Dave Cormack’s empty words


“We have been doing local pilots on mental health and wellbeing in Aberdeen which are working.

“The days of booze and betting sponsorships doesn’t really tie in with healthy living and being at the heart of our communities.

“Football can be a magnet for people, healthy living and mental health, so we need to be at the centre of the community.”

The words of Aberdeen chairman, Dave Cormack, spoken less than two weeks ago.  Yesterday, we discovered two of his players tested positive for Covid and a further six have been isolated as all eight attended the pub at the centre of the Aberdeen outbreak.

Mr Cormack, those are empty words.  Today, you are a poster boy for poor governance in healthy living, booze and the caring for the heart of your community.  Your primary task as a director of a football club is to direct the actions of those you control.  What happened?

His interview, in the Daily Record, was full of empty management speech:

“Something I think we have to explore at the centre to drive an agenda.

“What do we want to be? What is our vision? I don’t know what the vision is. We don’t have a branding strategy.

“At the centre, it’s not run like a real company that would have a vision, a branding strategy or goals to drive income.

“The cup is half full, how can we drive things?”

It’s like he had just finished watching a very poor Ted Talk on business growth by an entrepreneur who sold for millions and has no idea how it happened.  Or maybe that’s really him.

Scottish football is the great grounder of egos.  Think your business background gives you better insight and decision making than those in an industry you’ve never worked in?  Buy Hearts or Aberdeen and find out.  Think that your experience as on the Conservative Party – Scottish executive while Tony Blair earned a landslide prepared you for anything?  Maybe you should become chief exec at Partick Thistle?

Football players have been granted ‘sports bubble’ special status, when they abuse that privilege by hitting busy pubs, they have let us all down.

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  1. Inquit 9.42pm



    Only when I think it’s merited



    And hopefully only when it’s continuous .. am no the brightest so if Embramike (whose posts I enjoy) had posted the same … why should it matter … my point was your good self either always worrying or nothing good to write … which is good either way

  2. Bit down fellas. I broke up with the wife of 10 years because I found out she was a communist.



    I should have known, there were red flags everywhere.

  3. Friesdorfer,


    Thanks, yes, I “have access” to Sky, so can watch games there. Question was more about the games not being shown by Sky, as clubs have the option of selling single games, and some clubs have already announced they will do this.


    All good here in the country’s biggest open prison 👍 Went back to work this week after 3 and a half months furlough, and now giving consideration to cutting my hours, or retiring altogether if they’re not open to reducing my hours. That’ll teach them 😂


    Hope you and yours are managing to stay sane amidst all the madness.

  4. Inquit



    Embramike’s post at 9.04pm



    Djurgardens have won only 7 out of 13 league games



    Do you think that’s the same or similar to your post ??



    But batter in … my wee “dig” wasn’t about that one post … just the constant negativity… but again batter in

  5. GFTB


    Well, at least we agree on something. You are not the brightest. The sly, snide digs are the last resort of the inarticulate.

  6. Bateen Bhoy


    All well in Costa del Dundee thanks. Likewise, I have “access” to Sky Sports… 😉😉



  7. Inquit 9.57pm






    I take that as a compliment



    Hail Hail … enjoy the 10 (if “we” get it)

  8. All the negative shit about Leigh Griffiths is really mincing my banger.



    Griff should be counselled,nurtured ,supported ,and playing in a Celtic shirt.










  9. Lewandowski record this season is incredible.53 goals,and 8 assists in 44 games.Dear God.Think Barca are fortunate,the next round is only one game.But with Messi,you never know.

  10. Good evening, friends. Hope you’re all as slightly sunburnt as I am!!


    Just when you thought I couldn’t take Anoraking to a new level I’ve thought of a new project!


    League Season 2020-21 kicked of at 12.30pm on Saturday 1 August 2020. And what must be constantly in their back of our minds is “if the league gets ‘called’ now, who’s top?”. Fear not, I’m on the case.


    So here’s who’s been top so far…



    Saturday August 1st


    12.30pm – all teams are equal!


