de Vries, defending corners, lessons from Darnell


With Logan Bailly out injured, Celtic are down to two keepers, Craig Gordon (33) and Leo Fasan (22).  That’s insufficient for the months ahead, which will see the club play eight European games, the visit of our perennial league rivals, Aberdeen later this month, as well as seeing the League Cup come to a conclusion.

So the reasoning behind Dorus de Vries (35) pitching up for a medial at Ross Hall this morning is clear.  What remains to be seen, is whether Brendan Rodgers reckons the Dutchman, whom he won promotion with at Swansea, is a safer pair of hands than Craig Gordon.

de Vries won Notting Forest supporters’ Player of the Year last season, a significant accolade for a keeper, so Stevie Woods can look forward to working with a genuine contender for first choice.

As we witnessed even against an outclassed Motherwell on Wednesday, defending corner kicks remains a problem for Celtic, which will again cost us dearly in Europe if the issue is not resolved.  How Dorus matches up in this area may well determine who gets the nod.

A word on Darnell Fisher.  He has the talent to perform more than adequately for Alan Stubbs at Rotherham, but he was judged not to have sufficient enthusiasm for getting back to do his day job, after venturing forward to assist attacks, which finished him at Celtic.

In this respect he didn’t fit the Ronny model, but the next generation of young full backs have come through having learned a lesson.

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  1. Good Afternoon.



    Interesting to see BR moving for a goalkeeper so soon after I wrote about the issue yesterday!



    Meanwhile here is the brand new blog. All about getting value in the transfer market…





    And here is last night’s about how no one other than Celtic and Sevco seem to matter to Sky…



  2. Paul67 –



    “…pitching up for a medial at Ross Hall…” – Freudian slip?! Hope his ligaments are sound… :-)

  3. I’m disappointed that Darnell didn’t make the grade. He seemed like an exciting prospect at one point. However, happy to trust the judgement of those who see our players in action every day.

  4. traditionalist88 on

    A word on Darnell Fisher. He has the talent to perform more than adequately for Alan Stubbs at Rotherham, but he was judged not to have sufficient enthusiasm for getting back to do his day job, after venturing forward to assist attacks, which finished him at Celtic.





    Thats a strange one and a way to throw away your entire pro career, not just your time at Celtic.



    Maybe physically he just wasn’t able?




  5. PETEC on 12TH AUGUST 2016 12:03 PM


    vfr800a8 on 12th August 2016 11:52 am



    You been reading that Creature from Jekyll Island I posted on here, what seems an age ago, well when Kojo was Dominating the blog.




    I’ll be honest, I cannot envisage I would want to read much you post Pete ;>}

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Dorus de Vries is 1. 86554386725498673923948m tall [approx]



    Which is not particularly tall for a 21st century netminder, nor for a Latvian woman.

  7. An Teach Solais & SFTB



    Thanks for the replies on the previous thread :-) still clear as mud!



    I thought it would have been an easy answer. Surprised it’s not been covered on the blog.



    Hail Hail COYBIG




  8. An Teach Solais on




    Sorry for mis-spelling your moniker last time.



    That mob have a lot of murky deeds hidden and if we had proper investigative journalism here, instead of succulent lamb munching, much would be uncovered. Perhaps, Phil, might read of it here and investigate. Whatever, they are up to someone is being ripped off. HH

  9. I heard this morning that those cheatin’ hearts want want our captain punished for telling the truth. Well, you cannae whack that. Only in Scotland would such a nonsense be given house room and only with us….. What was all that stuff Mrs Budge is wont to spout about integrity. The sooner she gets rid of their manager the better.

  10. Kev J


    Hope you’re still on the mend bud. Ye sound in fine fettle. The ol’ “standing area” is something of a throwback to our jungle days but it’s in the wrong place. They should’ve relocated the punters in the North stand:-))



    On Mr McGhee. I’ve come around to your way of thinking. I want to see him back at CP too. Every week if possible :-))



    Hail hail

  11. Is Brendan the Chosen 1?



    Delighted if so.



    Strong signs he is the Man.



    I remember Paul67 saying the whole structure was there for a ‘Manager’ to just be the Manager.



    Naw. It is time to rip it up. Brendan has Stature, let him Rule Celtic. He subbed SA twice because he was playing pish, I hope he forces himself back in to the first team – that will mean he is getting to a very high level.



