Dave Cormack’s empty words


“We have been doing local pilots on mental health and wellbeing in Aberdeen which are working.

“The days of booze and betting sponsorships doesn’t really tie in with healthy living and being at the heart of our communities.

“Football can be a magnet for people, healthy living and mental health, so we need to be at the centre of the community.”

The words of Aberdeen chairman, Dave Cormack, spoken less than two weeks ago.  Yesterday, we discovered two of his players tested positive for Covid and a further six have been isolated as all eight attended the pub at the centre of the Aberdeen outbreak.

Mr Cormack, those are empty words.  Today, you are a poster boy for poor governance in healthy living, booze and the caring for the heart of your community.  Your primary task as a director of a football club is to direct the actions of those you control.  What happened?

His interview, in the Daily Record, was full of empty management speech:

“Something I think we have to explore at the centre to drive an agenda.

“What do we want to be? What is our vision? I don’t know what the vision is. We don’t have a branding strategy.

“At the centre, it’s not run like a real company that would have a vision, a branding strategy or goals to drive income.

“The cup is half full, how can we drive things?”

It’s like he had just finished watching a very poor Ted Talk on business growth by an entrepreneur who sold for millions and has no idea how it happened.  Or maybe that’s really him.

Scottish football is the great grounder of egos.  Think your business background gives you better insight and decision making than those in an industry you’ve never worked in?  Buy Hearts or Aberdeen and find out.  Think that your experience as on the Conservative Party – Scottish executive while Tony Blair earned a landslide prepared you for anything?  Maybe you should become chief exec at Partick Thistle?

Football players have been granted ‘sports bubble’ special status, when they abuse that privilege by hitting busy pubs, they have let us all down.

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  1. Seethin,totally ignored Morelos when he was subbed last night.The only reason he was played,risking injury,was in the hope he would show a bit of form to any,hardly any,suitors watching.That went down like a lead balloon.Just imagine he played for say,another club,and we had shown an interest in him.After watching him for the last 6 months,and last night,there would be hell to pay if we went in with an offer.

  2. The approach from the SFA SPFL with their ignoring of clubs breaking rules on the restrictions and test results has led to this, it’s a free for all and I think the sport will be stopped at some point, you also have the situation if true that only Celtic and Ross County have invested in testing equiptment with other clubs relying presumably on private labs or the NHS to analyse samples, i having the equiptment to test should have been part of restarting the game in the Premiership, order clubs to provide this now, take the cost of the machines out of the money they get from sponsors. They cannot be trusted to comply.

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2020 10:49 AM



    To be fair, they pretty much had to play Morelos.



    They couldn’t play the new guys and Defoe is injured.

  4. GREENPINATA on 7TH AUGUST 2020 9:31 AM









    ‘There has not been a Covid 19 death in Scotland for 20 days.





    Is there a continued justification for wrecking our economy and throwing millions on the dole.’








    There hasn’t been a Covid death in Scotland for 20 days because 1. the break in transmission during lockdown and 2. improved understanding of the disease resulting in better methods of treatment.



    The benefits gained from lockdown are now being squandered. The virus is still out there and the potential for exponential growth is still there.



    And if the Scottish economy is so dependant on pubs then there is a larger problem. Pubs should’t have been opened and it’s no surprise to anyone that they are at the centre of outbreaks.

  5. Pingback: Dave Cormack’s empty words Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  6. Big blanket of cloud just came over the mountains here.Missus out praying g it will rain.First clouds in 2 months.Yesterday our Pool Thermometer was reading 48 degrees !!!!!!,Unbearable sometimes.Even water is hot.At least isolating is easy.Cant be assed going anywhere.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    The pubs have reopened. Young men, starved of social discourse for 6 months, go out for a few pints on a Saturday night. Nothing heavy, just a good night after a long absence.



    That the risks of acquiring the infection in crowded indoor spaces is well documented is germane.



    That they were under professional orders not to is notable.



    If professionals who rely on their health to earn a living, and who are under specific instruction, are prepared to put themselves at such risk, what level and intensity of messaging is necessary in the wider population?



    Aside; I wouldn’t be looking for high horses to jump on with this episode. It’s a screaming certainty that many players at many other clubs have done the same thing. It’s perhaps a good thing that this has broken in the news early in the season, serving as a wake up call to others.



    Unrelatedly; remarkable how Griff was able to shed so much excess weight and gain match fitness in just 14 days.



    Sometimes we don’t realise our own house is made of glass.



    Finally, I’m amazed at the scheduling of fixtures and competitions for the coming season. League, Scottish Cup (plus last season’s o/s ties), League Cup, European competition, Euro 2020 playoffs, Nations League, Euro 2020 finals, World up qualifiers.



    Even a cursory glance at infection rates shows the same trend across countries in Europe, albeit the numbers vary country to country. It’s highly likely that the season will be repeatedly interrupted, and completing the league fixtures is a best case scenario. Domestic cups will probably need to be sacrificed to make space for interrupted league ties. European football seems like a hopeless cause, whether club or national teams.

