Dave King behind the 8 ball


It is reasonable to be upbeat in a season ticket renewal letter.  But for Dave King, chairman of Newco, this is a challenge.  When he acquired the club four years ago, Celtic had won three consecutive league titles.  Now, they are on the verge of three consecutive trebles and eight leagues in a row.

In the history of Scottish football, there has never been as dominant a team.  In the context of having guided Newco through Celtic’s four-to-eight-in-a-row, Dave King does not have an easy pitch to his team’s supporters.

Not one to allow harsh realities to bite home, King told Newco fans “We are now within tangible reach of Rangers [sic.] becoming the dominant force in Scottish football”.

As founding father Charles Green might say, define dominant force.

King added, “Every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad.”  Which means that the £20m or so required for policing, rates, utilities, administration and insurance, if paid, will presumably come from other sources.

Dave is behind the 8-in-a-row ball.  He has watched Celtic’s domination grow under his stewardship to levels you and I could only fantasise about before his arrival back at Ibrox.

A more accurate letter would say, ‘Our realistic expectations are to finish second and compete for a cup.  Despite comments before we bought the club four years ago, we do not have the resources to change anything.  But at least we won control.’

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    Ah the ole no proper Celtic highlights conspiracy ;-)



    BBC dip out, when BT Sport, SKY or Premier as was the case on Sunday.



    Suits them, in the age of total Celtic domination.




  2. Call_of_Juarez on




    The BBC Scotland channel had Sportscene highlights on 7.15 on Sunday.



    You should be able to find them on Iplayer.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 16th April 2019 1:26 pm




    I think this guy has a chance of manager’s job




    He was my shout after RD left:




    Didn’t do too badly with BR mind…..


    Think he would still be a good option.


    Fenerbahce didn’t work out for him, but it probably wasn’t a great fit for him. They seem to go for journeymen players (with often not particularly successful careers) and don’t seem to have improved since he left so it’s probably unfair to judge him too much on that.


    Developing players (Depay, Wijnaldum at PSV) at a big club in a smaller league but with CL would be a good fit for both.


    Adi Hutter would be good but may be out of our reach now (certainly if Frankfurt make CL). Florian Kohfeldt is doing really well at Bremen. Still very young, but sometimes you have to get these guys early or you don’t get them! Paulo Fonseca also very highly rated.


    Anyway, hope we are genuinely casting the net and seeing who is out there.

  4. Mon The Barca, make up for your below par (by your own standards) performance at Old Trafford. Oh and try to get a win that involves at least 3 goals, 7 corners, a red card and 21 shys!!!




  5. BSR – good to see Henrik there.



    With those glasses, he looks like a professor theoretical physics at Berkeley or whatever.

  6. SAINT STIVS – thankyou- im a passionate fan- this club goes way back to 1967 for me when i was lifted over the turnstyle by my Dad-versus Airdrie with the red Vee top-i believe Celtic really are a beacon of light in Scottish football.

  7. glendalystonsils on




    They must be using the Sevco patented ‘gap measuring’ tape.

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    1/2 way through – the stubborn english officer has got get his come uppence.



    the crafty nasty cokeney baddy – don’t know – I’m holding out that he’ll be a goodie baddie

  9. To those I was conversing with this morning.



    Just a minute after my last post Mrs. HJ and I were involved in a traffic accident which wasn’t serious but wrecked our day. She was driving when a lorry overtook and cut in so quickly that she swerved to avoid it and we hit the barrier at the roadside on the road from Cortona to Assissi.



    Passenger side of the car was scraped from front to back. Brand new car as well.



    Apart from a bit of shock, no injuries were sustained.



    The lorry disappeared round a bend about 100 metres ahead and there were no witnesses so we had to tell the police our story to get an accident report for insurance.



    No breathalyser was used. One police man suggested to her that she went for a glass of wine before continuing the journey.



    We abandoned Assissi and went to our boarding house near cortona but it was remote and there was no phone signal.



    The manager was wearing an Inter shirt. Guess where the conversation quickly went to.



    The guy was lovely and offered to swap us to another hotel owned by his family.



    We have ended up in Il Falconiere which is a luxury complex with spa facilities and a Michelin star restaurant.



    No price difference was applied so we have this luxury for €85 per night for both of us including breakfast and all facilities.



    So a good end to Mrs. HJ’s 60th birthday trip.


    HRVATSKI JIM on 16TH APRIL 2019 8:48 PM



    sad tale happy ending.if you find the bassa give him a KEEKER.

  11. HJ, glad to hear of no injuries. Hope you had a great trip in any case. Maybe a Big Yellow Taxi might be in order! Still, when You’ve Got a Friend, all’s well that ends well…HH ??

  12. What is the Stars on

    Hrvatski Jim




    Thats a shock..


    Hope you are both ok.


    How fragile life is and how quickly it can all be taken away.


    I got a text this morning from a childhood pal to tell me his sister (mid 50s) had died suddenly and unexpectedly.



  13. Thanks for the comments.



    Watch Juventus and Ajax from a little bar in the centre of Cortona.



    BRTH is a regular in Cortona and gave me advice about which restaurant to go to. Only thing he forgot was to tell me that it was closed!

  14. HJ – it’s only a car, more important your goodself and Mrs HJ are well and enjoying her birthday celebrations in luxury ?


    Now very well done to “Call it Out”


    Was informed previously there is a Catholic Church in 0.2% of the streets of Glasgow




    Amazingly, there is a walk planned annually covering every single one of the 0.2% of these streets


    Yip, peace loving non bigoted group.



    Now – when Brendan left, he took Davies, Toure & Driscoll with him.


    We have replaced 4 with 2 – Lenny and Duff


    So, if Lenny was given the job, who else should join his Managemnt team, to drive the total professionalism put in place by Brendan ????



    Hail Hail

  15. WHITS no-one knows what is round the corner. Sorry to hear about your friends sister.



    Last night we were having a lovely meal in a local restaurant which was recommended to us in Florence when we saw the horror of Notre Dame which we both love having spent 2 weeks in Paris when we were young and going out together. 14 hours later we were in a dangerous situation



    Just have to enjoy every day we can.

  16. What is the Stars on



    Notre Dame was terrible. Thankfully the fire fighters were heroic and saved it from being a lot worse and no lives lost.It will be restored,already donations of 100s of millions have been made/promised by mega wealthy individuals. Great to see that.It is an iconic building of major cultural significance..Perhaps some good will come of this.


    However the cynic in me wonders where these mega wealthy donors are when we watch children starving on a daily basis

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