    12.51pm – SEVCO score against Aberdeen and are top of the league on 3 points


    3.05pm – Boyle scores for HIBS who then JOIN SEVCO as joint leaders


    3.06pm – Clark scores for DUNDEE UTD and it’s now a 3-way tie at the top


    3.34pm – Boyle scores again for HIBS to put them clear at the top with a 2 goal lead. Although they will later concede a goal but win 2-1, HIBS will stay top of the league on ‘goals scored’.



    Sunday August 2nd


    5.01pm – when Frimpong scores for CELTIC to put Celtic 2-1 ahead, CELTIC join HIBS at the top of the league.


    5.34pm – a goal from Edouard puts CELTIC clear at the top with a goal difference of 2. That goal difference lead is extended as Celtic run out 5-1 winners.



    Saturday 8th August


    3.24pm – HIBS reclaim top spot when they take the lead against Livingston. Eventually winning 4-1 Hibs sit top with 6 points and a goal difference of +4



    Minutes at the top(including joint top) since 12.30pm on 1st August (as at 3pm on 9 August)


    Celtic – 8543


    Hibs – 3005


    Sevco – 163


    Dundee Utd – 28


    All others – 0



    To be continued….

  11. Dominus_Vobiscum on

    Thanks all for the warm welcome.



    GENE on 8TH AUGUST 2020 3:07 PM


    …postponed our Camino de Santiago until next May or June.



    No luck. Would love to do The Way too.

  12. JOBO BALDIE on 8TH AUGUST 2020 10:45 PM



    Jobo i think you’d be good at counting cards at a casino



    hows about me and you book Vegas for the convention :-))

  13. Dena29 – on your first question ‘no’. On your 2nd question – that’s the best offer I’ve had in a very long time!!!!!!!

  14. TINYTIM on 8TH AUGUST 2020 10:16 PM


    All the negative shit about Leigh Griffiths is really mincing my banger.


    Griff should be counselled,nurtured ,supported ,and playing in a Celtic shirt.










    Thank goodness I’m not the only one on here who misbehaved in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and maybe not so much in my 50’s and 60.5’s.


    Must be some amount of Celtic fans who never farted in public. To my knowledge the Griffalo hasn’t murdered anyone or been out in Aberdeen worrying sheep.😉

  15. Pog 11.05



    I concur .


    I might possibly be serving jail time if my antics of my 20’s were to be subject to modern exposure .




  16. TT Pog



    I don’t think there’s any shortage of empathy or support for LG here or from CFC.



    That doesn’t stop there also being a realistic appreciation that over the last couple of seasons, he’s not been in a position to support the team on the pitch.



    HH jg

  17. A wee postcript. Sevco will go top tomorrow if, and when they take a 4 goal lead. They won’t.


    We will reclaim top spot the moment we take the lead. We will! 😉


    Right, off to watch tonight’s (recorded) Sportscene…

  18. JAMESGANG on 8TH AUGUST 2020 11:11 PM



    I get your point but without fully knowing the background as to why he hasn’t been playing then I’m prepared to cut him plenty of slack. BTW the being overweight doesn’t wash with me as it doesn’t ring (visually) true.


    LG had a small ‘family’ get together in his own home and now some supporters want rid of him.


    Now we believe that our players are living in a Covid-19 exclusion bubble but we don’t know what their WAGS are doing socially. We all know that the female of the species can be just as outrageous as the male when they get together with their mates.


    Anyhoos, I agree with TT get him up and playing and the Bhoy will score goals. He also wants to be at the Club unlike some of those linked to us.

  19. In ither news………..



    Pot Kettle Blackened……..



    Shortie chooose to characaterise Timmy sounding name as wrong-doer………….



    147 CSC.




  20. Jobo 11.28pm




    And …. remember … pick your top 3 Celts and get your picks in for the best “free” Celtic competition:-)



    Email your picks at …




  21. AVON BARKSDALE on 8TH AUGUST 2020 8:39 PM


    ‘Ernie Lynch







    The date for publication of results is set in advance every year. The 4th of August was announced months in advance. Way before the pandemic hit.’






