Daunting Celtic


Hibs were on a good run of form before capitulating 1-4 to Newco last time out.  Conceding a penalty minutes after taking an early lead, sapped whatever coherence their match plan had. Before this, they took 13 from 15 points.  That successful run came on the heels of a chastening 0-3 home defeat to Hearts.  Hibs appear to be successful against teams below them in the league, not so much on those above.

With only one draw and one defeat in 28 league games, Celtic are a daunting prospect.  Lee Johnson is likely to complete the notable achievement of going an entire season as Hibs manager without getting the sack.  To retain the confidence of club and support, he doesn’t need a result at Celtic Park, but reining in the gap on Hearts, just one place above them, is where he will be judged.

This may be just as well, as I cannot see a weakness in Celtic right now.  They are vastly superior to tomorrow’s opponents and have no hint of complacency.  Same as usual, please, Celtic.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bada – never watched that show. Guessing it was a piss take of MSM?



    Burnley – simples: don’t watch. Sorry.

  2. Update…


    Im a wee drunk. bit I had a Great Day meeting BLANTYRE TIIM his Mate ” FRANIS” for a few Beers in my Local PUB.



    i ended up winning nearly £ 200 , thanks to a Horse called ” STAY AWAY FAY” which won at odds of 18/1 ?


    I had it at 20/1 Early Price this morning on a couple of Lines.


    Then, in walked BRRB after the Racing, so the Day got even better and we had a couple of drinks..



    A pretty good St Paddys day all round !


    HH to the Celtic Bhoys.




    Dear departed mother in law was called Fay, I’d have backed that horse all day!



    Well done. Nice one.

  4. These are the days of miracle and wonder


    And BIg Jimmy’s winners



    Happy St Patrick’s Day

  5. I asked a few weeks ago when andy ritchie was at the greenock club and i was with 4 ton fans, other players that played for both clubs.



    one guy had seen the famous bobby collins blaster from 2 yards at ibrox to beat the original rangers,



    another recalled 3 of the lions at cappielow.



    ,ook at this team group in front of the wee dublin end, and a shevelin and eric who played in the 7-1 game.




  6. Celtic Hit With Double Injury Blow




    Aaron Haire –


    March 17, 2023



    Aaron Mooy has been in great form for the Hoops in recent months, and would likely have started the match on Saturday. He’s been immense since the World Cup, displacing Matt O’Riley in the team.



    The Dane will likely get a chance against Hibs and will look to build on the confidence he’s regained in recent weeks.



    Tomoki Iwata is another player who’s impressed in recent weeks, albeit from the bench. He’s made a great impact on the games and has calmed the match down sitting in the holding midfield position, he is looking to be another good signing from Ange Postecoglou.



    The good news for Celtic is that Greg Taylor, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Carl Starfelt are all fit and ready to go for the match, with fans worried about potential injuries to the players throughout the week.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and bitcoin is detaching from the dollar, don’t miss it, you don’t need to get a whole one.

  8. Fourstonecoppi



    Both independence parties have pledged to continue with this feudal nonsense.



    They even want old stones back to help crown kings in our old feudal fashion. Maybe go full hog and get a couple of bishops and local landed gentry to make a new Declaration of Arbroath- Kate Forbes could send it to the Moderator of the CoS for approval.

  9. Junglism……



    May I introduce you 2 2 2 2 2,to thee wan and only Jumpin’ Jack Frost, dinnae get Lost.






    The Helter Skelter (not this wan may I add) event I missed John Barnes Celtic Owning Aiberdeen 5-0.



    Lighter Lighter, Raise them Higher.



    Bet for later….it is wan of those builders…. naw no they secretive scumbag wans.



    A Bet Builder



    Over 4.5 Celtic Goals.



    Celtic Win….. D’OH.



    Both Teams to score.






    Well I do deciminals so an Ayrton Senna brings back a Ton.

  10. While many will seek to find ” real” reasons for the cancellation of away fans in the Glasgow derby’s I couldn’t give a monkeys.



    The correct decision and consequence has been achieved that I and many others called for.


    We do not need or want huns in Paradise.




  11. Watching the St Patrick’s day parades from all over the world.



    New York, Liverpool, Derby, Belfast Dublin etc, etc etc.



    Why no parade in Glasgow with its historical connection.? Celebrations are largely left to pubs in this city.




  12. Good morning all from another matchday in the Garngad.



    Feck the huns and their away fans.



    So CCV fit


    Carl fit


    Greg fit



    Are the Scottish Mainstream Media hurting or what with their tales of players not fit during the week and they wonder how no one is buying their shitty papers.






    Oh and 5-0 to tge good guys.



    D :)

  13. Greenpinata – I think you know the answer to no St Patricks day parade in Glasgow.



    The un seen orange hand is still holding this city/country back, totaly disgusting.



    Thats why we just keep winning on the Football park and get it right round them and all these bigots eventually will be gone. There grand children will be Tims at some point and they know it.



    D :)

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Fantastic day here in rebel town, as usual.


    Thank you to young Patrick McGuire for his technical ability to


    put pics on for this aul codger.


    Well ! What a day and night I think, as I didn’t last through till


    dark o clock, probably because I had visions of being Michael


    Flattely and not Melbourne Mick, and done my back in trying


    to keep up with the young kids from the local schools giving us


    a demonstration of Irish dancing.


    Now I’m not one for gossip, but I do believe there was a spontaneous


    parade up the high street, and PADDYMACOZ was the standard bearer.


    But I must emphasise reports are sketchy to say the least, LOL.


    But Paddy did wake up this morn. With a big flag rapped round him 🇮🇪


    So Our big Celtic day tomorrow in the Dubliner, can only see this being


    one big mess 😜 just a topping up of the last couple of days.


    He..he can’t wait, as I was a good bhoy 🥰 and went home.


    Paddy might disagree, better stick him up a big Malt 🥃


    H H. Mick

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