    It is Great having such a Figurehead. No Slacking allowed whatsoever – Substituted.



    Broonie is Great but he drives himself on, he doesn’t drive others on, that is plain to see.

  12. Brendan, has been really decisive in all his moves. Already he has put his stamp on the squad and all the early indicators are extremely positive.


    I’m just lovin’ life as a Celtic Supporter right now.

  13. I’m thinking if Brendan going for Sinclair and Roberts from the wings,a No 10 might not be in his game plan?

  14. Poor defending at corners is, in part, a consequence of an ever change defence, not only so far this season but the whole of last season.


    We defended corners very well against Hearts with Kolo seemingly a magnet for the ball. His positional sense was imperious, and when Erik is back we will be stronger as he’s more aggressive in attacking the ball. Once we have these two in tandem we’ll see the best of Craig Gordon who seems hesitant at the moment.

  15. mullet and co 2 on

    So presuming Dorus is one of the two players Brendan wants, who is the other?



    He is making proper moneyball signings. I had heard Lee Cattermoles name mentioned but his transfer fee would be high.



    Like Sinclair, Cattermole might thrive with a playing style where he isn’t pushed back against his centre backs.

  16. So DF has gone for good.



    Disappointing as I thought he was pretty capable as a RB.


    And that in the context of a fit ML and a half decent AM.



    We still have issues at RB.



    ML runs as if his laces are tied together and he gets the fear all to often.


    SJ looks very raw, not even half finished at the moment.


    From an auto perspective — big engine, poor chassis.

  17. Nat Know beat me to it but I was sorry to hear we are signing someone with a medial problem.



    Welcome to CP DDV. At 35 you should get the moniker “faither”. Hopefully you will be as successful as the previous owner of that moniker.

  18. Have to say I am a bit disheartened to see Fisher leave. He did look very promising. That said Saidy Janko has looked very impressive thus far and with Mikael able to cover there perhaps a bit surplus to requirements.

  19. Waffen was offski the other day getting her hair done by ‘Ignazio’……….…………..don’t ask.



    It never looks any different to me when she comes back, apart from me being well light in the wallet department thanks to ole Scissorhands. She’s so particular about her hair the butcher in Dukes Rd, thinks he’s been selling potato scones to Mrs.Vidal Sassoon for years and years.



    However, woe betides Soupy ( as some wags like to call him) if he forgets to compliment her on the ‘new helmet’!!!!!!!



    Think of the most pain you have ever experienced then treble it…..that should be about right!



    With any escape from Stalag Luft South East (lower East Kilbride) timing as usual was of the essence, so handily the disreputable Fiat (boom) 500 was ready for the all clear. Come to think of it the only time she takes my car is when Ignazio is doing her hair – odd as he doesn’t even drive? She made me get her a car of her own after ‘the great maggot escape of 87’ but thats a story for another time.



    Anyway fish were jumping and the cotton was high etc and as as pleasant an afternoon up stream nymphing I could ever have dreamed of, passed too soon. I hurriedly packed up after this fun and frolics Cinquecento, (of the disreputable kind) was pushed to the veritable limits to make it back down the M73 to beat the BOB home.



    With mere seconds to spare, target achieved………….hurrah!



    Not forgetting the potential for a violent evening, “Your hair looks great, my love, my sweet, my petal ” I gushed. the BOB stared at her spouse in that old fashioned way, for what seemed an eternity before commenting: “Why are you perspiring?”



    “Just the warmth of the day my love.” came my breezy reply, hoping she wouldn’t notice the roach slime on his yet still unmoved over trousers



    A taught few seconds passed before Waffen moved her attention to the mess in the kitchen, left by herself for the tidying pixie AKA Soupy to deal with…..



    “Why has this not been tidied?’



    Capering in a pathetic manner, whilst attempting to grovel at the same time as replying: ‘Your early return, my beautiful Blondie has prevented such tasks being performed to Waffen standards…..but give one a few moments and this will be achieved”



    With a derisory snort, the BOB turned tail and left me with my chores.



    Phew, close CSC

  20. We’re still using the same defensive coach so why should we expect different results. I have total respect for John Kennedy and he is clearly a decent and dedicated person. But, some alternative coaching might just produce different defending?




  21. Ol Dorus played in goals for Dunfermline in the ol Jean Joel Perrier awards Doumbe Scottish cup final.

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