Dave King’s self-flagellation



SPFL: “Rather than attempt to communicate through the media, it is far more appropriate that any substantive issues are presented to the SPFL board for careful and detailed consideration, based on a sound legal analysis of the facts.”

Translated: Whip.

SPFL: “To date, there has been no such representations to the SPFL board and it notes Mr King’s statement of 30 May.

Translated: Whip.

SPFL: “In its statement of 29 May, Rangers FC claimed “a business relationship”, existed between the SPFL chairman and minority shareholders in a SPFL club, despite no evidence of such a relationship being presented. There is no mention of the previously claimed “business relationship” in the 30 May statement.

Translated: Whip.

SPFL: “In the 30 May statement the central allegation has now become that “there was non-disclosure of the conflict that immediately arose when the SPFL chairman accepted” his appointment as a non-executive director of International News & Media PLC (“IN&M plc”). As with the 29 May statement, no detail was provided to support this allegation.

SPFL: “Within the space of about 24 hours two different and very public allegations have been made against the SPFL chairman without, in either case, an approach first being made to the SPFL with concerns or seeking clarification.”

Translated: Whip.

To you or me this would be embarrassing.  The SPFL know the rules.  In fact, they wrote the rules, so if you are going to go off like a paranoid loon, know your territory, get it right, be consistent, remember what you wrote yesterday before launching into another issue today.

The days when the likes of Jim Farry (or the many who followed him) ran Scottish football are over.  There are professionals in place now.  Murdoch MacLennan has been a senior executive of large companies for decades.  He was a member of the Commission on Scottish Devolution, is an Honorary Professor at the Glasgow University Business School.

Unlike Dave King, he has no criminal convictions.

I would also like to point out some of the reporting on this:

“Record Sport broke the story Doncaster would be standing by MacLennan, despite news emerging of the 69-year-old’s links with Desmond and fellow shareholder Denis O’Brien.”

Ask yourself this: on what basis could the SPFL act against Murdoch MacLennan?  It would be more accurate to say “Neil Doncaster and others on the SPFL board have no choice but to stand by MacLennan as no evidence of wrong-doing whatsoever has been presented.”

And, no evidence of links with Dermot Desmond or Denis O’Brien have been provided.  There are no such links, only innuendo.   King may as well have said, “They go to the same synagogue” [they don’t, of course].

Stay classy, Dave.  I’m sure outbursts like this are a sign that your troubles are all under control, but stop this self-flagellation nonsense.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    J51- they will wait until the orange strips are for sale in the klub shop,before he turns up….

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The much joked about orange strip ….sorry tangerine…..will be here shortly

  3. IT has been good to see Rangers chairman Dave King standing up for the club this week.




    For too long now, Rangers have been seen as a diminished force in terms of the power that the club has both on and off the field, and if the chairman sees something that he feels is unfair or against the interests of Rangers, then it is only right and proper that he calls it out.



    BFDJ the handsome witty hun spokesman.




  4. “whaurs yer Stevie Gone?”



    Woke up this mornin’ an wur stevie wuz gone….


    OO, wooo ee, chirply chirpy chirpy cheap jibe, yeah!

  5. Wonder if they will launch the new orange strip in time for the glorious twelfth.? Hope Hummell know their customer base. Plenty of xxl & xxxl sizes in production.

  6. Word of The Day



    Omertà oh-mer-tuh





    1. secrecy sworn to by oath; code of silence


    2. a conspiracy of silence



    Word Origin and History for omerta





    1909, from dialectal form of Italian umilta “humility,” in reference to the code of submission of individuals to the group interest, from Latin humilitas (see humility).





  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rumour naming rights for CP to be announced £100m over 5 years, source is Phil Mcg apparently

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Seems like all the legneds reckon Gerrard is the perfect appointment. Funnily enough I don’t recall any of them saying so before he got the job. It was all about how it had to be someone with experience and someone who knew the club (either version, presumably).


    Now they have somebody who has neither of those attributes but he is absolutely the man for the job!


    And Barry Gufferson feels like a schoolkid again?


    Did someone just ask him to count to 10 and he couldn’t do it?

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Roy Aitken was in Saudi for years and is now a Club Ambassador, possibly connected if above is true?

  10. I read yesterday someone suggesting that Lewis Morgan might be on his way to Sunderland on a year’s loan. I sincerely hope not. This boy is the real deal and is ready to play for Celtic now. He will battle it out with Jamesie for a place in the team. He has made all the right noises since he signed and his very confident in his own ability. Sending him back out in loan would be a slap in the face, in my opinion. Let’s see Lewis in the Hoops.

  11. Rather than howling at the moon, Mr King could’ve spent some of his energy on getting the new manager into the hot seat on the day he starts paying his wages – today.



    Instead, he tilts at windmills in Scotland from his safe haven and pays a Level5 salary to others to generate the smoke & mirrors, spin & fluff nonsense which is supposed to serve as their fans’ subsitute for the guy actually showing up and talking to them & the breathless media.



    All very Trumpian – missing personnel & ghosted statements attributed to the missing.




  12. Would balk at Paradise being called anything other than Paradise. But then you can’t turn your nose up at that sort of money. And the fans will always call the stadium it by its real name.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Whilst this is good sport for you and me, the facts of this matter are largely irrelevant for its intended audience.



    Clearly King and the SMSM want to create a narrative that ties those in senior administrative and governance roles to Celtic in order that any decisions they make against ‘Rangers’ can be immediately discredited on that basis.



    Maybe the best thing would be to call Dave’s bluff and establish an independent inquiry, but widen its remit slightly and look it to the governance of the game over the past decade. I wonder how he would like that?

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM- would we get away with the club being propped up by loans every month?

  15. KTF









    on 1st June 2018 10:48 am




    Interesting to note that ftSFA Uefa Club Licensing list has not been updated on its website since 10/05/2018 despite the final submission being due at Nyon yesterday.







    Omertà indeed?





    On the question of whether TRFC should be granted a UEFA licence this season I’ve tweeted the process beginning at






    It’s is based on a case similar to that of 2011 involving the Greek FA and Giannina FC where the Greek FA did eventually grant a license but signalled concerns to UEFA who immediately investigated and refused the application.



    Refusing an application is not the only sanction. It depends on the individual circumstances.



    UEFA can apply conditions to be met in subsequent years, if for example a club is acceptable but heading into dangerous financial waters, conditions which if not met mean refusal in the time frame of the conditions.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Major investment at Barrowfield happening as well, new pitches being laid, a dome ,new dressing rooms, fitness area.About £2.5mil

  17. I heard a rumour a couple of weeks ago that there was a planned press conference, something to do with Manchester City. Reading Phils blog, he’s angling in that direction. Celtic Park will always be Celtic Park to me but if they want to call it the Etihad or similar and hand over the cash that’s fine by me.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Williefernie…yes. I moved there ’55. Your place was a field then. Didn’t start building your houses for another few years. Paradise for a wee guy fae the Gorbals.




  19. kikinthenakas on




    Thanks for the tips yesterday…had a great day at the hospitality at Hamilton….woke up with a hangover and a few bob in my pocket…so must have been a great day. My bhoys first time and he loved it and won a few bob too..



    Kikinthenakas ???x2

  20. If Phil is correct, and that’s a big if, it would mean a serious amount of money for the board to spend in infrastructure and players.

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