Dave King behind the 8 ball


It is reasonable to be upbeat in a season ticket renewal letter.  But for Dave King, chairman of Newco, this is a challenge.  When he acquired the club four years ago, Celtic had won three consecutive league titles.  Now, they are on the verge of three consecutive trebles and eight leagues in a row.

In the history of Scottish football, there has never been as dominant a team.  In the context of having guided Newco through Celtic’s four-to-eight-in-a-row, Dave King does not have an easy pitch to his team’s supporters.

Not one to allow harsh realities to bite home, King told Newco fans “We are now within tangible reach of Rangers [sic.] becoming the dominant force in Scottish football”.

As founding father Charles Green might say, define dominant force.

King added, “Every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad.”  Which means that the £20m or so required for policing, rates, utilities, administration and insurance, if paid, will presumably come from other sources.

Dave is behind the 8-in-a-row ball.  He has watched Celtic’s domination grow under his stewardship to levels you and I could only fantasise about before his arrival back at Ibrox.

A more accurate letter would say, ‘Our realistic expectations are to finish second and compete for a cup.  Despite comments before we bought the club four years ago, we do not have the resources to change anything.  But at least we won control.’

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  1. Hrvatski Jim….glad you and yer better half are ok…bloody foreign drivers…oh wait…that’s yous ;-))



    WITS…so sorry about your friends sister….far too young

  2. Was Vim ever manager at Ajax? That could have lead to a clean sweep.


    I`ll go to bed.


    `night all.




  3. Ajax play with no fear,a team of young boys,with a couple of old heads,they can win this

  4. Hi Bhoys



    I hope Ajax don’t get into trouble for not acting in the best interests of association football with those celebrations with their scummy fans.




  5. HJ…VG lol…it’s a floor cleaner joke ( for those scratching their heads )…just like we’re doing to Scottish fitbaw ;-)))




  6. Bada…doubt it…all their money is tied up in investments like arms manufactures ;-))))




  7. I bumped into Dave King on the golf course early this morning.


    With all the big news and knowing he had connections to Paris I said “Really sorry about the devastating fire Dave”…..to which he quickly replied…”Shhhh it’s not til next month !”

  8. Lazydynamite and Big Jimmy both giving the scum ideas about razing money ;-))))…no doubt the FTSFA would give them the use of Hamdump,free gratis, in the interim

  9. That boton Duffield said Sevco could refuse to play Killie,as their ticket allocation cut,to think this clown was running Scottish football for a couple of years.

  10. Yep…………….and, add in the Rectum.


    Deprive thum of every click.



    Every Little Helps.










    Nice stuff Paul. Facts and all that. Never catch on across the Dear GREEN place.







    Arfield? Don’t sweat it folks.







    He has £25k per week riding on Sevco remaining solvent.







    A genuine favour to ask. Can CQNers please refrain from posting links to The Herald website.







    Every site visit registers and pays.







    The newspaper itself is close to death so they are pushing online content big time.







    Only pennies I know but keeps one of our enemies alive longer.







    Hail hail

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Ajax absolutely outstanding against Juventus. Thoroughly deserved winners. Could have had five or six in the second half alone.


    Fantastic to watch how they play – a real freedom and fearlessness about them. Pace, movement between the lines, great energy.


    They have now played the seven in a row Italian champions, the six in a row German champions and the three in a row European champions. Only one defeat and it was overturned. Every time I have seen them they have been the better team.


    Something for us to look to. I think we have a higher wage bill. They must be doing a lot of things better.

  12. Bada…Sevco refusing to honour a contractual commitment…would never happen…ask Mike Ashley ;-))))

  13. WHAT IS THE STARS on 16TH APRIL 2019 9:23 PM



    Some of the billionaires do support good causes for those in poverty but it has always been the case that they support the projects which draw the headlines such as churches in the past or museums or civic projects now.



    I share your cynicism but it is also important that we have places of culture to share amongst our communities to give us some common causes around which to unite.



    As we are an hour ahead of UK time and it has been a difficult day, I bid everyone good night.