    Yes I’m aware of that. But why stick to the same deadline when everything else had changed?



    Another thing. Have the Scottish government made any arrangements for providing a proper online education service if there’s a second lockdown?





    Maybe, as a general observation, in the post Covid world football isn’t going to be so forgiving of immature and irresponsible behaviour by footballers, particularly if it jeopardises team mates.

  23. Ernie 23.38pm



    Your posts are informative at times but do you use CQN for Celtic football reasons or not …



    Very rarely I read a post about the team (which is fair enough to an open forum) but for a Celtic football site you never seem to enjoy that side of it



    Fellow Celts … we live in very different times …



    Football means nothing … but looking forward to our football team kicking a baw tomorrow …



    Hail Hail … take care

  24. Pog



    When he came on against Hibs in the warm up match and set up polish paddy’s goal with a gorgeous piece of footwork, I was delighted.



    I want him to succeed. With us, for us.



    Just looking at the facts and data of recent seasons, he’s all too often not been available. And it’s on that basis I think that realistically we need to plan for him being a bit part player.



    Hope you’re well



    HH jg

  25. Inquit



    So unlike you to post a negative re Celtic.



    Your pain in all things Celtic is really quite sad.

  26. Inquit



    It almost seems that you take pleasure from getting your negative jibes in as often as possible.

  27. BURNLEY78


    You are unbelievable. I suggest ( based on past performance ) that playing away in Sweden


    ( winner take all ) would not be an easy draw. You suggest that anyone with any critical faculties is a ‘moaner’, and you ascribe the reason for that as due to failings in life. Your source for this ludicrous psychobabble? Your Dad told you. Enough said. Away and gie us peace.

  28. Tick tock (not TikTok)


    Countdown to the plastic pitch confrontation. Tomorrow for myself.


    I don’t foresee any changes to last week’s starting XI, unless Neil wants to give Rogic a chance to get some game time into the antipodean’s legs.


    Our central defence showed some hesitancy last week and I hope the bouncy, uneven, abnormal surface doesn’t add to the uncertainty.


    We always have a hard game at Rugby Park and following their loss to Hibs, Killie will want to put points on the board. The lack of home support shouldn’t be a problem for them…..


    They’re used to it.


    Eddie will receive his usual illegal attention from the Kilmarnock defence aided and abetted by the unique Scottish referee’s interpretation of the rules.


    I think we will struggle a wee bit and only win 4-1, with the invisible James grabbing a brace.

  29. Glasgow Celtic have confirmed they are in pursuit of Rogan Josh.


    Josh has been top of Neil Lennon menu for some time.


    Lennon explained “ Josh can operate on both wings and can use both legs.


    Josh a lifetime Celtic fan has been seen on numerous occasions in The Number 7 lounge.


    Lennon goes on to say “ Josh will be number 29, he has always been number 29 so we don’t see any reason to change this”


    Lennon has also confirmed he has dropped interest in Chick Bhuna.



    Both sound tasty!

  30. Good morning from a gloriously sunny Costa del Moray, unfortunately we missed the Dolphins doing their thing in Nairn on Thursday though we did see them 2 weeks ago in Cove Bay when the grandkids were visiting.


    Hoping for a home draw today against that mob from Norn Irn but we’ll probably be going to Sweden.




    all good here. I hope you manage to get up the road soon to see your family.


    ERATIC, I hope we are successful in our pursuit of Rogan Josh, I hear he is the real Bhuna.😉🍀🍀🍀

  31. Good morning from a bright North staffs.



    Dominus Vobiscum ,- Camino is now next October – I’ve done the last 100k twice – from Ferrol and from Tui but this time it is going to be 260k – it’ll keep – I’d recommend it to anyone.



    Off to Mass

  32. I hear he is the real Bhuna.😉🍀🍀🍀




    He may well be but Vin d` Aloo is the boy who makes the important runs.

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