Says it all really.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I posted earlier, there was no way Sevco would be allowed not to win that game. Couldn’t have the bubble bursting two weeks into the season and before the super-duper “old firm” fest which will be hyped up to new levels.


    Aberdeen and Hearts being given – ahem – “randomly generated by computer” hard starts (both play us and each other) means it has a good chance of being first v second.


    Of course when we wipe them away reality will kick in (well, maybe a bit!).




    Your bang on, Easy start to build, but its built on sand, first stiff contest will prove it. Cheatong of highest order today to scrape that win at dens. No intelligent fan will be fooled by that.




  15. Good on Sutton calling Thomson out.



    Highlighting decisions like that which ultimately bring our game into disrepute is the only alternative to fighting for SFA reform.



    Looking at upcoming fixtures it is hard not to conclude they were designed to produce an illusion that TRFC are in with a shout of being second. Game 1 Hamilton. Game 2 Dundee. Game 3 Killie. Was it deliberate TRFC grouped with last seasons bottom 6/7?



    TRFC have some good attacking moments but look fragile midfield to back. There will be much sharing of points below us this season.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    Dundee could have got something out of that game in the second half but it was a risk Craig Thomson wasn’t prepared to take.

  17. JetBlue will be the 1st American airline to fly commercially from the US to Cuba in 50 years on.forbes.com/6019BFIgc





    My kid sis told me that too. But she’s a hardened cynic.



    Disnae stop her-or you-from being right,mind.

  19. World exclusive.



    Scottish referee makes dodgy decision in favour of team sporting Royal Blue.






    Get used to it.



    Rangers Then Sevco Now Sevco Forever



    We’ve signed up this year in full factual conclusive knowledge that cheating then cheating now cheating forever is the way.



    Stop moaning and keep winning while



    Celtic PLC do SFA




  20. Snake Plissken on

    Any team with a bit of pace and strikers who know where the goal is will give that team trouble. Dundee had neither until late in the game and they could not hit the target.



    Dundee stupidly stood off them for the first 35 minutes and gave themselves too much to do when going man for man and pressing them high up the park would have yielded better results.



    Dundee were poor and I think will have a season in the lower half of the league but the point remains that they should have been playing with 10 players for at least 30 minutes of that game. Who knows how how that would have turned out.




    Thomson saw it.


    He chose not to make the decision. He told the Dundee players no so they asked the question and then he booked a Dundee player for a similar challenge.



    The only way that team will be near the top of the league is with refereeing performances like that today, money being spent on their team and good forutne with injuries.



    Struggle last week, struggle this week with a ridiculous refereeing decision in their favour.



    I think I see a pattern.



    How I wish Celtic were playing in the league today, getting another big win and showing the whole country how big the gap really is.



    Inter Milan is nice for nostalgia and good for the coffers but I think this season Celtic really need to obliterate this mob on and off the park and show them who is boss. Now for a few hours they can sit at the top of the league.



    Priorities people.



    Aberdeen will beat Hearts today for me. Last week they were coming off a bad night in Slovenia. This week I think they will be too stong and Neilson might be the first manager sacked this season.



    Anyway, what do I know?

  21. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Only saw the hun game up until they scored,


    which is usually the norm with me.



    Week 1…..dodgy pen for the opposition.


    Week 2….hun should have been sent off, wasn’t.



    The above list will grow and grow.

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