  14. If Slippy G manipulates a good storm in the next few months with regards funds or lack of.He might have his managerial career declared ‘inconclusive’ by the media down here and hence get himself a championship job for next season or early next season.


    However if he stays in post and continues to be swept aside by Celtic’s history making team I believe he will making himself unemployable as a manager in England.


    We need to fire some big guns at the next transfer window and make life a misery over Ibrokes way however is the manager.


    Money talks in our wee league.


    Time for Celtic to go again in the transfer window and kill them off

  15. Note that least two of our usual contributors could not refrain from having a go at the Church when mentioning Notre Dame. It may be of interest for some to know that Notre Dame is State property which appoints the Church as guardian of the facility. The State pays for repairs, etc, because it is a national heritage site.

  16. Lazydynamite…think that will depend on a: how much Sevco raise in SB and player sales…b: how much of that goes into player investment…c: how thick is Slippy G…d: how big his ego is…I personally hope that the lying king persuades him to stay…based on c & d of the above ;-))))

  17. Mickbhoy




    Wonderful Performance by Ajax in this year’s CL but……



    When you have an Academy like Ajax’s, financial disparity doesn’t mean a jot





    2019- CL q-finalists


    2018- CL q-finalists


    2017- CL finalists


    2016- CL Round of 16


    2015- CL finalists


    2014- CL- 3rd in group EL- semi-finalists


    2013- CL- q-finalists


    2012- No Europe


    2011- 3rd in Europa League group


    2010- 3rd in CL group EL last 16





    2019- CL semis, at least


    2018- CL knocked out by Nice before Group EL- knocked out by Rosenborg before Group Stages


    2017- CL knocked out before group by Rostov EL finalists


    2016- Cl KO by Rapid Wien before group, KO from same EL group as us (3rd to our 4th)


    2015- CL- 3rd in Group EL- KO round of 16


    2014- CL- 3rd in our group EL -2nd round KO


    2013- CL 3rd in group- EL- 2nd round KO


    2012- CL 3rd in group- EL- 2nd round KO


    2011- CL 3rd in group- EL- last 16 KO


    2010- EL only qualified from group 3rd round KO by Juve




    in 5 of these last 10 years, Juve have been q-finalists or better, in 2 years they were last 16, and in one year ~EL semi-finalists.



    In contrast, Ajax have been perennial CL 3rd places ,allowing them to have a wee EL run but only getting by EL last 16 which they achieved only twice in the past 10 years and they have one EL final appearance as losers to show as their high water mark before this year’s wondrous run. This season is the only season where they have qualified out of a CL group.



    I am afraid Juve’s money has severely trumped even Ajax’s Academy, which is, as you say, among the best of its kind.

  18. Connaire12…but the thrust of generating funds will be to pluck at religious heartstrings…

  19. C12- interesting, i didn’t know that, my question re The Vatican donating was genuine,and not flippant. HH

  20. But as we all know the playing field is not equal.


    Putting the huge hundreds of millions in TV money to one side.


    Juve get promoted straight into the CL by finishing top 4 in their league.


    Ajax [like ourselves] have to negotiate a minefield of qualifiers.


    I would guess that whatever Ajax are doing this year is something of a one off because UEFA have made it almost impossible for teams not in the big countries.

  21. I get the history and heritige suff however….


    I agree with the earlier poster.


    When people and children go hungry in this country/world I find it disgusting that hundreds of millions can be raised so quickly for a big church whoever owns it.

  22. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH APRIL 2019 10:18 PM



    That boton Duffield said Sevco could refuse to play Killie,as their ticket allocation cut,to think this clown was running Scottish football for a couple of years.



    *naw he didnae it was bader who ran it…..right intae the grun.