  8. TBB


    I tend to agree – they will not be the only club that will have an issue. It doesn’t have to be a visit to the pub that starts the process.



    However 8 involved at once is some going.

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Pubs and the economy…



    32,000 jobs according to 2018 figures, probably fewer now as that’s the long term trend. Small beer compared to 2.6 million in the Scottish workforce.



    Compares with 51,000 teachers in state schools – plus support staff. Not to mention the many parents reliant on schools being open to be able to go to work.



    If you have a choice of one or the other, which do you choose?

  10. TBB



    Great points. Totally agree.



    PS You mention LG. Many other posters have too. They often list him as one of our potentially available forwards. Sadly I don’t think we can or should make that assumption. Leigh has been most notable by his non availability over the last couple of seasons.


    I hope this changes. But I wouldn’t rely upon it doing so when planning a squad.



    HH jg

  11. Battered Bunnet


    Pedantic I know


    Social discourse for 6 months ?? Can you explain


    23rd March was the commencement of Lockdown


    23rd July, would be 4 months in my calendar – recognising we are now 2 weeks past that timescale

  12. For what its worth, my opinion on how we dead with Covid 19 is changing. We cannot lockdown forever. Apart from devastating the economy and throwing millions on the dole we have the mental health and emotional issues to contend with. Not to mention public unrest.



    In democracies containment does not seem to be working, which leads to the obvious conclusion.



    But who knows.



    HH To all.

  13. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  14. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    Dessybhoy 10.57


    I’m sure I saw a post from the sfa joint response group yesterday stating the match would go ahead. Has there been a u turn?


    You’re right re the early test breaches, allowing the breach to be excused as a “misunderstanding” is an example of poor leadership yet again.


    The JRG would/should have ensured that the CoVid position was made crystal clear to all clubs, and any breaches would face sanction .


    No “misunderstanding” andno let offs.

  15. St Johnstone should be awarded the points, Would send a message out,but precedent set when the huns were let off for playing a bounce game with no test results

  16. Not sure about anyone else but I’m finding it difficult to get too excited this season due to what is happening

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Why is it ‘off’?



    Is because Aberdeen can’t field a team? If so, they should forfeit the points.



    Does this mean the game against Celtic next weekend will be ‘called off’?



    Spot on with your analysis, Paul.. His statement contained not one word of contrition.

  18. Paul The Spark on

    I think St Johnstone should be awarded the points. This is purely down to the Aberdeen players stupidity.



    ‘Dessybhoy 10.57





    I’m sure I saw a post from the sfa joint response group yesterday stating the match would go ahead. Has there been a u turn’







    Yes. Seems the SG have exerted some pressure.



    What chances of fans being back by September now?



    Might be an idea to shut the pubs and open up other less risky areas of the economy.



    How would it be possible to go back to what was happening at the beginning of the infections.Everyone going about their normal business.If you remember back,we had SOT posting on here every day,more than 900 deaths,every day,in Italy.That was the beginning.We only managed to halt this carnage with containment,for the simple reason,we have no other defence ,at the moment.Containment has been working.We have only hit these spikes since the relaxation of containment.Until a Vaccine is established,I don’t see any other way .


    No one,at the moment has an answer.Certainly not the incompetents in the Tory Party,and the likes of the other lunatics ,in America and Brazil.

  21. Read that we do not have a free midweek until Xmas.Now our game against Aberdeen at risk,probably off.What if there,as is likely more call offs.By calling these games off the SPFL have set in motion a precedent,which will make completing the league almost impossible.I am positive that last season,a team had almost all of their 1st team down with some bug,but were forced to play the game.Aberdeen will have around 30 players,not infected.Unbelievable decision.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Correct logic wrong competition


    European Competition has much more corporate sponsorship than the SPFL


    I fear the money decides what games get played





    The EPL completed their fixture 19/20 simply because if they did not, there would be financial implication to the Premier League


    Same with Champions League/Europa League 19/20 – the only reason it’s being played out is UEFA need to ensure they get paid from Sponsors



    My biggest fear in all of this chaos is the season not being played out


    Half a dozen Hun players could go out to the pub deliberately contact Covid and get games cancelled in a attempt to cancel season 20/21



    Paranoid yep – you bet I am



    Hail Hail




  23. Turkeybhoy,



    I remember the harrowing scenes from Italy and elsewhere. How could we forget.


    I do not know the answer, but we cannot lockdown indefinitely while we wait for a possible vaccine that may or may not come.



    We have now gone 22 days in Scotland without a Covid 19 related death, yet we have had massive spikes in infection rates.


    Is the virus losing potency ? Is society gaining a certain immune system.



    As I say I do not know, but far more intelligent persons than me must find the answer.



    Cheers and HH.

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