  23. Connaire12…a site that the state and church has been neglecting since at least mid 1800s…fact

  24. Notre Dame will only be rebuilt due to the potential tourist revenue it will generate…it’ll be just like Sevco…a façade posing as the original ;-))))))

  25. TT- I remember an interview with Duffield, after Craig Whyte chased him,he repeated a couple of times saying,that he was ‘ never properly rewarded…’ by Whyte………leaves Hampden and within a few months, he turns up at the dying Oldco,then leaves moaning about a reward? I think we can join the dots here.

  26. Sh#t, after the court hearing where Whyte’s Sevco beat Greens Sevco…which Sevco is extant…and which kitty does the £5.1 million plus costs come from ;-)))))

  27. Poem and music of The Lonesome Boatman.


    From a live performance in The National Stadium Dublin in August 1982.



    get to yir beds



    A song which nearly broke my heart


    A tramp lay dying in the park.


    I knelt beside him to hear him speak


    And the words he spoke, they were oh so weak.


    He told me a story of long since past,


    Of a sailing ship with its long grey mast,


    Of his captain’s cap with it’s shining braid


    And the wonderful voyages that he’d made.


    “Silent Annie” was his great ship’s name.


    Like a token of love he spoke her name.


    She sailed ’round the Horn, aye, more that once.


    She could cut through the waves like a sharpened lance.



    “Believe me,” he said. His eyes filled with tears


    Like a drunk on a corner, trying to remember his years.


    He reached out his hand and I took it in mine.


    “I believe you,” I said, and he gave a sad smile.


    “I remember the day when they towed her away.


    Her sides they were sore from the sea’s angered spray.


    They said she’s unfit for to sail out once more


    (And they towed her more inward from her own sandy shore)?


    And as they broke my Silent Annie. I watched with a sigh.


    I remembered her beauty when I was a boy.


    She was my one love, my life’s only dream,


    When we sailed out together as captain and queen.”



    It started to drizzle, and I felt my hand tight


    And he squeezed even harder as he ended the fight.


    And a crowd they had gathered, and they watched with dismay


    As some ambulance men came, and they took him away.


    So I got to my feet, and I walked through that park.


    The sun it was gone, but it was not yet dark.


    My body was wet, and my clothes were not many,


    But my mind was aroused by the ship Silent Annie.




  28. What is the Stars on

    For the record


    I think its important that iconic/historic buildings like Notre Dame are preserved.


    I am glad that wealthy individuals have offered to help with the cost.I am sure the French Govt, The EU,UNESCO and The Catholic Church will all be major contributors also.


    When people come together with good intentions marvellous things can be achieved.


    I hope someday we can make the world a fairer and safer place .

  29. WITS



    I hope someday we can make the world a fairer and safer place…amen ;-))))))



    But it’s not gonna be religion as a unifying force

  30. Having called Balls tackle…assault on RC on first viewing…I was wrong…it was a deliberate targeted assault on a vulnerable in-air player…resulting in Ryan with multiple fractures, out for the season….that makes it ABH….not sure I’ve ever been angrier…




  31. Good morning CQN from a very mild and dry Garngad



    Bring on the Hibees.



    D. :)

  32. THELURKINTIM on 16TH APRIL 2019 10:17 PM


    Lazydynamite and Big Jimmy both giving the scum ideas about razing money ;-))))…no doubt the FTSFA would give them the use of Hamdump,free gratis, in the interim





    Next time I am speaking to Dave King about Arson, I’ll make sure we are both wearing BLAZERS ?





    As for anyone being unhappy about a Poster submitting a “story” from the Herald or DR etc, I DO understand about the “Clicks” to these Rags, but PAUL67 himself often has a “Story” from these Rags on CQN, like Today with the “Article” by barry ferguson and his Nephew ? Also, IF there was a “Story or Statement” etc from Ipox in the Herald or Daily Record, whereby Gerrard said something like…” Celtic are S****…and I will be instructing MY Players to kick them off the Park at our next game at IPOX etc, etc”, and the ONLY WAY to be aware of such statements is to click the Rags Online or buy the feckin thing, what choice would we have to become aware of such “stories” ?






    I am so glad that you are both okay, the Lorry driver has obviously got his Licence oot of a “Lucky Bag” !



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